Friday, August 28, 2009


What a difference a day makes. Not long ago I was admitting how much I enjoyed volunteering at the Elks and today I am having some serious reservations. Within the next few weeks an unwelcomed confrontation may occur the fall out from that will be united on one level but others will be left sadden and maybe shocked. The more sad part is that it did not need to come to that but hands are being forced.

I hope some of my friends won't be too upset but I need to stand up for what I believe in in my heart is wrong and not be allowed to pretend to do something I will no longer have the passion for.

Eww too serious. Tonight is a dinner party at yeah the Elks. I will be there with some nice friends tomorrow was suppose to be another dinner party at another Elks Lodge but I have decided not to attend that one. Not sure what I will do but I know what it will not be.

Stay tune..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Open wide!

The fun begins today.

This afternoon begins the big deep cleaning that will sterilize the mouth in preparation for the surgery next week. Oh boy yeah I am excited. Right after this appointment I will be meeting with some friends at my local Elks Lodge to help decorate and prepare a room for an animal adventure of a dinner Friday night. It actually sounds like fun. My Chonga pal came up with this theme of Welcome to the Jungle and she is going to have a 12 foot alligator as a focal point. I so cannot wait to see that! I think I will name him Allie Dor. Yah that is original huh? Let's see how that goes the event begins on Friday.

I decided to try something that I only do in the privacy of my head. DWTS begins in a few weeks and as in an earlier post the stars dancing have been released. Ok so normally what I do is I read all about who they are (ok the ones I didn't know were stars) and I look at who they paired them with and I try to guess who will shine and who will not. All this is done prior to actually seeing them dance. Then once the show starts well I usually change all that around. But for fun I am going to put it in writing for the whole blog world to see... So here are my thoughts on some not all because there are a lot of them and there will be a couple weeks with double eliminations.

Donny Osmond - Ok hello Osmond fan always and forever. He has the backing of like a million votes and thats just the family members. He will go pretty far at least half way. He has been wanting to be a dancer on this show for so long that I think he will excel.

Mark Dacascos from Iron Chef America - hum seems like an easy one yes? It could be however sometimes the Martial experts have a hard time coming loose and showing emotions such as in the Cha Cha. But I suspect he will go far. Watch out Donny!

Tom Delay - Ok the only thing he has going for him is that his partner is Cheryl Burke. She is good but I am sorry he looks like Mr Stumbles. I do not think he will not only not win but not even make it to the final 6.

Kelly Osbourne - All I can say is I hope she stays sober enough to learn and excel. I think she will stick around for a few weeks but certainly not the finals. Her partner is Louis Van Amstel and he is actually pretty darn good but not good enough to help Kelly. Sorry Kelly.

Mya - Oh Man Donny watch out. This is one that may be the one to beat. Chickie is a dancer.

Ashley Hamilton - I think he is going to have a hard time and I hope not. I really hope not because he has in my humble opinion one of the best partners - Edyta Sliwinska. She is a fabulous dancer and every year they never pair her with someone worthy. The closest was Jason Taylor. But I would love for her to win it once. She is my favorite dancer. Ashley on the other hand ( in my opinion) is his claim to fame that his dad is George Hamilton? Now I like George I truly did. I saw him once on South Beach and he looked very ah tan. His date I remember more because she had the cutest Louis Vutton purse! Ok back to dancing...Ashley I so hope you do it but do you have the fans to bring up those votes? We shall see..

Ok those are just some of them...will I be right? Have I been too harsh? Did I totally miss the mark on all of them?

Stay Tune...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday is here!

“Each week Jamie Ridler (@Starshyne) asks us a very important question. At first it may not seem important, but once the question gets a little breath in it, well…the results are often staggering and frequently lead many of us answering the question into realms of our hearts and souls we’ve either forgotten about or never knew existed. And sometimes the question is so right in line with what we’re going through at that exact moment that little doubt is left as to Jamie’s ‘in-tune-ed-ness’ to our little Universe. ” Shamsi

You know I could not had said it better myself. So this week's question is...
What do you wish to acknowledge yourself for?
Oh boy what a make you think question. Ok let me give this a crack. I acknowledge my finally taking the step to get myself a decent smile and take care of my teeth. I did not have a very financially sound up bringing, which means I so needed braces but we were not financially able to get them and as an adult other things came in the way. I am still an adult and recently I made the decision to do it. This is going to cost me a bit but in the end I know it will be better for me. My spirit yearns to smile more and this is a step towards that.
I acknowledge my awareness of my spirits and the betterment of it all. I give thanks to God and the Angels daily and sometimes I think I can hear them say You are welcome.
I accept and acknowledge that my busy none working life is of my own choosing. I really do enjoy helping people and trying to make a difference. Sometimes I moan and groan about it is taking up all my time but the truth is if I truly disliked it, I would not do it at all. We have really nice people who I consider my friends and many times when I am feeling blue I go to the Lodge and I feel better just sitting there talking.
I also accept my precious pet Paradise (my cat) is in a happier place. This weekend I thought I saw her running down the hall and I thought oh I saw you and it was acknowledge when my husband told me that he had a dream with her in it and they were "talking". Yeah that was cool she came for a visit so yeah I did see you! Silly Kitty.
I am sure as the week goes by and I think of things I will be like oh yeah that and that and that...but for now this is what I have.
Peace, Light and Love my friends!

