Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thank you Mr Moes for bad service

So our trip today to Coconut Grove was another fantastic time. After my hair appointment we walked looking for a place to eat a light lunch. We decided to enter Mr. Moes. The place was not busy at all (that was the first sign), we sat down and a girl placed a few menus and well that was the last time we saw her. Apparently she found it better to go hang with co workers and eat and chill instead of attending to customers. So we decided lets just leave. We left and went found an Indian Restaurant called Bombay Darbar. Well the service was much better, we actually had people come to the table. We decided to do a taste of appetizers. We started with Tandoori Chicken Wings that had great seasoning mixed with yogurt herbs and spices with a plum sauce. The wings were juicy and full of flavor. Great choice! Then we went with Pandor Faucora which is basically Indian Fried cheese in small squares. This was a nice dish too. To end the tasting we went with Garlic Naan which is basically garlic bread. This was another great item to have. So I highly recommend this restaurant if you want to stop in the Grove.

So there you have it our little stop in the Grove. Where shall the next place be?

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If you love it then visit it and I love the Grove!

So we decided that since I truly always loved Coconut Grove the best way to show is to visit them and patronage their services. So I found me a nice hair salon called M Salon. M Salon M is located on Fuller street and come Saturday will be my first appointment. Hopefully this will be the start of a beautiful friendship. Next we said ok lets go to places and try them out. The businesses need it and we can have some fun at it. Yesterday we stopped at Barracuda Bar and Grill. I had the Shrimp Po'Boy with their home made Cajun Sauce. Well the heat index on that was a bit high (a bit too high for me) but I was still able to taste the flavor that was pretty darn good. I may have it again if I go. This place at first glance looks like a dive bar but let me tell you that is where I think you can find some of the best dishes. So next week we will go back to the Grove and see where we end up at.

Cheers and Stay Tuned.