Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A short rant

I may give a comment or two on Big Brother but right now I read something on Yahoo and it just makes me sad. I heard how ABC is getting slammed for bringing on Chaz Bono as one of their celebrities to dance. Why Chaz? Well we all know the answer to that question it is because Chaz was born a female but is now technically a man. He did this of his own free will after years of therapy and decision making, but apparently that is not good enough for many out there. All I keep thinking is who has the right to judge on a personal decision that a person makes in their life style? I mean he is not hurting anyone and it was his own choice to make so who gives people who do not know him the right to judge? I mean really? Can this world not grow up and stop judging people by the color of their skin, the life style they choose, the amount of money they make, the social standings they may or may not have? I now hope Chaz makes it far in the competition. He may not who knows what those hormones have done but I support his right to do it and not allow others to tell him how to live or in this case not live. Ok sorry that was my rant.

Ok Big Brother is pretty much the same as the last one or two line posting. Shelly is going home. Rachel and Jordan pretty much control the votes leaving Kalia the one sole vote but Kalia has already approached R and J and told them that she was to votes unified so she will vote whatever way they want. Which is no harm lost since Shelly was not one of Kalia's biggest fan.

So the live eviction is tomorrow night and Shelly will be joining Brandon, Daniele and Jeff. Can you imagine the look on their faces when they see her walk in?

Stay Tuned

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not a Big Brother post this time its DWTS

Ok so in a summer rare moment no Big Brother happenings. I think that things will remain the same for now meaning Shelly aka "she look-a-like-a man" will be the next member of the jury house.

Last night during Bachelor Pad the new cast of Dancing with the Stars was revealed and oh boy this should be an interesting season. Chaz Bono who is the only child of Sonny and Cher wil be competing and since he is technically a he will be paired with a female partner. I personally am looking forward to this and cannot wait to see him do the tango. Way to go Chaz! Other cast members are:

Nancy Grace - Do I even need to say anything about her? How will she be able to dance and keep her nose out of the political limelight? Didn't someone tell her that politicians are campaigning now? I guess its ok since Casey Anthony trial is over and done with - I wonder what she would of done if it wasn't.

David Arquette is another celebrity taking the dance routine. Courtney Cox and David are now ex's but get along very well I wonder if we will see her in the audience? I hope he stopped drinking because I am not sure I want to see a drunk celebrity trying to dance - wait or do I?

LA Lakers Ron Artest - I do not know anything about this guy so I will keep it clean. Oh boy another basketball player!

Ricki Lake - I actually kind of like Ricki Lake so I am looking forward to seeing her.

Chynna Phillips - If she does not make it to the end maybe they will give her a singing gig during the finals.

Kristin Cavallari - reality star. I hear she is from The Hills or was on that show I never saw it so I will take the press's word for it because we all know the press would never lie.

Carson Kressley - if there is one thing I know for sure is that Carson will look good dancing. I like Carson he is a bit over the top but that is his gimick and he does it so well.

Rob Kardashian - Oh Lordy another Kardashian putting themselves on TV. To borrow Daniele Donato's word "Shocker".

Hope Solo - Soccer Goalkeeper, Oh boy another athlete. I am not familiar with Hope so I will refrain from what I really want to say which is Soccer Goalkeeper is that like Vanna White's job as Official Letter-Turner? Yes I am kidding.

JR Martinez - Actor All My Children! Yeah ok I am a wee bit excited. With the end of AMC coming soon I am happy to see one of their stars out there dancing. Will he be the winner? No chances not they usually give that to the athletes and younger stars. But regardless I am happy to see a fellow soapie on here!

Alright so I may post from time to time on how things go lets see how it goes..

Oh wait one more star ops sorry I forgot this person was dancing

Elisabeth Canalis - Former Girlfriend of George Clooney. Yeah thats her title. Enough said.

Stay Tuned

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not a quiet weekend in the Big Brother house - spoilers

One of the things I love about Big Brother is how things can change from day to day. Just when you think that the tide is changing in one direction BOOM someone does or wins something and it all changes.

