Friday, November 4, 2011

Excited about Revenge

Happy November! What is sad is that this time last year I had almost all Christmas shopping done and as of right now I have none. Ok I have actually ordered one or two items and have pin pointed an item or two but no movement like I did last year. I know I need to change that.

In weather news the morning has been awesome! I love leaving in the wee hours of the morning to work and opening the door and instead of the usual humidity I get a scent of coolness - I only wish it would stay longer.

In TV news well DWTS is eh borning to say the least. A couple of weeks ago Max told off one of the judges and I am on Team Max he was right and Chaz Bono even mouthed off a few things. They seem to feel the judges have their golden child and are harsh and not sensitive to the others and say very cruel remarks...hum...why does that sound familiar??  OH yes because that is what I said way back when the season started, now I am glad I am not the only one who has noticed! So at this point I really do not care who stays or goes. Max and Hope are still in the competition but I have noticed that Len Goodman (the judge Max had the war of words with) has been scoring them rather low in comparision and not deserved - so gee so much for being a professional huh Len? Yeah Len spews he has over 50 years experience in the field - yet acting like a spoiled brat and striking back I am sure did not require much training. Ok on to better shows.,..

Revenge - OMG I am so loving this show! The show ends and I find myself panting for next week to see what happens. Unfortunately I will have to wait 2 weeks because next week the CMA's will be on. I know I know it has to be done. It is just nice to be excited about a show again. Do not get me wrong I love my mystery and mayhem shows like NCIS and CSI's but oh Revenge just stirs up a whole new sense of excitement.

In the meantime everything else is moving along smoothly. Daddy Dearest will be spending Thanksgiving with us and we shall once again do the hosting for the main event. It's always a nice relaxing time and I am actually looking forward to it.

The weekend is here! So what will happen this weekend?

Stay Tuned

Friday, October 21, 2011

The week is over!

So here we are at the end of another week and things are looking up. As we speak my sister in law is driving to the hospital to bring in another addition to the Bellver clan. Oh yes little Danny boy is scheduled to arrive today. I suppose this means I need to play 21 ooh lucky 21 Black Jack. Sounds good to me. He originally was to be brought in yesterday but the hospital called her and told they had no room in the inn yes that is right no beds. Ok how come that sounds like so wrong? You tell me if she went into labor they would be like hey can you hold that until tomorrow? But all is good with the world and Danny Jesus will be approaching some time today!

Quick round up on some shows:

DWTS - Carson is gone. While he may not had been the best I did not think he should leave. Nancy Grace now that one needs to leave. While I totally support Chaz's lifestyle and like him the guy cannot dance. But he did say hey if you keep me around I will make sure my mom comes to visit and well she did come to visit.

Revenge - God this show rocks! When last we left off Lydia was murdered by that dasterly guy the Graysons have working for them and what is even worse is that the murder was captured on tape! Meanwhile Emily/Amanda is now officially sleeping with Daniel who was caught off the 100 million dollar trust fund. What to do when your 100 million dollar fund is no longer available? Why get a job as a bartender at the local bar and grill of course.

Body of Proof - Not too shabby. Dead bodies, autopsy, murder, mayhem.

Desperate Housewives - once upon a time this show was one of my faves. Now its just stupid and ridiculous. I seriously do not understand the direction they have put some of these characters. I understand that this is the last year for the show and maybe the writers just do not care. Ok Gabby's rapist pedifile step father came after her he was about to rape her and Carlos hit him and he dropped dead. Ok one would say hey this is great you saved her but no the women walk in and see the dead body and of course what does one do? Why they hide the body until their house party is over and then put him in the trunk of the car and bury his body in the forest. So then why is Susan feeling so guilty?? She had nothing to do with the killing yeah she helped bury the body but come on she is like freaking out by hitting policemen on purpose so they can arrest her? It's like she wants to be punished. So either way this show is going to end this year and as of right now I am not going to miss it anymore.

The NCIS's and CSI's are going good that does not seem to change.

Ok lets make it a good day and let play 21 for Danny!

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DWTS and other shows

Another star bites the dust on DWTS. This time around it was Chynna Phillips. I am not so sure that she deserved to leave although I understand it because her performance was hurtful. She had forgotten the steps and it was clearly obvious that she was totally lost. I still feel bad I think dispite that set back she was pretty darn good. But alas they say it is all in the votes, at least that is what ABC tells us and we all know how truthful ABC is.

So I have watchd a few new shows and I thought ok let me give you a run down on if I like them or not and yes I will keep it short - sort of.

Pan Am - eh it's "ok" if it flew off into the sunset I will not miss it but I will still watch it while it is on.
Charlie's Angels - Typical no different then the original version with the exception that the Angels are a little more Kick A**.
Body of Proof - Really good, love it!
Revenge - Awesome!

Then of course there are the return favorites such as NCIS (both of them) and the CSI's which are a staple on the DVR.

Stay Tuned

Monday, October 10, 2011

Soaps and Advertising

Here is some happy sounding news regarding daytime soaps more specific towards my two babies who have been eliminated by murderer Brian Frons. We know that Prospect Park came in and saved the day by purchasing the licensing for the two shows All My Children and One Life to Live. They stated that it would be most likely internet based and at the time there was not an official home. Well according to press releases a new internet company has been formed titled ...wait for it... The Online Network. It is being put together and they have agreed to host the two shows. What is even better to hear is that they are trying methods that have proven successful on Prime Time and that is by having music and advertising on the show. The Online Network (TOLN) has partnered with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world's leading music company, to license music exclusively from UMG's record and publishing companies to new episodes of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, when both series launch online after their run on ABC ends. The licensing deal with UMG allows TOLN to provide compelling recorded music and songs, and artist cross-promotion and integration, to a powerful new audience. How brilliant bring in advertisers and let that pay for the show. Imagine the possibility! I am looking forward to it.

In other news I am going to give DWTS one more try since Cher is going to be sitting in the audience. Ok Chaz is not the greatest dancer, ok he kind of really sucks but for me its more about the judges being fair and providing constructive critism to all the dancers and not just the ones they liked. I believe Julienne Hough will also be performing tomorrow in a FootLoose dance routine. So that will be nice to see.

Stay Tuned

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another week no All My Children yes C/S

Well here we are another week of no All My Children and yes I guess I can cope without my soap and all I have to say is Brain Frons I hope you have nightmares and the runs for the next 41 years. Hey look I am into the spiritual awareness and not wishing harm and I do not wish him harm I just want him to have a 41 year run just like All My Children did is that really such a bad thing to wish for?

This week is the start of mayhem at work because it is Customer Service week. Now we have local co-workers who are just way too creative for their jobs and really get excited about creating stuff. This year the theme we were given is carnical/circus and well lets just say the department got turned into a huge Big Top with games, "rides", and shows. Its actually pretty fun to watch and do. However, each year I think about this and tell me if this makes sense. C/S week is suppose to be the bosses saying to us hey thanks for doing a great job in servicing our customers. But what happens is big boss gives the theme and worker bees go full steam ahead getting games and stuff etc...The worker bees put up the stuff the worker bees will bring it down. Meanwhile the bosses walk around smiling and saying oh how nice and oh yes they arrange for snacks to be brought up (yum chocolate) and one day during the week lunch in the cafeteria - Can it get any more exciting? Then once this whole thing is over a few short days later (Oct 17) is Boss's Day and here are the silly work bees going around decorating and collecting money for an expensive gift that chances are she will not like but appreciate. I know I sound like Negative Nancy and I will have to work that out. I think its because we were divided into "Teams" for the games and there is a certain person in my team I really wish she would not be there but she always is in it every year. I think I will take that opportunity to make her life miserable by being happy happy joy joy...Yeah that's the ticket...oh ticket..,prize.

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DWTS and missing All My Children

The first week of a none All My Children week and yeah I am so missing it. I miss seeing Erica Kane twirl her head and watch Ryan get mad at David Hayward for playing God and not revealing that he kept someone alive when everyone thought they were dead. Really Ryan can you just go get a life? And how can I forget Jesse shouting ANGELA!!! Oh yes those were the days. Hopefully Prospect Park will make it happen. I have heard news that the cable channel has been narrowed down and that things are looking good so that gives me hope. I just hope that the stories continue to be good. Well All My Children needed to "up" their stories but recently I heard someone in a podcast saying how perhaps they should look at what made the show a success and mirror that idea. Meaning, that back then what was happening was brought into the mix for example we had Kitty fighting against the war and other rallying for abortion rights, perhaps they should look at the headlines and copy something like that? For example how about Bianca fighting for gay marriages in all States and bringing that up to the light. How about a main core character having a Muslim as a friend and we may not know all about this person but let the others characters come up with their own conclusion. I don't know I am just spitting stuff out. I miss the show.

One show I find not watching as much is DWTS and its mainly because I am being disgusted by the judges. I believe that judges should advice and provide constructive crtiques not ridicule and embarress and be just plain nasty. I find that its becoming a show of oh which judge will insult the most and I am sorry it makes me not want to watch the dancers. So I just read the highlights and move on from there. I no longer feel the need to catch it. Sorry Chaz and JR I really wanted to watch you but when they get judges who will provide good feedback that will help the performance that is when I will watch again. Until then I hope you all do well and keep it going!

