Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If it's Tuesday its BB Night

Ok as the title states its Big Brother night. Angie is up against muscle man Jessie and I so wish Jessie was being evicted but alas word on the feeds is Angie will be going. www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother

Woke up this morning thinking or wishing it was Saturday. I thought it was Saturday so when I noticed the beam of sunlight coming in the window I was in no rush until I realized you silly child its Tuesday! Oh dear what time is it? Oh only 7:35 great normally I am there with my coffee and bagel by now. Now I HATE mornings so mornings I have to rush well make meT even more of a happy morning camper. I am still waiting for someone to shout Hey leta go see Mamma Mia!

Tonight since until BB comes on its boring TV I am watching DVR taped show of ParaNormal State http://www.aetv.com/paranormal-state/ If you have never watched this you should whether you believe or not its good tv.

The weekend is still far away...But this weekend will be oh so fun-filled...Saturday is an almost all day Elk function at Miami Lodge 948 yeah from the the early hour of 10:00am Lord help them all since I am so much fun in the morning..This will be a function for a few hours,,..oh yeah I like having fun like that...When I am done there not sure what I will do maybe take myself to see Mamma Mia unless I convince a certain BFF to go with me...

Ok time to sign off now...until next time!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hi welcome to my Moments

This is my first blog and I can hear certain people laughing right now saying it was a matter of time before the disease hit me. Of course I have no idea what to write about but I do know of what NOT to write about. So lets start with the week in review and a little of stuff.

Went to see the movie Mamma Mia! LOVE IT! So totally awesome! I want to so much to see it again and I am hoping my BFF Janis will pull herself away from work and Elk duties and go with me to see it because I know she wants to see it. I left the theatre wanting to go dance in the Greek Isles.

Ok a little about me (if you know me you will know this part is hard for me). I am a wife, mother and a good friend. I work in compliance for an insurance company. On the days I am not working I volunteer at the local Elks and Moose Lodge. I enjoy helping out and the people I have met there are really nice. I am a spiritual person I believe in God, Angels and Guardian Angels.

I love watching certain reality tv and trash tv. I do so adore ABC Soaps (AMC. OLTL. GH). I love shows like Desperate Housewives, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Food Network Star, The Mole, just to name a few.

Currently watching Big Brother and I like these HGs so much better then the last season's HGs. Although there is one HG in this season that in my humble opinion is a Male Chauvinist Pig. I have a reason for it I saw in his pre-interview he made a comment saying if Hilary Clinton became President he would give up his citizenship and move out of the country. Yeah and when asked is this because she is a woman or because of something specific he could not or would not answer...enough said on that the "no comment" speaks for itself. So I take great pride in sitting here watching the show and Live Feeds and seeing that this week's Head Of Household (the one who rules the house) is a woman. So needless to say Dan I so hope you do not win the game.
Ok my next show I am so into is The Mole - LOVE IT. Watched it when it came on years ago before the reality shows were popular and have actually missed it. I have 2 picks of who I think is the Mole either Mark or Paul and I am leaning towards Mark. But what remains is good so its nice to see.
Ok thats all I can think of for now. Any suggestions on what to write about? Let me know...this is so new to me....TAH!