Get ready...

Get ready friends the week of Elk stuff is about to begin which will spiral into an event of Elk duties. With all that coming up the start of a few months of work done on my mouth is going to begin. Yeah I like how I put that too... (&)(&_()&)_&)_ (Open up and say AHHHHH)
This Thursday begins the big intense cleaning. Then in one short week surgery. Oh you know it is just fun being me right now. And, along the way I need to do Elk stuff?? Good luck on that one.

On the bright side Dancing With the Stars is right around the corner and oh yes one of my tenn idols is on....DONNY OSMOND! Oh yes that is right I was an Osmond fan and a Donny supportor! I am not afraid to admit and actually I am rather proud of it. So far he is the one teen from the past that we have not seen a big change in face appearance (such as skin color), not addicted on drugs, booze or any other weird paraphalia. Plus have you seen the chops he has? I mean his teeth guys - work with me here! ha ha ha,...Yeah has good teeth. I can only be so lucky.

I am looking forward to it. I am working on more nightly meditations that are really taking my spirits on journies and putting me to sleep quicker. So that end is good.

When I surrender the will of my small self to the care, love, and direction of my spirit, anything is possible. By working with angels, I have learned to let go of my limited self through the simple act of surrender.


Oh how will the week be?

Stay Tune..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The You in me? Oh boy

What a trippin question Jaime asked ths week! I so love it! The question is "Who is the "You" you wish to be?"

So I sat back and thought about it and thought hum..not sure. I am who I am but I can be better.

I for the most part like people (well nice people), for the most part I do try to stay positive and look on the positive side. Do I think and act positive all the time? No I sure don't but I do try. So maybe that should be the "me" ahhh "YOU" in me..for the inside me to be a little more positive about things. I know deep down that things happen for a reason and many times we do not know the reason as it is happening but in the end it works out and I say "Ah yes that is why it happened." SO I need to trust into that a little more. Let the inside person who makes me be more positive and trusting that things will in the end work out.

So inside me lets work on continuing to embrace Peace, Love, Positive Outlooks, and of course Faith it will all work out.

Will this work?

Stay Tune..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to Reality

I am back! Oh boy being away from a computer for so long was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Umatilla is in this sleepy little town just after Orlando. The Youth Camp there that the Elks have I have to admit is fabulous and first class. The trip there was ho hum...Highs and Lows and yeah some real lows but that is ok a plan for a High is under way!

Thursday my 2 friends and I spent the night at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida and boy did we have fun. A very generous friend who is a come early and often visitor to the Casino gave me one of her comp suites and we felt like superstars out there on the balcony! We giggled and laughed and just had a really nice girls night.

Sunday was my birthday and I while I thought I would be on the road on my actual birthday a last minute change in plans made it possible for me to wake up in my own home! What a nice feeling. We decided to go to the Moose for breakfast since the American Legion was closed that morning. The meal was super filling and all for $5. Yeah it does not get better then that.

Then Nick (Son number one ok my only child) treated me to a day at the Movies. We went to see GI Joes. It was truly fun! I ended the day with a family trip to Wild Buffalo Wings for dinner and playing the TV Trivia contest and yes yes yes I won not once but twice! And before you ask what does one win I won the feeling of complete fame by seeing my name in Lights flashed across the big plasma screen in the restaurant. Yeah it is those little things that make me go AHHH.

Ok back to reality. The new cast of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is out! Here are the dancers:

Donny OsmondSinger
MyaR&B singer and actress
Michael IrvinFormer NFL wide-receiver
Melissa Joan HartActress ('Sabrina the Teenage Witch')
Kelly OsbourneSinger
Debi MazarActress ('Entourage')
Chuck LiddellLight heavyweight champion
Natalie CoughlinOlympic gold medalist in swimming
Joanna KrupaSwimsuit model
Aaron CarterSinger
Tom DeLayFormer House majority leader
Kathy IrelandModelAshley Hamilton
Actor, son of former 'Dancing' contestant George Hamilton; previously married to Shannen Doherty and Angie Everhart.
Mark DacascosActor, host of 'Iron Chef America'
Louie VitoPro snowboarder
Macy GrayGrammy-winning singer

An interesting group. Some I would of never thought would be in there. Kelly Osbourne? And Yes Donny FINALLY made it! He has been wanting to dance in there for so long! He finally made it in. I hope he doesn't faint with excitement. Sorry I could not resit.

What will the week bring?

Stay Tune..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wish Casting Wednesday

Ok so today's fabulous insightful question is

What door do you wish to open?
I will say the first thing that popped into my head I wish to open the door of opportunities, Luck, Love, Peace, Health, Friendships and Happiness.

Is that a lot? Seriously can you have too many of any those? I don't think so either.

I will not be online for a few days going on yet another fabulous and exciting trip to Umatilla Florida...but stopping off at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood Florida along the way. I will be computer free! OK Breathe breathe breathe it's ok....

