Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Burn Notice: We’ll write the scripts, thanks - Miami-Dade - MiamiHerald.com

Burn Notice: We’ll write the scripts, thanks - Miami-Dade - MiamiHerald.com

Ok you know I had to attach that link since it is my latest rant and the scrupulous Marc Sarnoff. If you read the article the good news is that Burn Notice will be sticking around the Grove for another year if the show gets picked up. The bad news is that they will not ask for another year so basically this is it. Now what I especially love is how the article starts with a note to Commissioners from the Producers "You pass the budget, set the tax rate and pick up the trash, and we’ll write the scripts for our show. Thank you." Fabulous.

The reference is because the pompous Sarnoff wanted the destruction of the building written into the season finale so yes now he not only puts himself as Speaker of Coconut Grove residents but now TV Producer and writer. As a matter of fact here is quote this super-genius guy said "I guess it's poetic license to decide what to do with the script." Ah yeah dude you think? Yeah he is special isn't he? So while I am glad that they are staying another year I find it more like in your face in knowing that a recent film shoot was at Blanche Park which is located across from Sarnoff's house. Hum maybe they should of blown up his house. Hey I'm just sayin...I am sure he would not mind... Has anyone thought to ask him that question?

Request and Note to Burn Notice Producers:    Ask Marc Sarnoff if it is ok to blow up his house. I am certain he would not mind. Just sayin..

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Brother updates and stuff

Ok lets get right to it shall we?

Big Brother

Danielle is the new HOH and she nominated Wil (whom she promised he was safe) and Frank (whom she cannot stand but I think she likes him I think she really likes him). Then came the POV and sorry boys Danielle won that too. Now you would think ok she is going to leave things as they are but no the little girl decided she wanted to play Big Brother and she took Wil down and put Janelle in his place!

So what do I think of Danielle? Ok undecided is what I think. I think she is pretty easily manipulated by Dan the former coach whom she tends to think he is still her coach. Speaking of married former coach Dan I think he has a ying yang for Danielle because I noticed when she won HOH that boy ran to her and jumped on her while she was laying on the ground. Ah hello Dan what do you think your wife will say about that? Then afterwards Danielle's showmance Shane came over and gee Dan got "off" Danielle and allowed Shane to lay on her and kiss her. Wasn't that nice of him to allow that? Yeah Dan is a horn dog. I did not buy at first how some were saying oh he picked the hot girls on his team I figured he did it because he figured he can manipulate women better then men but in seeing how he jumped on Danielle - not so sure anymore.

So with Janelle on the chopping block it does appear she will be the one going home. Sorry Janie life is a bitch and then you go home.

Other shows and short and sweet round up and view

Political Animals - Still love the show but some of the inner storylines I wish they would make smarter. For example the TJ storyline is great I love how we do not know if TJ is dead or alive. I love Elaine running for President and as she said "this time I am going to win." And her ex-husband's (Bud) line if I claim to no longer be a womanizer then I need to stop being a womanizer. Trippin line! But the whole reporter and "I own you storyline" well it is poorly done - in my opinion.

Dallas - Love it! I just adore JR and Larry Hagman as an actor is just outstanding. We have seen JR go from so ill to on top and then we feel how much he truly loves his brother Bobby - simply outstanding. But did Rebecca get shot?

Stay Tune

Friday, August 3, 2012

Coconut Grove and Burn Notice

Coconut Grove Grapevine

Todays rant is short and sweet let me start with Big Brother.

Did not like the fact that Coaches are no longer coaches, all the unofficial polls was not in favor of the coaches becoming coaches and I am not saying CBS did not rally the numbers right but I just did not see it was coming but in many cases they were close. So now Danielle is the new HOH which means Shane is safe and chances are so is Dan. Oh well the one good thing is that there was no eviction and Frank lives for another round!

Now Burn Notice and Coconut Grove - Gosh where do I begin ok I will keep it short. Basically this smug commissioner of CG wants Burn Notice out of the city. They have been for about 6 years leasing what use to be the Expo Center. When BN first moved in the building was falling apart BN fixed it up and made it a place where they can work and nice sight for residents and tourists. So now this smug guy well he no longer wants BN there I mean so what they are paying a yearly lease and filming in the area. I mean filming in the area means they hire locals oh no why would anyone want to continue that? Oh yes I know Commissioner Marc Sarnoff  wants to destroy the Expo Center Bldg and wait for it.... Build a park! Yes I know a park in Coconut Grove that is exactly what the Grove needs another park. Rumor has it that the park is going to be a Private Park for some luxury condo across the street.

I keep asking myself why is this guy doing this and what is in it for him? No answer on that but one can rest assure there is some money involved this man is not doing this out of the goodness of his heart because most Grove residents do not want Burn Notice leaving. Residents like seeing the show and seeing their community featured.

So now Marc Sarnoff has offered a new deal yes I know he is just full of generosity. His deal is ok Burn Notice if you are picked up for another season I will allow you to stay in the area on one condition "you blow up the Expo Center." Brilliant! Super Brilliant. I am sure he is sitting back sipping his Mojito and smoking his cigar saying "Awesome I am going to get Burn Notice to pay for that demolition the residents will love me and that building goes down so next year I can build my fancy private park."

So Marc thanks guy I hope we can return the favor one day.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big Brother oh boy what a summer so far

Happy Thursday you all and it is a Happy Thursday!

Ok let me get right to it.

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother and we learn what the viewers voted will the coaches become players or will they continue to be coaches.

The two up have been campaigning hard and it is going to be go down to the wire I think. I hope loud mouth Joe is gone gone gone! I just do not understand why he needs to sit in that Diary Room and yell like hello what is your point? Do you think you are making a good impression by yelling? He already has a little hot temper, the other house guests see it. To me it is easy- get rid of the loud mouth chef.

So who will leave and will the coaches become players?

Stay Tuned