Monday, October 8, 2012

666 Park Avenue Episode 2

Well this show just seems to continue to spark interest. Episode one (Pilot) opened up with us the audience wondering is he the devil or is he just a man of magical powers. This episode did not answer that question but left me wondering oh what secrets are laying within the Drake walls.

One thing is for sure the character Jane is a nosey little creature. I use to think that Lois Lane was nosey and of course she was a reporter it goes with the job, but Jane is, well, right now the resident manager. She tends to wake up in the middle of the night and have the urge to walk down to the basement of the building she lives in. Ok come on who does that? I love how she wakes up one time and goes to her boyfriend oh I just realized I left the laundry in the dryer and he goes get it in the morning. Yeah that would be my first response too but come on this is Jane the wanderer she gets up and she does start to pick up her laundry but then is drawn to a noise which of course leads to a door. Oh now what is the next step? Of course she opens the door and hears music playing and it appears to look like a nice apartment and yes Jane does a walk thru only to find a dead body! But wait the person does one of those oh let me open my eyes and jump at you and then next thing we know Jane wakes up in her bed and her laundry is next to her bed. We later learn that the man she saw in her "dream" was a resident that was found dead in the mid 50's.

We got to meet another resident Danielle Vincent who at first just seems to appear like a single girl just trying to find love in the big city. But, this is the Drake and nothing is what it appears to be. Poor Danielle just cannot seem to find good men. Gavin the ever "fixer" is more then happy to hook Danielle up with a business associate. We then later learned that this business associate did Gavin wrong and did he forget to tell Danielle that he was married? Poor Danielle did not take it very well that he was a married man as a matter of fact she was a "bloody mess" over it. Not to worry Gavin stepped in to help clean things up. But when Danielle sees herself in the mirror she sees herself as an older woman and memories come back to her one killing no two no three, four...or was there more? Oh dear a bloody mess we have on our hands. Not to worry Gavin will make all your memories and aging effects go away by the morning.

Then there is Brian, he is the writer who last week his wife appeared to get attacked by the elevator. He is also the writer who has a direct view of an apartment where a certain blonde is just well always almost naked and he just cannot help but stare. Of course he freaks more when the blonde ends up being his wife's new assistant. It scares him a tad bit more when the blonde likes that he stares at her and she starts coming on to him very strong. Oh we have not seen the last of these residents.

If you have not watched the show go watch and let me know what you think, until then..

Stay Tune..

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh where to go and what to do - I know Coconut Grove!

The weekend is upon and some of us who work hard all week like to sit back on the weekends and just pretty do nothing. We like to think of places to go and people to see and of course this leads to the ever popular question where am I going this weekend? So in case you are asking yourself this same question may I lead you to the Grove. The Grove needs all the help we can give it, so here are some places you may want to consider.

Green Street Cafe This is a popular go and beseen or go to see type of place. Try their pancakes, scrambled eggs or bagels for a breakfast fix or go the lunch route with hearty salads, sandwiches and wraps. You can sit in one of the lovely tables outside or lounge in the sofa outside like the chic people do.

Lulu- Across the way, Lulu offers great brunch options too. Specials include huevos rancheros and eggs
benedict, but they also serve an array of omelets, salads, sandwiches and more. Try to snag a spot on one
of their comfy couches outdoors and you might stay all day long.

Jaguar Restaurant - Jaguar's unique philosophy incorporates menu items showcasing traditional tastes and textures throughout Latin America. Signature items feature traditional favorites with a contemporary flair from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. Jaguar’s menu offers a broad canvas of spices and ingredients with perfectly balanced presentation of each dish to showcase its individuality.

Gardener’s Market- Want to do some post-brunch grocery shopping? Then Gardner’s Market might be
your choice. They serve sweet pastries and omelets for breakfast, or opt for one of their freshly prepared
sandwiches that you can build yourself. The cozy cafe tables outside are a great spot to sit down and enjoy
your lazy weekend meal.

Now if the Grove is not where you feel like heading how about South Beach for some pizza? Here is my recommendation for Pizza on South Beach.

Pizza Fusionn - Located at the entrance of South Beach (1115 5th Street) this is one unique place. Do not feel guilty about having pizza my friends this is the place to go to eat and be guilt free. As the chef puts it "we create mini masterpieces of tasty goodness that are good for you too." Foods such as organic veggies, hormone-free meats and all natural cheeses. They cater to vegans, veg-heads, gluten-free peeps and even carnivores.

