Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Times go by

Oh boy I certainly had no idea how quickly time went by since I last wrote. I certainly thought I was so on top of things- that's what I get for thinking.

The weekend was rather fabulous. We went to see http://www.gold-diggers.org/ show at Guzman and as always it was a great show. What was even better was I got to see some friends I had not seen in a while and I have missed so it was truly a great night.

Now this work week while proving to be busy for me will be short since Thursday I leave for the I Can Do It 2010 convention http://www.icandoit.net/. I am looking forward to this. In hindsight what I should of done is look at staying an extra day in Toronto so I can see some of the city before leaving. This just means I am going to have to do what I can in the time I have. The speakers I am really looking forward to listening to.

Well tonight is the finale of DWTS and well as I said from the beginning the finalist remaining are there and lets face it we know who the winner is going to be its Professional dancer Derek Hough and "I have been trained as a dancer and been dancing since I was 5 years old and this is how I make my living" Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. Yeah that is a long title to have but I have said it before and will say it again, it is not right that a show that highlights celebrities doing something out of their element is on there. The girl is a flippin dancer - hello she better be in the finals otherwise what does that say about how she earns a living? Oh yes Nicole had a moment on TV where boo hoo she cried and cried that oh it is not fair that people say this is easy for her boo hoo. Look little girl if you are going to quote "people" then quote them correctly what people are saying is that you are a trained dancer so you know what it takes and you already have that mindset. You have done some of those moves and are used to looking at dance moves and picking up how to do routines easier then the average person who lets say does NOT dance for a living. So go cry me a river and besides who cares the freaking judges love you they already have said how you are the best celebrity dancer they have ever had - so if that does not spell winner then what does?

Ok that is my rant and now in order to bring myself down from my rant and back into my peaceful existence here is the inspirational quote for the day:

I trust the perfection of the universe.
Send out love and harmony, put your mind and body in a peaceful place, and then allow the universe to work in the perfect way that it knows how.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Signs look for signs

Well the week is moving along as it always does. Last night's DWTS proved to be predictable. In listening to the judges you can tell who they like and who they want to move forward and I suppose text and phone in viewers agree. Do I agree? I am not sure I agree all the time but I like to make up my own mind and not have constant influences by "judges".

Something interesting happened yesterday at work. I had someone at my desk for a training and I tend to have two constant post it inspirational postings in my wall. Not large ones just placed in corners where I can view them. One I keep and the other one every so often I write a new one and replace it. Well this person was at my desk and she noticed one of my postings that read "I work at eliminating all of my judgements of others".

Well this person looked at my posting and repeated what it said so I just looked at her and smiled and said yep that is what it saids and her reaction or response to that was "Well that is impossible and judgements still hurt". Hum.. interesting. Ok it is not impossible and I said to her I try to live my life that way it is not easy and I am not 100% successful but I aim to do that. Of course she just repeated well judgements are hurtful and I thought ok I need to end this so I said yes they are and you cannot control what other people say or think just how your reactions and feelings towards it. At that point I redirected the focus back to work.

I thought afterwards how sad that you think so negative and again it validates what I always thought what you think is what you are and what you think people can feel. This particular person is not someone in the department that people generally care for. She is one that while you cannot put your finger on something specific she is not liked at all. The impression she gives is negative, nasty, tattle-tailing, backstabbing etc..well you get the drift. And I thought well of course people don't like you how can you expect people to like you when you walk around thinking the worst of people and when you read something positive you immediately want to bring it down. All I can say is how sad. I felt bad that this person walks around like that. I hope to never be that negative.
Just as an FYI my other posting rads "I now fully accept the wisdom, insight and protection of my angels".

Angels are all around us giving us small signs that they are there, next time you go outside take a look at the clouds. Angels love to use these natural wonders to show us signs because they can be shaped in any fashion and are spectacular to look at. Clouds are one of the most common ways that we receive “I love you” messages from Heaven. The angels' clouds are physical signs that they’re with us around the clock.

Have you ever just found a feather? You walk outside, inside anywhere and you look and there is a feather and you think huh a feather? The angels will bring you feathers and other signs in a way tailor-made to your own level of faith.

Of course there is the ever popular and beautiful rainbows. Since the time of Noah's ark, rainbows have been symbolic of God's promise of love, care, support, and protection. When you ask the angels for a sign and you see a rainbow, it signals that your entire situation is being taken care of by them.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Well welcome Tuesday and how are you doing today? I am doing rather well myself thank you for asking. Sometimes I have to start like that in order to get into the mood for the day. The weekend was rather nice. Friday had a super nice time with the usual suspects. Finding a great place to eat that fits certain criteria is becoming a challenge but one thing that is not a challenge is the fun we have when we are together and that is what I really go for.

Saturday was nice too. Time out with girls and then a night cap at my brothers. If you know my brother, well night cap is a nice word for it the dude does have energy and is well high-spirited. Better then being old and boring is what I say.

I am getting so much closer to Canada time and I am really looking forward to it. This will be my first out of the country trip all by myself. Way excited. So in order to get started let me post my mantra for the day/week or until the next time I post one:

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. - Dalai Lama

That is an interesting thing compassion. We all say we have it or want it but how many people truly do that? The dictionary meaning of compassion is Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it. I think we all have been to the point where we do feel for someone when they are suffering, we give our sympathy, our shoulder to cry on, our friendship but how many of us can say we WISH to relieve it? Sometimes I think society has put us in a position where we say "wow hey I am so sorry to hear that I feel for you and I will pray for you." Then, we walk away and that is pretty much the end of it until we see that person again. So what if we stopped at that point and said hey you know I am here for you and I will pray for you but tell me is there something I can do right now to help you. Whether it be take a child to school, go get some groceries, give a ride somewhere, etc... It is something to think about isn't it?

