Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DWTS - Crap or fiction?

Oh boy a whole week has gone by and it only seems like it was yesterday I was swearing I would write more often. It has been a pretty decent week. Had some family fun times and some friends fun time. One sad note my local Tony Romas unexpectedly closed for business. Yes I am sadden for that because I almost found it as my public private lodge. I would go there on a Saturday night or Friday night for an after dinner drink or more for the conversations I would have with the bartender there and some locals that would come. It was nice it was not overly crowded, clean and everyone who worked there were friendly and did the "HI!" when they saw me. Yeah when you go there once or twice a week they tend to know you. So I went there Friday night and Renee (bartender) and I are talking and she is all excited because they had asked her to head local marketing and PR relations. She was having plans on going to the area businesses and my Moose Lodge. We even were discussing on setting up a Twitter account for them and start offering tweet specials. She tells me there is an upcoming meeting and she will know more. Well next thing I know 2 days later she sends me a text saying they closed the place. Apparently everyone came in to work that day and were told today is your last day we are closed. Very sad to hear about this.

Now I begin with DWTS. Oh where to begin where to begin. If you read my previous entries on the first dances you know how I feel about some of the "stars." Now the results and who got kicked off. The way it works there are points the judges provide and then text and phone in votes. I have always had my concerns on phone in votes because sometimes I find it hard to believe Americans are that stupid. Ok fine not stupid but makes me say "Seriously????"

First I think we have already seen the possible winner and that is Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough. First Derek is just once of the best dancers out there. He truly is excellent and his routines are top notch and on fire. Nicole is just really good. But of course she is good she was part of the dancer grop PussyCat Dolls. The show tends to do this they throw in obvious front runners and she is one of them and paired with Derek well they should make it to the finals.

My wishful contestant/dancer is Aiden Turner. Oh Aiden I so like him. He was (until recently) on All My Children and well now he is here struggling. He is struggling to learn to dance. I hate to say it but he has no rhythm. But all I can is "Aiden, you can do it!"

Then we have the Great Grandpa generation representative Buzz Aldin. Lordly help us all. Look I respect the man he is a great leader and awesome American, but he has no business on the dance floor.

Now we lets get to Pamela Anderson who decided on her first week she was going to play the role of Nicole Anna Smith (hee hee ha ha kiss kiss ops there goes my boob) and this week she decided to play Marilyn Monroe. (Do I see a trend here?) Can she dance? Ask the 2 gay guy judges who are drooling over her and the supposedly straight female judge who pretty much wants to make out with her. Oh they love her. Noticed I said THEY love her. Sorry I have seen better. And, the stupid dumb blonde act (it is an act isn't it?) is just well annoying. SO I was happy to see her in the bottom two.

Now I come to the other bottom two dancer Shannen Doherty. Well I like Shannen I certainly do. I liked her on Melrose Place and I liked her a lot on Charmed. Actually I liked her more on Charmed. Was she an excellent dancer? No but she was better then Pamela and certainly better then Buzz.

So who left? It is with deep regret I must say Shannen Doherty has left the building. Now you see why I have issues with the phone in votes?

What other crap will happen in this season?

Stay Tune..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Day After

Well it is the day after the debut of Dancing with the Stars and well it proved interesting. First of all I am a soap fan so when my Aiden Turner from All My Children was a dancer competing I was like oh yeah this is cool because well recently he got kicked off the soap. A total shame how they made his character go nuts. Well they paired him with my faveorite professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska. She is pretty awesome and I think some years they really screw her by giving her less then memorable celebrities as partners. She has had 2 good ones (Jason Taylor and Cameron Mathison) but all the others have been like oh come on really. Their first dance was the Cha Cha Cha and they danced it to Hungry Life the Wolf. Yeah not sure it was the best song choice but for someone who is not a dancer I thought it was fine. The judges were hard they did not particularly care for it.