When last we left off Porshe won HOH and a decision to make as to who to put up and as expected she put up Rachel and Jordan. No surprise there the lines were clearly drawn once the dust settled. Porshe's target was Rachel but you know what this is Big Brother and twists are part of the show enter - Pandora's Box! As we know Pandora's Box is a choice the HOH has to make to either open it or not to open it. The results can be good for the HOH but at what price? Well come on has anyone ever not opened Pandora's Box? Of course that little girl opened it. She got $10,000 BUT she has to split it with someone so of course she picks her girlfriend Kalia. Oh BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! The price for opening the box is that the remaining Houseguests will be playing as duos so of course they have to pair up. The HGs paired up as expected: Kalia and Porsche, Adam and Shelly, Jordan and Rachel. So now what does this mean for Jordan and Rachel? This means that they are playing as a duo if one of them wins the Power of Veto that person can remove both of them from the chopping block forcing the HOH to put another duo up and each duo will need to campaign individually to stay in the house.

So the POV comp was played and Rachel won! Yes she sure did! This means that Rachel has the power to remove herself and Jordan from the chopping block and force Porsche to put up one of her own Shelly and Adam - wah wah wah. And yes do not think for a minute she will not use it because she will, her name is not Lawon or Marcellas. So once she comes down they will go up and Rachel and Jordan will control the majority of the voting since there will only be 3 people voting. What a difference a game play makes huh? This means that Shelly is gone gone gone! BUH BYE. What is so funny is that Porshe's HOH stint caused her one of her own so much like Kalia's first stint. They have so much in common.

And in the meantime there is sweet floater Adam. This guy has been the pawn so many times and he is rarely the target. He has pretty much done nothing in the game and I have to wonder if any of them are thinking if they take Adam they can win since he has done nothing.

Stay Tuned

Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Brother a week's worth in one night - spoilers!

Ok so it has been a while and I am sorry about that but some of you already know the main spoilers. Last night was a world-wind of a night. In an effort to not have a super long post I will try to keep it simple. Can I even do that? We shall see...

Alright so Thursdays showed opened with us the audience already knowing that there was going to be a double elimination. The HGs did not know this somehow Adam (The newbie) told them that oh for sure it will be next week. Yeah I know with vets in the house you would think different.

So the live first eviction takes place and there was speculation that Daniele may have pulled off a Donato-miracle by having Shelly campaign for her and change votes. I almost wish she would of I would of liked to see that happen. I like Daniele but with that being said as a game-watcher she really is a strong player and at this point strong players need to be eliminated. I am actually impressed that Shelly had the balls to try and out right pick a side. I give her that and for Shellys game it would of been better to keep Daniele but if I am not so sure Daniele would of taken Shelly to the final two she is too close to Kalia. Speaking of Kalia...

So Dani leaves and the new HOH game is played and it comes down to Jordan and Kalia and Kalia wins. But she is told you need to put up two people in the next minute or two and well as expected she puts up Jeff and Rachel. Jeff's chances are not looking good at this point . He played hard and strong but he is a threat and threats need to go if you want to make it to the end. Now the next step is to do a Power of Veto comp and everyone except Jordan (WTF??) gets to play. The comp begins and Porche wins the POV! Ok this is still Thursday night - remember normally all this stuff happens within a the week. So Porche decides to leave the noms as they are. Ah yeah you think since your alliance is HOH? Now next step is to go and do live voting the votes come down to a tie (Jordan and Adam voted to evict Rachel) the other two voted to evict Jeff so it comes down to Kalia to break the tie and of course she kicks Jeff out. So Jeff leaves. (The end of an era). Now I was thinking at this point you know Kalia is thinking ok my reign is over I better still get my food basket.

But wait there is more! This means that we need a new HOH for the week. So the game begins again and as the theme has been going Porche wins HOH. So who will she put up? Rachel is a sure bet and chances are she will put Jordan up too speaking of Jordan.

I read that last night Shelly and Jordan got into an all out yelling fight that Rachel had to pull Jordan out of the room and try to calm her down! Jordan was even yelling "That Bitch!" Ok now this is the one time I wish I did get the live feed because just for that alone I would use the play back feature to see.