Yeah I am so preparing myself for this deep enlightenment this has been my committed journey this year.

How will it go?

Stay Tune..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring is here?

Happy Wednesday everyone. Well last night was the opening night of Spring Awakening and it is only in Miami for one week I almost wish it was on longer just to see how it will do. The place was packed and I suppose I was a bit surprised because it was a Tuesday night. But the night was good it was a very breezy night in Miami and being that close to the ocean made it breezier. Pretty good.

Now about the show well all I can say is WOW. Meaning like wow the name totally describes it all. The show was labeled as the awakening of sexuality for teenagers in the late 1890's. Which makes sense since it was written in 1891. My husband said something to me after the show was over which echoed what the cast member I interviewed said - he said its amazing that the same problems we have now are the ones we had then. He was right. There were certain scenes in there that even left my mouth opened. I don't want to blow it for those that may see the show but this show is not for the weak at heart and certainly and I repeat DO NOT bring kids. Seriously kids are so not allowed otherwise you will have a lot of explaining to do.

Now on to DWTS I may not had seen it live but I heard who got kicked off- Yeah Niecy. I liked her but in comparison to who are left it was her time to leave. Next off will be I suspect Ocho although he is putting up a good fight so you never know. Of course the winner will be Nicole and Derek. Hello professional dancer paired with professional dancer.

On Mondays show Nicole had a boo hoo crying moment and oh boy she said for all those people who said "this" meaning dancing came easy to her she wished they could be there to see her because it's not easy it is hard work. I wish I could of popped in there and said to her - look missy what we are saying is that you are a trained dancer and that is not fair in this competition.
Dancers are used to the long hours of training and your mind is used to seeing dance steps and memorizing them. Now bring in 10 other couples who are dancers by trait and dance against them and ok now we have a competition but against celebrities who are not dancers sorry sweetie I am so not feeling sorry for you. Plus she IS a dancer if she sucked her professional career may go down the drain because she would be labeled as the dancer who could not dance against unprofessionals. So yeah don't cry for me argentina.

whew that was my daily rant. Middle of the week oh what to do what to do..

Stay Tune

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When is enough enough?

Well tonight is opening night to Spring Awakening and I am so excited. I hope this day zooms by really quick so tonight will arrive. Note to self: Gas up your car otherwise you will be in deep do do.

Toronto and the "I can Do IT!" convention is coming up and I am really gearing up for it. I recently started following Dr Wayne Dyer, one of the workshop speakers I will be taking, and the more I read his writings the more I want to go to the workshop. I already saw the movie he put together titled "The Shift" and I highly recommend it. This is not an action, mystery or comic one but one on being enlightened.

Recently Dr Dyer wrote: Stay in a state of gratitude, and let the awesome yet unexplainable Tao proceed to do nothing and yet leave nothing undone. Rather than asking for more—which implies shortages and, therefore, creates a vibrational match to more shortages—focus on what you have and how thankful you are for everything that has shown up in your life.

Be thankful? Hum what a concept. Very cool. He went on to say how there was a "happiness index" that was recently taken for different countries around the world. Apparently, Nigeria, which is one of the poorest of nations, with the least modern of conveniences, came in at number one for reports of happiness among the people there. The U.S. ranked 46 out of 50. Kind of makes you wonder sometimes are we living in a society where what we have is never good enough? Where we are always needing something more? Like the perfect outfit, the perfect weather, enough cash, enough friends? Enough gossip? Oh heck no there can never be enough gossip - lets no go overboard. But seriously it makes one wonder when is enough well enough?

Stay Tune

Monday, May 10, 2010

Me? Press/Media? who knew!

Ah yes the time goes by like the wind blows and before you know a new season has started. In Miami a new season has begun it is summer. Oh yes I know you are saying ah hello missy we are entering Spring. That may be for the rest of the world but here in Miami we are entering bruttle heat and humidity better known as summer. Because as hot as it is now it will be just as hot in the summer. Yeah paradise what can I say I live in it.

So what has been happening? Well I upgraded my writing venture. I recently became an Examiner/writer for Examiner.com and more specifically an Examiner assigned to Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. At first I thought oh no I certainly picked something off but then I realized the Arsht Center has tons of things going on all the time. I have written and published quite a few articles already and that is pretty exciting. Recently I was preparing an article on an upcoming show under the Broadway Across America series titled Spring Awakening. Well this show is hot to say the least. It has won 8 Tony Awards and provides tons of dancing and singing and along the a story on sexual awakening. Out of the blue I came across an email for someone associated with the show and I asked for a telephone interview with a cast member. The press agent was so kind that they did! I did my first interview and I tell you at first I was very nervous but then once I started talking to them it was pretty darn cool. The press agent then sent me an invite for opening night (tomorrow night) and I am so excited about it. I mean opening night! I have to go to the "Press/Media" table to pick up our tickets and that in itself is very exciting!

I cannot wait to see this show I have heard such great reviews and seen some of the numbers and well it just looks great.

I will certainly let you know how it goes.

In the meantime if you wish to read some of my articles they are here
Examiner Page: http://www.examiner.com/x-45715-Adrienne-Arsht-Center-for-Performing-Arts-Examiner

Still excited about DWTS! Final 5 and the ones left are good. I think Niecy will be the next one off but she is not going down without the fight because she is good and her partner is awesome too.

So will she make it?

Stay Tune