Monday, January 4, 2010

Here we go 2010

Hello and welcome to 2010! How was your new year I surely hope it was wonderful and memorable. Ours was quite good I must admit. We had a nice time at home. I over slept slightly by like 10 minutes but managed to get up and stay up a little after that. We had a great dinner with our little boy wonder who came for a quick bite to eat. The year ended with surf and turf on the menu. Paul grilled up the turf which was awesome and I heated up some lobster tails which were pretty good too.

Saturday I stopped off at my local favorite movie place (Cinebistro) and saw Sherlock Holmes. The movie was full of excitement and a bit of over stretching on stuff and well Robert Downey Jr. really should work on his English accent but I would say it was still good.

Then came Sunday. If the picture looks like a fire well it is a fire. Current temperatures have been in the 40's at night and 50's during the day which I have loved. Makes doing all those nasty outside chores so much easier. This is where the fireplace comes in to play. The man is very good at maintaining the yard and the dead leaves etc. He actually does a good job. What happens is in the backyard there is/was a mountain of branches/leaves/tree parts/small branches, well you get the idea and at that rate we would have our own little mountain soon. So whats the solution to a mountain of trash? Why ah oh yes lets create a fire and burn it! Now we are smart people we do not just light something and walk away my guy bought an outdoor fireplace that is made for taking high levels of heat. He spent over 4 hours throwing the mountain in the fireplace and the result is we no longer have a mountain. Yes over 4 hours folks! Ok it was not all smooth sailing in the beginning I thought this post was going to be a story titled "Homeless in Miami" but it is not. He got it to a rhythm and I believe he has a system now.
Yep so hello 2010.