Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday in Miami

Sunday in Miami during this time of year is fabulous...not....we live with the threat of hurricanes and if there are no hurricanes its thunderstorms. But you know what the rest of the year its hot and bright. It is better then Earthquakes. Today we woke up to some pretty yucky weather lots of wind and rain. But you know what we are fortunate we were dry and safe. Except for someone who decided they had to walk the dog in the middle of Gustav's winds.

Detailed Forecast

Rest Of Today: becoming partly sunny. Breezy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 80s. Southeast winds 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.

Tonight: partly cloudy with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. Breezy. Lows in the lower 80s. East winds 15 to 20 mph decreasing to 5 to 10 mph after midnight. Chance of rain 30 percent.

Right now its cloudy and 84 degrees.

The plans for today are to go to Marty's place and have Thai! Yee pee! I so love Thai food. That will be fun because everyone is going including Nick. So it should be interesting and I am so sure that at some point in the visit football will be on tv and I wonder if the famous subject(s) of Godfather or Star Wars will be mentioned? Lets see

Stay tune

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good Morning Saturday!

Well hello everyone! Here I am on a nice Saturday writing these updates. Ok lets get right to it, Big Brother when last we left Jerryattic won Head of Household and he had not made his nominations. Jerry has made his choice he has nominated Dan and Keesha and his target is Dan. Jerry is just so upset at how Dan has been (after all Dan has been playing the game). NO real surprise there it would of been a surprise had Dan not gone up. The Power of Veto was already done but so far no reveal has been released as to who won POV. I think you know I will try to continue to find out. It will be revealed its just that the competition was done in the wee hours of the night/morning so they are sleeping. Those in dorks,...don't they know inquiring minds want to know! Once I learn I will post it (not sure when I will post it but you know I will).
Edit: This just in Memphis won POV and his plan is to use the POV and remove Dan from the chopping blocking leaving no choice but Renny going up. Then the plan between Dan and Memphis is to vote out Renny. So it appears that one of my favorites will be leaving. (Yeah I am a wee bit sadden).
Picture above is: Dan, Marty, Paul, Dennis
Dad came with his little friend Sarge yesterday and I am already so attached to Sarge. He is the cutest and sweetest! He has a character and its so special. He has a way of eating which is the food is placed in his bowl, he comes over and looks at it and looks at dad with this yeah so what. Dad takes it and places some on a spoon and gives it to him then Sarge will take some and dad directs him to the bowl. Sarge looks at the bowl and looks at dad and steps back. Ok step 3, dad takes some of the food and puts it in the palm of his hand, Sarge comes over and eats from it and this continues until Sarge has ate his food. It is just a total treat to see. The bond is really nice.
Last night we all stayed in the house and had Chicago styled hot dogs, home made potato salads, Shortys Baked Beans, Shortys cole slaw and 2 bottles of white wine and 1 bottle of red wine. All the boys and I really had a nice time talking and laughing.

Today Dad and Marty went to Shulas 2 (Bar in Miami Lakes owned by Don Shula and son) and they will be watching the Gators game there together (Go Gators!). Edit: Gators won big time.

Tonight we went to for dinner to celebrate Dennis' s belated birthday. We certainly do not mind. I had for the first time a White Bordeaux which was fabulous. Some of us took advantage of the Miami Spice Menu. I had a nice Filet Mignon which was so good along with creme brulee. Yum. The boys each had their steak version while one opted for the Salmon, (ever so healthy). The picture above is of the boys and dad at the restaurant. The top picture if Sarge.
Cuurently the weather in Miami is 81 and light rain. There is no sun out right now and occassional light showers.

Detailed Forecast

Today: considerably cloudy then becoming mostly cloudy. Breezy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms, then widespread showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 80s. East winds 10 to 15 mph becoming 15 to 20 mph in the afternoon. Chance of rain 80 percent. Tonight: mostly cloudy with numerous showers and scattered thunderstorms. Windy. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Very warm lows in the lower 80s. East winds 15 to 20 mph becoming 20 mph after midnight. Chance of rain 70 percent.

Stay tune for further developments

Friday, August 29, 2008

Buh Bye But is it game over?

