Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tick tick tick

Greetings on New Years Eve from Miami! I wish for everyone to get their heart's desire and to find what you have always yearned for and need. I wish for properity for all of us and peaceful, healthier existence for many years to come. So I hear at 11:59 PM they will add a second to the national time because of leap year? How in the world does that work? I hear its like a leap year only shorter - ah DUH. Ok happy extra second folks!

Stay Tune...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It just won't go away

The cold that won't go away is still here. I was hoping leaving early from work and doing more resting at home and pretty much early sleep would help it but at some key moments it seemed to kick the coughing into high gear. Then coming in to work this morning was just a repeat experience. As I am walking in I am thinking why am I here. But since I am here lets go to the ladies room and regroup. I did and the nasty calmed down and here I am. How long will it last? Who knows...

One thing I have noticed about this time of year I don't like is that TV is so boring! ARGG. I do not particularly like watching reruns and thats all there is right now until January. Yes I know I can handle another week or so till the shows return but it just seems forever. Happily daytime soaps do not fall into that repeat mode.

While much of the country is going through some horrible weather and very wicked conditions we are fortunate not to be experiencing those. Right now we are in the mid 60's and it will creep up a little higher as the day gets stronger. The sun is out I heard some birds singing this morning (most likely they were plotting against my Paradise cat).
Now you may wonder how does Miami celebrate the New Year? After all NYC has the Big Apple and that great big ball well wonder no more...

Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida throws a big party to ring in the new year. The shindig includes a free concert for all attendees and a "Disco Dance Party". But the most important part of the night is the "Big Orange" on the side of the Hotel Intercontinental. Unlike the ball in Times Square, the "Big Orange" does not drop but it rises until it reaches its highest point at midnight. A fireworks display also accompanies the celebrations at midnight.
Yeah thats a picture of the Big Orange - pretty wild I will admit. I will not be out there I will be in my safe home watching it on TV. There was a time I would go out and party like a rock star but now a days with people driving crazier then ever and the police in full force waiting to stop people for just looking like they have had too much I feel it is just wise to stay in and out of the way. I would make it a Martini night but this silly flu may have other plans.
Either way Happy New Year.. and...
Stay Tune..

Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 almost here

The flu that refused to go away is slowly going away. Some moments are better then others. The nights seem to be the worse. I guess that is when your defenses go down and the worse comes out. Trust me there has been tons of visualizations and if I could tell you what I was visualizing happening to that nasty bug inside me well it would not be very peaceful and full of joy. Needless to say I did report to work this fine lovely Monday. It is quiet right now and the parking lot was pretty bare lets hope it stays this way the whole day. If I can manage to sneak out early I will but who knows one hour at a time.

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. I am looking forward to 2009 I must keep thinking that better times are ahead.

This picture here is a picture of this angel my friends and I ran in to the last time we had a Girls Night Out and went to Coconut Grove. She was out there waving at people and just being well angelic.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Holiday gone

Yes Christmas is now a day of the past. I wish I could say it was fabulous and on some level it actually was pretty cool but on the 23rd I started getting attacked by this nasty cough by the time I woke up on the 24th it was full-blown nasty, I won't go into the details but you know what goes with an ugly cold. Yeah I had it all. NyQuil was close by and plenty of Tea and Honey on hand. Needless to say this did not stop my family house traveling plans. I managed to go to not one but 2 family members homes. On the last stop I medicated myself with a couple yes a couple glasses of Chardonnay and let me tell you it worked for the night. I slept so nicely. I was able to lay in bed most of the next day (Christmas). I slept for a bunch of hours that day. Woke up and found I had a super fabulous gift(s) of a journal and a book on how to write your spiritual journal along with some Doreen CDs. All was good I just wished my head was cleared so I could totally rock with it. Thats ok all in due time. I went to family's house for a great Christmas dinner. I would of normally ate more then I actually did but the tummy turning told me not to. But oh boy did it taste good. Ok so here I am the day after Christmas and the cough is still there. The chest is gross but I actually do not feel like sleeping for most of the year. Prior to getting up I decided to meditate and talk to my spirit. I realized I had wished so many people a happy holiday and never did wish that to my guides, silly me must be the cold. So I did and I felt this light as I sat there with my eyes closed it was pretty darn cool. To see/feel light in a dark room totally awesome. So this led me to do some healing on the cold and just tell it look its time to go so you can go now. Hopefully it will go! I am sure it will.

