Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brisky Miami

Oh where to begin. First of all it is a very brisky cold Miami morning and when I say cold I mean cold I am talking 40 degrees this early morning. OH God I so love it! The coldness to me just brings life to a fresh new start and you wake up and go yes hello how have you been? Ok not that over the top but it is a nice thought. I really just like to lay in bed all covered up feeling the coldness it just feels good. Ok now to recap a little of my life in the last few days and weeks. Not too much to really report just going about life as normal.

Thanksgiving came and the time spent with family was rather enjoyable. I personally am glad it is over. This whole cooking is for the birds - sorry turkey. But daddy dearest came and that is always fun. I finally did something I say every year I will do but rarely do and that is begin Christmas shopping early. I not only did so but finished well by the time Dec 1st came around. Yeah I am pretty impressed by that too. I found some really awesome deals online and many included free shipping. Now really can it get any better?

Work has been work I am so happy I have it when so many are without it but it is work. Not much to report just give thanks.

The plot for the book that has yet to be written is starting to some what form. I think I now have 2 of my main characters and they will be women. Not just women but some kick A type women. I am not sure if I will give them super powers but they individually will have strength and then when put together will be a force to be wrecken with. Sounds bad A right? Well lets see how it goes.

Stay Tune..