Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mercadito Midtown Good Eats

Well it has been a while since I posted something on good eats but that does not mean we have not attended any. In an effort to save time on reading a long post I will post one and then at a later date post another one.

First Stop

Mercadito Midtown

Originally we came upon this as an adventure. We were watching the Food Channel's show Heat Seekers and then wondered if they had gone to any places in Miami. (Answer yes 2 places). We picked Mercadito because they featured a drink called the Vato Loco (The Hottest Drink on Earth).

Well you know that peaked the man's taste buds so we thought oh what the heck lets go for it. So we did. We came to learn when we arrived that the restaurant no longer makes this drink. We could not get a straight answer from the bartender. I suspect it was a gimic to get the show in and perhaps the 1 hour and 30 minutes (that which includes 30 minutes in cooking) to make the drink was not feasable. So yes we were disappointed but after a long drive we decided to stay and enjoy some of their foods. I did try this specialty drink they had called Big Nose Goes to Mexico that basically is several types of tequilla and a floater of 151 rum and oh yes they light it on fire and serve it to you flaming.

That is the drink you take and dunk the lime to put out the fire. The drink was good not too sweet more on the sour side but rather refreshing. As for eats I had a Queso Fundido (love that name) with sauteed chile serrano, garlic, oregano, tomatillo pico de gallo. This was pretty darn awesome. The flavors were outstanding.

The Man had Corn Masa Quesadilla which featured chihuahua and oaxaca cheese, corn, roasted poblano, zucchini, tomatillo salsa, creme fresca. He too enjoyed his meal. So I say go for it. This area is up and coming and I suspect in the next few years will be hoping. We already decided we would go back on the fly and pick a place to eat. Lets see how that goes.

Stay Tune

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chart House a Hit - Coconut Grove

Our latest Grove trip took us to the famous Chart House thanks to daddy dearest being in town. I am told I had the best of the 3 dishes. I had a Spiced Yellowfin Ahi which had a ginger soy sauce, wasabi cream and wasabi mashed potatoes. It really was pretty darn good the fish was a medium rare and it was very flavorful.

The night was real pretty it was in the upper 60s so there was a slight chill in the air, but no worries we sat inside!

So thank you Chart House for a really nice meal! What will be my next stop?

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thank you Mr Moes for bad service

So our trip today to Coconut Grove was another fantastic time. After my hair appointment we walked looking for a place to eat a light lunch. We decided to enter Mr. Moes. The place was not busy at all (that was the first sign), we sat down and a girl placed a few menus and well that was the last time we saw her. Apparently she found it better to go hang with co workers and eat and chill instead of attending to customers. So we decided lets just leave. We left and went found an Indian Restaurant called Bombay Darbar. Well the service was much better, we actually had people come to the table. We decided to do a taste of appetizers. We started with Tandoori Chicken Wings that had great seasoning mixed with yogurt herbs and spices with a plum sauce. The wings were juicy and full of flavor. Great choice! Then we went with Pandor Faucora which is basically Indian Fried cheese in small squares. This was a nice dish too. To end the tasting we went with Garlic Naan which is basically garlic bread. This was another great item to have. So I highly recommend this restaurant if you want to stop in the Grove.

So there you have it our little stop in the Grove. Where shall the next place be?

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If you love it then visit it and I love the Grove!

So we decided that since I truly always loved Coconut Grove the best way to show is to visit them and patronage their services. So I found me a nice hair salon called M Salon. M Salon M is located on Fuller street and come Saturday will be my first appointment. Hopefully this will be the start of a beautiful friendship. Next we said ok lets go to places and try them out. The businesses need it and we can have some fun at it. Yesterday we stopped at Barracuda Bar and Grill. I had the Shrimp Po'Boy with their home made Cajun Sauce. Well the heat index on that was a bit high (a bit too high for me) but I was still able to taste the flavor that was pretty darn good. I may have it again if I go. This place at first glance looks like a dive bar but let me tell you that is where I think you can find some of the best dishes. So next week we will go back to the Grove and see where we end up at.

Cheers and Stay Tuned.