Ok good news and bad news! Good news is that on Big Brother Michelle is gone gone gone. She looked like a total fool. She was voted out and in her interview she mentioned how she suspects Dan is a "plant" and she is no fool. Well Julie Chen told her look you have said he is a plant and she goes oh yeah and Julie said I am here to tell you no she is not a plant you are here because you were really nominated and voted out. Oh her face was like blank well ah ah ah he is weird. Then she mentions another brillant statement. Since she knows its double eviction and there is someone else leaving she is "Positive" that it will be Dan she goes "no doubt about it Ollie will make sure he is gone" Well the girl best not go to Vegas because she will lose big time because the next person who won HOH was Keesha and Keesha nominated Ollie and Jerry and Dan won POV and kept the nominations the same. Well the vote down and in a vote of 3-0 OLLIE you are so gone! Buh Bye Ollie! So Michelle lost her "no doubt about it" statement making herself look like not just one but a double LOSER! Yeah it was good.

Now bad...Well since this was what was called BB Fast Forward they played a week's worth of competition. SO a new HOH competition was played and Jerry aka Jerryatic won. Yeah this is not good for the remaining 4 who were planning on being the final 4. So now the big mystery is who will Jerry place up for nomination? One needs to stay tune because well its not done yet. He has problems with all of them. If I was to guess who he will put up it is going to be Dan and maybe Renny. Oh but of all things to happen Jerry! Why or why! Oh but this is a game and anything can happen and it does.

So stay tune folks...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

So close ... The Weekend Long!

Oh the long weekend is almost here and my very favorite father in law arrives tomorrow so I am way excited! Dad is bringing his new live in friend. Now before you jump to conclusion the new live in friend is named Sarge, you see Sarge is a doggie.

It is kind of hard to see Sarge's face but I am sure I will have more chances to take more pictures. From what I am told Sarge has a character and dad has already started spoiling the latest member of the family. Now Paradise and Max are just going to love Sarge -----NOT! But so what you know what they say Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.

Tonight is Eviction night in the Big Brother house! Those silly houseguests think its just one going to the jury house (ha ha ha those silly kids) they have not figured out before the hour is over a 2nd will leave. Of course Jerry (aka Jerryatic) and Michelle (Manchelle) are on the block and so far Michelle should be the one leaving. But Michelle and Ollie have been campaigning very hard and what is very noticable is that Jerry has done zero campaigning. Some of the HGs are wondering why he has not campaigned or asked for their vote. Ok HELLO the man is old but not totally senile he was there for the blow up he knows to move back and let you all fight it out. Somehow they have not come up to that answer...Yeah some of the HGs in there are "special".

I will try to update over the long weekend but because of our HGs I may not be able to so if you cannot wait to find out who was evicted go to or better yet go to scoop central at

In other local developing news it appears Hanna is coming to visit Florida. Tropical Depression #8, which formed in the Caribbean Sea Thursday morning, is now Tropical Storm Hanna.
Hanna is moving toward the west-northwest near 12 mph. A turn toward the northwest is expected later today. On the forecast track, the storm will move away from the northern Leeward Islands and be centered well to the northeast of the Bahamas during the next couple of days.
Maximum sustained winds are near 40 mph with higher gusts. Some strengthening is forecast during the next 24 hours.
Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 50 miles from the center.

You know folks this time of the season its almost never a dull moment. I am very fortunate that I live in a well secure home with strong built in accordian shutters. Once closed we are so safe. There is something nice to be said about that. But it leaves me wondering if I lose power how in the world am I going to A) catch up on my soaps B) Catch up on BB News? C) Catch up on the comings and goings of celebrities! Oh this also reminds me I need get my water jugs refilled.

Stay tune folks!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Almost time

Today is Wednesday and if its Wednesday its Elks Meeting night. These are the busy times of Elkdom for me since the Charity Ball is Oct 18 and I am totally freaking out thinking no one will show up and no one will donate and we will all close down because of my in ability to raise money. Yeah but I am a positive person so I have faith.