So who did they care for? OH let me think oh yes they were going all stupid nuts for Pamela Anderson who they have billed as "the sexiest woman on the planet"? Really? Pamela Anderson as the sexist woman on the planet? Oh she played the stupid blonde part well. She had her super low cut dress and short short short dress. Then the helpless breath and oh so girlish giggles. OH yes wait this is a dancing show so did she even dance? Oh yes they ah hem danced the Cha Cha Cha to Gimme All Your Lovin'. Yeah I expected that. Now her partner was new to the show and he was very good he truly was but I am sorry she got the 4th highest score and I if I am wrong well I am wrong but I saw the performance Buzz Aldrin did better.

Speaking of Buzz I wish DWTS would stop putting on older then Moses people on the show. But the man made an excellent point and this is most likely why they do it; he said it is to show people who are that age that they can do whatever they want and give them inspiration. So for that alone sounds good to me.

There are the typical skaters who will do really good and pussycat dolls singer who also dance who will be really great too (yawn I see who ABC wants to win). Then you have Kate Gosselin mommy of 8 of the Jon and Kate series. I found her well unmemorable. Sorry I only speak it as I see it.

How will this season turn out?

Stay Tune

Monday, March 22, 2010

Party like a Rock Star

Monday Monday so good to see you today. The weather is a wee bit dreary because of the rain but Monday I am happy to say the weekend was a blast. Friday night was another fun night of hanging out with the usual suspects. We went to Rincon Argentina and we ordered some BBQ Argentina style food. Well portions were huge so needs to say we packed that puppy up and took it home. The male half of the Fun Couple (Jack and Lina) was installed Saturday as a new Exalted Ruler in the Miami 948 Elks Lodge. He will do well. He has a great attitude, great back up support and truly believes in doing the right thing.
Saturday was the girls night out at Miccouski and oh boy what a night! First of all when I was told (by several friends) that the place is "very smokey" they were truly not over stating the fact. Oh yeah it was so so so so (did I say so?) so so smokey! There was a few times that I had to go outside for fresh Everglades air. We started at the downstairs Cypress Lounge to listen to the band. Well while I am Cuban I do not particular listen to Cuban music but it was my friend's birthday and she does. It was also a good meeting point for a couple other girls who were driving down to meet us. It was loud, it was VERY Spanish, and it was so so so so so Smokey. It just appeared that every person in there had a freaking cigarette in their hand. (Note to readers NO I did NOT have one). So at one point in the night I just reached a point that I could not tolerate it anymore so I told my friend look I am going to the upstairs Martini Bar because it is much more quiet up there and there is hardly any smoke at all there. I told the others I was going to restroom and walk and would return but I had no intentions on returning. Well I am sitting at the Martini Bar having well an Apple Martini and I see my 2 buddies come up. They seemed relieved because they had wanted to leave but did not know how to go about it since the other girls had recently arrived and they came to see her. But Patty said they could not take the smoke and left so they jumped at the chance to leave too. Well needless to say from here on the night was great. We sat there talking and talking and talking and talking. Yes a couple drinks made it to the table but it was more talk then anything. Let's just say Patty and I closed the Martini Bar and went to bed at 4:30 AM. Yeah we partied like a rock star I would say. Man it was fun.

Then Sunday we got up around 11:00 AM and ended up at The Pit for lunch. We sat outside talking ( yeah we still had more to talk about) and laughed at this clown who came for some coffee and face painting and pony rides. We sat there having a nice time watching families and well you guessed it talking. Eventually it was time to return back to our regular lives and toss it up to a great night out. The next birthday is mine in August and well I am not sure if we will go back there again, we may but if we do I am so not going to that Cypress Lounge unless it is early before all the smokers arrive. And I will be hanging at the Martini Bar having well my Apple Martini of course.
So that was the weekend. Right now it seemed like it was a lifetime away especially as I sit here realizing oh boy time to get some work done. Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello world here I am