In other news Kalia has made a secret alliance with Adam for final two. Kalia told Adam oh don't worry no one will vote for me. Ah yeah really? I guess on her part its smart because Adam is considered the biggest floater since he floats from HOH to HOH and kisses their behind so Kalia can say hey I played the game he has not.

Whatever team you are on I am for one happy to finally see GAME PLAY!

Stay Tuned!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Brother here we go again

Spoiler alert!

This could be a long one but I will try to just give brief highlights.

Thursday: Apparently America voted for Brendon to return to the BB house. I am like ok whatever. I think people just thought Rachel was leaving and wanted to see his look when he had to battle it against her. Well if that would of happened I believe we all know what would of happened. Brendon would of ever so bravely let the chick win. Alright so Brendon returns back and has to battle against Lawon for coming back into the house. Lets just say while Lawon had balls in his hands he could not do anything with them because Brendon ended up winning. So he returns back in and Rachel straddles him.

Later on that same night the HOH competition is played and Daniele comes out victorious. Kalia is happy too because he girlfriend won and they can go back upstairs and eat and sleep together.

More spoilers:

One of Dani's duties is to nominate two people for eviction so she ever so cleverly put up Adam and Shelly. I think at this point her target is Shelly but secretly she would love to put up Brendon or Rachel. So they go up she tells each of them they are just a pawn.

Fast Forward to POV the game was played and Adam won POV. So now Dani has to make a decision who will go up. I think she is planning on putting up Brendon because she feels he will be evicted again but Dani is so out of touch with what is going on in the house she may have a rude awakening.

So other stuff won was Daniele won a POV ticket so she will play in the next POV. Jeff won some money. Jordan has a wear a stupid "unitard". They call it a unitard but it really looks stupid. The outfit has a too-too and a hat that reads "Dunce." I like Jordan and I think that was done on purpose because the previous season unitards were not like that, so I am kind of disappointed in CBS for doing that. Shelly won 24 hour confinement and a phone call from home, Kalia won a vacation.

So now we wait until the Daniele makes her choice which should be some time today.

Stay Tuned

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tonight one person leaves only to have another return

In a nut shell that is it. We already know that tonight one person will be evicted. And while in the beginning I thought it was Rachel I have to admit I am not so sure anymore just because of all the "deals". Lawon heard that there is a chance he is being evicted and he is sitting back getting his tan and trying to look well I don't know what he is trying to look like but he seems to feel that he will be turning around and coming right back in - and well that is a possibility. I surely hope not I had of Marcellas reincarnated.

The last few days have been much of the same. The house seems to be civil to each other. Jordan and Jeff have pretty much figured out the twist but I do not think many of the others believe them. Lawon is certain that if he is evicted he will return with some ultimate power and he is power hungry. Kalia has no clue what is going on but she likes the new cupcakes and hamburgers on hand. Although Kalia did mention to her boss (Dani) that she is happy that she has not ate so much this week. Really???? Danielle poor Dani is having a hard time controlling her peeps from talking to other people. Shelly well all Shelly wants to do right now is win HOH so she can get stuff from her monsters and family. Yeah she seems to be begging the others to let her win HOH.

BB was nice to our houseguests by giving them a mid way house party to celebrate. This was done with the feeds off because part of the fun was music along with pizza wine and fun. So this got everyone happy and in a happy mood.

So tonight will tell all who is leaving, who returns and who will be the new HOH. Also one thing to note next week the person who gets evicted will be the first member of the jury.

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Brother talk

Oh boy Rachel has got to be feeling on top of the world because if one was to believe what the HGs have been saying then Lawon is gone. They know that who ever leaves has a chance to come back in however they do not know how that will happen. They have no idea that they have to battle an evicted HG. Rachel has been talking to the cameras ever since Brendon left. She feels he went home and has been wathing the live feeds so she wants to feel close to him and has been talking to it. Yesterday while in the house chit chatting Jeff mentioned in speculating about what if the person leaving has to do something against one of the former evicted houseguest and the person who wins would come back. A few of them laugh and Jordan even said to Rachel wouldn't it be funny to see Daniele's face if Brendon came back in and how weird would it be this whole time you talking to the camera and he is at some hotel room locked up. Sometimes I think the girl needs more credit then she is given ok and Jeff too. I guess Jeff since he did mention it first.