In other news I was very disappointed in Big Brother last night. Why? Well I thought they would air more of the big blow up! OMG one of the biggest explosions to happen and they barely show any of it all they showed of Ollie was his movements of throwing stuff around. I know that CBS cannot air cuss words yes I know that but bleep it out or blur it like in the past. So if you want to see any of the fights I advise with no bleeps I recommend you go to and type in BB10 Ollie, sort by today or this week and catch the latest and greatest. So last nights feeds did have a rather funny conversation Michelle (AKA Manchelle), and Ollie were having. Michelle is convinced that Dan is a plant by CBS and that the person Monica he saids is his girlfriend is really a CBS employee. She is positive that the reason she is now on the nomination block is because she was close to discovering everything and she wonders how the others in the house can be so stupid as to not figure this out. I can't wait till the show is over and she learns how stupid she really is.
Tomorrow is double eviction I cannot wait for a) Manchelle to get booted out and B) hope Ollie or Jerry follows.

Oh word on the street is that Ollie will have a consequences over his breaking of CBS property.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ok if you never saw Big Brother you do not know what you are missing. Last night I managed to catch on the Live Feeds the start of the big daddy of fights. It was great! It was loud it was bordering physical and all by none other then the Preacher Boy's son. Yeah the guy who prior to going in there said oh I am a good Christian boy I don't drink or swear. Thats right he only had nightly sex romps with the boobsie blonde and well last night his mouth did the talking. Oh yeah he sure did it talking and cursing. Oh even for people that do curse he was going full throttle. You see he seemed to think he was Head of Household and he thought he was secretly controlling all the shots and well last night he learned he was not calling any shots and in fact there was a plan to get his new best buddy Manchelle ops I mean Michelle out of the house. He just got angered at that. He yelled at everyone including the guy who used his POV to save himself from being on the nomination block. Imagine that he Memphis saved himself? Oh rude is that? Then he could not figure out why the others were not mad too. He went up to Keesha and said ok you were suppose to go up he lied can't you see that. Keesha looked at him and said so if you had your way I would be on the chopping block and going home and he goes "yes" and she goes NO sorry I am NOT mad I am ok with it. I think it was the anger that did not let him think straight he must of been in another realm. Needless to say this Thursday will be a Double Eviction but the Houseguests do not know that they only think one will be leaving but before the hour is up another will leave. Hope Ollie (Preacher's son). Thursday should be good!!!!

Ok stay tune and watch the fireworks!

Monday, August 25, 2008

DWTS Cast revealed!

Ok the moment you all have been waiting for yes I know you cannot wait to hear who will be the new stars dancing this season. Ok wait no longer...

The Three-Night Premiere Event Begins Monday, September 22

Jonas Brothers and Jesse McCartney Perform on Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, Wednesday, September 24

The Dancing With the Stars are..



BROOKE BURKE - A host, actress, entrepreneur,


MAURICE GREENE - The winner of two gold medals,



CODY LINLEY -Hannah Montano Actor,


MISTY MAY-TREANOR - Beach Volleyball champion,


JEFFREY ROSS - Comedian,

WARREN SAPP - Recently retired defensive tackle
Two Couples Will Be Eliminated During the First Week of Competition!!!!!!!!!
For the first time ever, all thirteen teams must prepare two routines for the first week of competition, one of which they'll perform on Monday night. The judges will score the performances on Monday while the viewers cast their votes for their favorites. Only twelve will have the chance to showcase their second dance on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 (9:00-10:0 p.m., ET). In dramatic style on Tuesday's show, one couple will be eliminated as the remaining contestants perform their second dance of the season. The judges will score the dances on Tuesday and the viewers will once again cast their votes before a second duo is dismissed WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET).

You may wonder ok Lola who are you going for? Well those that know me will know of course Susan Lucci hello All My Children star! AH Yeah. But I also suspect Misty May Treanor will be one of the top contenders after all she just came back from the Olympics where she won the Gold in Vollyball. Lots of physical activity and used to jumping..Of course she was jumping on the sand...The others well we will see how the weeks go.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week in review

Ok this weekend was pretty much pretty darn cool as weekends go. Saturday was a nice night. The evening started out by attending a special function at the Moose Lodge in Leisure city. We went there because the headliners were no other then the famous Elk Tones There were some special guests that were invited by Elk Tone 3 (Paul) and those were 2 high school friends from a previous band they all were in, named Vastergoth ( I hope I spelled that name right). 2 of the 5 members ( not including Paul) were present. This was actually nice because neither of them had seen each other since the mid 1980's. It was really super nice to see past rock heavy metal band members.

