Monday, June 29, 2009

Blues Monday

Well it seems the week ended just a few minutes ago and here we are at Monday again. Lets review this weekend.

Friday went to the Elks Lodge and had a really nice dinner with friends. BBQ sandwiches and salad and good fun conversation. Overall pretty darn good night. Saturday Night we went to Chonga's birthday bash and had a super fantastic band. That band was awesome and the laugher with friends was even better. As parties go this was one for the books. Awesome. Sunday our little boy blue needed Mummy and Duddy's help moving. He and a friend signed their first lease and this was going to be his first apartment. So we rented a truck and helped the little one move. The place is rather nice. They have a balcony and it is in a gated community. I am happy he wants to try to make it on his own.

Along the way this weekend I started getting a little eye twitch which by the time Sunday night came was a wee bit painful and by the time Monday morning came around was not just painful but swollen. I think I looked like Rocky Balboa's right eye. Ok needless to say so not going to work looking like this and lets try to find a doctor who will see me like oh NOW. Ok one call nope sorry can't see you until later next week - ah thanks Doctor glad you are there to help. So then I remembered the Urgent Care place about a mile a so from the house. So I drive over there (this is all in the morning) and I see "Pediatrics" outside. ARGG no way come on. So I walk in and the girl goes no sorry here is a sheet a paper with the urgent care addresses. Ok thanks friendly receptionist. I go to my car and I see listed on this sheet the address I am at right now. Hum?? Oh wait in some print 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM. OK this is so not going to help me. I keep reading the other locations and their hours and I find one roughly 15-20 minutes away. Ok fine lets go there when they open at 11:00 AM which is only in a couple short hours. Well I went there and I was out in just over an hour! Apparently this place aims for having people in and out in under 2 hours. Ok not bad. Friendly folks there. Oh yes diagnosis was a Sty or as the doctor told me " A pimple inside your eyelid."

Ok whats with the pimples at my age? 40 something means no pimple only things like wrinkles, sagging skin and dark circles so along with that lets add a pimple inside my eyelid? Life you just have to go with it and say thanks. Then I am sitting here trying to decide if I wanted to watch my soaps or play on facebook and mind you the TV is on and the TV just shuts off. Yes it just turned off. No the power did not go off I was on the computer the TV just shut off. Ok fine is someone trying to tell me something? So I say thanks but I think I want to watch it so I push the button and it still does not go on. So I looked up, gave a smile, and said yes I am sure I want to watch it and I pushed it again and bingo she went on.

Sometimes it takes those little things to knock you back into reality.

But its still Monday and I have got the Blues...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Friday is here!

Oh yes finally the end of the week has arrived. Lets review the week, Monday was a pretty nice and easy day did we go to the Lodge? Oh gosh not sure wait the answer is no because we made our visit on Sunday. Tuesday was a lodge free night too. Then comes the string of visits. Wednesday oh yes we were there because we had not one, not two, but 3 meetings! Although technically only 2 happened. Now comes Thursdays. Until the end of summer my Thursdays from 5:00 till 9:00 PM are spent bartending. Not my cup of tea because I do so much better on the other end but I work for the right price....NOTHING.

But needless to say after 9:00 PM we stayed at Open Mic Night which always draws a great crowd. So we sort of hung out there for a while. Now comes today Friday. Oh my goodness what to do what to do oh I know lets go back to the Elks Lodge for Friday Night Dinner with the usual suspects. Ok check. Tomorrow is Saturday a day of fun fun fun... My Chonga is turning 50 and I will be going to her fabulous birthday bash at her Elks Lodge! Can't wait because this band she got is super cool. Sunday oh who knows...

Stay Tuned

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ying and Yang?

This week is proving to be a challenging one. I am sure things happen for a reason but I so long for auto pilot mode.

