Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Brother and more

Ok lets get right into it.

Big Brother

When last we left we were waiting to see if Shane was going to give in to pressure and use the POV. Well, he caved in pressure and took Mobile Tan Expert Ashley down from the block and put Frank up. What can I say I would have liked for it to stay the same but the guy is trying to secure himself votes but I think what he is doing is making himself a bigger target. So Boogie and Frank are going to need to work hard and fast if they plan on keeping Frank in the house because right now it does not look good for him.

Dancing With The Stars - All Stars

Ok DWTS is back and it is an all star review show meaning these celebrities have already danced and are returning. Some have even won. So here are the players (minus the Dance Instructors):

Pamela Anderson - Oh boy hopefully she can keep the girls in tact.
Bristol Palin- Really? Doesn't she have something better to do like oh I don't know GET A JOB
Melissa Rycroft - No comment she is ok
Shawn Johnson - Alright can stay too
Kirstie Alley - Oh boy here we go again. She will promote her organic company again and claim she lost the weight due to the pills not the 6 hours a day of dancing. Nah dancing had nothing to do with it.
Joey Fatone - Like him he seems like a nice guy and funny too
Kelly Monaco - Hello yeah welcome back Kelly ride it to the top but this time it will not be easy but I am sure you can do it.
Drew Lachey - one to watch he has continued dancing even after his season
Emmitt Smith - alright
Apolon Anton Ohno - Another one to watch
Giles Marini - Glad to see he is no longer doing that shirtless butter commerical or was it Orange Juice?
Helio Castroneves - He looked pretty good in his season so yeah one to watch for.

Now there is a fan vote going on and depending on who gets the most votes one of these 3 will be in the cast:

Sabrina Bryan
Carson Kressley
Kyle Massey

In my opinion it should be Mario Lopez. Yeah he was not an option not sure why maybe he was too busy working he does have a job.

Ok so lets wait the season out and keep on watching

Stay Tuned

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ah Monday Big Brother and Marlins

Ah Monday morning time to start the madness of the week but first lets recap the weekend and of course Big Brother.

Weekend was pretty darn cool. We went to see http://www.marlins.com/ play ball in the new resident paid for fancy ballpark for now known as Marlins Park. The Marlins played against the San Diego Padres and while it went into the 10th inning I am happy to say we won! Go Marlins! The stadium was nice looking a far distance and change from its previous location. One thing for sure is it appears not only are tax payers paying for this stadium but so are people who attend and wish to purchase food and beverage. Seriously $14 for Turkey burger with only lettuce and tomatoe on it and no side? Let's not talk about beverage prices $12 for single shot of any well drink and gosh if you want a beer that will set you back $9 come on really? This is why people want to sneak in food and beverage!

Ok Big Brother time - Spoiler Alert I'm just sayin...

Shane has won yet again another competition and he is now the Head of Household and as the HOH he has to nominate 2 people for eviction. He originally wanted Wil up there but in the coaches challenge Janelle won and saved Wil from being nominated so as a result Joe and Ashley were nominated. Ashley is this year's version of Dumb Blonde. I hate to use terms like that but this girl is well not quite with the program but hey I have to give her credit for having her own business (Mobile Spray Tan). Joe is the self proclaimed Chef who just has a real attitude problem. So now the Power of Veto was played and the winner of the POV has the choice to either Veto what the HOH has made and basically save one of the nominees or leave things as they are. So the POV was played and Shane won the POV! SO what will Shane do? That is up in the air Shane is being pressured alot to put an equally strong player named Frank up but Shane has a secret deal with Shane not to put him up, however, a lot of the people in the house are giving him pressure so I think he may actually turn on Frank.

Now CBS is doing something in my opinion that is not right and that is allow the audience/viewers to vote if the coaches should be allowed to play as players and not just be coaches. Honestly I think they should stay coaches they have been coaching for a few weeks now and it really is not fair to toss them in there now as players. So I am voted no and I am hoping it stays no.

Now the cast of Dancing With the Stars has been released and its an All Star cast meaning it is previous dancers including some winners. I will post their names later on when it is a complete list ABC is doing a vote one person to dance you choose America type of thing and no I am not voting because the choices are eh however I will say this Kelly Monaco is dancing and well she won in her season and she does play Sam on General Hospital and we must shine on daytime soaps since the dumas Brian Frons (Former ABC President) decided he wanted to replaced 2 long time soaps with a cooking show and a make over show that was hosted by a carpenter. I suppose that is why that show got cancelled! Good. Ok I will not get started on that song again...But I hold the right to change my mind later.

Lets just see what the week brings

Stay Tune

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ah Big Brother is back which means summer is here

Yes summer is here if the heat doesn't remind you the fact that Big Brother is playing does it. Well last night was the eviction of JoJo and I am personally happy that Staten Island Beauty Queen is out of there. The power was up for grabs and Shane is now the new Head of Household - good for him. The only thing I have against that is that well Brittany is on pompous cloud nine again. Oh well that just means the falls will sting more when it happens and it will eventually happen. CBS is asking viewers should the coaches stop coaching and become regular players or the game - I voted for NO. I would like to give the new players a chance to play the game and let the coaches well coach. Ok some are coaching others are being idiots.

So I realized that in my last post I mentioned Danny being so cute but I never posted a picture of him so let me take care of that right now. If you see the picture behind him on the wall that is a picture of my brother when he was I want to say maybe 1 year old or so the resemblence is amazing but that's the SOP for his kids they all look like him.

Ok have a great weekend folks

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm back!

Oh boy I have to admit this has been my longest streak in not writing in this blog. No excuses it is what it is - life happens. So let me provide a summary of what has happened since:

Danny was born duh we knew that already and is just as cute as can be! But wait there is more Baby number 5 is on the way! Oh yes you read that right folks Baby 5 who is also a boy is due Dec 18. I do not even want to comment because well sometimes it makes one say ah hello get HIM fixed! Before you asked she is fixed 2 pregnancies ago.

Now on to the fun stuff TV Shows!

Still love Revenge it is on hiatus right now but should return soon. New show on the love list is Political Animals on the USA Network. I have to say I am loving more and more USA Network shows they seem to have a little more freedom in the language department; ok a lot more freedom.

Ok now summer is here and of course you know what that means Big Brother of course! Alright so this season I am saying FINALLY a cast that is worth watching. The new twist this year was that they brought back some previous players and placed them in the house not as players but as Coaches - 4 in total. They each picked 3 players and if their players actually win then the Coaches get $100,000. Not a bad gig if you can get it. 2 of the 4 coaches are ones I truly like Janelle and Boogie. This time around Boogie is in the house without Dr Will but not to worry he already located his Dr Will his name is Frank.

This year's episode started with an eviction that same night and it was not even one where the house guests got to vote it was just like ok you lost this competition and your coach picked you to go so buh bye. I am not sure that is truly fair but it is what it is.

Within 2 weeks of entering the house there has been another eviction without votes! Oh yes it is the drama turn! Russell Hantz's (of Survivor fame) brother Willie was playing until he threw a bully spoiled brat temper tantrum and got physical with one of the players and one of the rules in BB is that you do not get violent and well he did so he was thrown out. It is too bad because I would of liked to see him play the game but he was a spoiled idiot so good bye dude.

This Friday the new cast of Dancing with the Stars will be revealed and if it is like the last 2 seasons it will be another yawn... But we shall see

Stay Tuned