Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Brother is finally ON! Yeah Spoilers baby!

OK all I have to say is now we have a game! Let me do a little recap. Daniele the master manipulator (next to her dad of course) had her puppet boy (Dominic) going around doing her dirty work. Let's face it Dominic is a newbie in the true sense of the word. Not only is he a virgin but he never has seen Big Brother before. I am not big on that one as many people that try out and CBS has to go out and recruit someone but whatever. So here somes Daniele and yeah he is a young snot nose little dude who wants to impress the girl and play this game he has never seen before, except that he got busted. Meaning he got called out and well snot nose little puppet boy had to call out Daniele. Which is fine because you know what Daniele is a big girl and she can handle herself. Then we have the resident Bullies Brenchel better known as Brendon and Rachel. Both have this stupid idiot of a power trip. Brendon sits back and its like he is waiting for people to come and kiss his hand and when they don't he cops an attitude. Rachel walks around like hey I am the queen and yes I do walk on water and you better bow down to me and "my fiance". They do this big blow up (aka house meeting) and pretty much cause Dominic to be voted out. BUH BYE. Now comes the competition and its an endurance oh yeah endurance. Be very afraid because Daniele can endure and she is a powerful one when she can play and last night she was allowed to play! And play she did!


The endurance was hanging on these skies and of course the usual snow and movement. Basically who ever is the last person standing wins HOH. Now to make it interesting they placed out some snowballs for some of the people who fall and all they told them was some is good, some is bad and one is $10,000. Here is how it went:

Lawon - first person to fall and as a result of bad snowball picking it made him a Have Not (wah wah wah).

Adam - oh boy second man down and his prize He has to wear an Elf Suit!! Yeah I am laughing just thinking about it too.

Brendon - 3rd dude down (Guess the king can't hold on to any throne) Anyway his lovely falling prize was to be a Have-Not. Serisously I would of preferred for Brendon to wear the Elf Suit. I would of paid money for him to do that.

Jeff - came down afterwards and won $10,000. Now this sounds nice and it is but BB history is not always positive for those that win that money. More on that later.

Jordan fell afterwards and is a Have-Not.

The rest of the order was (and with no prizes) Porsche, Shelly, Kalia saids "Promise you won't put me up?" and down she goes and Evil Dick's daughter Daniele Donato is now the new HOH!

Folks we have a game because amazingly Brenchels have no smile on their face? Gee I wonder why? I am sure Evil Dick is so proud.

As Daniele opening remark as HOH "Looks like I am back in the game!" Yeah baby you sure are!

Now last night Rachel had to wipe that smug grin she has had for the last couple weeks and go crawling to talk to Daniele she apologized to her. But you know there is something about a Rachel apology that just comes off as fake. Daniele told Rachel look girl I was never after you but you started after me and Rachel tried to basically say you know we need to stick together meaning the vets. Rachel did try to save Jeff and Jordan or more Jeff but Daniele made no promises. Jeff is really worried he is out he is pretty much out but did say to Jordan I will worry more after the veto is played.

Now in the night Daniele did talk to Jordan and Jeff and told them that they were safe this week and she asked them to keep her safe next week if either of them win HOH. They said yes they would but Jeff privately is not sure that Daniele really means it. He really wants to win POV to secure his stay.

I am not certain that Rachel's alone talk with Daniele did any good but one thing is for sure Brendon was not happy about it. He told Rachel "what have I told you about talking to her alone?" Really Brendon? Is that how you have to talk to her like a child and not a woman? Oh yeah that is right because she is a spoiled little bratty baby...yeah ok I got it.

Throughout the night Brenchels have been having an "oh poor me" party where one of them said "From the penthouse to the outhouse." Yeah I must admit that is about right and the fall is so much harder when you have to eat crow on the way down. Now we just need for Daniele to get them out! I want to say yes she will and signs lead to that she will but you know in that house things change. As long as no one does any big moves or screaming matches chances are Dani will place Brenchels up and then lets hope neither one of them win POV.