Stay Tuned

Friday, September 23, 2011

All My Children

Well yesterdays show was for sure about the Chandlers and it was the writers making what was wrong a right. Stuart is back. To see David Canary playing both parts was brilliant. He is one of the greatest actors and nothing is more exciting to watch him playing both parts. It brought tears to my eyes it was great and to think I will not see that again. Totally cool and sad. So today is the last show and I will be sad and eventually something else will come and take my attention but until then All My Children - cheers I will forever miss you and thank you for being a huge part of my life!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All My Children I am missing you already

I know AMC has not ended yet but I feel like I am missing it already. Yesterday's tribute was to another core family (The Martins), they showed the whole gang all together and there was even memories done to some of the older vets that have passed on. It was truly sweet and there was an appearance by Sarah Michelle Gellar! Oh wow it was great! She was a patient who thought she was the daughter of Erica Kane...ha ha ha ha!! Total riot. If you do not get it read my last post. Total cute.

I suspect todays show will feature the Chandelors and JR's destruction. I heard they were going to leave something as a clif hanger and the way the show has been going JR is going nuts and yesterday we saw him putting bullets into a gun. So chances are today and or tomorrow that will be left hanging with some gun going off...But I am also certain about Chandlor day today because a wrong was made right yesterday!  Stuart is alive! 

Ok here is the scoop about 2-3 years ago this somewhat terrible head writer named Chuck Pratt was hired. Head writers dictate storylines and here is this schmuch who comes in and I guess he decided oh boy he is going to shake things up by killing Stuart Chandlor? Really dude? This is a beloved character and you killed him? Why because you wanted to show you have power and can do it? That almost seemed to be the start of what is the end because of course schmucko Frons refused to replace him even after fans objected. Heck actors were confused. Ok now let me explain about Stuart he has a twin brother named Adam and well Adam is bad twin and Stuart is good twin played by the same actor. The guy is brilliant really to see this guy play both was amazing. It was more amazing to watch Adam pretending to be Stuart I mean you looked at it and went oh man thats Adam and it was! So when they killed Stuart I was heart broken and even the actor did not like it. So much so that I suspect the reason he did not renew his contract was because of the whole killing and disaster. So now they finally made a smart decision silly people Stuart was never murdered Dr. David saved his life and has been having him on life support this whole time! Won't Adam be happy to finally learned that he did not accidently murder Stuart. Really it will be fantastic. I just hope JR doesn't mess that up.

If I sound a little insane thats ok can you imagine how crazy I will sound when soap number two (One Life To Live) comes to an end?

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A week of reflecting

Well yesterday I mentioned how it was a bitter sweet week since AMC was going bye bye as of Friday and I mentioned stuff about Erica Kane and a Pine Valley with no Erica Kane. I guess it was meant to be because yesterday's show was a reflection on Erica Kane and her Kane girls. Yeah they also showed some of the Lavery's and Slaters (well DUH related to Kane women) but it was a flash back of sorts. What was cute is how they made a cute line to Sarah Michelle Gellar. History SMG use to play Kendall - daughter of Erica Kane well SMG went on to move to bigger and better things and enter Alicia M who really has done a good job as Kendall. So Erica is having her story put into the big screen and the girls were talking about who should play who and stuff like that and Kendall goes oh I know Sarah Michelle Gellar should play me and it was funny it really was. Ok yes I know soap junkie I am sorry I just love my soaps! SO I am just still sadden about it. And in keeping with sad news

I just learned that a co-worker passed away. She was more of a good friend to a good friend of mine and its just a sad day all around. This lady had stage four cancer and has been out for 9 months due to treatment. She leaves behind a son who just yesterday turned 15 years old. I can only hope that the father will step up and watch over his child's broken heart considering up to now the father/husband has been not positive and even made nasty comments like when she dies he can go live with his aunt. Sometimes it takes something tragic for people to see clearly how someone is. We always heard stories about him and you know to some extent blew it off but after hearing stuff that he has said just makes me happy to have a good family around me.

Ok DWTS update NBA star Metta Artest was booted off. His cha cha was a no-no and voters just did not seem to support him. Sorry dude I thought that lady who's only claim to fame was dating George Clooney was going to be the one to go.

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bitter sweet week

Well it is a very bitter sweet week for me this week. Sadly this is the last week All My Children will stop being aired as of Friday the 23rd. The show is wrapping up some stories and showing flashbacks of the core families and many previous characters and actors are making appearances. Watching the episode yesterday was kind of sad and nice. It was nice to see but sad to know it will be end - at least for now. Good news is that Prospect Park has picked up rights to the show and are presently in the planning stages of bringing it back. Will it be a different show? Yes of course it will be. Where will it aire? Well right now that is uncertain. Word has it that they are entertaining cable channel options and even better news is that some of the actors have already signed on the dotted line. Some have not like Susan Lucci aka Erica Kane. Pine Valley with no Erica Kane? I do not know how that is even possible? But I can understand her not wanting to stick her neck out anymore. She was on a book tour when "rumors" were going around that the show was cancelled and Dirt bag Brian Frons told her that is just a stupid blogger making things up. So when asked she repeated what was told to her stupid blogger well within days of that it becomes official the show was terminated. This made her look like a fool and she was not too happy about it. But more word has it that Agnes Nixon who created the show is stepping in to talk to Susan Lucci so lets just see how that goes. All I know is that I will miss the show. Heck I already miss it.

DWTS made its debut last night and every year I say the same thing and I am sorry I think I know what the problem is with the show its the judges. They are so obvious as to who they want to win and who they do not. They are harsh on some of them and considering it was episode number 1 you would think they would chill out. But hey I guess that is why they get paid the big bucks.

Stay Tuned

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rachel won

Ok the title tells it all Rachel the annoying laughing, no tears crying wench won Big Brother. Oh boy! Now Brendon is like right by her side the whole entire time. She went on the Talk and there he was in the parties and interview there he was. Now on TMZ there is a video clip of Rachel saying that they were getting married this weekend. Oh boy.

In other reality news Survivor aired their first show and it looks ok. That guy Brandon who is Russell's nephew is weird like his uncle. He has a tattoo actually two of them that read "Hantz" which is Russell's last name and he plans on not telling anyone who his uncle is. Ok so the question naturally is dude hello these people can read and his plan is to never take his shirt off?? Serisouly??? Oh this should be good.

Stay Tuned

Oh yes one more thing...Dancing With the Stars begins Monday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Spoilers BB of course

Well there is only one more show left before the summer comes to an end and by the summer I mean my summer obsession - Big Brother. This Wednesday will mark the finale and thus BB will be over but do not worry viewers because Survivor will begin. I am not sure I will follow this one as closely as last time we shall see. When last I left off I gave a small prediction as to who would win part 2 of the HOH comp and I wish I could only be as accurate with lotto numbers because Porsche won. What this means is that Part 3 of the challenge will be between Rachel and Porsche and if memory serves me correct it will be a question and answer game. BB will ask jury members questions and it is up to them to try and guess how they will respond. So this makes me wonder who is better at knowing what a jury member might say. Ok you can say oh Rachel will know Brendon but does she really? I mean Brendon likes to think he is a rocket scientist oh wait a chemist and he may think he is being slick so who knows. It could be anyone's game. SO this pretty much leaves Adam out right? Not if you ask Adam. He has been planting seeds of doubt in each of their heads by telling them "You know I am the swing vote and I can influence others." He started this basically after Rachel told him that she was taking Porsche to the final two and Porsche had also agreed to take Rachel. So he starts telling them I am the swing vote and I can go either way and he went as far as to tell Porsche that Rachel has played a good hard game. The hopes is that one of them will think twice before sending him to the residency.

So the question is who will win Part 3 and will they take Adam?

Stay Tuned.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ah Big Brother was great! The end is near Sept 14th is the end of the series and on that day we will learn who will win BB. Last nights show showed Jordan leaving the house and this was no surprise. Then the plan is that Part one othe HOH comp will begin. So Part one began with the HGs hanging on mixers. Poor Adam was not doing well he does not do well on those so of course he was the first to fall off. The comp continued and next thing you know Porsche drops off leaving Rachel as the winner of part one. This means Rachel automatically advances to Part three and will face off against either Adam or Porsche. I wonder if Porsche is regretting sending Jordan to jury at this point? I'm just sayin...

So now a little prediction...sort of...This means part two will be Porsche against Adam and it should be a physical one which is clearly a disadvantage to Adam. So if that is the case it may be a safe prediction to say that Porsche and Rachel will face off in Part Three which will be a mental game. This could be anyone's game, Rachel was not always the best in those quiz games so who knows.

Stay Tuned

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Brother Spoilers really quick

Ok so stuff has happened in the last few that just makes this game ever so fun.

Last nights show showed Kalia being evicted YEE PEE! Then we saw Adam finally win the spot of HOH. Now on to the spoilers:

Tonight is the live show and the last 24 hours was like the fast forward show a few weeks back, but this time they did the stuff within 24 hours and here is what happened...

Adam put up Jordan and Porsche on the chopping block. The POV was played and Porsche won it! The Veto meeting will be held tonight during the live show and if you saw last nights show Porsche had said in the Diary Room she was targeting Rachel if she would win HOH so one might think ok Rachel is gone since Porsche will be the sole vote....NOT. Apparently Porsche was heard saying to Adam that she was planning on evicting Jordan since Jordan already won once and gosh that is just not right that she may win again. So this means that Rachel will be in the final three with Porsche.

While I am a Jordan fan, I respect Porsche's decision because I think she realizes that if Jordan was in the final two with anyone there that Jordan will most likely win the whole thing again. So in that sense it was smart to get knock her out. But this means she needs to endure a physical competition with Rachel and we have recently seen Rachel do pretty well in physical comps and well Porsche...not so much. But if the comp was on sleeping then I would say Porsche will have it hands down, especially now that Kalia is gone. Ok sorry had to take a shot there. So let's think about the possible voting and who may win.

