Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank you Angel

All I have to say is the angels always look out for me. Yesterday was a turmoil day and I managed to end it with no blow up or blow out. I realized there is nothing I can do about people lying and making things seem different in order to get others to do stuff for you. If that is what helps you sleep at night go for it go and lie because Karma is a Biatch.

So I woke up fresh this morning, less hurt and ready to move forward and I got my spiritual horoscope for the day and as I close I will share what it reads:

Leo (July 23 - August 22)10/30/2009
It's time to move past the hurt of painful memories so you can be more available to experience the joyful possibilities of today. But this doesn't mean forgetting about what previously happened; rather, it's about stepping outside your personal history so you can see your life from a more cosmic perspective. Avoiding your emotions isn't a viable strategy because you'll end up feeling irritable without knowing why. However, letting go of old attachments allows you to live more fully in the present.

How appropriate and true yes angels I will take your advice. You know best.

Stay Tune

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am reaching for my inner Peace

Ok so today is one of those days that I draw into my Angel and request patience, and restrain. I want to restrain from attacking because I so really ridiculously want to but I really don't want to show that ugly side of me. I feel I am better then that.

Ok so what happened? Well last night there was a Lodge Meeting and this was for election of new officers. Well of course I did not go because I did not want to give any false hopes to anyone. But I certainly got scoop from a couple people. More in particular was a speech that I heard one member made. First of all it was uncertain if he was drunk he may have been because he slurred a repeated stuff a few times and his hands shook but if you ask me that is him on a normal night. What was said was really the most disappointing and hurtful side. He started trashing the previous group of Officers there and said we were failures and let everyone down by not doing what we had to do. And he went on and said some pretty trashy stuff. Then he continues by saying how great everything is going now on full volunteerism. Ok that was hurtful but this guy is not the brightest in the group many times we had to repeat to him what was said in a meeting and he would still get it wrong.

Then this woman stands up and spews off how wonderful everything is going. How rentals are hot and on fire all volunteers. Ok now that is number two saying "volunteers". Ok that is the part that gets my fire going more then anything because it is all lies. They are standing there and lying to everyone! Is it really 100% volunteer when you have to hire a cleaning service and pay them $500 because the man who just stood up slurring his words volunteered to clean up and can't handle it? Hello pay an outside service then stand and scream volunteer? I suppose maybe they forgot that part. Oh yes did they forget they also had to hire a bartender that is not volunteer. Oh yeah maybe they forgot that part. Did they forget that they had to get an accountant in to do the books because the person they got in the office for almost a month had no idea how to record money and in reality no one really knows how much money was taken in because she never recorded it? So she could of been taking something as a tip but we really do not know this. Oh yeah lets hire someone to fix this for us. They also had to hire a yard crew to do the grounds. Oh yeah I suppose they forgot that part too.

So that is the part that bothers me is that they are telling others there that really would believe them this information when in reality it is far from the truth. So I as I sit and brew over it and speak to my angel I run across my daily horoscope and if you ever had any doubts here is it is..Read what my scope told me today:

Leo (July 23 - August 22)10/29/2009
Your anger can boil over today if you aren't careful. You might take the position that expressing your feelings of dissatisfaction is a sensible thing to do, but you could easily take it too far. Your goal now shouldn't be self-disclosure. It's less important that others know how you're currently feeling than it is for them to see that you can get the job done.

Ok angels I will take your advice and chill out a little but I am dissatisfied and I am upset not with the organization but with the people in there telling lies.

Stay Tune..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Middle Hump Day

It has been a few days since my last writing sorry time just flies when you are having fun. The weekend was pretty good. Not too shabby. There was good news and bad news. Bad news Dolphins and Hurricanes lost, and the Good news is Gators won.

The week at work has started and it is a busy one but that is part of the fun that allows me to make a living. A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Next week is 3rd and 4th part of mouth surgery! I say 3rd and 4th because they are going to do both procedures on the same visit so I will be there a while. I am taking the next day off work to recover and then there is the weekend for additional medicinal recovery. Some of that medicinal recovery will includes a glass or two or bottle of wine I am sure.
Here is something I think I will share. Recently I took the pleasure in running across (accidently) across this singer. He is really pretty good. He is not into that harsh rap style and certainly not Techno. I went to his website and listened to his stuff and wow it really made my afternoon at work ease by. All I know of what he is doing now is opening for Lady GaGa so he must be good.

I also came across this little saying about butterflies recently and I thought I would share it

The butterfly teaches us about freedom, victory and eternal life. It is the symbol of freedom and its wings are the wings of victory. The butterfly is born twice in one lifetime and lives two complete lives, firstly from caterpillar to chrysalis - and when that metamorphosis is complete a beautiful being emerges reborn and fully winged, signifying its elevation as a spirit, beginning its new life as a butterfly.

Choose to follow the butterfly, walk in beauty, always leaving a trail of Light behind you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yes It is Friday Baby

Oh boy this has been a very long week and it is over, well after the end of this work day it will be over. So you may ask what are your plans for this weekend? Glad you asked,..