Where you pick enjoy the time and enjoy the moment!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

666 Park Avenue or is it 999?

A new show started on ABC this week (Sunday) and I finally got the chance to watch it and I have to say it is a bit DARK! It has sort of the feel of a mini-horror series.

Henry Martin and his girlfriend Jane Van Veen are new to New York and initially are in the city for different individual jobs. Jane's job did not seem to pan out and Henry's job is well a work in progress one might say. So they see an ad in Craig's List for a Building Manager and they decide to check it out. The address of the building is 999 Park Avenue however in a certain evening light the number appears to be 666 Park Avenue - hum. No Henry and Jane did not notice this we the audience do. Well they meet with Gavin Doran who at first seems to have no interest in the couple but then something Jane saids well makes him take a second look. You see Gavin is all about helping to bring out the talent of people - oh but at what price. He tells the couple that they can keep their day jobs but this job comes with an apartment so after a few moments they are taken to their new luxury apartment. During this time they meet Gavin's adorable wife Olivia (Played by the seductress named Vanessa Williams). Olivia looks a bit devilish should we say and she too is pleased with Gavin's choice. Now here are some things that happened all in the first episode:

We learn that the Drake (666 Park Avenue) has 13 floors in total (Gavin and Olivia live in the penthouse on the 13th floor), 203 apartments and 388 residents that Gavin Doran picks himself.

Olivia invited Henry and Jane to the symphony and told them it was black tie, but that is ok because Olivia took Jane dress shopping and bought her a $4,000 red dress. Gavin took Henry to the golf course for a few rounds. We learn that since Gavin Doran is in legal dispute with the city and Henry is technically working for the Mayor that it may be not right for even the two of them to be talking. Gavin apologizes and Henry is left saying oh that is ok it is not like you knew about it - ah yeah Henry good luck with that.

When they move their stuff into the apartment, Jane gets spooked by a resident that has blood on his hands. John Barlow recently lost his wife and would do anything to get her back, including murder. Gavin makes it clear to John that he’s only renting this life. Mary is returned to John for the murder. However, she quickly begins to die again and John is told to kill again or lose Mary. Jon Barlow reneges on his deal and refuses to kill Daniel Stone ( a man who refuses to have business dealings with Gavin and publicly told off Gavin). Gavin tells him his contract is done since he failed to deliver on his end. Tortured souls come to claim John through the wall.

Jane meets Brian Leonard and later his wife Louise. Brian is a struggling Playwright and has just started writing his first play. His wife is a successful photographer and is about to shoot her first cover for Vogue. Brian has noticed a cute blonde across the street and she has noticed him in return. Brian comes face to face with her when his wife needs a new assistant and Alexis is recommended. Louise makes a joke about Brian being attracted to Alexis and the elevator decides to act up and almost kills Louise.

 Jane continues to meet new residents as she does the rounds and makes a list of required maintenance. Jane finds an old mosaic of a dragon on the floor and is intrigued. She decides to look into the history of 999 Park Avenue and finds an old picture of a fraternity called the Brotherhood of the Dragon, with a door behind them. However, in the basement the door has been sealed and hidden. Jane wonders why. While sleeping Jane wakes up because of some noise she heard (John Barlow being sucked into the wall) and she decides to take a walk around to see what is going on. She ends up on the roof and there she sees Mary! But wait Mary is dead? Mary turns around looks at Jane and tells her that she’ll never be able to escape from 999 Park Avenue before she dives off the building. Jane wakes and thinks it’s all a bad dream. However, her feet are filthy.  

Jane and Henry go meet Gavin to sign the employment contract. Gavin distracts Jane by asking for her help with the renovation plans and gets the happy couple to sign their contracts without reading them. Oh bad move guys!   There you have it all that in one episode, what will the 2nd episode bring? 

Stay Tune!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Homemade Hot Sauce

Well a challenge was set by the man to get him a hot sauce that is worthy of his picky palate. To know the man is to know that he truly likes it hot on many levels all high and never low. So I decided well the only true way to get it to burn is to make it at home. This would only be for him because well fire in my mouth is not my cup of tea. Well I came across a recipe and decided to make it and I am happy to say it was a success!

