Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DWTS and missing All My Children

The first week of a none All My Children week and yeah I am so missing it. I miss seeing Erica Kane twirl her head and watch Ryan get mad at David Hayward for playing God and not revealing that he kept someone alive when everyone thought they were dead. Really Ryan can you just go get a life? And how can I forget Jesse shouting ANGELA!!! Oh yes those were the days. Hopefully Prospect Park will make it happen. I have heard news that the cable channel has been narrowed down and that things are looking good so that gives me hope. I just hope that the stories continue to be good. Well All My Children needed to "up" their stories but recently I heard someone in a podcast saying how perhaps they should look at what made the show a success and mirror that idea. Meaning, that back then what was happening was brought into the mix for example we had Kitty fighting against the war and other rallying for abortion rights, perhaps they should look at the headlines and copy something like that? For example how about Bianca fighting for gay marriages in all States and bringing that up to the light. How about a main core character having a Muslim as a friend and we may not know all about this person but let the others characters come up with their own conclusion. I don't know I am just spitting stuff out. I miss the show.

One show I find not watching as much is DWTS and its mainly because I am being disgusted by the judges. I believe that judges should advice and provide constructive crtiques not ridicule and embarress and be just plain nasty. I find that its becoming a show of oh which judge will insult the most and I am sorry it makes me not want to watch the dancers. So I just read the highlights and move on from there. I no longer feel the need to catch it. Sorry Chaz and JR I really wanted to watch you but when they get judges who will provide good feedback that will help the performance that is when I will watch again. Until then I hope you all do well and keep it going!

Stay Tuned

Friday, September 23, 2011

All My Children

Well yesterdays show was for sure about the Chandlers and it was the writers making what was wrong a right. Stuart is back. To see David Canary playing both parts was brilliant. He is one of the greatest actors and nothing is more exciting to watch him playing both parts. It brought tears to my eyes it was great and to think I will not see that again. Totally cool and sad. So today is the last show and I will be sad and eventually something else will come and take my attention but until then All My Children - cheers I will forever miss you and thank you for being a huge part of my life!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All My Children I am missing you already

I know AMC has not ended yet but I feel like I am missing it already. Yesterday's tribute was to another core family (The Martins), they showed the whole gang all together and there was even memories done to some of the older vets that have passed on. It was truly sweet and there was an appearance by Sarah Michelle Gellar! Oh wow it was great! She was a patient who thought she was the daughter of Erica Kane...ha ha ha ha!! Total riot. If you do not get it read my last post. Total cute.

I suspect todays show will feature the Chandelors and JR's destruction. I heard they were going to leave something as a clif hanger and the way the show has been going JR is going nuts and yesterday we saw him putting bullets into a gun. So chances are today and or tomorrow that will be left hanging with some gun going off...But I am also certain about Chandlor day today because a wrong was made right yesterday!  Stuart is alive! 

Ok here is the scoop about 2-3 years ago this somewhat terrible head writer named Chuck Pratt was hired. Head writers dictate storylines and here is this schmuch who comes in and I guess he decided oh boy he is going to shake things up by killing Stuart Chandlor? Really dude? This is a beloved character and you killed him? Why because you wanted to show you have power and can do it? That almost seemed to be the start of what is the end because of course schmucko Frons refused to replace him even after fans objected. Heck actors were confused. Ok now let me explain about Stuart he has a twin brother named Adam and well Adam is bad twin and Stuart is good twin played by the same actor. The guy is brilliant really to see this guy play both was amazing. It was more amazing to watch Adam pretending to be Stuart I mean you looked at it and went oh man thats Adam and it was! So when they killed Stuart I was heart broken and even the actor did not like it. So much so that I suspect the reason he did not renew his contract was because of the whole killing and disaster. So now they finally made a smart decision silly people Stuart was never murdered Dr. David saved his life and has been having him on life support this whole time! Won't Adam be happy to finally learned that he did not accidently murder Stuart. Really it will be fantastic. I just hope JR doesn't mess that up.

If I sound a little insane thats ok can you imagine how crazy I will sound when soap number two (One Life To Live) comes to an end?

