Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping up

Here we are another day in Paradise. I hear it will be in the 80s again as the rest of the country is enjoying spring. In the meantime my new Avon business is moving nicely along. I am enjoying sampling products. I am happy I did not have invest thousands or hundreds of dollars and I am getting the thrill of testing products. Some yes I know are good I have had them in the past but others are new to me and I am liking this. In the mean time while all this testing is going on the new season of DWTS started and yes I am once again watching it. No need to go over each and every pair lets just say I am once again disappointed in the judges. I am ok with giving critical harsh judgements but provide some constructive feedback for example do not say "Oh that was a train wreck it was horrible you are in trouble." How about some feedback like "Hey look your feet were pointing in the wrong direction and you need to concentrate on your posture." You know something. Oh I am not saying they never say that but it appears they say that to certain celebrities while others get the you suck dude response. So to me it tells me that they know who they want to win or at least advance. I just found the judges, especially Len Goodmen, down right rude and nasty and I think they do it on purpose. I think they like it when people in the audience boo at them. So does that make a good judge? Yeah I agree NO. But will I keep watching..yeah I will. I don't watch the whole 2 second show just because I do not particular care for the fillers (like last night was Chris Brown) I just want to know who is going...oh BTW the first star (if you can call him a star personally I never heard of him) to be kicked off was Mike Catherwood. He is suppose to be some radio DJ. Yeah I was like huh who? The first time I even heard of this guy was a month ago when he entered some contest to guest host on the Regis and Kelly and he won. That was it and now he is considered a Star? Go figure. So who will advance? Stay Tune

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twins be gone Boy stay

So as I sit here and write and think about the last week or so and my new expected arrival I started thinking oh wait I predicted twin girls - this is not good not good at all. Why you ask well because financially it will just kill me. Think about it I spoil my little Princess already I will have to spoil the other two as well and then of course while doing that cannot allow the first Princess to feel neglected. Oh the pressure! Perhaps then it is best to make it a boy and yeah lets just stick to one. I have not told my sister in law this yet I kind of like the look of terror on her face when I mention twin girls. Although she did already tell me my brother said the same thing. Lord help us all if another Princess comes into the fam.

So now here I am putting together ways of making money - I am going to need extra cash with the new arrival and I went into an old favorite - Avon. Years ago I use to purchase their stuff and quite frankly I liked it. To this day I swear Skin So Soft does repel mosquitos while keeping your skin soft and smelling nice. I decided to investigate, and was hoping there was not a large start up cost because well that would count me out. Lucky for me the cost was minimal and no inventory to keep unless I want to. So a sign up here and there on the web and now I am an Official Avon Rep. I will be getting a website soon. I would show it to you now but the not so quality oriented leader of mine decided that even though I spelled my name Dolores that the real spelling was Delores. I mean seriously I am sure she thought I made a mistake. When I brought it up to her attention that the name was misspelled I got the line "Oh I am sorry they misspelled it" Ah yeah ok never mind that before the Avon sign up you replied to a couple of my emails with that incorrect spelling. I decided that any further contact with will be minimal I will simple go above her head or directly to Avon.

If I sound petty well maybe I am but it just makes me mad that I am here all ready to promote and even in the emails I sent her I put in all CAPS - DOLORES like hello you still get it wrong so now I have to wait 10 days until the website is done. Which means I cannot promote the website. Yes I can still sell but not promote. Oh and one more reason not to talk to this person is I have asked her a particular question FOUR times and she has yet to answer it. So yes in my head for now I am DONE with her.

So for now I am taking some online Avon course and I am enjoying them. Learning a lot about their products and I plan on testing a few.

Stay Tune.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tia ----- Again

Before we get to the title of this post a little Bachelor news since I watch the Bachelor. Ok ah Brad the cad ops I mean Brad made his choice. The final two were one woman named Chantal who from pretty much day one he looked like he connected really well to her. They got along so very well they laughed at the same things. He even said how he felt like he could be himself with her and not have to worry and feel he could tell her anything. He had that nice peace when they were together. Then there was girl number two Emily who at age 19 found herself a pregnant widow and now raising her 5 year old daughter as a single mom. Emily and Brad did get along too but Emily had issues. I say issues because Brad seemed to be frustrated with her more then anything. Heck there was a time when he almost did not give Emily the rose because she kept having doubts and needed constant reassurance. Apparently when Emily signed up for "The Bachelor" it must of not dawned on her that he would be dating other women.. The choice would seem simple doesn't it? Well our ever so clever bachelor picked Emily! Yee pee..

They finally were able to make their first public appearance as a couple because they had to wait 6 weeks until the show ended and well Emily has issues with all those women he was kissing. Really Emily? The show is called the bachelor ..ah what did you think he was going to do just hold hands and sing Kumbayah My Lord? Well their interview together was well ..cold. You could sense the tension her insecurities and constant need for reassurance was like wow way out there. Now as a mom I get it because its not just about you its about your child but come on girl look at the show you signed up for. We learned that in those 6 weeks they did actually break up once but now were back together and I now read that oh my they have broken up - again. Yeah Brad you made a great choice there way to go buddy!

Now on to the great news and things that make you go hummm.. this is happening for a reason. I have my favorite sister in law Nerbey (yes she is my only sister in law). Well Nerbey and my baby bro Albert have 3 kids together. Love my kiddies. Nerbey decided in Dec to get her tubes tied so she can well relax after all the youngest is 7 years old. Well this past week she informs me that I am most likely going to be an aunt again because she has taken 4 pregnancy tests and all have come back positive. I am like wait a minute what happened well apparently there is a 1% chance and of course Fertile Myrtle aka Nerbey is in that one percent chance. So Nerbey went to her doctor who did a blood test and sure enough yesterday she told me yes its official she is pregos. So there you have it I am going to be an aunt aka Tia again!

I suspect a girl...or twins...

Stay Tune