Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars

Well folks the Oscars were on last night and all the stars were out and about. All wore their designer dresses and super fancy hair styles and make up. But did they all look good? In my opinion some looked fabulous while others made me say "Really, with all the money you have and that is the best they can come up with?"

Nicole Kidman is one that was trashed for her outfit. I personally liked it. Was it her best? No - but I have seen worse. Speaking of worse - Helena Bonham Carter who was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress sucked sucked sucked. Did I say sucked? Well ok sorry she look horrible! This chick got a black bustier that was designed by the Alice in Wonderland designer. Ok Alice in Wonderland and you get that guy to create the outfit that well looked like it should of stayed in Alice in Wonderland not at the Academy Awards. I am all for wanting to be different and creative but how about a little style and looking good at the same time?

The shows that won were good - or so I am told I have not had the chance to see them but I think I might now that a gazillion people say its good. You know I so always go for what the crowd likes.

Stay Tune

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boston Rob Rocks

Oh boy I am loving me some Survivor! Last nights show was just totally cool. Boston Rob is in my opinion one of the best players. The man has this personality that is addictive. He is also a very clever man. Ok if you have never seen this man it will take a while because I think he kind of grew on people. In the beginning Boston Rob first came on Survivor and was such a strategic player that well most people did not place him as a nice guy. But, the man was playing the game. Then he went to All Stars and there he met another player named Amber. Well Rob and Amber hooked up and played so well they went to the final two with Amber winning. They became a really popular couple to the point that CBS even filmed their wedding. They became a really great couple and Rob never stopped being the strategic player. So Rob is now playing Survivor again along with one of the ugliest and nastiest villains named Russell - although I personally like Rob's nickname to him - Hobbit.

Well last night's show was Boston Rob in continued action form. He knows how to manipulate pretty much any situation. Rob usually has a plan and he right now as a team of 6 who are pretty much hanging on his every word. One especially named Matt- oh Matt pretty much worships Rob. The back interviews show Matt saying how happy he is to have Rob on his side etc.. So can you imagine Matt's surprise when at Tribal Counsel Matt learned that he was kicked off the island. Yeah Boston Rob orchestrated it all. Ok Rob had very good reason for doing this to Matt. Actually Matt was not originally on Rob's radar after all Matt was part of his original 6 pack but Matt made this mistake of after losing a challenge walking over to the other team and congratulating them. Ok sounds like good sportsmanship? Ok NOT ON SURVIVOR! That kind of stuff can get you to the finals with jury votes plus he was just starting to get an possible hook up and well Rob knows that kind of player must go.
Oh but that is not the end of Boston Rob's touch, he managed to get one of the players who was holding an immunity idol to let go of her idol, he also got Phillip who is one fruit loop away from losing it all. This guy is a real nut job - keeps telling people how he use to be a Federal Agent. Oh yeah he has mentioned this several times over and over and it is now a running joke. Well this guy just has a big mouth and he has a bad habit of revealing secrets. Well Rob managed to get this guy to sit down, keep his mouth shut and then with just a point of the finger tell this guy who to vote for. Oh yeah literally right before voting Phillip looked at Rob and Rob gave the signal to who and this guy did as he was told.

It was pretty darn good. Now I would love for Rob to win but chances are he will not and that will be the day I most likely stop watching so closely the show because as long as Rob is on I am watching!

Stay Tune

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ah Tuesday

Happy day after President's day. Not sure how happy it is since I am back at work. Oh I like working and earning a living it is just sometimes it is nice to just be able to chill and relax and no worry about little things like paying bills.

February brings on some shows and sweeps and those can be exciting. The Bachelor last night was pretty much predictable with the exception that this was home town dates episode and one of the girls took him to the family business - funeral home. Ok nothing against funeral homes and cemeteries it is just creepy. What makes it more creepy is when the girl had the guy lay down on the em bombing table and she preceded to tell him the steps involved. OK this is really creepy chicky and then the family decided to purchase a commerical that would air during the hometown date. I can only hope that she looked back at this episode and said "Yeah I would dump me too. No need to wonder why he dumped me."

Note to future daters if you are in the family business of laying loved ones to rest do NOT take a date and show them what happens and show them the needles and items involved and then smile as you hold one of these instruments. I'm just sayin.

Get ready world here we go on with what is left in February sweeps

Stay Tune

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Survivor is back!

Well I am not going to say Happy New Year because we are in February and technically it is not very with the program to say that now. So let me just say hi and so sorry. I have had the time to write just was not inspired but last night I was sparked up and the juices were flowing and it was purely exciting. You may ask well what made you this excited? Oh glad you ask - Survivor Redemption Island!

Ok I watched Survivor when it first started and I would say like the first 3 seasons then I got bored and went on to other things. Occassionally I would see portions here and there and might see the finale to see what I missed all season. Then about 2 years ago I started watching again and there was such a mean spirited nasty character named Russell and oh boy he was a snake. He admited he was a snake but I didn't hate I just found him hilarious.

He would have the one on one interviews and would just tell it like it is. Then you saw players like falling for this guy and at one point in the game they were giving him immunity idols. But he was smart he looked for these idols before anyone even thought of looking for them and get this he found them! Yeah pretty good player Russell was a bit cocky ok more then a bit cocky but he played the game.

Then in one of my watching seasons there was this young guy named Boston Rob, well Rob was a character. He was exceptionally good at puzzels and strategizing. He had this charm and this personality that just drew you to him. Oh he was a villian oh yes he was sneaky and always making plans to get rid of people. He did not care if he had to smile to you as he did it. But Rob had this trippin charm. Well long story short Rob has always been one of my all time players and he met his current wife playing survivor. Amber played the game and oh yes she won as a matter of fact who came in second - Rob. Then they went on the Amazing Race together and they came in 3rd I believe. Ok so Rob rocks. Well last season they brought him back to play like an all star survivor. I loved it. Russell was on there too and the two of them crashed heads. Russell had the advantage though because all star was a back to back oh wait they called it hereos vs villians. Ok Russell pretty much went straight to this so the survivors had no idea who he was just that he was placed on camp villian.

So now we are in present day Survivor and all new players with the exception that Russell and Rob have been brought back to play the game. Each are on opposite teams and last night was show one. LOVE IT. Rob's team went to tribal counsel and Rob in typical Rob form totally ran the whole thing. He made someone show and hand him the idol right there! Oh it was awesome.

So needless to say I am looking forward to this season as long as BR stay in the game.

Stay Tune