Monday, October 8, 2012

666 Park Avenue Episode 2

Well this show just seems to continue to spark interest. Episode one (Pilot) opened up with us the audience wondering is he the devil or is he just a man of magical powers. This episode did not answer that question but left me wondering oh what secrets are laying within the Drake walls.

One thing is for sure the character Jane is a nosey little creature. I use to think that Lois Lane was nosey and of course she was a reporter it goes with the job, but Jane is, well, right now the resident manager. She tends to wake up in the middle of the night and have the urge to walk down to the basement of the building she lives in. Ok come on who does that? I love how she wakes up one time and goes to her boyfriend oh I just realized I left the laundry in the dryer and he goes get it in the morning. Yeah that would be my first response too but come on this is Jane the wanderer she gets up and she does start to pick up her laundry but then is drawn to a noise which of course leads to a door. Oh now what is the next step? Of course she opens the door and hears music playing and it appears to look like a nice apartment and yes Jane does a walk thru only to find a dead body! But wait the person does one of those oh let me open my eyes and jump at you and then next thing we know Jane wakes up in her bed and her laundry is next to her bed. We later learn that the man she saw in her "dream" was a resident that was found dead in the mid 50's.

We got to meet another resident Danielle Vincent who at first just seems to appear like a single girl just trying to find love in the big city. But, this is the Drake and nothing is what it appears to be. Poor Danielle just cannot seem to find good men. Gavin the ever "fixer" is more then happy to hook Danielle up with a business associate. We then later learned that this business associate did Gavin wrong and did he forget to tell Danielle that he was married? Poor Danielle did not take it very well that he was a married man as a matter of fact she was a "bloody mess" over it. Not to worry Gavin stepped in to help clean things up. But when Danielle sees herself in the mirror she sees herself as an older woman and memories come back to her one killing no two no three, four...or was there more? Oh dear a bloody mess we have on our hands. Not to worry Gavin will make all your memories and aging effects go away by the morning.

Then there is Brian, he is the writer who last week his wife appeared to get attacked by the elevator. He is also the writer who has a direct view of an apartment where a certain blonde is just well always almost naked and he just cannot help but stare. Of course he freaks more when the blonde ends up being his wife's new assistant. It scares him a tad bit more when the blonde likes that he stares at her and she starts coming on to him very strong. Oh we have not seen the last of these residents.

If you have not watched the show go watch and let me know what you think, until then..

Stay Tune..

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh where to go and what to do - I know Coconut Grove!

The weekend is upon and some of us who work hard all week like to sit back on the weekends and just pretty do nothing. We like to think of places to go and people to see and of course this leads to the ever popular question where am I going this weekend? So in case you are asking yourself this same question may I lead you to the Grove. The Grove needs all the help we can give it, so here are some places you may want to consider.

Green Street Cafe This is a popular go and beseen or go to see type of place. Try their pancakes, scrambled eggs or bagels for a breakfast fix or go the lunch route with hearty salads, sandwiches and wraps. You can sit in one of the lovely tables outside or lounge in the sofa outside like the chic people do.

Lulu- Across the way, Lulu offers great brunch options too. Specials include huevos rancheros and eggs
benedict, but they also serve an array of omelets, salads, sandwiches and more. Try to snag a spot on one
of their comfy couches outdoors and you might stay all day long.

Jaguar Restaurant - Jaguar's unique philosophy incorporates menu items showcasing traditional tastes and textures throughout Latin America. Signature items feature traditional favorites with a contemporary flair from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. Jaguar’s menu offers a broad canvas of spices and ingredients with perfectly balanced presentation of each dish to showcase its individuality.

Gardener’s Market- Want to do some post-brunch grocery shopping? Then Gardner’s Market might be
your choice. They serve sweet pastries and omelets for breakfast, or opt for one of their freshly prepared
sandwiches that you can build yourself. The cozy cafe tables outside are a great spot to sit down and enjoy
your lazy weekend meal.

Now if the Grove is not where you feel like heading how about South Beach for some pizza? Here is my recommendation for Pizza on South Beach.