Other things happening that are part of their operating procedure Daniele is sleeping in the HOH room and Kalia is there too but she gets up occassionally to go eat and Shelly walks in to talk to them and then she leaves and they are like well we need to watch what we tell her because she snitches..DUH really?

In the day Rachel did go talk to Dani and Kalia because now was the right time you see Kalia would not talk to Rachel unless Dani was there and now she was. Well Dani controlled the whole conversation she made the "deal" about keeping Rachel safe. Rachel asked her would you vote to get me out and Dani would just say things like this is a huge trust I am giving if I was. But in the end Dani said she would keep Rachel safe and not to say a word to anyone outside of the HOH room. Rachel left and Kalia is like oh I like the deal "I" just made! Real Kalia you made the deal?? Because I swear I think that was Daniele talking the whole time? Now like a good little soldier Rachel did not reveal any of their conversation. Jordan asked Rachel did you make a deal with them or did they offer you a deal and Rachel just answered "No." All Jordan had to say was "I am surprised."

So by all appearances it seemed it was an easy out for Rachel and the tide changed and it seems to appear she is staying in the house.

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Brother and other reality spoiler news

Ok so before we get to the star of the show (Big Brother) a little summary on Bachelor Pad. Scandal sex and lies. Yeah that was the gist of it all.

Ok Jake was once a bachelor and picked Vienna as his love for life well as things go they broke up and it was ugly, nasty and very public - mainly because they took part in an interview to talk about the break up and he went off on the girl. She is no angel but the dude went off like Pee Wee Herman peeking into Michael Jackson's bedroom. So of course she is one of the girls in the bachelor pad show and for about half the night it was will Jake be one of the guys or won't he. Well hello we all know he will heck even she knew. So of course she starts planting seeds of doubt on anyone who will listen about how horrible he is and how scared she is. This makes Vienna's current boyfriend - Kasey - very upset because he is her protector (and a former bachelor contestant). Enter Jake she ignores he saids hello she ignores. There is a challenge and he wins and offers her a rose to stay as a peace offering but she wants nothing of it.

Needless to say this show will focus on this triangle mainly because it makes for good tv but there will be more drama coming. Now on to Big Brother

Word on the street has it that

Porsche, Jeff and Jordan want to save Rachel. Then on the other side of the house Rachel has been trying to make deals with Kalia and Danielle about staying. Honestly at this point I have no idea why anyone is bothering with Kalia her job is done there is nothing she can do at this point its all in the hands of the voters. Ok so each side thinks they are being sneaky. Kalia and Dani talk to Rachel about keeping them safe and getting the votes but in the meantime the other side (Jeff Jordan Porsche) want to keep Rachel. Then you have to wonder about Lawon. Lawon volunteered to go up as a replacement nominee, so when Jeff removed himself Lawon was put up. He is so happy about it. Oh yes very happy he just keeps saying I love it I so love it because I will turn around and come right back in and make everyone miserable. And Marcellas thought that when he was born the mole was broken...nope it sure wasn't.

What I find interesting is that Kalia made this whole big speech about making her own decisions and not being influenced yet she does not want to talk to Rachel without Danielle being there. Like she told her I do not want to talk to you without Danielle here. How is that for independence?

SO things are always changing in the Big Brother house...

Stay Tunes

Monday, August 8, 2011

Spoilers recaps Big Brother God I love reality shows

Here we are the weekend is over and reality shows are in full swing. Big Brother had some stuff that happened this weekend and I will get to that in a minute. But tonight (Monday) is the start of Bachelor Pad on ABC. Lord have mercy, the sex, the drama, the fights will begin. Bachelor Pad is the summer show from the Bachelor/Bachelorette producers. Basically they take about 12 or 14 former Bachelors and Bachelorettes and stick them in this house to compete. At one point they pair up and the last couple standing will win $250,000. That is a whole lot of money. Some hook up and some don't. But what will be interesting to see is the last idiot publicity whore(s) Jake and Vienna. Oh yeah both are on the show. She claimed he was a publicity whore and accused her of the same thing - yet they both live in Los Angeles and are on this show - you decide who is the bigger one. I will say he was very unclassy when he decided to get really ugly to her in an interview where he called her names and was just a dirt bag. Ok enough of that noise.