The Elks Lodge is becoming fun and stressful at the same time. Is that possible? I had a Leading Knight quit last night. Which is actually ok because he was not doing anything to help anyone and would most times not show up to meetings. Then when he would show up he would pick a fight with someone that he knew he could manipulate and bother. Kind of cowardly if you ask me. The ironic thing is last night when he didn't show up I decided today I was going to talk to him and ask him straight out will you or won't you. Instead I got a message from him stating how he was done. Ok fine see ya. Now this means I have an open position. Not like in the real paying world. Open positions in an Elks lodge pay NO money, you do it because you want to make a difference and you want to help your Lodge. So the search is on.

While that is the stressful portion the fun part is that I have the best House Committee Chair EVER! Yes ever! He ( ah hem husband unit too) is organizing decorating days, painting days, fix up days, fun events like a Sock Hop! Things where people will say wow there is something going on there. We are very fortunate to have him on our team.

The weekend is fastly approaching and one wonders will I get a day off from going to the Elks Lodge? No way! Saturday is my Chonga's 50th Birthday party!! Yes she is blessed to reach 50! Many cannot say the same and I for one am glad Chonga is around and heck will be around for another 50. You all should see this GIRL? Yes girl....She looks like Barbie (who also turned 50 this year) only slightly bigger parts and all natural.

But where will I be on Friday??? and Sunday???

Stay Tune...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The wish is On!

Ok lets get back to some sort of routine. Which means that today is Wishcasting Wednesday ~ June 24, 2009 by Jamie at Starshyne Productions
Jamie posted this picture and this question:
What do wish to savour?
How appropriate because I am highly allergic to Strawberries. I know I hear the gasps. It is not just oh I scratch a little or sniffles I mean down right swelling in the throat, large bumps, swelling all over the face and body and yes of course the itch. Yeah not a fun sight. However I do remember the taste of Strawberries and gosh they are pretty darn good. No I do not have them I never ever given in to that temptation because I do value breathing. But ironic that the astute Ms Jamie posted. Now look at what is next to those berries...oh yes Cookies! I am SO NOT allergic to that so with that in mind I wish to savour (if only in my dreams) the wonderful taste of Strawberries, perhaps drizzled with the chocolate from those cookies.
Oh yeah how that for a wish...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday over

Oh it has been a storming HOT Tuesday. The area is under a Heat warning which means that while the temps are in the mid 90's the index makes it feel like 105 or so. Yeah summer in South Florida. But apparently in looking at the world news I am not the only one sharing this heat wave. Lets all just stay indoors and keep hydrated.

So in local news, I actually had hesitated in writing about this but its factual and true. In recent months in my neighborhood there have been cat killings. Yes ugly versions. No need to go into deal but just know ugly versions of deaths. The whole area has been up in arms because there is some sicko out there doing this. Some of the killings they can tell were from animals but then there are others that well no animal does that. Good news is that someone has finally been arrested. The suspect is an 18 year old???

Now here is something that I found nice in connection with the cat murders. Sandra Cheryl Richardson Psychic Consultant, Author, Paranormal Investigator, Metaphysical Teacher and Wiccan Priestess and someone I know and respect highly sent some of us an email regarding the killings and how she and some spiritual friends helped. She wrote :

When the murders first started around the middle of May, the Goddess began to push me towards involvement somehow, but I didn't know what to do. After speaking with Joseph Richardson, Javier Prat, and James R Jones, we decided to go out on patrol in the Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay neighborhoods in the wee hours of Friday morning, June 5, from 1 a.m. until 3 a.m. We wanted to gather information that could be of help to the police. We even named ourselves The Citizen's Patrol. After that on Saturday, June 6, our coven, the Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising, met to perform a magickal ritual with the intention of catching whoever was doing these cat mutilations. In fact, many members of the magickal community from all over the world performed magick rituals to help us here in Miami. However, for some reason, the Goddess still wanted more from me and others around me. Therefore, The Citizen's Patrol met again to patrol the areas of the cat murders. This was last night, Saturday, June 13th. We stayed up until it was almost dawn.
There were 13 people who participated (what an appropriate number!). We met at midnight to plan and then we hit the streets. One member of our group sat on top of a roof with binoculars and was centrally located directly in the area of the most killings. Everyone else was divided into four groups of three people. We were there for observation only and had our cell phones, walkie-talkies, pen, paper, binoculars, and flashlights. During the evening, we had a few experiences and we reported the information to the authorities, but we did not encounter anyone suspicious. Before we left, we noticed that the police had road blocks and yellow tape wrapped around what seemed to be the radius of a huge city block. This turned out to be the area where the suspect lived! Imagine our surprise when we got home and began hearing the reports of his capture! I will believe until the day I die that our magick and our efforts contributed to the capture this serial killer.