Here is the recipe:

Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

  • 2 cups habanero peppers, sliced in half lengthwise
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 cup water
  • 4 cups white vinegar
  • 20 garlic cloves, peeled
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 8 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  • ½ cup lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon salt
Cooking Directions
  1. Preheat oven to 425°.
  2. Set habanero peppers on a baking sheet and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons olive oil.
  3. Roast in the oven 12-15 minutes or until soft and skins begin to blister.
  4. Heat a large pot to medium and add remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to low and simmer about 20 minutes, or until onion and garlic soften.
  5. Add roasted habanero peppers and simmer about 5 minutes.
  6. Transfer mixture to a food processor and puree until smooth. Alternatively, use an immersion blender and puree directly in the pot.
  7. Simmer another 5-10 minutes.
  8. Serve, or seal into sterilized bottles to allow flavors to truly develop.
The only items I changed was the sugar. Instead of sugar I used Agate Nectar which is a healthy sugar substitute. It is in a liquid version and we found it worked very well. I also did not add the salt since low sodium is always in order.  

I found it easy to make so I will most definitely be making it again. Now in order to test the taste I decided to make monster mutant burgers. The burgers were stuffed with ricotta cheese, fresh oregano and some basil. To top my burger I put Guacamole while the man used the sauce as his burger sauce. Both sauces were great! 

Try it and let me know!

Friday, September 28, 2012

A new Burger place with a twist

Ok so here is something I came across that sounded some what different. It just seems lately the trend is to have a burger place. Really isn't a burger like BBQ? In the end it is all the same? I do not know either but that is what it seems to me. Perhaps we need to challenge ourselves to find the best Burger place in Miami? Let's see how that goes. Here is one I came across and before you ask NO I have not tried it yet.

Elevation Burger

Elevation Burger has opened its doors across from the Dadeland Mall.

The burger restaurant offers ingredients that are 100% USDA-certified organic for an "elevated" experience.Elevation Burger is located at 8975 SW 72 Pl, near the Chilis.

So I checked the menu that Elevation Burger has and some of the menu burgers are called:

The Elevation Burger (DUH) - Double meat and Double Cheddar Cheese (real cheddar)
Cheeseburger - Are you really surprised?
Hamburger - of if they did not have a simple burger I would of been disappointed.
Vertigo Burger - it's billed as a stack them up build your own 3 to 10 patty burger
Veggie Burger #1 - Fire roasted taste
Veggie Burger #2 - Vegan Burger
Half the Guilt Burger - 1 beef patty and 1 veggie patty
Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Have no words to say about this

So there you have it go try it. If I do I will be sure to report the findings either good or bad.

Stay Tuned..

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time to Promote the Grove

If you know me you know I love the Grove. I cannot help it I hung out there in my younger days and I still tend to migrate there every so often. If you go there you get the charm, after all, look at how hard Burn Notice is fighting to stay in the hood!

So here we go have you ever wanted to see Miami like a tourist? As a Miami resident sometimes I have, to just to sit and listen to the history and in some cases have someone else drive. So lets hear it for the...


Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour has two main loops: the beach loop and the city loop. I recommend the city loop. It offers a chance to explore major parts of Miami, including Coconut Grove, Little Havana, Coral Gables and Downtown. With traffic, this would be very frustrating to navigate as a tourist. And the beach is the beach: find the sand and you’re all set.

Since Coconut Grove stop is the one I’m most interested in. The tour takes you to Vizcaya and the Miami Science Museum, then all along the waterfront and into the heart of the Grove. If you love gardens and history, getting off and exploring Vizcaya is an excellent choice. It is the preeminent historical mansion with a Renaissance –inspired garden estate. If you just want to get more of a local vibe, get off near Cocowalk. There are tons of boutiques and cafes all along Commodore Street and Main Highway. Stop over at Jaguars for some Ceviche or walk over to Green Street and people watch! Then while you are there stop over at Mystical Amulet and let Cheryl Sandra Richardson give you a Tarot card reading.

Then you can get back on one of those lovely double-deckers and let them whisk you away to your next location.
Hop On Hop Off Tours cost $39 for adults and $29 for children for a one-day pass. Give it to someone as a unique birthday gift or dare I say...Christmas gift! So there you have it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Burn Notice: We’ll write the scripts, thanks - Miami-Dade -

Burn Notice: We’ll write the scripts, thanks - Miami-Dade -

Ok you know I had to attach that link since it is my latest rant and the scrupulous Marc Sarnoff. If you read the article the good news is that Burn Notice will be sticking around the Grove for another year if the show gets picked up. The bad news is that they will not ask for another year so basically this is it. Now what I especially love is how the article starts with a note to Commissioners from the Producers "You pass the budget, set the tax rate and pick up the trash, and we’ll write the scripts for our show. Thank you." Fabulous.