Big Brother! Oh boy. Ok this is what has aired and we already know. The Head of Household is Daniele's puppet girl - Kalia. I know Kalia claims that she is making her own decisions but come on Kalia no you are not just admit it. But she is at least playing strong and I will give her credit for that.

Kalia put up Jeff and Rachel for nominations and her target is Rachel. She does not care that she knows someone is coming back in.

Jordan went off on Kalia which was really pretty darn cool!

The Have and Have Not competition was done and Shelly, Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel were in the losing side and are Have Nots for the week.

Spoilers spoilers spoilers

Alright so over the weekend the Power of Veto was played and Jeff won the POV! So of course Jeff will remove himself and the question is who will he put up. It depends on who you listen to her talking. Kalia claims she will put up Adam or Lawon and I am not so sure. We know she will not put up Daniele and she should put up Porsche but I am not so sure she will because she has been up her behind a lot. Although Lawon can be the one since apparently he volunteered himself to Kalia, he feels he will come right back in. Hum lets think about that Lawon is evicted and he goes up against Dominic?? Not sure I think it will be a battle between Rachel and Dominic fighting to come back in.

We do not know right now who will be put up but at last count it is between Lawon (who volunteered), Porsche or Adam. Shelly keeps talking to Kalia about putting up Porsche and then Daniele comes behind her and talks Kalia out of it.

Once I hear who is up I will let you all know.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A newbie won on Big Brother

Well a new day has begun in the Big Brother house and perhaps a new era. As expected Brendon was voted out of the house. And what was so funny was listening to him talk ops I mean CRY to Julie Chen! He sat there and as he tried to talk he got all choked up. Now the question is was he crying because he is going to miss his wonderful fiance or was he crying because he realized he made a mistake by saving Rachel and not himself. I don't know I am just glad the dude is out of there.

So this upcoming week will be interesting. Kalia will have to put two people up and Rachel will go up at least I am pretty sure she will. The question is who will she put up against Rachel. The talk is Jeff and they seem to be very worried about it. It will be interesting to see what happens.

One thing I hope Kalia thinks about is that whoever leaves may come back so perhaps its best to not put up someone who is a strong competition player. In that case put up Rachel and let it ride! What I expect is that Rachel will think that Brendon will be voted back and it will be even more funny to see her face when he is NOT coming back. Seriously I cannot see America voting for Brendon to come back in.

SO was it good or bad? Who do you think should go up?

Stay Tuned

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Brother lots to reveal spoilers and lots to talk about

Ok here is what we know Brendon and Jordan are on the chopping block. Jordan and Jeff were not surprised and I think they feel secure enough that they have the votes but do not be so sure. I am totally sure who will be going but I know who I want out---Brendon. Oh but lets hope he stays out. Because according to some spoiler sites CBS is planning on making an America's Choice on bringing an evicted house guest back. Now we know Evel Dick will not be one of them so that leaves Cassie, Keith, Dominic and who ever leaves tonight lets just say Brendon. Oh please America if that is the case and Brendon leaves oh please do not vote him back in! Please lets keep him out!