The spirit world is always there and many people do not even know about it. How nice. I hope if this is the killer (evidence the police have is not being released) that he is put away. But there has to be something seriously wrong a person if they can go and kill an innocent animal who all they want to do is be loved.

With that said..

Stay tune..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Remember me?

Oh yeah it has been a busy few weeks, heck I think its more months then weeks. I do not want to complain because I am happy to have job security and it does help the day go by. What has happened is all the volunteer and other stuff tend to sometimes suffer for it. However not so much the Elks Lodge! Yes I am happy to say it appears the trend is changing.

Lets start from the beginning. I began the Elk Year officially as Exalted Ruler in May 2009. I put in place a House Committee Chair who is in charge of the social quarters including the bartender. This HC Chair well lets just say he failed at his volunteer job. Not to go into details it would help they would do at least one of their duties instead of just walking around (when they show up) saying "Give me another drink bartender."

Needless to say the real issue was the bartender who well for lack of a better word was no bartender and had a major attitude and as lazy as they come. 2 qualities that are not good as a bartender. We suspected the reason many people were not returning was because of him. Ok we knew. Ok so HC Chair was removed and a new vibrant, full of energy person was put in place. Oh wait not only did this person say I will do the job but he said I will do it all the way and bartender is out of there. So now we are towards the end of June.

We have a NEW bartender that everyone loves! We have events planned at the lodge. We just had a huge one on Friday that blew us all away. 125 of our closest friends all came out to a dinner. We had live music by the world famous Elktones and boy did eveyone have a nice time.

The atmosphere is just super nice now. The new HC (who so happens to be my husband) is so on board with the new changes and new life. I can feel a change coming and for once I think the future looks pretty darn nice.

So we hope this continues certainly the effort is there...

Stay Tune

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know I have been bad

I know I have been very neglectful of regular updates. Sorry about that. The time has just passed so quickly. I have been busy a lot during the day in my real paying gig and honestly I rarely do blog updates at home. So in a nutshell let me see if I can run down the comings and goings...

Work busy no wait super busy.

Elk Duties: Oh boy lotts of things going on. Paul has taken on a huge roll and leading a team in decorating the lounge. This includes painting, curtains being made, drinks being created, parties being planned. Anything to get people talking and back into the lounge. Way cool. This Friday is a Summer Social and next month we plan on doing a Sock Hop! Ok was I arounding during the 50's and the Sock Hop era? Ah no....but I saw Grease and know lots of music from there because I think its really great music and they just do not write like that anymore.

July the 4th through the 11 we will be in Portland Oregon for an Elk Convention staying in downtown Portland at a hotel called The Nines. I am looking forward to this. I have never been to Portland and I hear really great things about it. So we are taking an extra day after the convention and we will be doing some traveling and sight seeing.

That is pretty much the gist of it all. I hope to write a little more often but I cannot promise that.

Stay Tune..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still here

It is hump day and it seems lately my daily work life is a large HUMP. The work continues to come in. I am not complaining honestly I am not but I miss the days of auto-pilot work. These times will pass it is just a busy time at work which means several meetings for pretty much the same project.

Meanwhile back in Elk-Land: Tonight is Elk Lodge, how about tomorrow? Yeah I think it may end up being a visit to the Elks Lodge and Friday??? Oh of course it's Elks Lodge. But you may ask how about the weekend? NO sorry folks no "Planned" visits to the Elks Lodge this weekend. Mind you I say planned. This too may change...

Stay Tune..