Adam:   if Adam was up against Rachel I think Rachel would have it. He is seriously considered useless and a professional floater. If he was up against Porsche...humm that is interesting but I think Porsche may win too. I just do not see Adam winning.. Anything is possible.

Porsche:  Is she went up against Rachel, then it may be a good fight but I am leaning towards Rachel winning.

Rachel:  I think Rachel if she survives to the final two has a really good chance at winning it all.

But if any of those ladies thought about it (and I am sure they have) they would need to take Adam with them to the final two because I do not see him getting votes.

That is my view

Stay Tuned

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Brother BUH BYE Shelly

Well tonight is it. Tonight we watch the know it all Shelly go into the jury house. This woman I have to say is a total trip. She sits there and for weeks if not from the beginning spews how she has never lied yet CBS has even aired her lying yet oh no she never lies. Ok you know what this is the BB game everyone lies but at least fess up to it when you go to the Diary room and talk to us! Don't lie when hello we are seeing you. Then last night she made a comment that makes me ask "Is she connected to reality?" She told Jordan you came in here already with a ready made alliance and so did I, so I sat there and went who the heck did she come in already connected with and then she makes the brilliant statement to her daughter and husband! WTF?? Really are they hiding under your bed? Are they in the whack shack? Because I swear I have not seen them and I have DVR recordings to prove it! Then she keeps referring how she is playing together with them and they are her alliance - to steal a Jerry Lewis line "HEY LADY!" So yeah I guess it is time to send her to jury to sit with those people she never lied to and always spoke so highly and nice about.

So is there any hope for Jordan or even Rachel? It all comes down to this next HOH comp. I am also thinking that perhaps its time for a luxury comp coming up soon.

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A short rant

I may give a comment or two on Big Brother but right now I read something on Yahoo and it just makes me sad. I heard how ABC is getting slammed for bringing on Chaz Bono as one of their celebrities to dance. Why Chaz? Well we all know the answer to that question it is because Chaz was born a female but is now technically a man. He did this of his own free will after years of therapy and decision making, but apparently that is not good enough for many out there. All I keep thinking is who has the right to judge on a personal decision that a person makes in their life style? I mean he is not hurting anyone and it was his own choice to make so who gives people who do not know him the right to judge? I mean really? Can this world not grow up and stop judging people by the color of their skin, the life style they choose, the amount of money they make, the social standings they may or may not have? I now hope Chaz makes it far in the competition. He may not who knows what those hormones have done but I support his right to do it and not allow others to tell him how to live or in this case not live. Ok sorry that was my rant.

Ok Big Brother is pretty much the same as the last one or two line posting. Shelly is going home. Rachel and Jordan pretty much control the votes leaving Kalia the one sole vote but Kalia has already approached R and J and told them that she was to votes unified so she will vote whatever way they want. Which is no harm lost since Shelly was not one of Kalia's biggest fan.

So the live eviction is tomorrow night and Shelly will be joining Brandon, Daniele and Jeff. Can you imagine the look on their faces when they see her walk in?

Stay Tuned

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not a Big Brother post this time its DWTS

Ok so in a summer rare moment no Big Brother happenings. I think that things will remain the same for now meaning Shelly aka "she look-a-like-a man" will be the next member of the jury house.

Last night during Bachelor Pad the new cast of Dancing with the Stars was revealed and oh boy this should be an interesting season. Chaz Bono who is the only child of Sonny and Cher wil be competing and since he is technically a he will be paired with a female partner. I personally am looking forward to this and cannot wait to see him do the tango. Way to go Chaz! Other cast members are:

Nancy Grace - Do I even need to say anything about her? How will she be able to dance and keep her nose out of the political limelight? Didn't someone tell her that politicians are campaigning now? I guess its ok since Casey Anthony trial is over and done with - I wonder what she would of done if it wasn't.

David Arquette is another celebrity taking the dance routine. Courtney Cox and David are now ex's but get along very well I wonder if we will see her in the audience? I hope he stopped drinking because I am not sure I want to see a drunk celebrity trying to dance - wait or do I?

LA Lakers Ron Artest - I do not know anything about this guy so I will keep it clean. Oh boy another basketball player!

Ricki Lake - I actually kind of like Ricki Lake so I am looking forward to seeing her.

Chynna Phillips - If she does not make it to the end maybe they will give her a singing gig during the finals.

Kristin Cavallari - reality star. I hear she is from The Hills or was on that show I never saw it so I will take the press's word for it because we all know the press would never lie.

Carson Kressley - if there is one thing I know for sure is that Carson will look good dancing. I like Carson he is a bit over the top but that is his gimick and he does it so well.

Rob Kardashian - Oh Lordy another Kardashian putting themselves on TV. To borrow Daniele Donato's word "Shocker".

Hope Solo - Soccer Goalkeeper, Oh boy another athlete. I am not familiar with Hope so I will refrain from what I really want to say which is Soccer Goalkeeper is that like Vanna White's job as Official Letter-Turner? Yes I am kidding.

JR Martinez - Actor All My Children! Yeah ok I am a wee bit excited. With the end of AMC coming soon I am happy to see one of their stars out there dancing. Will he be the winner? No chances not they usually give that to the athletes and younger stars. But regardless I am happy to see a fellow soapie on here!

Alright so I may post from time to time on how things go lets see how it goes..

Oh wait one more star ops sorry I forgot this person was dancing

Elisabeth Canalis - Former Girlfriend of George Clooney. Yeah thats her title. Enough said.

Stay Tuned

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not a quiet weekend in the Big Brother house - spoilers

One of the things I love about Big Brother is how things can change from day to day. Just when you think that the tide is changing in one direction BOOM someone does or wins something and it all changes.

When last we left off Porshe won HOH and a decision to make as to who to put up and as expected she put up Rachel and Jordan. No surprise there the lines were clearly drawn once the dust settled. Porshe's target was Rachel but you know what this is Big Brother and twists are part of the show enter - Pandora's Box! As we know Pandora's Box is a choice the HOH has to make to either open it or not to open it. The results can be good for the HOH but at what price? Well come on has anyone ever not opened Pandora's Box? Of course that little girl opened it. She got $10,000 BUT she has to split it with someone so of course she picks her girlfriend Kalia. Oh BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! The price for opening the box is that the remaining Houseguests will be playing as duos so of course they have to pair up. The HGs paired up as expected: Kalia and Porsche, Adam and Shelly, Jordan and Rachel. So now what does this mean for Jordan and Rachel? This means that they are playing as a duo if one of them wins the Power of Veto that person can remove both of them from the chopping block forcing the HOH to put another duo up and each duo will need to campaign individually to stay in the house.

So the POV comp was played and Rachel won! Yes she sure did! This means that Rachel has the power to remove herself and Jordan from the chopping block and force Porsche to put up one of her own Shelly and Adam - wah wah wah. And yes do not think for a minute she will not use it because she will, her name is not Lawon or Marcellas. So once she comes down they will go up and Rachel and Jordan will control the majority of the voting since there will only be 3 people voting. What a difference a game play makes huh? This means that Shelly is gone gone gone! BUH BYE. What is so funny is that Porshe's HOH stint caused her one of her own so much like Kalia's first stint. They have so much in common.

And in the meantime there is sweet floater Adam. This guy has been the pawn so many times and he is rarely the target. He has pretty much done nothing in the game and I have to wonder if any of them are thinking if they take Adam they can win since he has done nothing.

Stay Tuned

Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Brother a week's worth in one night - spoilers!

Ok so it has been a while and I am sorry about that but some of you already know the main spoilers. Last night was a world-wind of a night. In an effort to not have a super long post I will try to keep it simple. Can I even do that? We shall see...

Alright so Thursdays showed opened with us the audience already knowing that there was going to be a double elimination. The HGs did not know this somehow Adam (The newbie) told them that oh for sure it will be next week. Yeah I know with vets in the house you would think different.

So the live first eviction takes place and there was speculation that Daniele may have pulled off a Donato-miracle by having Shelly campaign for her and change votes. I almost wish she would of I would of liked to see that happen. I like Daniele but with that being said as a game-watcher she really is a strong player and at this point strong players need to be eliminated. I am actually impressed that Shelly had the balls to try and out right pick a side. I give her that and for Shellys game it would of been better to keep Daniele but if I am not so sure Daniele would of taken Shelly to the final two she is too close to Kalia. Speaking of Kalia...

So Dani leaves and the new HOH game is played and it comes down to Jordan and Kalia and Kalia wins. But she is told you need to put up two people in the next minute or two and well as expected she puts up Jeff and Rachel. Jeff's chances are not looking good at this point . He played hard and strong but he is a threat and threats need to go if you want to make it to the end. Now the next step is to do a Power of Veto comp and everyone except Jordan (WTF??) gets to play. The comp begins and Porche wins the POV! Ok this is still Thursday night - remember normally all this stuff happens within a the week. So Porche decides to leave the noms as they are. Ah yeah you think since your alliance is HOH? Now next step is to go and do live voting the votes come down to a tie (Jordan and Adam voted to evict Rachel) the other two voted to evict Jeff so it comes down to Kalia to break the tie and of course she kicks Jeff out. So Jeff leaves. (The end of an era). Now I was thinking at this point you know Kalia is thinking ok my reign is over I better still get my food basket.

