Friday, February 19, 2010

Here is to Life

I know I speak of time passing by and I fall into my old ways of not updating. So sorry I will promise I will try - notice I said "try". So what has happened since I last posted. Seriously I do not think much.

One may think I am becoming the Elkie again if we count how many times I have gone and plan on going to an Elks Lodge. Last Friday we went to Italian Night at the South Miami Coral Gables Lodge and while it was rather fun to sit my friends and fellow gang members, I really could of been spared the "hungry" looks. Hungry meaning "oh will she return gosh I hope so we need another stupid sucker to do crap for us and not get paid and then beat up when it goes wrong." But one thing is certain is that the new "leader" who will be leading this the lodge this year is a pompous *(&*(&^*(& yeah fill in the blanks. This is a guy who once yelled at the top of his lungs at me when I started helping out and then about a year ago told everyone in a meeting to F()*)(*() off and F(U)(*()*)_ this lodge and everyone in it. Yeah this is going to be the new leader. So what is the chance that I will go and help him out? Even on my forgiveness trail I ain't that stupid.

But regardless I am still attending some lodge functions. My attendance on meetings is going to go down that is for sure. I was allowing myself once a month attendance but after the new Elk year starts I will need to spread that to once every 2 or 3 months.

But tonight we are planning on traveling to the Florida Keys Lodge. Now I have to admit I enjoy that lodge. They are a set of really nice fun people there. I love the current Exalted Ruler (mainly cuz he has a cute ponytail), he is way cool especially when he shows up at "special functions" in flower shirt and Tshirt. Gotta love the Keys! They have a nice back drop too. A dock with a great view when the sun sets. Tonight they are having a fish dinner for $10 - hello can it not get any better then that?

Then tomorrow night oh yes we go to the South Miami lodge again. Yeah you remember the one with the incoming high energy Exalted Ruler? Honestly if it wasn't for the fact that we like the guy in the band and he too is doing a lot of the cooking if it wasn't for that there is no way I would go to that function. Once that is done on Wednesday there is a lodge meeting I am going to attend because I decided that I am going to see the new officers go in and there is one I am going to nominate because well - they deserve him. I only wish I could of thought of this plan earlier. It will not work fully as I thought but thats ok there is always next year.

Once that is done attendance in that lodge for me will go waaaaaay down.

So my friends here is to you and life.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Time is an endless word and it has so many meaning at so many times. We start by looking at the time we need to get up to go to work, meetings, lunch, leave work etc. Then we plan our times with family and friends. Then we plan our time away from work and plan our vacation. Before you know it time has gone by and we have neglected one part of our lives that we said we would do on a regular basis? Any guesses what that is? Yep....Update the blog.

I could give a good excuse for being so busy and having so many things to do that time just flew by but the reality is that well when I remembered I just was not in the updating mood. Sorry guys. I will try to be much better but it is Friday and well I rarely write on the weekends.

Just giving fair warning...its that silly Time thing.

So when last we left off my major crisis was being homeless in Miami and I happy to say I am not homeless in Miami. The man has figured our brilliantly how to manage the burning.

Free TIME has been spent with friends and family. Oh get this folks ...wait for it...this past weekend I went to an Elks Lodge on Friday and wait...hold on Saturday too! Yeah whew that was over whelming. Can't let that be a habit people might get the wrong impression and think I am coming back into the fold (as an older gentleman said to me). It was a fun night. We went to a talent show and honestly I did not think that I was going to like it but I found myself laughing so much it was truly fun.

Not to worry no Elk Lodge visits planned until later this month and it will be like twice in one week. I know I know how to have fun.

I have recently been listening to Lisa Williams since in May I will be seeing her in an upcoming convention. But more so I have listened to a few Pod cads with Dr. Wayne Dyer and wow how awesome and inspiring he is. I am really looking forward to attending his lecture too.

Keep the spirits up and lets see what happens in the future.