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A week of reflecting

Well yesterday I mentioned how it was a bitter sweet week since AMC was going bye bye as of Friday and I mentioned stuff about Erica Kane and a Pine Valley with no Erica Kane. I guess it was meant to be because yesterday's show was a reflection on Erica Kane and her Kane girls. Yeah they also showed some of the Lavery's and Slaters (well DUH related to Kane women) but it was a flash back of sorts. What was cute is how they made a cute line to Sarah Michelle Gellar. History SMG use to play Kendall - daughter of Erica Kane well SMG went on to move to bigger and better things and enter Alicia M who really has done a good job as Kendall. So Erica is having her story put into the big screen and the girls were talking about who should play who and stuff like that and Kendall goes oh I know Sarah Michelle Gellar should play me and it was funny it really was. Ok yes I know soap junkie I am sorry I just love my soaps! SO I am just still sadden about it. And in keeping with sad news

I just learned that a co-worker passed away. She was more of a good friend to a good friend of mine and its just a sad day all around. This lady had stage four cancer and has been out for 9 months due to treatment. She leaves behind a son who just yesterday turned 15 years old. I can only hope that the father will step up and watch over his child's broken heart considering up to now the father/husband has been not positive and even made nasty comments like when she dies he can go live with his aunt. Sometimes it takes something tragic for people to see clearly how someone is. We always heard stories about him and you know to some extent blew it off but after hearing stuff that he has said just makes me happy to have a good family around me.

Ok DWTS update NBA star Metta Artest was booted off. His cha cha was a no-no and voters just did not seem to support him. Sorry dude I thought that lady who's only claim to fame was dating George Clooney was going to be the one to go.

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bitter sweet week

Well it is a very bitter sweet week for me this week. Sadly this is the last week All My Children will stop being aired as of Friday the 23rd. The show is wrapping up some stories and showing flashbacks of the core families and many previous characters and actors are making appearances. Watching the episode yesterday was kind of sad and nice. It was nice to see but sad to know it will be end - at least for now. Good news is that Prospect Park has picked up rights to the show and are presently in the planning stages of bringing it back. Will it be a different show? Yes of course it will be. Where will it aire? Well right now that is uncertain. Word has it that they are entertaining cable channel options and even better news is that some of the actors have already signed on the dotted line. Some have not like Susan Lucci aka Erica Kane. Pine Valley with no Erica Kane? I do not know how that is even possible? But I can understand her not wanting to stick her neck out anymore. She was on a book tour when "rumors" were going around that the show was cancelled and Dirt bag Brian Frons told her that is just a stupid blogger making things up. So when asked she repeated what was told to her stupid blogger well within days of that it becomes official the show was terminated. This made her look like a fool and she was not too happy about it. But more word has it that Agnes Nixon who created the show is stepping in to talk to Susan Lucci so lets just see how that goes. All I know is that I will miss the show. Heck I already miss it.

DWTS made its debut last night and every year I say the same thing and I am sorry I think I know what the problem is with the show its the judges. They are so obvious as to who they want to win and who they do not. They are harsh on some of them and considering it was episode number 1 you would think they would chill out. But hey I guess that is why they get paid the big bucks.

Stay Tuned

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rachel won

Ok the title tells it all Rachel the annoying laughing, no tears crying wench won Big Brother. Oh boy! Now Brendon is like right by her side the whole entire time. She went on the Talk and there he was in the parties and interview there he was. Now on TMZ there is a video clip of Rachel saying that they were getting married this weekend. Oh boy.

In other reality news Survivor aired their first show and it looks ok. That guy Brandon who is Russell's nephew is weird like his uncle. He has a tattoo actually two of them that read "Hantz" which is Russell's last name and he plans on not telling anyone who his uncle is. Ok so the question naturally is dude hello these people can read and his plan is to never take his shirt off?? Serisouly??? Oh this should be good.

Stay Tuned

Oh yes one more thing...Dancing With the Stars begins Monday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Spoilers BB of course

Well there is only one more show left before the summer comes to an end and by the summer I mean my summer obsession - Big Brother. This Wednesday will mark the finale and thus BB will be over but do not worry viewers because Survivor will begin. I am not sure I will follow this one as closely as last time we shall see. When last I left off I gave a small prediction as to who would win part 2 of the HOH comp and I wish I could only be as accurate with lotto numbers because Porsche won. What this means is that Part 3 of the challenge will be between Rachel and Porsche and if memory serves me correct it will be a question and answer game. BB will ask jury members questions and it is up to them to try and guess how they will respond. So this makes me wonder who is better at knowing what a jury member might say. Ok you can say oh Rachel will know Brendon but does she really? I mean Brendon likes to think he is a rocket scientist oh wait a chemist and he may think he is being slick so who knows. It could be anyone's game. SO this pretty much leaves Adam out right? Not if you ask Adam. He has been planting seeds of doubt in each of their heads by telling them "You know I am the swing vote and I can influence others." He started this basically after Rachel told him that she was taking Porsche to the final two and Porsche had also agreed to take Rachel. So he starts telling them I am the swing vote and I can go either way and he went as far as to tell Porsche that Rachel has played a good hard game. The hopes is that one of them will think twice before sending him to the residency.