But wait there is more! This means that we need a new HOH for the week. So the game begins again and as the theme has been going Porche wins HOH. So who will she put up? Rachel is a sure bet and chances are she will put Jordan up too speaking of Jordan.

I read that last night Shelly and Jordan got into an all out yelling fight that Rachel had to pull Jordan out of the room and try to calm her down! Jordan was even yelling "That Bitch!" Ok now this is the one time I wish I did get the live feed because just for that alone I would use the play back feature to see.

In other news Kalia has made a secret alliance with Adam for final two. Kalia told Adam oh don't worry no one will vote for me. Ah yeah really? I guess on her part its smart because Adam is considered the biggest floater since he floats from HOH to HOH and kisses their behind so Kalia can say hey I played the game he has not.

Whatever team you are on I am for one happy to finally see GAME PLAY!

Stay Tuned!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Brother here we go again

Spoiler alert!

This could be a long one but I will try to just give brief highlights.

Thursday: Apparently America voted for Brendon to return to the BB house. I am like ok whatever. I think people just thought Rachel was leaving and wanted to see his look when he had to battle it against her. Well if that would of happened I believe we all know what would of happened. Brendon would of ever so bravely let the chick win. Alright so Brendon returns back and has to battle against Lawon for coming back into the house. Lets just say while Lawon had balls in his hands he could not do anything with them because Brendon ended up winning. So he returns back in and Rachel straddles him.

Later on that same night the HOH competition is played and Daniele comes out victorious. Kalia is happy too because he girlfriend won and they can go back upstairs and eat and sleep together.

More spoilers:

One of Dani's duties is to nominate two people for eviction so she ever so cleverly put up Adam and Shelly. I think at this point her target is Shelly but secretly she would love to put up Brendon or Rachel. So they go up she tells each of them they are just a pawn.

Fast Forward to POV the game was played and Adam won POV. So now Dani has to make a decision who will go up. I think she is planning on putting up Brendon because she feels he will be evicted again but Dani is so out of touch with what is going on in the house she may have a rude awakening.

So other stuff won was Daniele won a POV ticket so she will play in the next POV. Jeff won some money. Jordan has a wear a stupid "unitard". They call it a unitard but it really looks stupid. The outfit has a too-too and a hat that reads "Dunce." I like Jordan and I think that was done on purpose because the previous season unitards were not like that, so I am kind of disappointed in CBS for doing that. Shelly won 24 hour confinement and a phone call from home, Kalia won a vacation.

So now we wait until the Daniele makes her choice which should be some time today.

Stay Tuned

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tonight one person leaves only to have another return

In a nut shell that is it. We already know that tonight one person will be evicted. And while in the beginning I thought it was Rachel I have to admit I am not so sure anymore just because of all the "deals". Lawon heard that there is a chance he is being evicted and he is sitting back getting his tan and trying to look well I don't know what he is trying to look like but he seems to feel that he will be turning around and coming right back in - and well that is a possibility. I surely hope not I had of Marcellas reincarnated.

The last few days have been much of the same. The house seems to be civil to each other. Jordan and Jeff have pretty much figured out the twist but I do not think many of the others believe them. Lawon is certain that if he is evicted he will return with some ultimate power and he is power hungry. Kalia has no clue what is going on but she likes the new cupcakes and hamburgers on hand. Although Kalia did mention to her boss (Dani) that she is happy that she has not ate so much this week. Really???? Danielle poor Dani is having a hard time controlling her peeps from talking to other people. Shelly well all Shelly wants to do right now is win HOH so she can get stuff from her monsters and family. Yeah she seems to be begging the others to let her win HOH.

BB was nice to our houseguests by giving them a mid way house party to celebrate. This was done with the feeds off because part of the fun was music along with pizza wine and fun. So this got everyone happy and in a happy mood.

So tonight will tell all who is leaving, who returns and who will be the new HOH. Also one thing to note next week the person who gets evicted will be the first member of the jury.

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Brother talk

Oh boy Rachel has got to be feeling on top of the world because if one was to believe what the HGs have been saying then Lawon is gone. They know that who ever leaves has a chance to come back in however they do not know how that will happen. They have no idea that they have to battle an evicted HG. Rachel has been talking to the cameras ever since Brendon left. She feels he went home and has been wathing the live feeds so she wants to feel close to him and has been talking to it. Yesterday while in the house chit chatting Jeff mentioned in speculating about what if the person leaving has to do something against one of the former evicted houseguest and the person who wins would come back. A few of them laugh and Jordan even said to Rachel wouldn't it be funny to see Daniele's face if Brendon came back in and how weird would it be this whole time you talking to the camera and he is at some hotel room locked up. Sometimes I think the girl needs more credit then she is given ok and Jeff too. I guess Jeff since he did mention it first.

Other things happening that are part of their operating procedure Daniele is sleeping in the HOH room and Kalia is there too but she gets up occassionally to go eat and Shelly walks in to talk to them and then she leaves and they are like well we need to watch what we tell her because she snitches..DUH really?

In the day Rachel did go talk to Dani and Kalia because now was the right time you see Kalia would not talk to Rachel unless Dani was there and now she was. Well Dani controlled the whole conversation she made the "deal" about keeping Rachel safe. Rachel asked her would you vote to get me out and Dani would just say things like this is a huge trust I am giving if I was. But in the end Dani said she would keep Rachel safe and not to say a word to anyone outside of the HOH room. Rachel left and Kalia is like oh I like the deal "I" just made! Real Kalia you made the deal?? Because I swear I think that was Daniele talking the whole time? Now like a good little soldier Rachel did not reveal any of their conversation. Jordan asked Rachel did you make a deal with them or did they offer you a deal and Rachel just answered "No." All Jordan had to say was "I am surprised."

So by all appearances it seemed it was an easy out for Rachel and the tide changed and it seems to appear she is staying in the house.

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Brother and other reality spoiler news

Ok so before we get to the star of the show (Big Brother) a little summary on Bachelor Pad. Scandal sex and lies. Yeah that was the gist of it all.

Ok Jake was once a bachelor and picked Vienna as his love for life well as things go they broke up and it was ugly, nasty and very public - mainly because they took part in an interview to talk about the break up and he went off on the girl. She is no angel but the dude went off like Pee Wee Herman peeking into Michael Jackson's bedroom. So of course she is one of the girls in the bachelor pad show and for about half the night it was will Jake be one of the guys or won't he. Well hello we all know he will heck even she knew. So of course she starts planting seeds of doubt on anyone who will listen about how horrible he is and how scared she is. This makes Vienna's current boyfriend - Kasey - very upset because he is her protector (and a former bachelor contestant). Enter Jake she ignores he saids hello she ignores. There is a challenge and he wins and offers her a rose to stay as a peace offering but she wants nothing of it.

Needless to say this show will focus on this triangle mainly because it makes for good tv but there will be more drama coming. Now on to Big Brother

Word on the street has it that

Porsche, Jeff and Jordan want to save Rachel. Then on the other side of the house Rachel has been trying to make deals with Kalia and Danielle about staying. Honestly at this point I have no idea why anyone is bothering with Kalia her job is done there is nothing she can do at this point its all in the hands of the voters. Ok so each side thinks they are being sneaky. Kalia and Dani talk to Rachel about keeping them safe and getting the votes but in the meantime the other side (Jeff Jordan Porsche) want to keep Rachel. Then you have to wonder about Lawon. Lawon volunteered to go up as a replacement nominee, so when Jeff removed himself Lawon was put up. He is so happy about it. Oh yes very happy he just keeps saying I love it I so love it because I will turn around and come right back in and make everyone miserable. And Marcellas thought that when he was born the mole was broken...nope it sure wasn't.

What I find interesting is that Kalia made this whole big speech about making her own decisions and not being influenced yet she does not want to talk to Rachel without Danielle being there. Like she told her I do not want to talk to you without Danielle here. How is that for independence?

SO things are always changing in the Big Brother house...

Stay Tunes

Monday, August 8, 2011

Spoilers recaps Big Brother God I love reality shows

Here we are the weekend is over and reality shows are in full swing. Big Brother had some stuff that happened this weekend and I will get to that in a minute. But tonight (Monday) is the start of Bachelor Pad on ABC. Lord have mercy, the sex, the drama, the fights will begin. Bachelor Pad is the summer show from the Bachelor/Bachelorette producers. Basically they take about 12 or 14 former Bachelors and Bachelorettes and stick them in this house to compete. At one point they pair up and the last couple standing will win $250,000. That is a whole lot of money. Some hook up and some don't. But what will be interesting to see is the last idiot publicity whore(s) Jake and Vienna. Oh yeah both are on the show. She claimed he was a publicity whore and accused her of the same thing - yet they both live in Los Angeles and are on this show - you decide who is the bigger one. I will say he was very unclassy when he decided to get really ugly to her in an interview where he called her names and was just a dirt bag. Ok enough of that noise.

Big Brother! Oh boy. Ok this is what has aired and we already know. The Head of Household is Daniele's puppet girl - Kalia. I know Kalia claims that she is making her own decisions but come on Kalia no you are not just admit it. But she is at least playing strong and I will give her credit for that.

Kalia put up Jeff and Rachel for nominations and her target is Rachel. She does not care that she knows someone is coming back in.

Jordan went off on Kalia which was really pretty darn cool!

The Have and Have Not competition was done and Shelly, Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel were in the losing side and are Have Nots for the week.