The gig was so great it was filled with a lot of fun nice Moose members. The Moose members are always nice and always have a hand out to strangers and visitors. That makes the time so much more memorable.

Sunday was a nice do nothing day. Gotta love thos! We went to Mother's for dinner and that is always nice because the woman knows how to cook really good.

I know what you want to know yes this is all good but what has happened in Big Brother? Oh ok here is the scoop. We know booby April is gone and her boy toy Oliie was left behind. The new Head Of Household turned out to be Dan. He made what I would say a stupid deal. In his attempt to appear weak he told Ollie that he would give him the decision making as to who goes up including POV. Well his decision is not good because Ollie pin pointed one from Dan's alliance and that was Memphis. So right now the 2 on the block are Memphis and old fart Jerry. Memphis is not too happy about it because he risks going home. All because Dan wanted to appear weak Memphis does not know its because he wants to appear weak he thinks it because oh dear "I want to keep my word." Yeah nice going Catholic boy. But not to worry friend because Memphis won Power of Veto. So this means Memphis has the power to take himself off the block leaving Dan to put up someone in his place. Well Memphis is not stupid he will take himself down and Dan plans on putting up Michelle. Wait Dan wasn't Michelle part of your deal? Oh yes Dan told Ollie in part of the big deal that he would not put up Michelle he would promise her safety but from what I have been reading you plan on putting up Michelle. Ok I am not complaining because I do not like Michelle but wait what happen to your word? Oh yeah it was never about word it is about appearing weak. Stay tune friends will Dan go back on his word and put up Michelle and golly gee put up go back on his word to Ollie? Or will he "let" Ollie pick who will go up because Ollie is going around thinking he is in charge. Stay tune by friends.

Now another thing to look forward to is tomorrow yes tomorrow the DWTS cast will be revealed! (Dancing with the Stars). Oh one more good thing....get ready Sept 28 The Amazing Race is back on! Oh life is good when trash tv is going full force.

Alright my friends ... the week may be short written my very favorite father in law is coming to town on Friday! I always LOVE when dad comes to town! Can't wait!

Ok stay tune my friends!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh I so know you are all waiting to hear who left the Big Brother house last night...Well look at this picture this is April. What you see is a blonde who came in to the house insisting people feel her Natural Boobs, then decided to have an on air showmance with this guy named Ollie, (seen here) a preachers son. She has moved out of that house and is the 2nd member of the jury so she is sequestered with Libra. All I can say is BUH BYE!
Then as luck would have it Dan dear sweet Dan in an endurance challenge won the title of Head Of Household for the upcoming week. Things are sticky with Dan he had been playing the "I am so weak and no threat card" for the longest and now I think he found himself in a position where he better play or else he was so out of the house. It will be interesting to see who Dan nominates for eviction. Ollie and Dan were the last 2 up during the challenge and Ollie and Dan made a "deal" that Dan would not nominate himself or Michelle. But that does not leave many people in the mix. I am pretty sure Dan will nominate Jerry (the old fart) because Jerry attacked Dan verbally calling him a judas and he would never be welcomed in his house and he will always be a judas in his book. So Jerry will be going up (at least I think he will). But dear sweet old fart Jerry once Dan won Power of Veto and Jerry realized Dan had power went up to Dan and said oh I am so sorry I was wrong yadi yadi yadi so imagine how much Jerry will be kissing up to him this week? Stay tune for breaking news on this...
Now soon this show will be over and you might say oh no what to do what to see oh do not worry folks on Monday August 25th the new cast of Dancing With the Stars will be revealed! Am I a reality show junkie? Yeah I think so too but man its so much fun!
In other news (personal), tonight I have a mystery shop I am so looking forward to. Its at Shulas Steakhouse. I have wanted to go there for the longest but gosh its very pricey so needless to say it will be nice to go there and actually get paid for it!
I am sure it will be great its been there for a long time. Yum..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Day

It is a new day and the sun is shinning. Yes over in Palmetto Bay the sun is shinning. Was it like this all day of course not but life is crazy that way. Speaking of Palmetto Bay I thought I would post a few things about this lovely place called Palmetto Bay...why? Why not...