Stay Tune

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Brother last minute scheming

It appears the Brenchels and Jeff and Jordan have figured out Danielle is all hot for Dominic. DUH. SO now the plan is to dump Dominic on Thursday because after all we will not give Danielle what she wants. Danielle does realize that she has been discovered and well not much she can do about it but just win comps when she can play.

Stay Tune

Big Brother updates including spoilers

The terror of Brenchel continues. If you watched the show then you know that not only was the idiot of the season in charge of the house again but she has not changed in her idiot ways. I feel like this week is a total carbon copy of the first week? Not exciting at all. Evil Dick really why did you leave?? I know it must of been important for him to leave but gosh darn it I know you would of made something exciting happen by now. Here is what has been happening and please be warned there are spoilers in here so if you do not want to know then you may want to stop right now.

Ok first we approach the next competition of power and that is the Power of Veto. This is the big power where this person can literally take off the nominees forcing the HOH to put up another team. So along comes Rachel who wins HOH and puts up Dominic and Adam. Surprise surprise and they each tell them oh hey you are the pawn we so love you and we are here for you. But not so much because Brenchel are having doubts about Dominic. Now our girl Daniele gets a hold of this news and gets peeved because after all Dominic is her Bitch Boy. Sorry no other way to put it. He is a virgin and wet behind the ears and well Dani is not. No really he is a virgin I am not kidding... Alright so she does not like this and goes to talk to Brenchel who are like hey what is your problem. Brendon is basically questioning why Dani is so strong on keeping Dominic and Dani is like well you told me to bring him on board and I did and now you want me to not keep him here and Brenchel are like ah yeah why do you want him here so much? I mean Dani is working her angle. Dani has a point she is working alone because everyone has a partner and she does not and Brenchel are well they are clueless.

Ok so the POV is held and get out the tissues Brendon won. I know Brenchel continues. This caused brenchel to discuss if they wanted to change their nominations and possibly get rid of Jeff and Jordan. Yeah right like WTF? I too am like wanting to step in that house and go ok go walk out I am done with this nonsense. Well after back and forth discussions and lots of campaigning the POV Meeting was held and Brendon decided not to use the POV and keep everything the same.

So what this means is that as of right now the target is Adam and he will be going home.

I swear there better be a turn of events on Thursday night!

Stay Tune

Friday, July 22, 2011


Rachel OFF! Yeah Jeff said it best she is like that annoying mosquito you keep hearing and you want to squash! And now we have to tolerate her as HOH for a week. We are going to have to hear "This is my house with MY MAN and I am taking it back!" Why why why Jordan did you not just get rid of her. Gosh I like Jordan I really do but I so wish she would of evicted her out. SO now we need to sit and listen to her crap. The only good thing is that by the time her term is up she will have pissed more people off and they will be super big targets, thus, giving my J&J a longer stay. I think I would of even liked to have Lawon as HOH before seeing Rachel get it again.

So quickie recap:

All votes were to get rid of Cassi. She was not surprised she knew it was coming everyone told her so she was not hit hard. I liked Cassi I think she got a bum wrap. So Cassi leaves and next is the HOH Competition and we are all sadden to see Rachel win. Enough on that. So now the question is who will Rotting Rachel nominate. I think Rotting Rachel may actually put up my Happy Couple J&J yes I do think she will do that. Unless she decides to take aim at Daniele. For now that is my guess.

Stay Tuned

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Brother recap and my commentary

SO last night was Big Brother and OH Brother Rachel needs to go. Seriously since when did this game turn to the Rachel Brother show? She actually was upset at Jordan because OMG Jordan is not playing for her and Brendon? No way? Really? I am beginning to feel that Rachel needs to go. Brendon will turn into a little pee-brain when she is gone and spew how mad he is and then he will shout "This is for you Rachel honey I love you!" bla bla bla...It only means he is the next target. SO since today I am Thursday morning Quarterback here is what I think should go down: No this is not what will happen just what I feel should happen.

