Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Blues

Yep it is the Monday Back to Work Morning Blues. Is that a song? If it is not it should be.

The first part of the end of the season is over. It was rather fun I must admit. We had a good family outing. The picture above is the Fam including sweet adorable Sarge.
The dinner was great and as in most Thanksgiving home dinners tons of leftovers! Maybe I will pack it all up and give it to the homeless on the road because we are all Turkeyed out.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Captain Purple prevails!

Ok for those of you who were not a teen follower Captain Purple is Donny Osmond and yes he won won won DWTS!

It came down to would the viewers go for technical accuracy or a show stopper and performer and a fan favorite? The votes came in and Donny was on top!

Perhaps the viewers felt like I did that Mya was good there is no denying the girl is good but hello she better be good she has been a dancer since she was a little girl? As a matter of fact singing came in her teens and people were surprised she sang because she was a dancer! In my opinion she had an advantage over everyone and that was unfair. Perhaps I was not the only one who thought that.

But my pick from the beginning won! Yeah baby!

Oh FYI...I have given in to the technology world...I am now connected mobile-wise. Yeah new fancy slick phone and all. I am now a Half-Geek. I say half because I still have my Help Desk at home and I would hate for the Help Desk to feel unwanted so the techy stuff will still be left to the Help Desk First assignment teach me how to use this thing. Is it too techy for me?

Stay Tune..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who will it be

It's going to be cool shortly after Thanksgiving or so the weatherman keeps promising. I swear if its in the 80's I am going to throw him a mud pie.

On to more news.

Last nights DWTS was truly fabulous. Kelly did a great job, Mya did good too (yawn) but her free style number lacked the wow factor. I am not just saying this even the judges said it. The free style is where you let it loose and go wild, you can do lifts! She was eh alright.

Donny rocked the house! Oh yeah hey it is not just my opinion the judges agreed! They said his free style would go down in history as one of the best ones! Hello that's right the old man did it.

Now tonight is the final show, the one that will give one person that big mirror disco-like trophy.

Who shall it be?

Stay Tune..

Monday, November 23, 2009

A New Experience

Happy Monday and if I have not said it already Happy Thankgiving - yeah early.

So let me recap on the weekend.

Friday we went to GreenStreet. I was hoping to get together with some friends but I guess our things to do schedules did not pan out so Paul and I decided to go to my favorite place GreenStreet. Ok it was his idea but wow what a great pick! We had a nice time, we ate, we drank we laughed we enjoyed the view.

Saturday I met up with a good friend of mine and we ended up in the Dolphin Mall. Actually I originally went there to see Twilight-New Moon and found all showings sold out so I went with Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. Awesome movie in 3D. But what was more memorable was this was not just your ordinary movie showing I went to and honestly it was quite by accident. I thought I was walking into the new movie location and was taken back by the decor and atmosphere. I then learned hello you can sit and dine? They bring it to you? Yes the price of the ticket is higher ($12.50) and meals can run high ($10-25) and yeah a good glass of wine can cost you ($12) but hello the whole experience is awesome! The seats are huge and comfortable, with a small table and cup holder. You do not have to worry about pulling your legs back if someone wants to get up and go there is plenty of room! Well I liked it so much and I wanted to see New Moon so much that I purchased tickets for the next day's showing. Ok so after the movie Patty and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in the mall and just hung there gabbing. It was nice they had live music so we got to just enjoy hanging.

Sunday went back to the mall to see New Moon. Awesome - it was more true to the book then the first showing was.

And there goes the weekend! Yeah that was pretty darn good. Now this week should be good not only is Papa Leach coming to town but DWTS will crown a winner this week. I hope it's Donny but I have a feeling it will Mya.

Who shall over come?

Stay Tune..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Friday folks! I will most likely not post during the weekend because well its the weekend and blogging doesn't seem to fall into my brain. But it is the last Friday before Thanksgiving and this is a time to think back and be thankful for all the blessings we have.

I have been very lucky to have a nice group of friends around me who are truly nice and for that I am very thankful. Family members are also something to be grateful for. Thank God in this economy I have a job and lets keep that strong for 2010 and beyond. Thank God I finally sold mom's house, regardless the amount (small) the fact is that it is no longer a source of stress on me.

I am so happy that I am reconnecting with my Spirit Self. The year has had ups and lows and some how I am coming out of it better then I thought I would be. The changes in my volunteer life are for the better and sometimes I think wow it feels like I am home again.

So how will the weekend and following week be?

Stay Tune..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week almost over

Oh Happy Thursday. Here I was sitting at work minding my own business when the nasty fire alarm goes on. Yes I know it's a warning but come on when you are on the 6th floor its close to your lunch time going out into the hot sun to stand around with 2,000 other people is just not fun. Seriously we are right by the turnpike gated in if the building was going to blow up where we stand would not be the safest place. I know I need to be more positive and I am I am very positive it sucked to be out there.

The good news we were not out there a long time!

