Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Brother is right around the corner

Ok so it took Big Brother being days away for me to post. Sorry I actually meant to do it earlier but just never remembered. But July 7th marks the start of our summer house watching sensation Big Brother. No we NOT going to get the Live Feed this year ...well not yet.

Ok so CBS has put out there some interviews with Houseguests plus they state that there will be a "couple" that are going in to try and win the money. So I can only hope its not Brendon and Rachel or Jessie and Natalie. I so hope not!

In the meantime I looked at the videos and here are some impressions of the people I saw interviews on. This is interesting because this is just a first glance 2 minute interview and it will be interesting to see how it changes as the summer starts. So here are my comments/impressions:

Shelly- Not sure how I feel about her but she looks like at one time in her life she was a man. Yeah even her voice sounds manish but she claims she is married with a daughter. Lets see how that goes.

Lawon - Hate him! Oh no no he needs to go and I have not even seen him in there! He reminds me of Marcellas. He claims he will bring fashion sense to big brother because his fashion sense is sick sick sick. Ok I am sick just listening to him.

Keith - Keith is doing what so many do before meeting their fellow HGs he has a plan and knows exactly how everything will work out. According to Keith he plans on aligning with 3 girls who will be called "Keith's Angels" and the 3 girls will do all the dirty work plus he will have a showmance with at least one of them.

Kalia- Is planning on telling lies the whole time. She said she will lie lie lie and go in believing everyone is also telling lies. Ok how far will that work?

Cassi - Like her. Looks like a biker chick. I hope she goes far. Well I hope for now I may change my mind once I see her in action in the house.

Dominic - Seems "ok" a little boring

Adam - Seems nice. Dude needs to shave. He fears his unique personality will get him evicted first.

So there are some impressions. What do you think?