Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Venting regarding Daytime TV

Ok be warned that this will most likely be a book in itself. It has been a while since I have written and I have a feeling I am going to make up for it right now. Back in around the 1st week of April the devil also known as Brian Frons decided in his wisdom to shut down the 3rd highest rated daytime drama (One Life To Live) and one of the longest running shows on daytime with loyal followers (All My Children). Recently he said that the women of today no longer want to escape in the afternoon oh gee Mr Know It All what do women want? Oh what they want is a Mario Batelli cooking show and Life Style Living show (currently going thru name changes because the one they have SUCKS) focusing on excercise. let me get this straight todays women who may or may not be home during the daytime hours want to eat fatty foods and then excercise their brains away because watching a drama on tv is just not what they are into right now? Hum...I suppose the loyal followers for these shows (who BTW has been on for 40+ years) just did not know that is what they wanted. I always thought if I wanted to see a cooking show I would go to oh let me think Food Network? OMG no really there is a Food Network? Get out of town who knew! So yes I am a wee bit upset my shows are leaving. Right now as a daytime soap viewer it is important to keep watching the shows to show that we do support them and I hope Mr Brian Frons has diaherra for as long as One Life To Live and All My Children were on air. Yes I said it so there.

Now this leads to question what is to happen to the daytime emmy awards. Afterall this will leave 4 daytime dramas on the air? If there is one thing I have noticed with awards shows is that when a show is ending their run during awards time they will get nominated and win a ton of awards. It is almost like a pat on the back well done. SO now Daytime Emmy Awards announced their nominations...and come on...what are you all thinking? Ok I think I know what you are thinking, I want to say that they know it is too late for the canned shows so they want to try to focus on the shows that have not been canned -----YET. So with that being said this is just my opinion on what they missed the mark on:

On Outstanding Drama while it was nice to see All My Children and General Hospital nominated One Life to Live had some awesome ground breaking stories that really should of had a nomination.

They also missed the mark on outstanding supporting actors. I am sorry some of the work that the guys on One Life to Live have been doing has been awesome.

I could go on but I decided to spare you all. Needless to say I am very disappointed that schmucho decided to put on reality based shows because they are cheaper to make. I have suggestions for this, I think he missed the mark by cancelling the shows. Here is a thought Mr Frons we know that a majority of viewers watch these shows on DVR and fast forward thru the commercials ( I know I do). So why not incorporate some brand messenging into the show for example while Erica and Jack are in the restaurant deciding if they will marry for the 8th time show Erica (aka Susan Lucci daytime icon) drinking some Lipton Iced Tea? OMG what a freaking concept! Or when Natalie goes to change her son's diaper hum what can we do there - Huggies or Pampers anyone? Do not tell me those companies will not go for that of course they will! Oh no that would be too easy lets instead cancel scripted shows that have been on for 40+ years with loyal followers. Yeah that makes good business sense because everyone knows reality TV Shows will never be cancelled. Can you think of the last reality unscripted show that has been on for 40+ years?