Thursday Shelly should get evicted. (She still look-a-and-sound-a-like a man) Gone Shelly tootles. Then when the HOH comp is being played, Jeff should win it and he should put up Kalia and Lawon. Now while I seriously dislike Lawon they are not the targets. The true targets are Brendon and Rachel with Rachel being the one to leave. By not putting B&R up first there is always a chance that they will not play for the POV and therefore be left defenseless. This way you split the duo up and spare us viewers from listening to Rachel.

Then once Rachel is out of there the new HOH game will begin and lets give it to the newbie Dominic. Yes Dominic you heard right. I am still not 100% Team Dominic because he is a snot nose little brat but I think he earned it.

SO as long as Jeff or Jordan win the whole game everything else can be played out accordingly.

Sounds reasonable?

Stay Tune.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Notice Big Brother is tonight

Be on the alert tonight is Big Brother no tonight is not an eviction night it should be filled with what has happened nothing live should go on. Now here is what I expect to see; The POV game and we will see Dominic win, then he will remove himself and Adam from the chopping block. Then, Jordan will put up Shelly and Cassi. Hopefully along the way we will see some of the backstabbing and scheming like how Jordan and Jeff have been discussing cutting out Brendon and Rachel (God I hope so!). I think we may see Danielle and Dominic action ok not that kind of action but I hear they are getting "close". Still planned for tomorrow is for Cassi to be evicted.

Stay Tune

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reality Recap with spoilers baby!

Well here we are again a Tuesday and what do I have on my mind? Why Big Brother of course!

When last we left of...Dominic had won the POV and of course was planning on using it to remove himself and Adam from the chopping block. Jordan was planning on putting Cassi and Shelly up in their place. So did that happen? Ah yeah!

Yes Dominic removed himself and Adam (and yes I do not blame you we don't want another Marcellass incident) and of course Jordan put Cassie and Shelly up and apparently the majority of the house wants Cassi gone and she knows it and is playing the part of Mary Miserable. Dominic is trying to give her hope. She is not going to stop but I am not sure it will work. Also there seems to be friction within the veterans because somehow Jeff heard or suspects that Brendon and Rachel may be hooking up with Dominic and Adam and this is making Jeff one mad Jeff. Eventually people will have to turn on each other but will it be so quick? Yeah might as well.
Word has it that Rachel is on slop because of some comp where it was like "what are you willing to give up" type of thing. Also it appears that the veterans are becoming more split mainly like those who hate Cassi and those who do not hate Cassi. Brendon, Rachel, Dani all seem to hate Cassi. I also believe Jeff and Jordan are not on team Brenchel.

So in Bachelorette news she is now down to the final 3 she let Ames go. Buh Bye pretty boy.

In none reality news The man and I will be attending the Brian Wilson concert at the Seminole Hard Rock on August 5th.

Stay Tune

Monday, July 18, 2011

Reality Recap including spoilers

Happy Monday and here is what is happening in the latest Big Brother saga. As you know there are spoilers here so if you do not care for them sorry wrong place! Let's begin with Big Brother!

As we know Adam and Dominic are on the chopping block and I for one was happy because I do not care for Dominic but ok whatever... Over the weekend a POV was held and the players were Jeff, Jordan, Rachael, Brendon, Adam, and Dominic and Danielle hosted. Almost seems like a slam dunk don't you think? Not so much B&R decided that perhaps they wanted to help out Dominic and Adam and throw the comp so that one of them would win ensuring that Jordan would put up Cassie and Shelly and they would kick out Cassie. But as someone oh so wise once said to me "Rachael hates women and is very insecure of them" so here is another Rachael sparked insecurity coming out. Well the comp went underway and oh boy cupcakes...Dominic won POV!!! Seriously? Did those two nerds really do that? I guess they did. So now they think that Jordan will put up Shelly and Cassie and they could kick out Cassie. I almost hope that Jordan puts up someone else oh like B&R!!! But chances are lovely sweet Jordan won't do something like that because she feels she needs to be loyal to the group.