Spoilers spoilers spoilers

Alright so over the weekend the Power of Veto was played and Jeff won the POV! So of course Jeff will remove himself and the question is who will he put up. It depends on who you listen to her talking. Kalia claims she will put up Adam or Lawon and I am not so sure. We know she will not put up Daniele and she should put up Porsche but I am not so sure she will because she has been up her behind a lot. Although Lawon can be the one since apparently he volunteered himself to Kalia, he feels he will come right back in. Hum lets think about that Lawon is evicted and he goes up against Dominic?? Not sure I think it will be a battle between Rachel and Dominic fighting to come back in.

We do not know right now who will be put up but at last count it is between Lawon (who volunteered), Porsche or Adam. Shelly keeps talking to Kalia about putting up Porsche and then Daniele comes behind her and talks Kalia out of it.

Once I hear who is up I will let you all know.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A newbie won on Big Brother

Well a new day has begun in the Big Brother house and perhaps a new era. As expected Brendon was voted out of the house. And what was so funny was listening to him talk ops I mean CRY to Julie Chen! He sat there and as he tried to talk he got all choked up. Now the question is was he crying because he is going to miss his wonderful fiance or was he crying because he realized he made a mistake by saving Rachel and not himself. I don't know I am just glad the dude is out of there.

So this upcoming week will be interesting. Kalia will have to put two people up and Rachel will go up at least I am pretty sure she will. The question is who will she put up against Rachel. The talk is Jeff and they seem to be very worried about it. It will be interesting to see what happens.

One thing I hope Kalia thinks about is that whoever leaves may come back so perhaps its best to not put up someone who is a strong competition player. In that case put up Rachel and let it ride! What I expect is that Rachel will think that Brendon will be voted back and it will be even more funny to see her face when he is NOT coming back. Seriously I cannot see America voting for Brendon to come back in.

SO was it good or bad? Who do you think should go up?

Stay Tuned

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Brother lots to reveal spoilers and lots to talk about

Ok here is what we know Brendon and Jordan are on the chopping block. Jordan and Jeff were not surprised and I think they feel secure enough that they have the votes but do not be so sure. I am totally sure who will be going but I know who I want out---Brendon. Oh but lets hope he stays out. Because according to some spoiler sites CBS is planning on making an America's Choice on bringing an evicted house guest back. Now we know Evel Dick will not be one of them so that leaves Cassie, Keith, Dominic and who ever leaves tonight lets just say Brendon. Oh please America if that is the case and Brendon leaves oh please do not vote him back in! Please lets keep him out!

So I thought I would mention something that was funny weird. If you record the Big Brother After Dark you will catch it on the August 2nd play, it was Brenchels Trash Bag Wedding. Yes the Happy Couple had a Trash bag wedding. I am serious Brendon wore a lovely liner of trash bag with a small twist around his neck to create a tie while Rachel was covered in what appeared toilet paper? Or some while lining type complete with a home made aluminium foil belt and head piece. She had a flower girl (Kalia) and her own ring bearer (Adam in the Elf costume). Now because they are not allowed to sing due to rights and ownership of the songs they had to clap and say "For she is a jolly good fellow" Now isn't that just so romantic? I know these two couples when they were young laying in bed dreaming of one day when they grow up and get married they would be in a house with 8 other people and specially made Trash Bag outfits..yeah special. Well you may ask but wait who did the ceremony? We shall get to that...Jordan was the maid of honor, Porsche was a guest, Jeff was the best man, Danielle blew bubbles into the air and the preacher was Lawon! Yes Lawon did his best Little Richard and preached about LOVE and how LOVE IS IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE! Look it was better then watching them sleep, eat and lay around looking at each other without saying a word.

So who is leaving tonight? My money is on Brendon.

Stay Tune

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Brother it all changes daily

Well here is the latest and greatest including spoilers. Hope you like them.

Rachel and Brendon are on the chopping block and Brendon won POV which means he has the power to remove either himself or the other person making the HOH put someone else up in their place. Brendon had been saying he was going to remove himself but you know I was not sure about that because he is a con and a con is a con and as expected Brendon saved Rachel. BLA BLA BLA.

Once it happened Daniele was heard saying "This is great this is perfect this is exactly what I wanted to happen if I didn't win HOH I would be nominated." Well she right about that.

Since Brendon saved Rachel Daniele put up Jordan. The hope is that she feels Jordan has enough votes to save herself and send Brendon home. I am not so sure on that but it is possible.

Lawon and Adam were talking at one point to each other and Lawon said the classic loser line "This is our house now, this is our turn to break it down." Nice dude. One thing to note is that Shelly originally looked like she was with Brendon and Rachel and they had told Shelly that Rachel was going to stay, heck even Rachel told Shelly to "take care of Brendon" so now Shelly must be like oh you lied. So maybe she might not be so quick to align.

Thursday night is eviction any guesses who is leaving? And will there be someone coming back?

Stay Tune

Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Brother Happenings including Spoilers

Ok so this is what we know so far.
Daniele won Head of Household (HOH) and is "Back in the game!" One of her first duties is to put two people up for eviction and as expected she put up Brendon and Rachel. Of course Rachel pouted boo hoo poor me bla bla bla. So the campaigning begins.


The POV competition was held and the winner was Brandon. Yeah seriously I cried too. Now Brandon on the show said he would take Rachel down however, recently on live feeds he has been singing a different tune. He has actually been saying that he sees that he has a better chance of going further then she does. This is actually true considering that he is a little better at the social game and he does tend to play rather well. So as of yet there is no word on what has been done if this changes I will see what I can do about posting it. Here are my personal thoughts:

Daniele - I am so loving that she is fierce! I love that she is not afraid to go after Brenchel. She does need to watch herself a little bit but never underestimate the power of a Donato.

Brenchel - I only wish there was a way to get rid of both of them this week.

Jeff and Jordan - My sweetheart couple. In a perfect world they would both go down to the end and this time Jeff would win. But Jordan this season seems to be talking a little more game then I have heard her talk in the past so I am happy for that.

Porsche - You know I liked this girl because she is from down here (South Florida - Miami Beach!) but she is aligning herself with Brenchel and that is never a good thing. I see some catty stuff coming out. The girl is walking a thin line. BUT, the girl right now is doing what many who have gone far in Survivor have done control the environment. Porsche seems to be doing a lot of cooking! One might say if you control the environment you control to an extent the game.

Kalia - She can be strong. I think she is part of that old saying "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are." And right now she is aligned with Daniele who is strong and fierce. Kalia seems to be a little strong and fierce too but I feel she needs to step that up a little and try better in the social game.

The others left are alright. I love Adam's Elf costume. He is funny. On the feeds he has been very positive about it and he is making the most of it. He does not seem to be on any one's radar which is actually good because in the past whoever wears the costume ends up walking out in it. Even though there has been small talk on putting him up when one of the Brenchels come down there are others on the list. There is talk about putting up Porsche who has been a tail to Brenchel and Shelly who no one really seems to know what side she is on.

Who should go up? Here is a question that was asked of me...Who is your favorite newbie (either present or evicted)?

Stay Tune

Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Brother is finally ON! Yeah Spoilers baby!

OK all I have to say is now we have a game! Let me do a little recap. Daniele the master manipulator (next to her dad of course) had her puppet boy (Dominic) going around doing her dirty work. Let's face it Dominic is a newbie in the true sense of the word. Not only is he a virgin but he never has seen Big Brother before. I am not big on that one as many people that try out and CBS has to go out and recruit someone but whatever. So here somes Daniele and yeah he is a young snot nose little dude who wants to impress the girl and play this game he has never seen before, except that he got busted. Meaning he got called out and well snot nose little puppet boy had to call out Daniele. Which is fine because you know what Daniele is a big girl and she can handle herself. Then we have the resident Bullies Brenchel better known as Brendon and Rachel. Both have this stupid idiot of a power trip. Brendon sits back and its like he is waiting for people to come and kiss his hand and when they don't he cops an attitude. Rachel walks around like hey I am the queen and yes I do walk on water and you better bow down to me and "my fiance". They do this big blow up (aka house meeting) and pretty much cause Dominic to be voted out. BUH BYE. Now comes the competition and its an endurance oh yeah endurance. Be very afraid because Daniele can endure and she is a powerful one when she can play and last night she was allowed to play! And play she did!


The endurance was hanging on these skies and of course the usual snow and movement. Basically who ever is the last person standing wins HOH. Now to make it interesting they placed out some snowballs for some of the people who fall and all they told them was some is good, some is bad and one is $10,000. Here is how it went:

Lawon - first person to fall and as a result of bad snowball picking it made him a Have Not (wah wah wah).

Adam - oh boy second man down and his prize He has to wear an Elf Suit!! Yeah I am laughing just thinking about it too.

Brendon - 3rd dude down (Guess the king can't hold on to any throne) Anyway his lovely falling prize was to be a Have-Not. Serisously I would of preferred for Brendon to wear the Elf Suit. I would of paid money for him to do that.

Jeff - came down afterwards and won $10,000. Now this sounds nice and it is but BB history is not always positive for those that win that money. More on that later.

Jordan fell afterwards and is a Have-Not.

The rest of the order was (and with no prizes) Porsche, Shelly, Kalia saids "Promise you won't put me up?" and down she goes and Evil Dick's daughter Daniele Donato is now the new HOH!

Folks we have a game because amazingly Brenchels have no smile on their face? Gee I wonder why? I am sure Evil Dick is so proud.

As Daniele opening remark as HOH "Looks like I am back in the game!" Yeah baby you sure are!