Fun filled times I tell you. The AT&T Uverse is installed and we are still learning it I am taking advantage of taping several shows at the same time. Yeah I get thrilled doing stuff like that. Tnen I scanned thru some of their Free On Deman found a few nice videos. Still more to learn from it but so far so good. Last Friday we got together with one third of the usual suspect and we went to Sculleys. Now I personally like Sculleys but it appears the time we went was not a very good time. We ended up sitting in this long tube like bar with uncomfortable bar stools. We did this because all tables were taken and gee it seemed like fun at the time. Note to self NOT FUN. The company was fun and nice and it countered the horrible seating arrangements. This Friday well who knows I certainly do not. But Saturday is my oldest (I can say this because we have been friends since Junior High School) friends birthday celebration. Usually we pick a place to go and recently it means an over night stay so this is Pattys pick and she decided
was where she wanted to go. Yes another Indian reservation casino loving place. Room prices were much better there then Seminole Hard Rock so we decided to check it out. Now what works best is at the restaurants there if its your birthday month your dinner (up to a $25 value) is FREE. Yeah I can afford free. Actually Allison and I split her dinner so what's half of FREE? Oh I know another drink please!

That is about it. Tonight is Moose meeting night and as I was reminded on Sunday it's election night. Oh what a pity ByLaws do not allow me to be Secretary/Treasurer for a 3rd year oh what a shame - Say hello to the new Chaplain. (Bless you all)

I have been watching endless Bachelor shows and I know its preparing for the Bachelorette but I cannot get into Ali the new Bachelorrette she was a whining little Biatch and now she gets to pick who her true love is from 25 men? Get paid for it? Get a whole wardrobe? Get taken to romantic places? OK where do I sign up...oh yeah can't do that I am married...details details...

Either way I don't like Ali. I am sure I will eventually warm up to her.

Stay Tune

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The weekend!

Are you not impress a write up twice in one week? Yeah I am not that impressed either ha ha ha. Although I should because it has been a busy week at work for me that is for sure. A sad thing happened this week a co-worker from the department her daughter who was 23 years old passed away unexpectantly leaving behind a 4 year old daughter. It is very sad news and just hits close especially having a child in that age range you sit and think wow. So there has been saddness in the unit and grief. This Friday night is the services. I am now debating on if I should go. Those things always tend to really emotionally drain me. Love and prayers are sent to my friend and her family.

In other happy news this Saturday we go to Wicked! Yeah baby! I can't wait to see it again! This weekend will hopefully be a good weekend.

Stay Tuned

Monday, March 8, 2010

AT&T you are so not worthy

Here it is a Monday and yes I am posting! Oh I know you all had doubts. I am sure you thought it will be another month and then we will get the sorry time slipped by line again - so I fooled you! Well I fooled me too. I really did not expect to write either but here I am. Ok so this weekend was well eventful (sort of). Ok not that eventful. Friday night we hung out with the usual gang of suspect which I totally love. We always have a nice time when we are together. It gave me a good feeling after such a long yucky week.

Now comes the true weekend adventure. To give a little history somewhere around the beginning of Feb we decided to "upgrade" our viewing and internet. Oh yes this means we are FINALLY going HD! We got a HD TV (thanks Mother!) so we decided to take the plunge and go for it. Ok I called AT&T and we decided to go for this Uverse fiber optic deal. Ok sounds fabulous. Upgrade, faster internet, record 4 shows at the same time up to 300 hours of recorded TV it will store. Life is good. So we made the appt for Feb 27th. Well Feb 27 came and went. No show by the wonderful AT&T. No show no call no nothing. We called and they decided they would grace us by rescheduling for this coming Saturday. Well I called a few times during the week to confirm the appt. They confirmed. Yes they said no problem between 9 and 11 AM we will be there. Well guess what happened during that time? Well at 9:30 Am we got a tech who came to do the pre-work on the outside. She was nice and told us that someone would be there by noon.

Well noon came and went. We called at that time and get this no record of us. No appt no nothing. OH this started the array of calls, transfers, a couple of screaming matches (from our end to them). Then they said between 1 and 3 and yeah nothing. Lets have another round of calling AT&T and lets tell them how much we really like this service. I cannot begin to tell you how many phone calls we made that afternoon let's just say more then you can count on both your hands. The last call we made was each of us on a different phone yelling at different reps.