I spoke to someone from Elks today. Actually this is one of the nice ones. She was one of the good people who helped me out so much. Generally we gossip and trash the ones and what I found is that the build up anger that I would get was not really there. That was a good feeling. I still do not like them however the anger is not there and that to me is a good feeling. She still has some issues and understandably her touch was much more then mine ever was. It will take her a little longer. So I guess the journey to forgiveness is working. I am so happy for that.

SO tomorrow is my wedding anniversary lets just say we have been together at least 150 years...What will the husband unit do/get Jewelry maybe? Nah...what will it be...

Stay Tune..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DWTS Update

Ok I have to tell you I was biting my already short nails watching Dancing last night! First of all I know who is going to win and I said it in the very beginning it is not fair but it is what it is. Mya will win she is kicking major booty dancing and why shouldn't she hello she has been dancing since a little girl! Yeah she is a dancer she danced before singing. So is it fair to put her in that competition with other stars who are not dancers? Seems to me the scale was tipped a little. But whatever that is show business.

But what was making me bite my nails is ok I adore Donny Osmond. Yes I said and I am not afraid to admit. I was a Donny admirer as a kid yes I had his poster on my wall, I watched the shows, I bought Tiger Beat and 16. I followed the whole gang and yes I even have saved on my DVR the last time the whole Osmond Fam got together on Oprah all 101 of them. At least I think it was 101. It was a couple bus loads. So yes of course I want Donny to win.

Monday each star had to do 3 dances. Donny started it off and oh man he normally nails his dances. He normally is on the mark. In the pre interview he said about this dance "I want people to be uncomfortable seeing us dance". Well we were uncomfortable but not in a good way he just stumbled and mis stepped. Oh Donny dude what happened. Even Donny hated his dance he said it even before the judges spoke. Even with that he still scored a 7 from each judge. Then came the other 2 dances THANK GOD he nailed them! Oh yeah he nailed it good he was awesome.

SO now fast forward to Tuesdays show the elimination. Here is a recap there were 4 couples left. Last night would mark one couple leaving and the final 3 would go to the finals next week. Marie Osmond challenged her brother to go as far as she did and she went to the final 3. So he had that pressure on him the whole time. Well Marie the man is now in the final 3! It was a nail biter.

Ok so now who else is going well yeah the obvious Mya is going - gee what a surprise the dancer is moving to the finals. This left Kelly Osborne and Joanna and Derek. Well I have actually come to really like Kelly's childish innocence and her desire to be a "lady" and her hard work. She has been rather good in many numbers. But when compared to Joanna and Derek oh those two have been incredible so I was preparing myself to say Good Bye to Kelly. But it appears I was preparing myself too early because Joanna and Derek were sent packing and Kelly made it to the finals!

So now the finals will be an Osmond, an Osborne, and Mya. Who will rise to the top?

Stay Tune

Monday, November 16, 2009

A new awakening

This is a really refreshing period of real true awakening. How many times do we all say at one point yeah yeah I forgive you it's ok and better but when tested we learn gee no I am not really not that forgiving. Ok so here is how it went.

Saturday I went to this Half Day workshop/retreat on Spiritual cleansing and meditation. Basically we opened our chakras and looked inside at what could be holding us back or what was bothering us and with God's Help and the angels we try to release and let go. So in one of the guided meditations the guide states ok if you are angry at someone visualize them see them bring someone that you are very angry at, and honestly at first I was like no I am not angry at anyone. I kept in the meditation concentrating on the chakras and opening it and releasing pent up emotions and all of sudden I visualized this person this creepy little person who had said such mean nasty things personal things and all this was oh wait for it - Elks related! Oh dear Lord what happened afterwards was incredible.

I see this person and oh yes I am angry very angry and as I am concentrating on the chakras and following the instructors guide on speaking and letting it go I start to cough and cough and cough my chest is like being pulled up. No I was not sick the cough was not a cold coming on I felt like my chest was being pulled up and coughing was part of it. I felt bad at first because I thought I was distrubing the others I later learned no I was not but still that was a concern. I laid there and I went through with the technique and as quickly as the coughing came it was gone and I felt this release or weight on me. I realized that wow I really am/was angry at this person. The whole group of it but mainly this person. That anger is not good not good at all and I need to release it so I said I forgive you be gone. I set it free I set my anger away and I said anger is not part of my life and I forgive you for what you said/did. We continued with the meditation and other parts of the workshop. I learned forgiveness and tolerance. I felt much better. Then something happened on Sunday.

Sunday the phone rings at home and I see its from the Elks Lodge. I am looking at that number and I think no I don't want to talk to you BUT I am NOT angry. It was more like I am in a happy place right this moment and I am not going to distrub that. Well I see the message light go on and I wonder I wonder what they wanted. So eventually I broke down and picked up the message and it was an office personnel. She called because she had heard how hurt I had been over what someone had said (they made this comment almost a month ago), and she wanted to tell me that it was not the new officers view but more of that one person's view. She went on to say how she wanted to apologize to me and she would rather do it in person because they missed us and they wanted us to feel welcomed again. Ok now I have to admit any other time I may have been like oh blow it out your ear but not this time.