Now last night Rachel had to wipe that smug grin she has had for the last couple weeks and go crawling to talk to Daniele she apologized to her. But you know there is something about a Rachel apology that just comes off as fake. Daniele told Rachel look girl I was never after you but you started after me and Rachel tried to basically say you know we need to stick together meaning the vets. Rachel did try to save Jeff and Jordan or more Jeff but Daniele made no promises. Jeff is really worried he is out he is pretty much out but did say to Jordan I will worry more after the veto is played.

Now in the night Daniele did talk to Jordan and Jeff and told them that they were safe this week and she asked them to keep her safe next week if either of them win HOH. They said yes they would but Jeff privately is not sure that Daniele really means it. He really wants to win POV to secure his stay.

I am not certain that Rachel's alone talk with Daniele did any good but one thing is for sure Brendon was not happy about it. He told Rachel "what have I told you about talking to her alone?" Really Brendon? Is that how you have to talk to her like a child and not a woman? Oh yeah that is right because she is a spoiled little bratty baby...yeah ok I got it.

Throughout the night Brenchels have been having an "oh poor me" party where one of them said "From the penthouse to the outhouse." Yeah I must admit that is about right and the fall is so much harder when you have to eat crow on the way down. Now we just need for Daniele to get them out! I want to say yes she will and signs lead to that she will but you know in that house things change. As long as no one does any big moves or screaming matches chances are Dani will place Brenchels up and then lets hope neither one of them win POV.

Stay Tune

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Brother last minute scheming

It appears the Brenchels and Jeff and Jordan have figured out Danielle is all hot for Dominic. DUH. SO now the plan is to dump Dominic on Thursday because after all we will not give Danielle what she wants. Danielle does realize that she has been discovered and well not much she can do about it but just win comps when she can play.

Stay Tune

Big Brother updates including spoilers

The terror of Brenchel continues. If you watched the show then you know that not only was the idiot of the season in charge of the house again but she has not changed in her idiot ways. I feel like this week is a total carbon copy of the first week? Not exciting at all. Evil Dick really why did you leave?? I know it must of been important for him to leave but gosh darn it I know you would of made something exciting happen by now. Here is what has been happening and please be warned there are spoilers in here so if you do not want to know then you may want to stop right now.

Ok first we approach the next competition of power and that is the Power of Veto. This is the big power where this person can literally take off the nominees forcing the HOH to put up another team. So along comes Rachel who wins HOH and puts up Dominic and Adam. Surprise surprise and they each tell them oh hey you are the pawn we so love you and we are here for you. But not so much because Brenchel are having doubts about Dominic. Now our girl Daniele gets a hold of this news and gets peeved because after all Dominic is her Bitch Boy. Sorry no other way to put it. He is a virgin and wet behind the ears and well Dani is not. No really he is a virgin I am not kidding... Alright so she does not like this and goes to talk to Brenchel who are like hey what is your problem. Brendon is basically questioning why Dani is so strong on keeping Dominic and Dani is like well you told me to bring him on board and I did and now you want me to not keep him here and Brenchel are like ah yeah why do you want him here so much? I mean Dani is working her angle. Dani has a point she is working alone because everyone has a partner and she does not and Brenchel are well they are clueless.

Ok so the POV is held and get out the tissues Brendon won. I know Brenchel continues. This caused brenchel to discuss if they wanted to change their nominations and possibly get rid of Jeff and Jordan. Yeah right like WTF? I too am like wanting to step in that house and go ok go walk out I am done with this nonsense. Well after back and forth discussions and lots of campaigning the POV Meeting was held and Brendon decided not to use the POV and keep everything the same.

So what this means is that as of right now the target is Adam and he will be going home.

I swear there better be a turn of events on Thursday night!

Stay Tune

Friday, July 22, 2011


Rachel OFF! Yeah Jeff said it best she is like that annoying mosquito you keep hearing and you want to squash! And now we have to tolerate her as HOH for a week. We are going to have to hear "This is my house with MY MAN and I am taking it back!" Why why why Jordan did you not just get rid of her. Gosh I like Jordan I really do but I so wish she would of evicted her out. SO now we need to sit and listen to her crap. The only good thing is that by the time her term is up she will have pissed more people off and they will be super big targets, thus, giving my J&J a longer stay. I think I would of even liked to have Lawon as HOH before seeing Rachel get it again.

So quickie recap:

All votes were to get rid of Cassi. She was not surprised she knew it was coming everyone told her so she was not hit hard. I liked Cassi I think she got a bum wrap. So Cassi leaves and next is the HOH Competition and we are all sadden to see Rachel win. Enough on that. So now the question is who will Rotting Rachel nominate. I think Rotting Rachel may actually put up my Happy Couple J&J yes I do think she will do that. Unless she decides to take aim at Daniele. For now that is my guess.

Stay Tuned

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Brother recap and my commentary

SO last night was Big Brother and OH Brother Rachel needs to go. Seriously since when did this game turn to the Rachel Brother show? She actually was upset at Jordan because OMG Jordan is not playing for her and Brendon? No way? Really? I am beginning to feel that Rachel needs to go. Brendon will turn into a little pee-brain when she is gone and spew how mad he is and then he will shout "This is for you Rachel honey I love you!" bla bla bla...It only means he is the next target. SO since today I am Thursday morning Quarterback here is what I think should go down: No this is not what will happen just what I feel should happen.

Thursday Shelly should get evicted. (She still look-a-and-sound-a-like a man) Gone Shelly tootles. Then when the HOH comp is being played, Jeff should win it and he should put up Kalia and Lawon. Now while I seriously dislike Lawon they are not the targets. The true targets are Brendon and Rachel with Rachel being the one to leave. By not putting B&R up first there is always a chance that they will not play for the POV and therefore be left defenseless. This way you split the duo up and spare us viewers from listening to Rachel.

Then once Rachel is out of there the new HOH game will begin and lets give it to the newbie Dominic. Yes Dominic you heard right. I am still not 100% Team Dominic because he is a snot nose little brat but I think he earned it.

SO as long as Jeff or Jordan win the whole game everything else can be played out accordingly.

Sounds reasonable?

Stay Tune.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Notice Big Brother is tonight

Be on the alert tonight is Big Brother no tonight is not an eviction night it should be filled with what has happened nothing live should go on. Now here is what I expect to see; The POV game and we will see Dominic win, then he will remove himself and Adam from the chopping block. Then, Jordan will put up Shelly and Cassi. Hopefully along the way we will see some of the backstabbing and scheming like how Jordan and Jeff have been discussing cutting out Brendon and Rachel (God I hope so!). I think we may see Danielle and Dominic action ok not that kind of action but I hear they are getting "close". Still planned for tomorrow is for Cassi to be evicted.

Stay Tune

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reality Recap with spoilers baby!

Well here we are again a Tuesday and what do I have on my mind? Why Big Brother of course!

When last we left of...Dominic had won the POV and of course was planning on using it to remove himself and Adam from the chopping block. Jordan was planning on putting Cassi and Shelly up in their place. So did that happen? Ah yeah!

Yes Dominic removed himself and Adam (and yes I do not blame you we don't want another Marcellass incident) and of course Jordan put Cassie and Shelly up and apparently the majority of the house wants Cassi gone and she knows it and is playing the part of Mary Miserable. Dominic is trying to give her hope. She is not going to stop but I am not sure it will work. Also there seems to be friction within the veterans because somehow Jeff heard or suspects that Brendon and Rachel may be hooking up with Dominic and Adam and this is making Jeff one mad Jeff. Eventually people will have to turn on each other but will it be so quick? Yeah might as well.
Word has it that Rachel is on slop because of some comp where it was like "what are you willing to give up" type of thing. Also it appears that the veterans are becoming more split mainly like those who hate Cassi and those who do not hate Cassi. Brendon, Rachel, Dani all seem to hate Cassi. I also believe Jeff and Jordan are not on team Brenchel.

So in Bachelorette news she is now down to the final 3 she let Ames go. Buh Bye pretty boy.

In none reality news The man and I will be attending the Brian Wilson concert at the Seminole Hard Rock on August 5th.

Stay Tune

Monday, July 18, 2011

Reality Recap including spoilers

Happy Monday and here is what is happening in the latest Big Brother saga. As you know there are spoilers here so if you do not care for them sorry wrong place! Let's begin with Big Brother!

As we know Adam and Dominic are on the chopping block and I for one was happy because I do not care for Dominic but ok whatever... Over the weekend a POV was held and the players were Jeff, Jordan, Rachael, Brendon, Adam, and Dominic and Danielle hosted. Almost seems like a slam dunk don't you think? Not so much B&R decided that perhaps they wanted to help out Dominic and Adam and throw the comp so that one of them would win ensuring that Jordan would put up Cassie and Shelly and they would kick out Cassie. But as someone oh so wise once said to me "Rachael hates women and is very insecure of them" so here is another Rachael sparked insecurity coming out. Well the comp went underway and oh boy cupcakes...Dominic won POV!!! Seriously? Did those two nerds really do that? I guess they did. So now they think that Jordan will put up Shelly and Cassie and they could kick out Cassie. I almost hope that Jordan puts up someone else oh like B&R!!! But chances are lovely sweet Jordan won't do something like that because she feels she needs to be loyal to the group.