So I thought I would mention something that was funny weird. If you record the Big Brother After Dark you will catch it on the August 2nd play, it was Brenchels Trash Bag Wedding. Yes the Happy Couple had a Trash bag wedding. I am serious Brendon wore a lovely liner of trash bag with a small twist around his neck to create a tie while Rachel was covered in what appeared toilet paper? Or some while lining type complete with a home made aluminium foil belt and head piece. She had a flower girl (Kalia) and her own ring bearer (Adam in the Elf costume). Now because they are not allowed to sing due to rights and ownership of the songs they had to clap and say "For she is a jolly good fellow" Now isn't that just so romantic? I know these two couples when they were young laying in bed dreaming of one day when they grow up and get married they would be in a house with 8 other people and specially made Trash Bag outfits..yeah special. Well you may ask but wait who did the ceremony? We shall get to that...Jordan was the maid of honor, Porsche was a guest, Jeff was the best man, Danielle blew bubbles into the air and the preacher was Lawon! Yes Lawon did his best Little Richard and preached about LOVE and how LOVE IS IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE! Look it was better then watching them sleep, eat and lay around looking at each other without saying a word.

So who is leaving tonight? My money is on Brendon.

Stay Tune

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Brother it all changes daily

Well here is the latest and greatest including spoilers. Hope you like them.

Rachel and Brendon are on the chopping block and Brendon won POV which means he has the power to remove either himself or the other person making the HOH put someone else up in their place. Brendon had been saying he was going to remove himself but you know I was not sure about that because he is a con and a con is a con and as expected Brendon saved Rachel. BLA BLA BLA.

Once it happened Daniele was heard saying "This is great this is perfect this is exactly what I wanted to happen if I didn't win HOH I would be nominated." Well she right about that.

Since Brendon saved Rachel Daniele put up Jordan. The hope is that she feels Jordan has enough votes to save herself and send Brendon home. I am not so sure on that but it is possible.

Lawon and Adam were talking at one point to each other and Lawon said the classic loser line "This is our house now, this is our turn to break it down." Nice dude. One thing to note is that Shelly originally looked like she was with Brendon and Rachel and they had told Shelly that Rachel was going to stay, heck even Rachel told Shelly to "take care of Brendon" so now Shelly must be like oh you lied. So maybe she might not be so quick to align.

Thursday night is eviction any guesses who is leaving? And will there be someone coming back?

Stay Tune

Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Brother Happenings including Spoilers

Ok so this is what we know so far.
Daniele won Head of Household (HOH) and is "Back in the game!" One of her first duties is to put two people up for eviction and as expected she put up Brendon and Rachel. Of course Rachel pouted boo hoo poor me bla bla bla. So the campaigning begins.


The POV competition was held and the winner was Brandon. Yeah seriously I cried too. Now Brandon on the show said he would take Rachel down however, recently on live feeds he has been singing a different tune. He has actually been saying that he sees that he has a better chance of going further then she does. This is actually true considering that he is a little better at the social game and he does tend to play rather well. So as of yet there is no word on what has been done if this changes I will see what I can do about posting it. Here are my personal thoughts:

Daniele - I am so loving that she is fierce! I love that she is not afraid to go after Brenchel. She does need to watch herself a little bit but never underestimate the power of a Donato.

Brenchel - I only wish there was a way to get rid of both of them this week.

Jeff and Jordan - My sweetheart couple. In a perfect world they would both go down to the end and this time Jeff would win. But Jordan this season seems to be talking a little more game then I have heard her talk in the past so I am happy for that.

Porsche - You know I liked this girl because she is from down here (South Florida - Miami Beach!) but she is aligning herself with Brenchel and that is never a good thing. I see some catty stuff coming out. The girl is walking a thin line. BUT, the girl right now is doing what many who have gone far in Survivor have done control the environment. Porsche seems to be doing a lot of cooking! One might say if you control the environment you control to an extent the game.

Kalia - She can be strong. I think she is part of that old saying "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are." And right now she is aligned with Daniele who is strong and fierce. Kalia seems to be a little strong and fierce too but I feel she needs to step that up a little and try better in the social game.

The others left are alright. I love Adam's Elf costume. He is funny. On the feeds he has been very positive about it and he is making the most of it. He does not seem to be on any one's radar which is actually good because in the past whoever wears the costume ends up walking out in it. Even though there has been small talk on putting him up when one of the Brenchels come down there are others on the list. There is talk about putting up Porsche who has been a tail to Brenchel and Shelly who no one really seems to know what side she is on.

Who should go up? Here is a question that was asked of me...Who is your favorite newbie (either present or evicted)?

Stay Tune