Incorporated on September 10, 2002, the Village of Palmetto Bay is the 33rd municipality in Miami-Dade County. The Village extends from the centerline of S.W. 136th Street, south to the centerline of S.W. 184th Street, expanding west to the centerline of South Dixie Highway, including the center island, and east to Biscayne Bay.

The Village of Palmetto Bay is a vibrant community of more than 25,000 residents who enjoy its beautiful surroundings and family-oriented atmosphere. Situated immediately west of beautiful Biscayne Bay, Palmetto Bay offers unique recreational opportunities and bay access for all to enjoy! Additionally, the Village is home to excellent public schools, all of which have annually earned the grade “A” under the State of Florida’s A+ Plan, as well as exceptional private schools.

One of the nicest things about here is that we are right by Cutler Bay and the people in Cutler Bay are just nice and fun. There are a few places to go that is just down right fun with real people. Some of those places are: BB's Bar and Grill, Tony Romas, Rumors, Black Point Marina (except in the summer - way hot and buggy), Applebees, and lets not forget the Moose. People around here I find are generally friendly especially if they have seen you around the "hood".
Ok now I found something totally of track and funny, in its own weird way. Its a video soap created by one of my soap stars from All My Children. The site is called
It is a riot. Basically its a story about a girl who is single with no boyfriend. Her best friends all have a significant other and she started feeling well like the 3rd wheel. Meaning things were being done as "couples" or she would be the only one with no date. So she did what any girl would do she invented not just one but two imaginary friends names Catherine and Heather. However Catherine and Heather are not just normal imaginary friends they are well "Bitches". Yeah they speak aggressively. Catherine has been known to hit on Priests. So there are a series of 5 to 6 minute videos where you see what happens to Eden and how her friends react to learning she has 2 imaginary friends. Honestly its a trip. At first I was like what...this is too weird but then I just laughed after a few of them.
Ok thats all for now folks. Tomorrow is Big Brother and April I am more confident will be the one leaving...
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi Ho its Tuesday

Oh yes we certainly survived yet another Thunderstorm in Miami-Dade County. Imagine that! The city and citizens tend to run around during this time of year yelling "The sky is falling the sky is falling!" I work for a company that just does not fall into that notion. They are you come to work regardless unless its a Hurricane Warning, yeah no rest for the wicked and so what if you have to drive in 50 mile winds its not a hurricane be grateful. It would of been nice to have a Tuesday off like someone I know...lucky dog.
But needless to say the storm was pretty wicked there are about 12,000 people without power between Miami and Broward County so its not a baby hit. I noticed my trees swaying big time yesterday it was pretty intense but I felt safe because I noticed birds in the trees. If there is one thing I have noticed when the birds disappear its going to get nasty best roll up your sleeves and get ready. Now its time to do roll call on friends and make sure everyone is fine.
Last night was the first Monday night with no Mole. Yes I am sadden by that I miss that show! I am being reduced to not listening to my soaps in the afternoon so I can watch some on soapnet. Is that just so wrong or what?
Tonight is a Women of the Moose meeting those old ladies best show up. Oh I bet they will its the bar they live for that stuff. Its also Big Brother night but don't worry its not eviction night that is Thursday. Who will be going this week? You know my eviction prediction has been right on target so far but I am not sure this time around. But if I was going to make an eviction prediction it would be that April (the blonde who on the first day went around telling everyone to feel her boobs because they are real and now is having a sexual relationship with a guy in the house) will be leaving. She should leave I know how can anyone let a blonde like that go? After all soft porn shows for the internets nightly what will they watch? But this girl is sneaky too. And she is just scummy. Now Jerry the one against isn't all sweet and nice (he is the old man I posted a picture of in previous posts) he has his dark side and if he left I would not be crying in my wine. But thats my prediction April is going.

Stay tune and see the results...