In the meantime it's Friday and I am not working yee pee!

Have a great end of the year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Xmas in Miami

The blessed week is about to begin. I have to say some part of me wishes it was all over. It's different every year for me some years are fabulous and other years are like oh hurry up and end already and right now its the hurry up and end already. I find myself loving it at moments and then wishing it was over all in a matter of days. I am looking forward to the upcoming Holidays because they will have family and friends in it and those generally tend to lift my spirits and perhaps thats more it that the spirit needs some lifting. Perhaps feeding the spirit like we feed our bodies is the way to approach this. This means a more concentrated meditating. Yeah I can do that. Looking more at nature and seeing the beauty around here after all I am fortunate enough not to be living in an area where people are finding hardships because of the weather. I tend to sometimes put down the warm weather we have like all the time. I see shows this time of year and all you see is snow and the coats and stuff and I think man I wish that was me. Then I get blue because it is not. Like this weekend there was a movie on Lifetime and it was one of those feel good Christmas movies but one of the main characters made a comment that I just thought oh bah humbug. The movie was set in California and the family was heading to "The beach house" for Christmas and the main character went "Oh the beach for Christmas there is just something wrong with that." Well Ok hello some of us that live in Miami have no choice but to have the beach for Christmas. But then they show her walking on the beach with a sweater and hat on it is like OH grow up. Yeah I thought that and then changed the channel. I wish I was creative enough to write a song about Christmas in Miami but I am not so the hopes is that maybe someone one day will.

Until then

Stay tune...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tis the season

Tis the season to think about the wonderful things we have learned this year. 2008 has been an emotional year for me ups and downs. Soul Coaching has taught me to get a grip so to speak. My newly spiritual friends and their writings have given me really good advice on spiritual awakening. Some days are better then others but, isn't that the way it always is in life? I see the Dolphin swimming in my dreams and I think yeah let me keep the focus. I have a contract on my mom's house (finally!) and get this - it looks good! So far all is going OK. It is not a lot of money but right now it is part of closure and moving on.
I am looking forward to 2009 and the new adventures of Peace. Hopefully the house will sell and I can close that portion of my life and begin a new one. I am slated to become Exalted Ruler of my Elks Lodge - unless I quit because of some dignitaries and their politics. Several Elk trips planned. A visit to Portland Oregon in that list of trips. My friends in the UK oh no wait by then it may be their new place in Wales keep asking when will I return. I am not sure if that will be in 2009 because I think they are planning a trip down here but most likely in 2010. The work place is busy - very happy about that in these trying economic times. I may look at searching more deeply into the meditating or even some chakra therapy. Maybe even some smudging but that is all a work in progress. And yes at some point create the sacred place and start actually writing the mystery book instead of just creating my characters on paper.

Does that seem like a lot for a new year? Not sure if it will all work out...

Stay Tune...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Dolphins

You know how things just come together in weird wonderful ways. The Dolphin is it. I have been on a spiritual journey to get more in touch with my spiritual soul - hence Soul Coaching and now the Dolphin. This morning I saw a really nice story on Good Morning America. It was a video moment these guys captured of hundreds of Dolphins stampeding yes they said stampeding! The video just looked awesome. And I thought wow how super cool to watch that. Well yesterday I was talking with a good friend of mine and we were just talking about things that lift our spirits. I told her how I realized water lifts my spirits while some people take showers to relax it energizes me. I do not like roller coasters but I love water rides especially if I get wet. Then in jest I went maybe I was a mermaid in a past life and she goes or a really cool fish and I went yeah like a Dolphin. Then I wake up this morning see that fabulous story. I turn my computer on to check my emails and I see this email story from Beliefnet called Inspiration and Hope from The Dolphin.

So I read the story and here is some of it.