Now one more spoiler but for another show..The Bachelorette

First I have to say Ashley is really a super boring chick. Plus she is not the brightest and I suspect she is a bit naive. Tonight is the hometown dates and from I hear Ames will be the one sent home but what will be more interesting to see is next week's episode which are the over night dates. Here is what I hear is going to happen. Constantine (is that even a guy's name?) well Mr. C ends up eliminating himself. Normally these are over night dates which mean that they go on a very romantic date and then at the end of the night are given the option of spending the night together a super luxury suite. It's optional to spend the night together but I cannot begin to think of one person who has yet to say no. I think one person said no once...Anyway Constantine will not just say no but eliminate himself before it gets to that. Now what is the reason you may ask? Well I am not sure rumor has it that it could be for religious reasons. I think it may be wise to watch tonights show to see how he is with his family and if any religion gets brought up here. So this means that the pickins are now down to the final two! JP and Ben are the final two. Yes I know who she picks...Not sure if I should post it...oh ok I will I hear she picks...JP and is engaged to him..

Stay Tune

Friday, July 15, 2011


Oh boy this is so very good! The preacher boy player is out of there! Ok I am sorry but this guy deserved to go go go! So a new head of household contest was done and well Jordan won. Of course when Jeff and Brandon went up they obviously threw the comp and basically gave her the win. Now of course we do not know if they would of won had they actually tried but that is ok because that is the way the cookie crumbles.

So as of right now we are waiting to see who she will nominate. If you listen to talk in the house Jordan plans on putting up Dominic and Adam. They will plan on trying to make deals with both of them but they have already approached Adam and so they may stick with that. Now Dominic is the one that refuses to talk to the veterans because gosh they do not have his best interest. Gee you think? So now he said he will not bow down to them or approach on making deal. Well lets see how far that takes you in the Big Brother house Dominic. I believe you need to go now.

Stay Tune

Thursday, July 14, 2011

BB Update and comparisions

Busy week meant to write some Big Brother updates but that just never seemed to happen. Ok so its been a week since the show started and my emotions have gone from way high to low. Yes due to ED leaving. Sorry but when you have Evil Dick in the mix it's always interesting. Developments have it right now that Porsche and Preacher Boy Keith are up. I personally hope the preacher child goes back to church. This got me to thinking ok prior to the show starting I saw some sample interviews and made my "first impression" on some of them. So let's take a look at how they are now a week into the show:

Lwson, I said I hated. I believe I said something like Hate him! Ok I still do not like him but there are others I dislike more but rest assure he is not on the like list.

Keith - Oh Keith. Ok I really did not write how I liked him but wrote about how stupid he was for having a whole plan made without even knowing what was in there. Todays's view HATE HIM! Sorry I do not like him. I so hope he leaves tonight.

Kalia - Was going in expecting everyone is lying. Well she seems pretty much playing that part. I cannot tell yet who she really likes I do not think she likes anyone. Smart move.

Dominic seemed boring to me. He still is boring but I recently realized he is another one of these players who apparently has never seen BB and is like a snot nose little brat. I hope someone has him for dinner. But he is alright.

Adam - I wrote he seems nice and well I still think he is nice oh yeah I think he shaved but the red bandana tied up in a knot around his bald head really has to go. It's hard to come off tough once you are seen with that on.

Ok thats about it. So the question at large is who is leaving. Depending on the hour it could be Porsche or it could be preacher boy. I hope its preacher boy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

To feed or not to feed

OH boy it is back and this season is going to be great! There are things I like and there are things I don't like and there will be spoilers so if you do not like spoilers well sorry you have come to the wrong place. So lets give a small recap of what happened on Big Brother.