Nothing... Husband is in charge of tonight. If I can get an appointment to get my hair done tomorrow then I will and I have a friend who has been hinting that I drive to her neck of the woods and go to Karaoke. We shall see. Unless Husband unit comes up with something fabulous for Saturday...hum...the pressure is on.

Stay Tune..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lets see where I stand

Ok so we are about a month or so ok maybe more into DWTS and I was looking at the remaining dancers and thinking hum...I wonder how some of my predictions have held out? I did not comment on all of them but if you recall on some I did. So here is a moment back in time...

This is what I said about...

Donny Osmond - Ok hello Osmond fan always and forever. He has the backing of like a million votes and thats just the family members. He will go pretty far at least half way. He has been wanting to be a dancer on this show for so long that I think he will excel.

Outcome - Well hello he did score a 29 last time he has been on fire! And He has Tweeted that this week it is the Jitterbug and he can put all his nervous tension in that dance. Go Donny!

Mark Dacascos from Iron Chef America - hum seems like an easy one yes? It could be however sometimes the Martial experts have a hard time coming loose and showing emotions such as in the Cha Cha. But I suspect he will go far. Watch out Donny!

Outcome - Donny does not have anything to worry as of yet. While he is pretty good he is having problems.

Tom Delay - Ok the only thing he has going for him is that his partner is Cheryl Burke. She is good but I am sorry he looks like Mr Stumbles. I do not think he will not only not win but not even make it to the final 6.

Outcome - Well enough said he not only did not make it he quit! And I was right the only good thing he had was his dance partner.

Kelly Osbourne - All I can say is I hope she stays sober enough to learn and excel. I think she will stick around for a few weeks but certainly not the finals. Her partner is Louis Van Amstel and he is actually pretty darn good but not good enough to help Kelly. Sorry Kelly.

Outcome - Well I totally underestimated Kelly. Not only is Kelly actually pretty darn good but her innocent nervousness is pretty charming. You can feel how nervous she is which is what may end up hurting her. But man Kelly has become one of my favorites. Way to go Kelly.

Mya - Oh Man Donny watch out. This is one that may be the one to beat. Chickie is a dancer.

Outcome - Yeah Donny has to watch out the girl is awesome. Oh yeah did I mention she was a dancer?

Ashley Hamilton - I think he is going to have a hard time and I hope not. I really hope not because he has in my humble opinion one of the best partners - Edyta Sliwinska. She is a fabulous dancer and every year they never pair her with someone worthy. The closest was Jason Taylor. But I would love for her to win it once. She is my favorite dancer. Ashley on the other hand ( in my opinion) is his claim to fame that his dad is George Hamilton? Now I like George I truly did. I saw him once on South Beach and he looked very ah tan. His date I remember more because she had the cutest Louis Vutton purse! Ok back to dancing...Ashley I so hope you do it but do you have the fans to bring up those votes? We shall see..

Outcome - Well Ashley was out of the competition before the tan set in.

So there you have it. The dancers are pretty good. This group is good. Go Donny!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The fun continues

Well that child of mine was having a blast yesterday because I got a couple pictures from Universal Studios one being of the Hard Rock? Do you think he is trying to tease me? Let me answer that question yes he is and it shows he is having a good time which is good. Oh to be that young and out partying with your friends.

That's the picture he took and sent to his mommy.

But like all good things they must come to an end because they return home today. And it appears Mother Nature is sad they are returning because it has been raining all morning.

I am glad he went. I told him I may go next year and he said yes for sure and even said we can go mom. Yeah I wonder why...

Did you all see DWTS? Oh man my Donny was hot and on fire.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Like Mother like Son

You know I know God has a sense of humor because he gives some of us kids that have our sense of humor.

Here is a little story to tell that is well I found it funny. Child of mine (Nick) turned 22 this past week and some of his friends who also had birthdays during the week had been for months planning a trip to Orlando Florida. They ear marked Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night and Epcot Center food and wine festival. So being the typical worry mom I gave the usual be safe use the shuttles etc. Which he assured they would. Ok so come Sunday I knew that is when he was leaving and I started to call him and say Please let me know you arrived alright but I stopped myself because gosh darn it I am not that kind of pushy in your face all the time mom. So that evening I closed my eyes and I sent a message to my angels to keep the little one safe and sound. Well guess what happened within that hour? I got a Text message (yes text message) "Mom we just arrived I wanted you to know that." Oh goody it worked! So I wrote back oh good glad to hear it and I am glad you told me because I was actually thinking about that his response "I know." Yeah I am good. No thats not the funny part.

So here I am Monday at work. I get to a stopping point and I am sitting wondering what child of mine is doing and where he is at and well hello wishing I was there. Guess what I got? Yeah you guessed it another text message. "Mom we are at Epcot Food and Wine Festival all so good." Ok let me continue with this I think. So I said oh good take a picture. So of course I get a picture of child of mine by Epcot.

A few minutes later I get another picture of a glass of wine where he tells me "This glass of Pinot Grigio is for you mom here in Italy." Oh yes child of mine knows me so well he knows what I love to drink. And, he has no problem in taking a picture of it and telling me. He proceeded to send another shot of Epcot making me wish even more I was there.