Time to get back to work huh? Yeah I guess so too.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Yup today not only marks the day I was born but also the day Elvis died :-( and Madonna's birthday! :-)

Ok so lets fill you in on Big Brother I know everyone is dying to know. Renny won HOH (yee pee!) I did not like her the first week but then she toned herself down a bit and now I actually like her! So way to go Renny! Also Renny has made a wise move she has nominated Jerry (old fart) and April (sex hungry blonde) for eviction. Dan (Catholic guy who feels women she get over the womens lib fact and stop shoving it down everyone's throat and oh yes if Hilary Clinton became President he would turn in his citizenship and leave the country) yes this guy won POV (Power of Veto). This gives him the power to bring down one of the nominated people and then Renny would have to put someone else up in their place. Now decisions have not been made yet we have no idea if Dan will use it. The smart money saids he will not use it and leave things as they are because he is pretty safe leaving it like that. I think he will do that but sometimes these HGs when they get a little power it tends to go to their heads. While his political views and personal beliefs SUCK he has not proven to be a totally stupid player. Only time will tell. I will keep reading the scoops and whenever possible watch the live feeds.

This late morning I had some yummy fish and fries from Golden Rule Seafood. They now have a truck outside their market and you know it cannot get much fresher. Total hit. Tonight is Sculleys. So things are going ok. The weather so far is good but Fay is proving to make some people nervous. I wonder if I will get an extra day off work? I could not help but think that if I had the extra cash I would of been at this time on a cruise ship with Mimi, Joey, Ken Simon, Phyllis Lane, Joan and Frost Walker. They left on Thursday (when it was thundering and lighting) and are due to return Monday morning. But Fay is scheduled to come here some time around Tuesday or Wednesday. The timing is amazing. I am sure all will be fine we have a house that has great accordian shutters. Once locked up its like a safe. Plus our street does not really flood. SO all will be fine.

Stay tune for more Big Brother news as it develops....Note to self time to start looking for a new reality show to follow.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

If its Thursday and Summer it must be...

Big Brother night! Yeah baby! Tonight we learn the fate of the 2 House Guests up for eviction. My guess? Well we feel Libra is out the door. Not crying over that one. But as the big 45 is approaching I find this little site that is just pretty darn cool and so into what I am about. Check it out if you of today I am 16,435 days old.

The day is the natural cycle of our lives. The cycle of light and dark, wakefulness and sleep, has more significance than the cycle of the seasons. Indeed, in equatorial latitudes, you hardly notice the passing of the seasons. The day is what counts.

Saturday is almost here and the plans for now are for Paul and I go to to Sculleys and dinner and drinks and I believe the girls are going to come soon after or at some point. Who are the girls? Tina, Angela, Patty and Allison. Yes Patty and Allison I am way excited about that. Janis is out of town otherwise I know she would be in for this party. But we talked and we decided we would get together at a later date.

Oh one fun thing coming up Friday night Black Point Marina! I think we are going to try and party like a rock star. Way long time friends of Paul will be there and we are going to party like its 1999. Or something like that.

Stay tuned for more news as this develops....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Somehow it all works out

Ok I know you are dying to know who won the Mole and who in fact was the Mole. Ok life is good yes life is good because Mark won the game. (recap Mark is the one I liked from the beginning yes I thought he was the Mole at one time.) BUT he won!!! He is a really nice guy I really liked him there was something nice about him. And now for who the Mole is.....the Mole is Craig! NOT NICOLE! Yes thats right that dirty scummy OBGYN did NOT win any money! Oh she looked pissed...hee hee hee...all I have to say is LOVE IT! In the beginning they had the 3 players in different rooms awaiting to learn their fate. The 2 men looked nervous, Nicole sat and was checking her make up and just relaxed as can be. She looked like the cat that swallowed the canary so it was pure pleasure to see that smirk wiped off her face. Do I sound mean? Oh well...I hate to see self absorbed jerks win anything and this woman was/is a doctor? I mean she told a player I can kill you and get rid of all forensic evidence and I know how to do it too. Hello doctor what ever happened to Do no harm? Oh yeah its a game. Ok I am better now she did NOT win! I am surprised Craig was it he was a good Mole. I thought for a small moment he was and then I totally dismissed him which is exactly what the Mole wants you to do. Good game.
Ok now we await Thursday night because that is eviction night at the Big Brother house. Chances are Libra is going home and oh well who cares...I just want to know who will win HOH (Head of Household).
Ok in other news...
Been having nice morning calls with Patty (My very oldest dearest friend hee hee hee). Ok the birthday is getting closer and friends are pressuring me to make a decision on where to go and what to do. So I need to check with Paul and make sure this is ok but here are the "for now" plans. Go to Sculleys for an early dinner (like 5:30ish or so) hang out there for a bit and enjoy the atmosphere. Then my buds (gal pals) would come over and we continue the party longer! I so wish my BFF Janis would be there but NOOOOOOO she is in Umatilaaaaa. In my old age I have come to appreciate the simple things like hanging with my friends.... Oh yeah turning 45 can you believe it? Turning 45?? Yeah I am good with it.