So the last call I made I told the guy I am seriously looking at calling Comcast because of this. The guy then told me that we were rescheduled for Sunday between 9 and 11! Yes Sunday! The very next day. So I said to the guy ok go to dispatch and confirm that because I have been through this game of yours already. The guy came and said yes you are on schedule and dispatch has you on their list for tomorrow. So I told this guy I really do not believe you. He told me he was certain and for sure they would come. So my final words to him was if you don't please write this down in those records but if you don't then you might as well not come because I will be calling Comcast that day and placing my order with them. The guy said not to worry they would be there.

It is now Sunday morning 10ish or close to it. We are sitting there eating our breakfast not a sound from AT&T. We decided we would do what we said. You don't come we call Comcast and start up the business. Well low and behold not long after 10 we get a phone call and it is AT&T! Oh yes and it is dispatch stating the technician to do the install was running late but we were the next stop! Ok now we are like no way is this true, this was dispatch. But wait it gets better.

A few minutes later the technician called and said he was 10 minutes away! Yes yes yes! Oh I am getting excited (Yes that is the exciting life I live). Well he came and he installed with the exception of the digital voice mail (that was not an emergency install for us). So now I am left with the question should I write AT&T and just let them know how upset I am over getting this whole thing done? I think I might not sure.

But that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Yes I am alive

There I go again I say I will not let time pass by and not at least write a little something and well I did not one but both. Things have been good. My work life is picking up. I go through different times during the year when it is busy and the first half is usually a busy time and well it sure is. I do not generally mind because it does make the time go by.

I love how sometimes you think your life is heading in one direction and then a impulse decision makes you re-think your original choice. One has to wonder why this happens. I wish I had the answer but it is beautiful when you see the angels working for you and making sure that you are okay. This recently happened to The Man and it is truly a nice thing to watch.

Patty, Allison and I are still planning our Night out to celebrate Pattys birthday and it appears that we have finally come up with the date and plan. Well we had the plan we even ordered tickets but the venue has decided to cancel the event which left us with "which way do we go which way do we go." There will be an over night stay and one thing is for sure we will end up in the hotel room sitting there with a bottle (or two) of wine just talking and laughing. Last time we did that we stopped talking at 3:00 AM. Yeah we are hip like that.

The 2010 I Can Do It convention in Toronto is getting closer and I am really looking forward to it. I think I need a new outfit what do you think?

Speaking of new...tomorrow I do the chop chop on the hair. I do not know what style it will be because I have a consult with the hair dresser prior to the chop but one thing I know for sure is that it will be short. Yes short.

Well another thing on the horizon is Dancing With The Stars is back on and the list of stars is well,,eh...could of been better. Paula Abdul is on and I heard people saying well that is not hair she was a Lakers Dancer and choreographer and yes this is true but come on that was like 75 years ago. Have you seen her lately? Then there is Jake - who is the last Bachelor well sorry Jake just never did it for me. I also saw him dancing in one of the bachelor episodes, I suspect he won't make it till the end. I could be wrong but that is my prediction. Then there is Pamela Anderson. Really? Baywatch bouncing bombshell? Lets see how many times the show will have to blur out the girls popping out. Guys keep on eye on that and get back to me. Then there were the typical Olympic dudes and football players. I am not so excited this year about the show but I will watch it because well...that's just what I do.

OH WAIT I just remembered there is one person I am so hot looking forward to. The name is Aiden Turner who was on my daytime soap All My Children what makes it best is that he is paired with my favorite dancer Edyta Sliwinska. I like Edyta is an awesome dancer and she sometimes gets left behind so I am really excited to see that. Yes for now this is who I want to win.

I will once again aim to keep this posted but look it is Friday and I do not generally think about the blog on the weekends. So what will happen this weekend?

Stay tune...