"The Dolphin" is an enchanting tale of courage, and rising above fears and limits. A lonely dolphin named Daniel Alexander Dolphin sets out to fulfill his destiny and learns that to achieve his goals he must not only act, but dream, and not only plan, but believe. The wisdom he acquires can inspire we humans as well:

"There comes a time in life when there is nothing else to doubt to go your own way. A time to follow your dreams. A time to raise the sails of your own beliefs."

Excerpted from The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer (Hay House, 2008), by Sergio F. Bambaren.

So now I am thinking wow a message is being presented. And since part of my meditation includes talking to my spirit and telling them that I am open to messages I had to take this as a sign. So my next step is to see what the symbol Dolphin means so I went to my dream symbol website and looked up Dolphins and here is what it said:

To see a dolphin in your dream, symbolizes spiritual guidance, your intellect, mental attributes and emotional trust. Utilize your mind to its capacity and you will move upward in life. Alternatively, it suggests that a line of communication has been established between the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Dolphins represent your willingness and ability to explore and navigate through your emotions.

So is this just not too cool? I think it is!

In closing I would like to say this means that the Miami Dolphins are going to beat the NY Jets.

Stay tune..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Warm times in Miami

Greetings from warm Miami. It's in the 70's still. It has actually been rather cool between 50's and 60's and that was nice. Saturday Night I went with a girlfriend out to South Beach and we went to Lincoln Road Mall. If you love to people watch this is the place my friends. We went to dinner at this outdoor cafe called Soprano's Cafe where if you purchase 2 entrees you get a free bottle of wine - hum NOT BAD! The food was great. I had a nice Chicken breast with spinach and cheese with wine sauce. The breast was full and juicy and it just filled me up big time. I suppose the wine helped in that. Then after we ate we walked around and ended up at Ghirardelli - Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop on the corner of Lincoln Road Mall and Meridian. Oh yeah fabulous spot. We decided this was the perfect place for people watching. So we sat down and started with some root beer floats, and capuccino followed by green and black tea. Needless to say 3 1/2 hours flew by! The sights are great. You see people just having a fun time. A concert ended at a nearby theatre and people were leaving and it was just fun to see the crowds all bundled and laughing. I say bundle because by this time it was like high 50's and we here in Miami almost stop when it gets that cold. The ended with a ride through Coconut Grove on the way back home. That is always an interesting sight - even at 1:00 in the morning.

The holidays are fastly approaching and emotions are running high everywhere I look. The spirit of Christmas always tends to fill people in many different ways and its a constant challenge and reminder to try to hold on to your spirit.

Tonight I go to the Moose for a meeting followed by a Holiday get together and gift exchange game. It is mainly for the fun more then the gift. Tomorrow night another party at Elks Lodge on Sunset Blvd. Thursday is "up in the air". I am scheduled to go to my Elks Lodge for a Gate Program Graduation ceremony however I am being tempted to stop by the Sunset Elks Lodge for a party there. No I do not believe I can do both because I do still have to work the following day and would like to get home by 11:00 PM. But it will be nice to see friends there that I enjoy spending time with. Friday oh let me think what do I have planned Friday? Oh YES ER Egg Nog party at MY Elks Lodge! This daily visit of Elks Lodge is going to have to stop soon...well maybe... I am sort of getting disenchanted with the politics certain high dignitaries are doing and it may make me pull out. But that's a whole other venting session.

I wish for everyone to have a pleasant and super holiday. Look around you and give thanks to the universe for allowing you to be there. I have had the pleasure of reading and talking to so many new people this year who have made my spiritual journey so much more easier. I am so lucky to have met them because they have inspired me to but pen to paper or in this case keyboard in motion on that book. I can feel the air of mystery around me.

Todays Quote

"Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keep friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment."

Greenville Kleisser

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love and Light

It's a nice morning today. I woke to 71 degree weather and this has been a nice trend for the last couple weeks. I so love it. So much better then the hot sticky days we get. We the weather goes to the 80's its kind of yucky.