So the question is who will win Part 3 and will they take Adam?

Stay Tuned.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ah Big Brother was great! The end is near Sept 14th is the end of the series and on that day we will learn who will win BB. Last nights show showed Jordan leaving the house and this was no surprise. Then the plan is that Part one othe HOH comp will begin. So Part one began with the HGs hanging on mixers. Poor Adam was not doing well he does not do well on those so of course he was the first to fall off. The comp continued and next thing you know Porsche drops off leaving Rachel as the winner of part one. This means Rachel automatically advances to Part three and will face off against either Adam or Porsche. I wonder if Porsche is regretting sending Jordan to jury at this point? I'm just sayin...

So now a little prediction...sort of...This means part two will be Porsche against Adam and it should be a physical one which is clearly a disadvantage to Adam. So if that is the case it may be a safe prediction to say that Porsche and Rachel will face off in Part Three which will be a mental game. This could be anyone's game, Rachel was not always the best in those quiz games so who knows.

Stay Tuned

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Brother Spoilers really quick

Ok so stuff has happened in the last few that just makes this game ever so fun.

Last nights show showed Kalia being evicted YEE PEE! Then we saw Adam finally win the spot of HOH. Now on to the spoilers:

Tonight is the live show and the last 24 hours was like the fast forward show a few weeks back, but this time they did the stuff within 24 hours and here is what happened...

Adam put up Jordan and Porsche on the chopping block. The POV was played and Porsche won it! The Veto meeting will be held tonight during the live show and if you saw last nights show Porsche had said in the Diary Room she was targeting Rachel if she would win HOH so one might think ok Rachel is gone since Porsche will be the sole vote....NOT. Apparently Porsche was heard saying to Adam that she was planning on evicting Jordan since Jordan already won once and gosh that is just not right that she may win again. So this means that Rachel will be in the final three with Porsche.

While I am a Jordan fan, I respect Porsche's decision because I think she realizes that if Jordan was in the final two with anyone there that Jordan will most likely win the whole thing again. So in that sense it was smart to get knock her out. But this means she needs to endure a physical competition with Rachel and we have recently seen Rachel do pretty well in physical comps and well Porsche...not so much. But if the comp was on sleeping then I would say Porsche will have it hands down, especially now that Kalia is gone. Ok sorry had to take a shot there. So let's think about the possible voting and who may win.

Adam:   if Adam was up against Rachel I think Rachel would have it. He is seriously considered useless and a professional floater. If he was up against Porsche...humm that is interesting but I think Porsche may win too. I just do not see Adam winning.. Anything is possible.

Porsche:  Is she went up against Rachel, then it may be a good fight but I am leaning towards Rachel winning.

Rachel:  I think Rachel if she survives to the final two has a really good chance at winning it all.

But if any of those ladies thought about it (and I am sure they have) they would need to take Adam with them to the final two because I do not see him getting votes.

That is my view

Stay Tuned

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Brother BUH BYE Shelly

Well tonight is it. Tonight we watch the know it all Shelly go into the jury house. This woman I have to say is a total trip. She sits there and for weeks if not from the beginning spews how she has never lied yet CBS has even aired her lying yet oh no she never lies. Ok you know what this is the BB game everyone lies but at least fess up to it when you go to the Diary room and talk to us! Don't lie when hello we are seeing you. Then last night she made a comment that makes me ask "Is she connected to reality?" She told Jordan you came in here already with a ready made alliance and so did I, so I sat there and went who the heck did she come in already connected with and then she makes the brilliant statement to her daughter and husband! WTF?? Really are they hiding under your bed? Are they in the whack shack? Because I swear I have not seen them and I have DVR recordings to prove it! Then she keeps referring how she is playing together with them and they are her alliance - to steal a Jerry Lewis line "HEY LADY!" So yeah I guess it is time to send her to jury to sit with those people she never lied to and always spoke so highly and nice about.

So is there any hope for Jordan or even Rachel? It all comes down to this next HOH comp. I am also thinking that perhaps its time for a luxury comp coming up soon.

Stay Tuned