Now one more spoiler but for another show..The Bachelorette

First I have to say Ashley is really a super boring chick. Plus she is not the brightest and I suspect she is a bit naive. Tonight is the hometown dates and from I hear Ames will be the one sent home but what will be more interesting to see is next week's episode which are the over night dates. Here is what I hear is going to happen. Constantine (is that even a guy's name?) well Mr. C ends up eliminating himself. Normally these are over night dates which mean that they go on a very romantic date and then at the end of the night are given the option of spending the night together a super luxury suite. It's optional to spend the night together but I cannot begin to think of one person who has yet to say no. I think one person said no once...Anyway Constantine will not just say no but eliminate himself before it gets to that. Now what is the reason you may ask? Well I am not sure rumor has it that it could be for religious reasons. I think it may be wise to watch tonights show to see how he is with his family and if any religion gets brought up here. So this means that the pickins are now down to the final two! JP and Ben are the final two. Yes I know who she picks...Not sure if I should post it...oh ok I will I hear she picks...JP and is engaged to him..

Stay Tune

Friday, July 15, 2011


Oh boy this is so very good! The preacher boy player is out of there! Ok I am sorry but this guy deserved to go go go! So a new head of household contest was done and well Jordan won. Of course when Jeff and Brandon went up they obviously threw the comp and basically gave her the win. Now of course we do not know if they would of won had they actually tried but that is ok because that is the way the cookie crumbles.

So as of right now we are waiting to see who she will nominate. If you listen to talk in the house Jordan plans on putting up Dominic and Adam. They will plan on trying to make deals with both of them but they have already approached Adam and so they may stick with that. Now Dominic is the one that refuses to talk to the veterans because gosh they do not have his best interest. Gee you think? So now he said he will not bow down to them or approach on making deal. Well lets see how far that takes you in the Big Brother house Dominic. I believe you need to go now.

Stay Tune

Thursday, July 14, 2011

BB Update and comparisions

Busy week meant to write some Big Brother updates but that just never seemed to happen. Ok so its been a week since the show started and my emotions have gone from way high to low. Yes due to ED leaving. Sorry but when you have Evil Dick in the mix it's always interesting. Developments have it right now that Porsche and Preacher Boy Keith are up. I personally hope the preacher child goes back to church. This got me to thinking ok prior to the show starting I saw some sample interviews and made my "first impression" on some of them. So let's take a look at how they are now a week into the show:

Lwson, I said I hated. I believe I said something like Hate him! Ok I still do not like him but there are others I dislike more but rest assure he is not on the like list.

Keith - Oh Keith. Ok I really did not write how I liked him but wrote about how stupid he was for having a whole plan made without even knowing what was in there. Todays's view HATE HIM! Sorry I do not like him. I so hope he leaves tonight.

Kalia - Was going in expecting everyone is lying. Well she seems pretty much playing that part. I cannot tell yet who she really likes I do not think she likes anyone. Smart move.

Dominic seemed boring to me. He still is boring but I recently realized he is another one of these players who apparently has never seen BB and is like a snot nose little brat. I hope someone has him for dinner. But he is alright.

Adam - I wrote he seems nice and well I still think he is nice oh yeah I think he shaved but the red bandana tied up in a knot around his bald head really has to go. It's hard to come off tough once you are seen with that on.

Ok thats about it. So the question at large is who is leaving. Depending on the hour it could be Porsche or it could be preacher boy. I hope its preacher boy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

To feed or not to feed

OH boy it is back and this season is going to be great! There are things I like and there are things I don't like and there will be spoilers so if you do not like spoilers well sorry you have come to the wrong place. So lets give a small recap of what happened on Big Brother.

The show began and we met the 8 houseguests and what is funny is that some of their personalities were not the same as in the video CBS had where they were being asked questions. I still do not like Lawon - sorry the dude is Marcellaus reincarnated. But some of them were thinking wait there is something funny because there are only 8 of us and 10 place settings. Yeah can you tell how smart they are already? Then they are told hey guys you are not the only guests some others will be coming and before you know it ring a ding ding enter Brendon and Rachel. Oh be still my heart please no not another Brenchel. And as they are all getting to know each other knock knock enter Jeff and Jordan! Oh yes now with J&J there you know what I can tolerate the other two and I am sitting there happy as a clam and bingo enter Dick and Danielle! OMG this is going to be an awesome season! I can picture it now Dick and Rachel going at it. Oh its just going to be brilliant. So they had their first HOH competition and it was hanging on a banana, yes I said banana and while hanging chocolate was thrown at them. I can hear you laughing and shaking your head but yes this is how it happened one by one they went down and eventually Rachel came out ahead.

So here is how this will work everyone was paired off into teams of two. This means you are a team until its over and its over when you are put up for nomination. Once you are nominated then you are split and let the campaigning begin. But if you are NOT evicted in the first 4 weeks you are given a spot in the top 10. So one of Rachel's first duties is to nominate and here is where the spoiler is because this was not shown on the show but Rachel has nominated Porsche and Keith.

So good news is the season looks good but as of this morning it appears Dick is missing and there is a rumor that he may have been disqualified for revealing that he was going to be on the show prior to the show being on. He left a video message to be released today or last night but this means he would of had to tell someone. I hope he is not gone because it really will put a damper on the season but only time will tell.

But my one question is to Live Feed or not to Live Feed?

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tonight is it

Oh yes tonight Big Brother alrighty this is awesome and I cannot wait for it and I must say another certain person that resides with me cannot wait either. The jury is still out on paying for live feeds chances are we will not since we can get enough information from the web.

Now to continue the good news, if you recall back in April I went and ranted about my wonderful daytime soaps ending and yes I have to admit I was/am upset about it. Now I am not over it I am still upset HOWEVER, there is good news. Prospect Park a production and media company founded in 2009 has purchased the rights and leased agreements for One Life to Live (OLTL) and All My Children (AMC). What this means is that the shows will be able to stay and keep coming to the fans once their "end" date comes. It will be mostly online and I am hearing some possible internet based TVs should be able to catch them. Yeah I am sadden that they are even moving but the fact is that they are still alive...this is because don't mess with soap fans WE RULE!

Now back to the game of life...

Stay Tune

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Almost time

As the days get closer to Big Brother time the news and rumors grow. This is actually part of the excitement. I recently took a tour of the new Big Brother house (via video tour ) and it looks very beachy. It's actually decorated to Venice beach so this means that there is bright colors, surfboards, graffiti and oh yes a fortune teller machine. This should be least I surely hope it will be.

One of the news flying around is that there will be a duo coming back into the house to compete for the money and CBS has placed a few former HGs as possible duos. I see Jessie the bod is back on the list and I hope not how many times can they get that jerk back in there? The dude is so stuck on himself that he has a hard time walking straight. Although word has it that is a persona he plays and that when one really knows him away from the cameras he is not like that. Sorry this guy walks around kissing himself and body and acts like a total idiot who barely remembers the alphabet and I am suppose to believe he does that on purpose?? Reaslly? Seriously? So I really hope he does not go back in. Another is the Brendon and Rachel or as the BB groupies call them Brenchel. I think I can tolerate him but her voice and laugh can be a bit annoying after a while so I hope not. Dick and Danniele Donato is another on the list and while Dick won first place and Dani won 2nd I am not so sure they could make it a second time. Now another on the list is Dr Will and Boogie aka Chilltown...Really again? Both have won so how in the world could they con a group to keep them in there?

The one thing I do know is that there is something we have not seen yet left to happen and I suspect there may be more then a duo going back in the house because of what we do know already. Here is what we know they have released the names and videos of the 8 houseguests. Yes 8 this is far short of the usual 12-14 players so does this mean we will get 3 sets of duo's going back in? Or another duo such as twins...oh dear will BB try that twin thing again? I don't think it worked out too well last time they did it so yeah lets try it again!

Whatever it is I am getting all excited about it.

Stay Tuned

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Brother is right around the corner

Ok so it took Big Brother being days away for me to post. Sorry I actually meant to do it earlier but just never remembered. But July 7th marks the start of our summer house watching sensation Big Brother. No we NOT going to get the Live Feed this year ...well not yet.

Ok so CBS has put out there some interviews with Houseguests plus they state that there will be a "couple" that are going in to try and win the money. So I can only hope its not Brendon and Rachel or Jessie and Natalie. I so hope not!

In the meantime I looked at the videos and here are some impressions of the people I saw interviews on. This is interesting because this is just a first glance 2 minute interview and it will be interesting to see how it changes as the summer starts. So here are my comments/impressions:

Shelly- Not sure how I feel about her but she looks like at one time in her life she was a man. Yeah even her voice sounds manish but she claims she is married with a daughter. Lets see how that goes.

Lawon - Hate him! Oh no no he needs to go and I have not even seen him in there! He reminds me of Marcellas. He claims he will bring fashion sense to big brother because his fashion sense is sick sick sick. Ok I am sick just listening to him.

Keith - Keith is doing what so many do before meeting their fellow HGs he has a plan and knows exactly how everything will work out. According to Keith he plans on aligning with 3 girls who will be called "Keith's Angels" and the 3 girls will do all the dirty work plus he will have a showmance with at least one of them.

Kalia- Is planning on telling lies the whole time. She said she will lie lie lie and go in believing everyone is also telling lies. Ok how far will that work?

Cassi - Like her. Looks like a biker chick. I hope she goes far. Well I hope for now I may change my mind once I see her in action in the house.

Dominic - Seems "ok" a little boring

Adam - Seems nice. Dude needs to shave. He fears his unique personality will get him evicted first.