Ok thats all for now.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ok lets catch you up on the week. First Big Brother...Yes Muscle boy Jessie is so out of there the destruction that occurred once he left was explosive to say the least. The worst person in the world that could of won Head of Household (HOH) actually won. And boy did this chick flip out shouting things like I told you Jessie I would win I am going to get them back I promise you I will seek revenge and all this shouting was being done while the "enemies" were right there in front of her. Nothing like a little tension. Well as the days went by tension grew and grew and then Big Brother gave them some alcohol or liquid courage as someone said. And well lets just say it ALL came out. People were drunk crying and then it turned to shouting. So now we have nominations and of course Michelle (HOH) nominated the 2 enemies, Keesha and Libra. I think the target is Libra but honestly Keesha has been free with her mouth and calling people names and liars that well her number may possibly be up. Now you say ok there is the Power Of Veto competition (POV) where if one of them win they can take themselves off making Michelle put someone else up in their place. So who will win the POV and will they use it. Well as luck would have it Jerry won POV. Yeah Jerry is well the guy in this picture up there...Yeah you are seeing right write hair and false teeth. Lets just say Libra should say her good byes now.

Stay tuned folks...tonight is the finale of the Mole. I saw a clue in the last episode and it clearly said "Nicole" yeah the nasty woman doctor. So now its just time to see who will win Mark or Craig. I hope for Craig but something tells me he won't win.

Ok this weekend I spoke to Patty my OLDEST friend from High School! Yeah I say that because she is a whole 6 months older. We started talking about those old days...oh you know the days where cell phones was in the sci Fiction movies, and email ...what was that? Texting? And if we wanted to call someone we called them at home. Oh those were the days and somehow we survived...It was great talking to her again and we planned on getting together and we are really going to do it this time. We say that all the time and we never do but this time we are..when? I don't know maybe Saturday night, don't know we must plan something....

Ok until next time...see ya!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ok you see these two one of them will be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight! Who do I wish is out of there...why Muscle Boy Jessie of course he is the one on top,,Oh he would be so proud he came in first. It's hard to say which way the wind will blow because the HGs have proven to be stupid...ok stupid is a harsh word how about idiots...yeah much better. But I think that they eventually wake up and get rid of their biggest threat. As for the Mole Monday is the finale...
Tonight I am going to dinner at Bangkok Bangkok
we will be celebrating Momma Leach ops Cullison's birthday. I love celebrating birthdays at places I love to eat! We usually order Earth Wind and Fire I and II someday I may order something else but why mess with a good thing.
My Chonga friend is back from IOWA. Now time to wait for the Elktones next gig. You remember the Elktones don't you?
Oh yes August 23rd. Oh but before that we have the Mole finale!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Ok I watched the Mole and they left me hanging until the finale next week but dear Lord help us all now the one person I said was not the Mole it appears with all the clues the show is giving is the mole. Yes this is the gorgegous strong woman who is a doctor who can kill you and not leave a trail of DNA (her words not mine). Last night there was a clue in the show where Mark opened the dossier on the Mole and the reflection on it said Nicole, the web clue ABC provides points to the Mole while the text clue points to who is going to be executed. The web clue was REFLECT and when the sun reflected the dossier it said Nicole...Mark would not had seen it but we the viewers did. Yes its a sad day. Still love the show but come on her?