The reference is because the pompous Sarnoff wanted the destruction of the building written into the season finale so yes now he not only puts himself as Speaker of Coconut Grove residents but now TV Producer and writer. As a matter of fact here is quote this super-genius guy said "I guess it's poetic license to decide what to do with the script." Ah yeah dude you think? Yeah he is special isn't he? So while I am glad that they are staying another year I find it more like in your face in knowing that a recent film shoot was at Blanche Park which is located across from Sarnoff's house. Hum maybe they should of blown up his house. Hey I'm just sayin...I am sure he would not mind... Has anyone thought to ask him that question?

Request and Note to Burn Notice Producers:    Ask Marc Sarnoff if it is ok to blow up his house. I am certain he would not mind. Just sayin..

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Brother updates and stuff

Ok lets get right to it shall we?

Big Brother

Danielle is the new HOH and she nominated Wil (whom she promised he was safe) and Frank (whom she cannot stand but I think she likes him I think she really likes him). Then came the POV and sorry boys Danielle won that too. Now you would think ok she is going to leave things as they are but no the little girl decided she wanted to play Big Brother and she took Wil down and put Janelle in his place!

So what do I think of Danielle? Ok undecided is what I think. I think she is pretty easily manipulated by Dan the former coach whom she tends to think he is still her coach. Speaking of married former coach Dan I think he has a ying yang for Danielle because I noticed when she won HOH that boy ran to her and jumped on her while she was laying on the ground. Ah hello Dan what do you think your wife will say about that? Then afterwards Danielle's showmance Shane came over and gee Dan got "off" Danielle and allowed Shane to lay on her and kiss her. Wasn't that nice of him to allow that? Yeah Dan is a horn dog. I did not buy at first how some were saying oh he picked the hot girls on his team I figured he did it because he figured he can manipulate women better then men but in seeing how he jumped on Danielle - not so sure anymore.

So with Janelle on the chopping block it does appear she will be the one going home. Sorry Janie life is a bitch and then you go home.

Other shows and short and sweet round up and view

Political Animals - Still love the show but some of the inner storylines I wish they would make smarter. For example the TJ storyline is great I love how we do not know if TJ is dead or alive. I love Elaine running for President and as she said "this time I am going to win." And her ex-husband's (Bud) line if I claim to no longer be a womanizer then I need to stop being a womanizer. Trippin line! But the whole reporter and "I own you storyline" well it is poorly done - in my opinion.

Dallas - Love it! I just adore JR and Larry Hagman as an actor is just outstanding. We have seen JR go from so ill to on top and then we feel how much he truly loves his brother Bobby - simply outstanding. But did Rebecca get shot?

Stay Tune

Friday, August 3, 2012

Coconut Grove and Burn Notice

Coconut Grove Grapevine

Todays rant is short and sweet let me start with Big Brother.

Did not like the fact that Coaches are no longer coaches, all the unofficial polls was not in favor of the coaches becoming coaches and I am not saying CBS did not rally the numbers right but I just did not see it was coming but in many cases they were close. So now Danielle is the new HOH which means Shane is safe and chances are so is Dan. Oh well the one good thing is that there was no eviction and Frank lives for another round!

Now Burn Notice and Coconut Grove - Gosh where do I begin ok I will keep it short. Basically this smug commissioner of CG wants Burn Notice out of the city. They have been for about 6 years leasing what use to be the Expo Center. When BN first moved in the building was falling apart BN fixed it up and made it a place where they can work and nice sight for residents and tourists. So now this smug guy well he no longer wants BN there I mean so what they are paying a yearly lease and filming in the area. I mean filming in the area means they hire locals oh no why would anyone want to continue that? Oh yes I know Commissioner Marc Sarnoff  wants to destroy the Expo Center Bldg and wait for it.... Build a park! Yes I know a park in Coconut Grove that is exactly what the Grove needs another park. Rumor has it that the park is going to be a Private Park for some luxury condo across the street.

