Monday, November 22, 2010


I am going to take this chance now to say Namaste and thanks to everyone. Chances are I will not write for a while. I can pretend and say yes I will try but it's the holidays and I am only working one more day and well come on really who I am kidding. I have stopped to realize I have some really cool nice friends and great family and for that I give thanks.
The man and I recently (this weekend) celebrated our 18th Wedding anniversary and we decided we wanted to do something "different". Now we could go to a nice restaurant and enjoy a bottle or two of wine and drinks and have a really nice time and then be done with it but come on lets do something with some music fun and excitement! So the search was on and suggestions were encourage and along came LIPS . This is something different so I ran it across the man and he was all for it! So we decided to add to the night by staying at a nearby hotel right on the water. We resevered a balcony room facing the ocean and let me tell you folks it was truly remarkable. The Pelican Resort was to die for. It was a Key West style resort and everyone was friendly, the place was clean, the breakfast was good, the room was tidy and nice. Yes I would return to this place.
Now lets get to LIPS oh yeah baby rock and roll is all I have to say! The pictures don't do it justice because I have so many more but you know so many pictures so little Bytes what can I say. This place is a caberet style show you get to enjoy and the dinner prior to the show is excellent. The encourage fun loud out of this world get out of your seat behavior! Come on really this is right up my alley! Our server learned it was our wedding anniversary and called us on state and we were given complimentary shots and a picture. Thats us with our server.

Meals vary in prices. They do have a fixed price menu which includes salad, entree and dessert or you can just get stuff off the regular menu. They obviously make their money off the drinks which we also bought a few.

So over all I would recommend it. You need to be open minded and just sit back and enjoy so I will post some pictures.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I decided to try a new soul exercise that sounded interested. The experiment was called the 24 hour word challenge. For 24 hours say nothing negative. If I found myself wanting to say something negative I would stop myself and either look at the positive or just keep the thoughts to myself. I found the first day was an actual good day so it was rather easy. I did not find myself needing to stop and hold back or change my way of thinking on anything even when moments would appear I was alright about it. So I decided to try it for a second day -let's just say it was a little more challenging. But that is alright because my lesson is that you cannot be good everyday but if you are aware of the negative tendencies then you can choose to turn that around and that is my choice.

So the new challenge right now is to laugh every day, this way when moments come (and they will) that require a little lift the habit will already be in there. Yes laughing will be a challenge, but hey I adventurous so I will give it a shot.

First thing I will do is look out my work window and picture a beautiful ocean view and sandy white sand and a man servant named Niles saying "Madam your tea is ready." Ah yeah that is where I am at smiling and laughing...

Stay Tune

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bitter Sweet Monday

Well here I am back at work on a Monday imagine that? Weekend was actually pretty darn alright but it is a bitter-sweet morning. More on that in a little bit. Sometimes you have to be away from things or people to really appreciate the gift that they bring and Friday we went out with some friends we had not hung out with in wild; mainly because life gets in the way sometimes and we find outselves re-directing ourselves. But, then we stop and we look around and say hey wait a minute YOU we use to do this all the time then we stopped but man this is fun! Yeah we had fun. The company was really nice and it makes me appreciate that there are those special people out there who we are glad are still in our lives. This leads me to Saturday night and my family. Argg really do I need to keep them around? Yeah I do but argg they can be frustrating at times. But then I get over the frustration and sit and enjoy. All I have to say is thank you Angels for keeping me sane. Sunday was a nice quiet day with the man and Sarge. Speaking of Sarge he leaves today, actually this morning and yes I am with mixed feelings (bitter-sweet) because he really is a cute doggie and such a "Good Boy!" Sorry had to get that out. It will be nice to not have to worry about letting him out or worrying if he will be in the house too long. But he is a cutie and one thing is for sure in a few short weeks he will be back!

Hopefully this week will be fine.

So in closing here is my closing statement...

Make a cup of strong, preferably real, coffee. Add a measure of Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur. Stir. Top with whipped cream. Then sprinkle grated chocolate over the top. Now relax with a sip. Yum! No wonder it's called the 'Fallen Angel'!

Stay Tune