Is there still hope yes of course there is but not much....The saga continues....

Tonight is Big Brother (what you think all I do is watch the Mole oh you silly child you) I won't see much of Big Brother because I have a women of the Moose meeting...but up for eviction is Jessie and Memphis and I will admit in the beginning prior to the show I watched some pre interviews and Memphis I could not stand. Right now I am tolerating him because I so cannot stand Jessie...Ok Picture the Grand Canyon, the dessert in Nevada and this guys ego is still bigger. He tells people who leave the house you must think that its a great honor to be in here in this house and be able to work out with someone like me. Yeah he is a muscle man body builder who in the endurance competition was bragging how easy it was and dropped like a 10,000 pound brick and was out last by a 54 year old woman from New Orleans...Karma is sweet. He looks at people he doesn't like and blows them a kiss and goes "bye bye you are leaving" so this is the guy that is on the block...One would say oh easy choice vote him out...well America has voted and they want him out block we are one vote the other idiots have to vote in the house...I call them idiots because they have already proven they are by when they had the chance last week to get him out they did not. So the question is out there will the HGs have a brain and finally get rid of muscle boy? Thursday is eviction night so stay tuned!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Night Blues

Tonight is Mole night (10:00 PM) and they are down to the final 3. The person I predicted as the Mole is still in there but because I like advance notice and get off on being nosey the read all the message boards and clues. Yes clues the Mole is made of clues that point to who the Mole is and its our job (and the players) to discover who the Mole is. We the audience are given text clues every Monday. Of course thats for those who wish to pay $2.99 monthly and no I am psycho but not that bad. I go to the message boards and read what came out like every good cheapo. So the text clues point to who is executed tonight. What you thought I would say evicted like Big Brother oh pleeease...its executed. So very clever people with what I think nothing more to do during the day have figured the clue for Mark yes Mark the one I picked. But I have to admit the clue looks dead on which makes me sad because that means the women left I just cannot stand! Oh yes I really do not like her. First of all she is a doctor (GYN) and she has told certain player how she knows how to kill and not leave any DNA marks and she looked serious. Ok she is mean and nasty to everyone and then if you confront her she saids "why does everyone have a problem with strong independant gorgegous women." Yeah no one ever said she was remotely cute...except maybe her imaginary friend...Ok this woman cannot be the Mole no way I refuse to accept she is the Mole which means she will be the winner...Why or why! Maybe I am wrong and Mark will survive and be the Mole or the winner but then again maybe I am reaching at another imaginery dream. Oh the guy left who at this point looks like the Mole well he is "ok" honestly he is the very last person I would of thought is the Mole...which makes him the perfect Mole doesn't it? Ok I will accept Craig as the Mole has hard as it is to believe.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Night week in review?

Ok this is my week in review - sort of. Friday was a night in. Paul made spaghetti and meatballs, yum, and I had my wine so life was good. Saturday morning I found myself at the Miami 948 Elks Lodge for a series of meetings. Needless to say I was there for a few hours. We had some nice friends there so it was not totally painful. We met over Elk stuff plus somehow I am on the Entertainment committee for the Homecoming of our State President scheduled for Feb 2009. Yeah this means I have to entertain the ladies lucky for me our State First Lady is fabulous and she is not high maintenance. She wants laid back and relaxing. So we can do that. Spa day? Or as my Chonga Pal Janis suggested Spa Day at Miami 948 along with a Fashion Show! Yeah I like that. We will have to work on that but Janis has that hook up so I am sure she will come up with something. If not together we can figure something out. Ok that was Saturday went no where that night stayed in...Today is Sunday and yes all I do was go to the grocery story....You know stories of me living a rock star live is highly over rated. Tomorrow is work and oh boy I can't wait..yes I am being sarcastic.
I wanted to go see (again) Mamma Mia with Janis but unfortunately her mom fell and is in serious need of TLC and support so Janis is in Iowa right now. I hope all comes out good I still have fresh memories of aiding a sick parent. I have her in my thoughts and prayers.
That seems to be about it for the week in review yeah I know super exciting isn't it? Oh its going to get better I am sure....Stay tuned...