I keep asking myself why is this guy doing this and what is in it for him? No answer on that but one can rest assure there is some money involved this man is not doing this out of the goodness of his heart because most Grove residents do not want Burn Notice leaving. Residents like seeing the show and seeing their community featured.

So now Marc Sarnoff has offered a new deal yes I know he is just full of generosity. His deal is ok Burn Notice if you are picked up for another season I will allow you to stay in the area on one condition "you blow up the Expo Center." Brilliant! Super Brilliant. I am sure he is sitting back sipping his Mojito and smoking his cigar saying "Awesome I am going to get Burn Notice to pay for that demolition the residents will love me and that building goes down so next year I can build my fancy private park."

So Marc thanks guy I hope we can return the favor one day.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big Brother oh boy what a summer so far

Happy Thursday you all and it is a Happy Thursday!

Ok let me get right to it.

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother and we learn what the viewers voted will the coaches become players or will they continue to be coaches.

The two up have been campaigning hard and it is going to be go down to the wire I think. I hope loud mouth Joe is gone gone gone! I just do not understand why he needs to sit in that Diary Room and yell like hello what is your point? Do you think you are making a good impression by yelling? He already has a little hot temper, the other house guests see it. To me it is easy- get rid of the loud mouth chef.

So who will leave and will the coaches become players?

Stay Tuned

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Brother and more

Ok lets get right into it.

Big Brother

When last we left we were waiting to see if Shane was going to give in to pressure and use the POV. Well, he caved in pressure and took Mobile Tan Expert Ashley down from the block and put Frank up. What can I say I would have liked for it to stay the same but the guy is trying to secure himself votes but I think what he is doing is making himself a bigger target. So Boogie and Frank are going to need to work hard and fast if they plan on keeping Frank in the house because right now it does not look good for him.

Dancing With The Stars - All Stars

Ok DWTS is back and it is an all star review show meaning these celebrities have already danced and are returning. Some have even won. So here are the players (minus the Dance Instructors):

Pamela Anderson - Oh boy hopefully she can keep the girls in tact.
Bristol Palin- Really? Doesn't she have something better to do like oh I don't know GET A JOB
Melissa Rycroft - No comment she is ok
Shawn Johnson - Alright can stay too
Kirstie Alley - Oh boy here we go again. She will promote her organic company again and claim she lost the weight due to the pills not the 6 hours a day of dancing. Nah dancing had nothing to do with it.
Joey Fatone - Like him he seems like a nice guy and funny too
Kelly Monaco - Hello yeah welcome back Kelly ride it to the top but this time it will not be easy but I am sure you can do it.
Drew Lachey - one to watch he has continued dancing even after his season
Emmitt Smith - alright
Apolon Anton Ohno - Another one to watch
Giles Marini - Glad to see he is no longer doing that shirtless butter commerical or was it Orange Juice?
Helio Castroneves - He looked pretty good in his season so yeah one to watch for.

Now there is a fan vote going on and depending on who gets the most votes one of these 3 will be in the cast:

Sabrina Bryan
Carson Kressley
Kyle Massey

In my opinion it should be Mario Lopez. Yeah he was not an option not sure why maybe he was too busy working he does have a job.

Ok so lets wait the season out and keep on watching

Stay Tuned

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ah Monday Big Brother and Marlins

Ah Monday morning time to start the madness of the week but first lets recap the weekend and of course Big Brother.

Weekend was pretty darn cool. We went to see play ball in the new resident paid for fancy ballpark for now known as Marlins Park. The Marlins played against the San Diego Padres and while it went into the 10th inning I am happy to say we won! Go Marlins! The stadium was nice looking a far distance and change from its previous location. One thing for sure is it appears not only are tax payers paying for this stadium but so are people who attend and wish to purchase food and beverage. Seriously $14 for Turkey burger with only lettuce and tomatoe on it and no side? Let's not talk about beverage prices $12 for single shot of any well drink and gosh if you want a beer that will set you back $9 come on really? This is why people want to sneak in food and beverage!

Ok Big Brother time - Spoiler Alert I'm just sayin...