So there are some impressions. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Venting regarding Daytime TV

Ok be warned that this will most likely be a book in itself. It has been a while since I have written and I have a feeling I am going to make up for it right now. Back in around the 1st week of April the devil also known as Brian Frons decided in his wisdom to shut down the 3rd highest rated daytime drama (One Life To Live) and one of the longest running shows on daytime with loyal followers (All My Children). Recently he said that the women of today no longer want to escape in the afternoon oh gee Mr Know It All what do women want? Oh what they want is a Mario Batelli cooking show and Life Style Living show (currently going thru name changes because the one they have SUCKS) focusing on excercise. let me get this straight todays women who may or may not be home during the daytime hours want to eat fatty foods and then excercise their brains away because watching a drama on tv is just not what they are into right now? Hum...I suppose the loyal followers for these shows (who BTW has been on for 40+ years) just did not know that is what they wanted. I always thought if I wanted to see a cooking show I would go to oh let me think Food Network? OMG no really there is a Food Network? Get out of town who knew! So yes I am a wee bit upset my shows are leaving. Right now as a daytime soap viewer it is important to keep watching the shows to show that we do support them and I hope Mr Brian Frons has diaherra for as long as One Life To Live and All My Children were on air. Yes I said it so there.

Now this leads to question what is to happen to the daytime emmy awards. Afterall this will leave 4 daytime dramas on the air? If there is one thing I have noticed with awards shows is that when a show is ending their run during awards time they will get nominated and win a ton of awards. It is almost like a pat on the back well done. SO now Daytime Emmy Awards announced their nominations...and come on...what are you all thinking? Ok I think I know what you are thinking, I want to say that they know it is too late for the canned shows so they want to try to focus on the shows that have not been canned -----YET. So with that being said this is just my opinion on what they missed the mark on:

On Outstanding Drama while it was nice to see All My Children and General Hospital nominated One Life to Live had some awesome ground breaking stories that really should of had a nomination.

They also missed the mark on outstanding supporting actors. I am sorry some of the work that the guys on One Life to Live have been doing has been awesome.

I could go on but I decided to spare you all. Needless to say I am very disappointed that schmucho decided to put on reality based shows because they are cheaper to make. I have suggestions for this, I think he missed the mark by cancelling the shows. Here is a thought Mr Frons we know that a majority of viewers watch these shows on DVR and fast forward thru the commercials ( I know I do). So why not incorporate some brand messenging into the show for example while Erica and Jack are in the restaurant deciding if they will marry for the 8th time show Erica (aka Susan Lucci daytime icon) drinking some Lipton Iced Tea? OMG what a freaking concept! Or when Natalie goes to change her son's diaper hum what can we do there - Huggies or Pampers anyone? Do not tell me those companies will not go for that of course they will! Oh no that would be too easy lets instead cancel scripted shows that have been on for 40+ years with loyal followers. Yeah that makes good business sense because everyone knows reality TV Shows will never be cancelled. Can you think of the last reality unscripted show that has been on for 40+ years?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping up

Here we are another day in Paradise. I hear it will be in the 80s again as the rest of the country is enjoying spring. In the meantime my new Avon business is moving nicely along. I am enjoying sampling products. I am happy I did not have invest thousands or hundreds of dollars and I am getting the thrill of testing products. Some yes I know are good I have had them in the past but others are new to me and I am liking this. In the mean time while all this testing is going on the new season of DWTS started and yes I am once again watching it. No need to go over each and every pair lets just say I am once again disappointed in the judges. I am ok with giving critical harsh judgements but provide some constructive feedback for example do not say "Oh that was a train wreck it was horrible you are in trouble." How about some feedback like "Hey look your feet were pointing in the wrong direction and you need to concentrate on your posture." You know something. Oh I am not saying they never say that but it appears they say that to certain celebrities while others get the you suck dude response. So to me it tells me that they know who they want to win or at least advance. I just found the judges, especially Len Goodmen, down right rude and nasty and I think they do it on purpose. I think they like it when people in the audience boo at them. So does that make a good judge? Yeah I agree NO. But will I keep watching..yeah I will. I don't watch the whole 2 second show just because I do not particular care for the fillers (like last night was Chris Brown) I just want to know who is going...oh BTW the first star (if you can call him a star personally I never heard of him) to be kicked off was Mike Catherwood. He is suppose to be some radio DJ. Yeah I was like huh who? The first time I even heard of this guy was a month ago when he entered some contest to guest host on the Regis and Kelly and he won. That was it and now he is considered a Star? Go figure. So who will advance? Stay Tune

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twins be gone Boy stay

So as I sit here and write and think about the last week or so and my new expected arrival I started thinking oh wait I predicted twin girls - this is not good not good at all. Why you ask well because financially it will just kill me. Think about it I spoil my little Princess already I will have to spoil the other two as well and then of course while doing that cannot allow the first Princess to feel neglected. Oh the pressure! Perhaps then it is best to make it a boy and yeah lets just stick to one. I have not told my sister in law this yet I kind of like the look of terror on her face when I mention twin girls. Although she did already tell me my brother said the same thing. Lord help us all if another Princess comes into the fam.

So now here I am putting together ways of making money - I am going to need extra cash with the new arrival and I went into an old favorite - Avon. Years ago I use to purchase their stuff and quite frankly I liked it. To this day I swear Skin So Soft does repel mosquitos while keeping your skin soft and smelling nice. I decided to investigate, and was hoping there was not a large start up cost because well that would count me out. Lucky for me the cost was minimal and no inventory to keep unless I want to. So a sign up here and there on the web and now I am an Official Avon Rep. I will be getting a website soon. I would show it to you now but the not so quality oriented leader of mine decided that even though I spelled my name Dolores that the real spelling was Delores. I mean seriously I am sure she thought I made a mistake. When I brought it up to her attention that the name was misspelled I got the line "Oh I am sorry they misspelled it" Ah yeah ok never mind that before the Avon sign up you replied to a couple of my emails with that incorrect spelling. I decided that any further contact with will be minimal I will simple go above her head or directly to Avon.

If I sound petty well maybe I am but it just makes me mad that I am here all ready to promote and even in the emails I sent her I put in all CAPS - DOLORES like hello you still get it wrong so now I have to wait 10 days until the website is done. Which means I cannot promote the website. Yes I can still sell but not promote. Oh and one more reason not to talk to this person is I have asked her a particular question FOUR times and she has yet to answer it. So yes in my head for now I am DONE with her.

So for now I am taking some online Avon course and I am enjoying them. Learning a lot about their products and I plan on testing a few.

Stay Tune.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tia ----- Again

Before we get to the title of this post a little Bachelor news since I watch the Bachelor. Ok ah Brad the cad ops I mean Brad made his choice. The final two were one woman named Chantal who from pretty much day one he looked like he connected really well to her. They got along so very well they laughed at the same things. He even said how he felt like he could be himself with her and not have to worry and feel he could tell her anything. He had that nice peace when they were together. Then there was girl number two Emily who at age 19 found herself a pregnant widow and now raising her 5 year old daughter as a single mom. Emily and Brad did get along too but Emily had issues. I say issues because Brad seemed to be frustrated with her more then anything. Heck there was a time when he almost did not give Emily the rose because she kept having doubts and needed constant reassurance. Apparently when Emily signed up for "The Bachelor" it must of not dawned on her that he would be dating other women.. The choice would seem simple doesn't it? Well our ever so clever bachelor picked Emily! Yee pee..

They finally were able to make their first public appearance as a couple because they had to wait 6 weeks until the show ended and well Emily has issues with all those women he was kissing. Really Emily? The show is called the bachelor ..ah what did you think he was going to do just hold hands and sing Kumbayah My Lord? Well their interview together was well ..cold. You could sense the tension her insecurities and constant need for reassurance was like wow way out there. Now as a mom I get it because its not just about you its about your child but come on girl look at the show you signed up for. We learned that in those 6 weeks they did actually break up once but now were back together and I now read that oh my they have broken up - again. Yeah Brad you made a great choice there way to go buddy!

Now on to the great news and things that make you go hummm.. this is happening for a reason. I have my favorite sister in law Nerbey (yes she is my only sister in law). Well Nerbey and my baby bro Albert have 3 kids together. Love my kiddies. Nerbey decided in Dec to get her tubes tied so she can well relax after all the youngest is 7 years old. Well this past week she informs me that I am most likely going to be an aunt again because she has taken 4 pregnancy tests and all have come back positive. I am like wait a minute what happened well apparently there is a 1% chance and of course Fertile Myrtle aka Nerbey is in that one percent chance. So Nerbey went to her doctor who did a blood test and sure enough yesterday she told me yes its official she is pregos. So there you have it I am going to be an aunt aka Tia again!

I suspect a girl...or twins...

Stay Tune

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars

Well folks the Oscars were on last night and all the stars were out and about. All wore their designer dresses and super fancy hair styles and make up. But did they all look good? In my opinion some looked fabulous while others made me say "Really, with all the money you have and that is the best they can come up with?"

Nicole Kidman is one that was trashed for her outfit. I personally liked it. Was it her best? No - but I have seen worse. Speaking of worse - Helena Bonham Carter who was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress sucked sucked sucked. Did I say sucked? Well ok sorry she look horrible! This chick got a black bustier that was designed by the Alice in Wonderland designer. Ok Alice in Wonderland and you get that guy to create the outfit that well looked like it should of stayed in Alice in Wonderland not at the Academy Awards. I am all for wanting to be different and creative but how about a little style and looking good at the same time?

The shows that won were good - or so I am told I have not had the chance to see them but I think I might now that a gazillion people say its good. You know I so always go for what the crowd likes.

Stay Tune