Last night was a nice relaxing night at home no Lodge Meeting just plain being at home catching up on my Facebook and playing a little poker followed by watching Hereos and Boston Legal finale. I am not sure if you watch Boston Legal but I follow it on and off I always liked the character James Spater plays. The ending was a total riot. Only Boston Legal can come up with a totally funny way to end it.

I know there is stuff tonight but for the life of me I cannot remember it right now. No worries I will know tonight if not Direct TV DVR will know it for me.

The meditations are working I am remembering my dreams which are basically funny silly dreams basically made up of whatever I was watching on TV or having interactions with. Whats even funnier is in some dreams I knew I was dreaming so I had some fun with it. I am going to practice sending healing and light to friends far away. I just got an email from a friend in the UK one of the friends we hung out with had a terrible accident on their land. They were getting some hay stacks and a couple of the stacks fell hard on her before she could move out of the way well long story short she broke her leg in 2 places. She was out in the middle of the land with no one around except for her cell phone so she called emergency and they had to fly her to the hospital in a helicopter. Having had a friend who had a broken leg I know the hardship and pain the poor lady is going through. So tonight's exercise is send love and light and some healing.

Life at work has been busy these days I do not generally dislike busy days because it just makes the days go by so much faster and currently I am learning a new area of the department so it's kind of cool.

That is about it for now the week is only just beginning so who knows what may develop.

Stay tune.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Oh boy almost a whole week since my last post. It feels like a windstorm came and blew me away. Work has been a very busy week and when it rains it pours. Then I could not think of what to write and the subject of "anything" just did not seem appealing after all I never was a watcher of Seinfeld. This week we have what should be a pretty some what full week. Well sort of it is Monday so things are always subject to change. Tonight should be a nice night in. Tomorrow a Moose Meeting. Wednesday an Elks Meeting, Thursday is free, Friday is Lodge Night for Friday Night Dinner and the Holiday Party at work. Yee Pee. I am sure during this week my boss will finally annouce when she is taking all of out to lunch. I suspect that it will be this week since I happen to know she is off next week. Oh no wait she is here next week ok she will either do it Wednesday of next week or one day this week. I am very good at sneaking in and reading her schedule and so I like to pretend to be Nancy Drew and guess when.

Desperate Housewives was on last night and I am so glad Carlos finally got his sight back! Ok now he needs to do whatever it was he was doing before and get his mega money back I like the selfish Gucci clothing wearing Gabby. I still do not know why Edi's killer-husband lied and pointed the finger at Porter. He has no grief against Porter or his family. But he is a psycho so who knows.

The giving holidays are right around the corner I hope everyone is thinking about what they have in their lives thanking the Universe. I am going to concentrate on gratitude and be a little more aware of the nature around me.

Take care everyone. Peace

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We survived!

Yes we all survived the Holiday Visit from our very special Sarge ( Short for Sargent Schultz). Max and Paradise Cat were not amused but they learned adjust. Paradise found her spot on a high chair where she took her naps and as long as Sarge did not bother her she was fine. Max was special. He had moments where he was "a very brave cat." He ventured out and of course Sarge is all about the chase. He does not really care to hurt them he just likes to chase them so if he barks and they run he takes it as oh this is fun. Overall the 3 kids were fun and nice and Sarge is just such a cutie! When you meet him he insists on being greeted you best greet him otherwise he will get upset. Once you greet him he is a happy little boy. He also is very attached to daddy dearest. Could it be because dad spoils, hugs, and kisses him constantly? Hum - maybe. But I have to admit I found myself doing the same thing.
The holidays were fun filled with family and friends. Tons of turkey and I for one love it. Next stop Christmas. I think I am going to make myself a promise I will start on that mystery novel I have been wanting to do. I do have my note book for notes and there are notes in there now I just have to start. I think I just need to not worry about the plot and just begin writing and see what happens most of the time I just start writing and out comes stuff. Lets see how that goes.
I hope everyone had a wonderful week. I hope you all continue to have a great week, month and upcoming new year. Still working on the scared space I can see it in my head just need to get it in the physical form. But the meditation and visualizations are going strong.
Stay tune..