This time I believe she was truly sincere. She really was upset over it. So the question is why now the call? Could it be that since I placed it out there and threw it back out like I am no longer angry at you and the whole thing so now it's like ok here is your test - how forgiving are you? Well here it is I need to put my actions out there. I am going to forgive. There are certain things I am not going to over look but I am going to forgive. I will start with going to a Lodge meeting in December. I can't do it this month because of the holiday however I will make it to a Lodge meeting in December. This will be huge for me. Will I go back to volunteering?

No. Sorry I like the things I am doing now in my spare time I will not put myself in a situation where words will hurt me for something I did as a volunteer.

Pretty tripping weekend huh? How will the rest of the week be?

Stay Tune.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes I am still alive

Yikes I did not realize so much time has passed since my last writing. I have been enjoying free time it really is pretty darn cool. This Saturday I have this all day retreat/workshop on Angels and Meditations and I am really looking forward to it. This is like a 6 hour retreat which is pretty amazing and something I have never done before so I am really looking forward to it.

There are some upcoming scheduled girls night activities in the works and I am also looking forward to that.

Work has been the usual work busy moments here and there. The holidays are fast approaching and Daddy dearest will be coming to stay with us so I am really looking forward to that. I always like it when Daddy dearest comes to town! Especially when he brings Sarge! OH here is the big news normally the big thing is ok where shall we have Thanksgiving Dinner what place shall we pick. Which in recent years has been a hit and miss depending on who you ask but it really is more enjoyable when everyone likes it so we went back to what we had done in the past and it worked and that is ---wait for it----- at OUR place! Oh now I can see those jaws dropping step back I am sooooo catering... I will make a few additional dishes on the side but I am soooo catering. I found the cateror and placed the order and hopefully all will go off without a hitch. It will be nice for the family to come over and this way we can hang out and not feel rushed although those boys tend to do the Hog and Jog after a meal but we shall see how it goes.

Well have you been watching DWTS? Well why not? Final 4 baby and yeah Donny is there! So is Kelly! I really do not think Kelly will make it to the final 2 and Donny can and should make it to the final 3 but I am not so sure about final two because the other 2 left are darn good. I said it before and I will say it again Mya is a dancer she should not had been allowed to compete because she clearly had an edge from the beginning.

So who will dance and win that huge trophey?

Stay Tune

Monday, November 2, 2009

OMG November already really?

The answer is yes really. Goodness gracious this year has gone by so fast. So many things have happened good and bad this year I cannot wait to see what will happen in 2010.

The weekend was good how was your weekend? Friday Night we went to dinner to a restaurant called Miss Saigon and the food was just out of this world good. The company we had with us was out of this world fantastic too. We had not seen our usual Friday night suspects for a while so it was especially nice to get together and have laughs and share some good food.

Saturday was a pretty interesting day too. First, well UM Hurricanes won and so did the Florida Gators! So that was a nice way to get into a Saturday. I made plans to meet a few friends in Hollywood. Well 3 of us started in Hollywood and then ended up meeting the rest in Sunrise. Here is how it went, we all gathered together at PF Changs in the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise. One of the girls was bringing an old friend who was moving back to the city to join the get together. It is always nice to have fun nice people there and I made a new friend! By the time the night was over we exchanged digits and became Facebook friends. The night was just so much fun we all were laughing and having a good time. I need to do that with the girls more often because I truly have a good time with them.

Then, I get a phone call from my husband and right away I am like oh no what is wrong - because husband unit is not one of those husbands that must call wife unit when she is out so seeing his call was like oh no. He called to tell me I may want to stay a little while longer because the whole area is blocked off. He was not sure why but all entrances to the neighborhood were totally blocked and there was even helicopters and lights. Hum...sounds intriguing stuff like this does not happen in my hood. I stayed for a while but then the better part of me was curious and shoot I wanted to go home after all I am an hour away perhaps by the time I got there it would be over. Well it appears by the time I got home it was all over because thankfully I went home with no one stopping me or blocking my entrance. The next morning I am told that there was a nearby home invasion and there was a search for the suspect. No word on if he or she had been found.

Sunday came rather uneventful. I went to the Grand Opening of this Spiritual store called Five Sisters. The moved from their original location in Pinecrest to the Falls area and wow what a change. The moved to a larger location which is highly welcomed. The whole day they had different things going on but I went to one specific event. I went to what is called Reiki and Sound Healing. Jed Shlackman spoke about the vibrational healings and Reiki and sound and he included a demonstration of these healings to help clear and balance ones energy. Jed is a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, and L.M.H. C. He showed how he uses crystal bowls, tuning forks and other methods. It was quite nice and peaceful to sit and observe.

And then the Dolphins won! Yeah baby so over all the weekend was pretty darn good wouldn't you say? What will this week hold?

Stay Tune...