The show began and we met the 8 houseguests and what is funny is that some of their personalities were not the same as in the video CBS had where they were being asked questions. I still do not like Lawon - sorry the dude is Marcellaus reincarnated. But some of them were thinking wait there is something funny because there are only 8 of us and 10 place settings. Yeah can you tell how smart they are already? Then they are told hey guys you are not the only guests some others will be coming and before you know it ring a ding ding enter Brendon and Rachel. Oh be still my heart please no not another Brenchel. And as they are all getting to know each other knock knock enter Jeff and Jordan! Oh yes now with J&J there you know what I can tolerate the other two and I am sitting there happy as a clam and bingo enter Dick and Danielle! OMG this is going to be an awesome season! I can picture it now Dick and Rachel going at it. Oh its just going to be brilliant. So they had their first HOH competition and it was hanging on a banana, yes I said banana and while hanging chocolate was thrown at them. I can hear you laughing and shaking your head but yes this is how it happened one by one they went down and eventually Rachel came out ahead.

So here is how this will work everyone was paired off into teams of two. This means you are a team until its over and its over when you are put up for nomination. Once you are nominated then you are split and let the campaigning begin. But if you are NOT evicted in the first 4 weeks you are given a spot in the top 10. So one of Rachel's first duties is to nominate and here is where the spoiler is because this was not shown on the show but Rachel has nominated Porsche and Keith.

So good news is the season looks good but as of this morning it appears Dick is missing and there is a rumor that he may have been disqualified for revealing that he was going to be on the show prior to the show being on. He left a video message to be released today or last night but this means he would of had to tell someone. I hope he is not gone because it really will put a damper on the season but only time will tell.

But my one question is to Live Feed or not to Live Feed?

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tonight is it

Oh yes tonight Big Brother alrighty this is awesome and I cannot wait for it and I must say another certain person that resides with me cannot wait either. The jury is still out on paying for live feeds chances are we will not since we can get enough information from the web.

Now to continue the good news, if you recall back in April I went and ranted about my wonderful daytime soaps ending and yes I have to admit I was/am upset about it. Now I am not over it I am still upset HOWEVER, there is good news. Prospect Park a production and media company founded in 2009 has purchased the rights and leased agreements for One Life to Live (OLTL) and All My Children (AMC). What this means is that the shows will be able to stay and keep coming to the fans once their "end" date comes. It will be mostly online and I am hearing some possible internet based TVs should be able to catch them. Yeah I am sadden that they are even moving but the fact is that they are still alive...this is because don't mess with soap fans WE RULE!

Now back to the game of life...

Stay Tune

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Almost time

As the days get closer to Big Brother time the news and rumors grow. This is actually part of the excitement. I recently took a tour of the new Big Brother house (via video tour ) and it looks very beachy. It's actually decorated to Venice beach so this means that there is bright colors, surfboards, graffiti and oh yes a fortune teller machine. This should be least I surely hope it will be.

One of the news flying around is that there will be a duo coming back into the house to compete for the money and CBS has placed a few former HGs as possible duos. I see Jessie the bod is back on the list and I hope not how many times can they get that jerk back in there? The dude is so stuck on himself that he has a hard time walking straight. Although word has it that is a persona he plays and that when one really knows him away from the cameras he is not like that. Sorry this guy walks around kissing himself and body and acts like a total idiot who barely remembers the alphabet and I am suppose to believe he does that on purpose?? Reaslly? Seriously? So I really hope he does not go back in. Another is the Brendon and Rachel or as the BB groupies call them Brenchel. I think I can tolerate him but her voice and laugh can be a bit annoying after a while so I hope not. Dick and Danniele Donato is another on the list and while Dick won first place and Dani won 2nd I am not so sure they could make it a second time. Now another on the list is Dr Will and Boogie aka Chilltown...Really again? Both have won so how in the world could they con a group to keep them in there?

The one thing I do know is that there is something we have not seen yet left to happen and I suspect there may be more then a duo going back in the house because of what we do know already. Here is what we know they have released the names and videos of the 8 houseguests. Yes 8 this is far short of the usual 12-14 players so does this mean we will get 3 sets of duo's going back in? Or another duo such as twins...oh dear will BB try that twin thing again? I don't think it worked out too well last time they did it so yeah lets try it again!

Whatever it is I am getting all excited about it.

Stay Tuned