Shane has won yet again another competition and he is now the Head of Household and as the HOH he has to nominate 2 people for eviction. He originally wanted Wil up there but in the coaches challenge Janelle won and saved Wil from being nominated so as a result Joe and Ashley were nominated. Ashley is this year's version of Dumb Blonde. I hate to use terms like that but this girl is well not quite with the program but hey I have to give her credit for having her own business (Mobile Spray Tan). Joe is the self proclaimed Chef who just has a real attitude problem. So now the Power of Veto was played and the winner of the POV has the choice to either Veto what the HOH has made and basically save one of the nominees or leave things as they are. So the POV was played and Shane won the POV! SO what will Shane do? That is up in the air Shane is being pressured alot to put an equally strong player named Frank up but Shane has a secret deal with Shane not to put him up, however, a lot of the people in the house are giving him pressure so I think he may actually turn on Frank.

Now CBS is doing something in my opinion that is not right and that is allow the audience/viewers to vote if the coaches should be allowed to play as players and not just be coaches. Honestly I think they should stay coaches they have been coaching for a few weeks now and it really is not fair to toss them in there now as players. So I am voted no and I am hoping it stays no.

Now the cast of Dancing With the Stars has been released and its an All Star cast meaning it is previous dancers including some winners. I will post their names later on when it is a complete list ABC is doing a vote one person to dance you choose America type of thing and no I am not voting because the choices are eh however I will say this Kelly Monaco is dancing and well she won in her season and she does play Sam on General Hospital and we must shine on daytime soaps since the dumas Brian Frons (Former ABC President) decided he wanted to replaced 2 long time soaps with a cooking show and a make over show that was hosted by a carpenter. I suppose that is why that show got cancelled! Good. Ok I will not get started on that song again...But I hold the right to change my mind later.

Lets just see what the week brings

Stay Tune

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ah Big Brother is back which means summer is here

Yes summer is here if the heat doesn't remind you the fact that Big Brother is playing does it. Well last night was the eviction of JoJo and I am personally happy that Staten Island Beauty Queen is out of there. The power was up for grabs and Shane is now the new Head of Household - good for him. The only thing I have against that is that well Brittany is on pompous cloud nine again. Oh well that just means the falls will sting more when it happens and it will eventually happen. CBS is asking viewers should the coaches stop coaching and become regular players or the game - I voted for NO. I would like to give the new players a chance to play the game and let the coaches well coach. Ok some are coaching others are being idiots.

So I realized that in my last post I mentioned Danny being so cute but I never posted a picture of him so let me take care of that right now. If you see the picture behind him on the wall that is a picture of my brother when he was I want to say maybe 1 year old or so the resemblence is amazing but that's the SOP for his kids they all look like him.

Ok have a great weekend folks

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm back!

Oh boy I have to admit this has been my longest streak in not writing in this blog. No excuses it is what it is - life happens. So let me provide a summary of what has happened since:

Danny was born duh we knew that already and is just as cute as can be! But wait there is more Baby number 5 is on the way! Oh yes you read that right folks Baby 5 who is also a boy is due Dec 18. I do not even want to comment because well sometimes it makes one say ah hello get HIM fixed! Before you asked she is fixed 2 pregnancies ago.

Now on to the fun stuff TV Shows!

Still love Revenge it is on hiatus right now but should return soon. New show on the love list is Political Animals on the USA Network. I have to say I am loving more and more USA Network shows they seem to have a little more freedom in the language department; ok a lot more freedom.

Ok now summer is here and of course you know what that means Big Brother of course! Alright so this season I am saying FINALLY a cast that is worth watching. The new twist this year was that they brought back some previous players and placed them in the house not as players but as Coaches - 4 in total. They each picked 3 players and if their players actually win then the Coaches get $100,000. Not a bad gig if you can get it. 2 of the 4 coaches are ones I truly like Janelle and Boogie. This time around Boogie is in the house without Dr Will but not to worry he already located his Dr Will his name is Frank.

This year's episode started with an eviction that same night and it was not even one where the house guests got to vote it was just like ok you lost this competition and your coach picked you to go so buh bye. I am not sure that is truly fair but it is what it is.

Within 2 weeks of entering the house there has been another eviction without votes! Oh yes it is the drama turn! Russell Hantz's (of Survivor fame) brother Willie was playing until he threw a bully spoiled brat temper tantrum and got physical with one of the players and one of the rules in BB is that you do not get violent and well he did so he was thrown out. It is too bad because I would of liked to see him play the game but he was a spoiled idiot so good bye dude.

This Friday the new cast of Dancing with the Stars will be revealed and if it is like the last 2 seasons it will be another yawn... But we shall see

Stay Tuned