My week is still mapped out...will it stay that way?

Stay Tune...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Baby

Welcome Tuesday! Well I am 2 days away from leaving to Umatilla. Yeah Umatilla in Florida is a town that is as big as its name. Blink once and you see it, blink twice see it some more, blink three times and you are out of there! I am going to some very fun and exciting Elk Meetings at the Florida Elks Youth Camp. (And yes I was being sarcastic). The fun part is that on Thursday a very super sweet nice friend gave me a complimentary room (with a pool view thank you very much) at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood Florida! So Thursday after I make one of many visits to the dentist I will be heading there to have some fun with a couple girlfriends.

Here is the plan: I plan on getting there, walking around take the sights, pick a place to have dinner. Hopefully have an early dinner, do a little gambling maybe on the slots, then just before 8:00 PM go watch Big Brother! AH YEAH! I want to see this show big time. I some how have to either sneak away from the girls to watch or beg them to let me go see the show and then I will join them when the show is over. Ok I know lame but come on this is Big Brother!

Want to hear something more lame...I need to Harvest my crops ( On Farm Town in Facebook) before I leave. Hopefully I can that Thursday morning..So you see my whole Thursday is mapped out.

Then Friday morning get up have breakfast with the girls and take that long 4 1/2 hour drive to Umatilla. Some of the folks going up there asked me to meet them for dinner at a local Elks Lodge and I may do that. Not sure after that drive I may just pick up something and take it to the room and chill out.

Saturday will be a day full of meetings...Then Sunday ( my birthday mind you) I will be driving home. (5 hour drive).

Ok now you know what happens when I map things out...yeah Life steps in the what will the end of the week bring?

Stay Tune...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome Monday

Ah Monday is here...It seems like the week just ended and here we are again in the beginning. My week ended with well life stepping in again...

I went to the a "Specialist" Dental surgeon who confirmed that yes I am going to need extensive work done. I will everyone the details but lets just say the cost is about the price of a new Saturn Car. But wait there is more and speaking of cars...So I leave the office still reeling with the price in my head and I head to the gas station for a fill up. I fill the car up and get back in the car and click click click...hum...surely I did something wrong in starting the click click...

I sat there going "Seriously? now you die?" Alright lets just continue adding cha ching cha ching..why not lets spend a couple hundred dollars on the car. So as of this morning the car is in the shop and it will cost about $450 to repair plus the rental I now have. Yeah Life is funny when it steps in the way...

One just needs to roll with the flow...

So what will this week bring???

Stay tune...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday Baby!

Happy Wednesday and while away I failed to participate in another Wishcasting Wednesday but I am back and trying to get back on some what of a schedule. So this week the question is:

What do you wish to make room for?

The first thing that came to my mind was Peace. I want to make room for more Peace. Then I thought some more and I thought you know I think I want more spirituality and belief that while it looks dark there is going to be a sunrise for a better tomorrow. Meaning that right now sometimes things look gloom but one needs to hang in there because there is a reason for all this madness. By clearing out the gloom I leave room for Peace, Happiness and well being. There is much beauty around me and I am really fortunate to have some nice people around me too. I tend to complain about my surroundings (aka TOO HOT yuck yuck yuck yadi yadi yadi) but I have some real pretty scenery around. The Florida Keys is an hour away, other beaches and Harbors are less then that. Is it hot? Oh yeah it is brutal right now..and no not my cup of tea but I can see the beauty (if only from the inside of an a/c place).

So let me make my list


Not in any particular order because they go well together one feeds off the other and they all work together in harmony.

What will this week hold?

Stay tune...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wild adventure for a day that was Nothing

So I ended my last post with the ever popular saying that Sunday was going to be Nothing. Yeah OK why do I say things like that? Just by saying that you know the universe is going to say well it is time for life to step in the way. So lets start with Friday and the Sock Hop all I can say is WOW it was just so much fun!
This picture is a sample of the folks that attended. Yes that is Marilyn and James Dean you see back there no photo shop needed. I think their spirits were there because some people were just having a lot of fun with James and Marilyn.

So now lets fast forward to Sunday. I met up with some good friends at the "Elks" Lodge for Sunday Brunch and the plan was that after lunch we would go to the Everglades OutPost for an outing and a meet and greet with a baby Lion. Baby Lion is so cute and 14 weeks old and 2 of my friends have well the best connections in there so I thought oh heck yes sounds like fun. Enter Baby Lion see the pictures!

The day was great! Then as we were getting ready to leave we hear that there is a fire in one of the trailers. We rushed over and the trailer was all engulfed in fire. The owner was not in the trailer however his 2 dogs were. We watched and watched and prayed and one of the firemen told us it looked like there was no hope. We felt so bad and then one of the firemen shouted "The dog is alive!" The hope came back we clapped and cheered and before you knew it the 2ND dog was alive too! Both dogs came out of there running around!

This is the happy ending to what could of been tragic day. The dogs are happy all that is lost is a small trailer with "material" stuff, no life was lost and we all came together in to rejoice life.

So how will the rest of the week be?

Stay tune..