Note to self...Go to Epcot Food and Wine festival next year.

Stay Tune..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Great weekend

Welcome Monday. What a lovely bright and crispy cool Monday it is! Yes it is in the 60's the breeze is out and it is not humid. Oh I live for days like this.

The weekend was rather fun and nice. Friday night we went over to some friends house for dinner and drinks and we had a lot of great laughs. We all brought something over so it was a nice collaborate effort.

Saturday we went over to Bargetto Bistro in the Falls and listened to a friend play some tunes. He plays there every other Saturday Night and he is rather good I must say. If you want to check him out his website is He is a nice guy too good heart.

Sunday we ventured over to Actor's Playhouse and saw a Matinee Called the Marvelous Wonderettes. It was a blast from the past with songs from the 50's to 60's. Some a little cheesy in how they led to certain dialogue but over all it was pretty entertaining. One thing to note to self think twice about going to another Matinee at Actor's Playhouse unless you don't mind hanging with the over 85 crowd. Oh yeah I am serious I would say 90% of the audience was over 85 I felt like handing out applications to the Elks Lodge they would fit right in - walkers, wheelchairs, breathing machines and all.

And yes my friends that is as close to an Elks Lodge that I went to this past weekend. Ah life is good. Only went once last week and I do not foresee any upcoming visits not until maybe Nov or Dec.

The week is looking pretty good. DWTS is on tonight and Donny is still in there! Go Donny! Will he last?

Stay Tune..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally Friday!

Oh boy this week has just gone like a jet on a mission. Flying! I guess that is what being super busy at work will do for it. The week was actually rather nice.

Tuesday we took child number one (and only child) out for his birthday dinner. His true birthday was Wednesday but when you turn 22 hanging with your friends and playing beer pong is better then going out to dinner with your mom and dad. That is ok it was rather nice and fun.

Wednesday was a lodge meeting and guess what I DID NOT ATTEND! Yeah I am super proud and happy about that.
Now Thursday I went to the Lodge. Yes I had to. It was a GATE Program Graduation dinner. This is a group that is close to my heart because of the good that they do. They take first time juvenile offenders (teen boys) and they go through a series of classes that are not just sitting in a class room learning tips, but, rather going all out. By going all out I mean they take these boys to the morgue, the jail, they see dead bodies with toe tags , they are given classes on Anger Management, Finances, and other Life Coaching areas. The course is not easy and not an over night but those that stick with it come out a better person. For that I support them. Well the graduation is where these teens finished the course and the Lodge provides them and their families with dinner. So I went there ready to see some people I had not seen in a while and sit and listen to the speeches by the graduates.

Now picture this the speeches are done, it appears to be coming soon to a close and the Program Director stops everything and goes wait I have something to do I almost forgot. She then calls my name. Who me??? All I can say is "Whyyyyy" I go up there and she mentions how much of a help and support I have been to her and the boys. She then presents me a nice certificate of appreciation. OMG I was surprised and shocked I certainly did not expect. Hello normally I am the one doing the surprises so to have it pulled on me was well what can I say I appreciated it so very much. This is why I love this place.
(The picture above is of Mimi the Program Director the Peer Counselors)
I then thought of that statement and thought no it is not the place it is the people. I enjoy the people there. I enjoy going to a place and there is no fighting and several people looking at others and snickering I love walking in and smiling and seeing friends and I especially love that I can bring people with me and they will be welcomed with open arms. I am very fortunate that all my friends are good that way. We all do support each other.

Tonight is a get together at one of their houses. We plan on having dinner, drinks, laughter in a nice comfortable setting.
The weekend should be nice going to see a fun and happy play! Will it really be fun and happy?
Stay Tune

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy work times

It has been a while since writing. Sorry. It has been a busy time at work for me and well it is not letting up so the blogging just took a back seat. Then the weekend comes and blogging is not on my top list of things to do. Heck even getting on the computer is something I don't want to do during the weekend. I know a shocker some of people out there. But I had a really nice experience this weekend and I thought I would share.

Part of my commitment (Post Elk) is to do more stuff that I want to do. Get back to things that brought me Peace and Harmony and a good sense of existence. No more having to do this and that and having to go around shopping for what? For someone to say hey the time you spent doing that is nice but you better do more? Yeah I don't think so. So I went back to what grounds me. I went to a work shop called "Meet your Guardian Angel". The workshop was located at in Pinecrest. However they are moving to the Falls area which is even closer to me so I am really looking forward to it. The workshop was help by Alina Nunez of and I for one have to say it was well worth the $50 I paid. At this workshop I learned about so many things about Guardian Angels, what their purpose is, what they look like and along the way we did a few different meditations. I visualized and saw somethings that Alina later on validated to me. So that was pretty cool. In the end I left there knowing that decisions I made were the best ones and I do not regret it for one moment. I am looking forward to more workshops and lectures.

I am looking forward to the new chapter, with my friends, family and renewed passion.

Stay Tune.