Pizza Fusionn - Located at the entrance of South Beach (1115 5th Street) this is one unique place. Do not feel guilty about having pizza my friends this is the place to go to eat and be guilt free. As the chef puts it "we create mini masterpieces of tasty goodness that are good for you too." Foods such as organic veggies, hormone-free meats and all natural cheeses. They cater to vegans, veg-heads, gluten-free peeps and even carnivores.

Where you pick enjoy the time and enjoy the moment!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

666 Park Avenue or is it 999?

A new show started on ABC this week (Sunday) and I finally got the chance to watch it and I have to say it is a bit DARK! It has sort of the feel of a mini-horror series.

Henry Martin and his girlfriend Jane Van Veen are new to New York and initially are in the city for different individual jobs. Jane's job did not seem to pan out and Henry's job is well a work in progress one might say. So they see an ad in Craig's List for a Building Manager and they decide to check it out. The address of the building is 999 Park Avenue however in a certain evening light the number appears to be 666 Park Avenue - hum. No Henry and Jane did not notice this we the audience do. Well they meet with Gavin Doran who at first seems to have no interest in the couple but then something Jane saids well makes him take a second look. You see Gavin is all about helping to bring out the talent of people - oh but at what price. He tells the couple that they can keep their day jobs but this job comes with an apartment so after a few moments they are taken to their new luxury apartment. During this time they meet Gavin's adorable wife Olivia (Played by the seductress named Vanessa Williams). Olivia looks a bit devilish should we say and she too is pleased with Gavin's choice. Now here are some things that happened all in the first episode:

We learn that the Drake (666 Park Avenue) has 13 floors in total (Gavin and Olivia live in the penthouse on the 13th floor), 203 apartments and 388 residents that Gavin Doran picks himself.

Olivia invited Henry and Jane to the symphony and told them it was black tie, but that is ok because Olivia took Jane dress shopping and bought her a $4,000 red dress. Gavin took Henry to the golf course for a few rounds. We learn that since Gavin Doran is in legal dispute with the city and Henry is technically working for the Mayor that it may be not right for even the two of them to be talking. Gavin apologizes and Henry is left saying oh that is ok it is not like you knew about it - ah yeah Henry good luck with that.

When they move their stuff into the apartment, Jane gets spooked by a resident that has blood on his hands. John Barlow recently lost his wife and would do anything to get her back, including murder. Gavin makes it clear to John that he’s only renting this life. Mary is returned to John for the murder. However, she quickly begins to die again and John is told to kill again or lose Mary. Jon Barlow reneges on his deal and refuses to kill Daniel Stone ( a man who refuses to have business dealings with Gavin and publicly told off Gavin). Gavin tells him his contract is done since he failed to deliver on his end. Tortured souls come to claim John through the wall.

Jane meets Brian Leonard and later his wife Louise. Brian is a struggling Playwright and has just started writing his first play. His wife is a successful photographer and is about to shoot her first cover for Vogue. Brian has noticed a cute blonde across the street and she has noticed him in return. Brian comes face to face with her when his wife needs a new assistant and Alexis is recommended. Louise makes a joke about Brian being attracted to Alexis and the elevator decides to act up and almost kills Louise.

 Jane continues to meet new residents as she does the rounds and makes a list of required maintenance. Jane finds an old mosaic of a dragon on the floor and is intrigued. She decides to look into the history of 999 Park Avenue and finds an old picture of a fraternity called the Brotherhood of the Dragon, with a door behind them. However, in the basement the door has been sealed and hidden. Jane wonders why. While sleeping Jane wakes up because of some noise she heard (John Barlow being sucked into the wall) and she decides to take a walk around to see what is going on. She ends up on the roof and there she sees Mary! But wait Mary is dead? Mary turns around looks at Jane and tells her that she’ll never be able to escape from 999 Park Avenue before she dives off the building. Jane wakes and thinks it’s all a bad dream. However, her feet are filthy.  

Jane and Henry go meet Gavin to sign the employment contract. Gavin distracts Jane by asking for her help with the renovation plans and gets the happy couple to sign their contracts without reading them. Oh bad move guys!   There you have it all that in one episode, what will the 2nd episode bring? 

Stay Tune!