Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Morning Monday!

The picture here is the current officers of my Elks Lodge. Yeah I am in there DUH can't miss me.
Oh remember when I said on Saturday that Sunday looked like a carbon copy of Saturday boy oh boy was I wrong! Sunday was just oh so fun and exciting (can you tell by the smile in my words?) Well I get a phone call about 1:15 PM or so and its a member from my Elks Lodge. Asking me where the bartender is? You see there was a fund raising event for a family who lost their husband/father to a tragic accident and this event was being held to raise money for the family. The event was actually put together rather nicely. A bunch of local musicians donated their time to play the event and someone donated a ton of food and we were suppose to provide the lounge for drinks. Sounds great right? Well yeah but when you have an idiot bartender that is usually where problems begin. I hate to trash people on the net but if you knew this guy you would be like oh yeah go for it. First of all he has this nasty habit of coming in late and he was specifically told be there at 11:30 and now its 1:15 and no bartender and lounge is locked. Ok this means I need to get up and make phone calls to get someone over there and most likely I am going to have to go fill in. Ok so calls are now made and after a few choice words in the air about the brillance of the bartender the main players are pretty much busy for the rest of the day except for oh you guessed it - MUA. Oh ok I will work it and oh BTW if the idiot shows up I am telling him to just turn around and go home. Only way he will learn is to hit him where it hurts in the wallet. Well he did show up and was told turn around and go home you are not working today. Of course the idiot was with ba ba ba ba I worked late last night. Oh thats nice so why didn't you call and ask for someone to cover for a few hours ba ba ba ba ah ah ah ok turn around go home. He stayed in the door I guess in hopes that someone would go oh no please don't go Num-Nut but everyone was at that point BUH BYE. I so desperately need a good bartender willing to work long hours for little pay...

But on the good side the event was a total success! Oh boy people from the neighborhood came and friends came and ate and drank and danced. There were tons of smiling happy faces and I walked out with $90 in tips! Now I will say this once I am NOT a bartender I only play one at home. But dang $90 was sweet!
Now you may think this put a damper on Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Oh yeah I thought it would too but the lounge does have Televisions and as the band was packing up I put my channel on and sat back with the occassional sale of bottle beer. Oh yeah I got to see it!
Ok first of all Gaby needs to come back this Desperate Housewive Gaby is just not my cup of tea. I miss her long hair. But I do like the mature side of being a mom. Bree is Bree no change there. Susan I am confused. First we thought Michael died and then we learn no it was the other driver who died and she and Michael are divorced. I just do not think Michael and Susan would of broken up over a tragic deadly car accident. But whatever.
Ok so its Monday morning and I must get ready to face the day.,,
Stay tune..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Its just another Saturday night

Yep its a Saturday night and I am not living the rock star life I am home. But actually I like it! Yes I do enjoy hanging doing pretty much nothing. Friday I had a super fabulous night out. is located in the ever fun side of town called Coconut Grove. I moved the to 33133 zip code in 1979 and ever since lived and played there, This place is located on the best part of the city. Its on the main drag and they have super great outside tables where you can see the cars cruise by and the people walk. It is fabulous for people watching. My Elks Lodge decided not to have Friday Night Dinner and so instead I suggested we go to the Grove for dinner. I pretty much adore Green Street so we went there. We ate and then stayed there drinking a few more glasses of wine and just watching people. Its so Grove-like to do that. The best part is you never know what will happen in the Grove. We sat there and a couple went by with a large cooler. They stopped and chatted with our nearby table and handed out some Rum jello shots then they looked at us and went here you go. Husband unit asked how much and they said "FREE!" Oh heck yeah. Now the shots looked red and since I am highly allergic to Strawberries took caution. Paul said it tasted like Cherry but I opted to give him my shot since I just cannot risk the reaction. But how cool is that? Eventually we realized we had enough of hanging paid the bill and left. The meal was fabulous, the waiter Michael was fantastic and the area crowd were fun. Over all a fabulous night!

Today was a Lazy day and I love those. Not much was done just simple laundry and some grocery shopping. I am taping my missed episode of Heros so I will eventually watch that.

Ah tomorrow will most likely be a carbon copy of today. Gotta love it oh but wait the evening will be great...why you ask? Glad you asked.....well Amazing Race begins and ......oh yes the show I have been waiting for months Desperate Housewives...Oh what have those ladies of Whisteria Lane been up to? We shall find out tomorrow night!

Stay tune

Friday, September 26, 2008

Its fun when its FRIDAY!

Oh yes the work week is over! Just have to deal with today but thats ok 9 little hours will fly by. Last night was the premier of Grey's Anatomy and it was so McSteamy! Oh yeah it was good. I have been reading more entries on the blog book club and I am so looking forward to reading this book and attempting to do the 28 day challenge! Wish me luck and while we are wishing can you all please wish that I get a serious buyer on my mom's house honestly how I will pay those taxes is beyond me! It's written out there somewhere I just can't read it yet.

Sunday will be the return of Desperate Housewives oh yeah I so cannot wait for that. It will be tricky because Amazing Race is also starting up. Oh I know its hard to make those decisions.


Since 1993, when the Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman founded Be an Angel Day, people across the country have taken time to bless a loved one, friend, or stranger with acts of kindness. A Lady from Port Orange, Fl said "Angel Love Consider what you would like someone to do for you, and instead, do it for them." At the heart of being someone's angel is to have an abundant amount of warmth, creative resourcefulness, and a determination to spread some heaven on earth.

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Totally Thursday

Ok so I had an Elks Lodge meeting and I begged and pleaded to please lets do this on super high speed because I had an important matter to get to.....Dancing With the Stars - Hello! So I managed to see most of it and I was so happy for that.

Ok first I was shocked Cloris Leachman survived the chopping block! Ok I know she is total trip yeah a riot I have to admit I was laughing but honestly this proves the fan base make the difference! At 82 well lets hope when I turn 82 I am half that fiesty. So she survived and so did Susan Lucci! Oh yeah! It was great because she was like was hanging there till almost the end and when they called her name you heard this sigh og "OH good!" Yeah Susan I thought the very same thing!

I know you are waiting to hear who was the next celeb to get the boot well sadly it was Ted McGinley. Honestly I do not think he should of gone I saw great potential in him. You could tell he was so disappointed. I was too Ted. "It's been a lot of fun," McGinley said after his ouster. "You know, I know there's a lot of guys sitting at home with a beer in their hand having a little chuckle at me. You know what? Thank you for that. I appreciate it. I'm one of the guys. I guess I'll always be one of the guys. Some of us aren't meant to dance, I guess."

Ok tonight is what I have been waiting for all summer long...yeah its high on my list its Grey's Anatomy! Tonight marks the 2 hour premier!

Meredith and Derek learn that "happily ever after" isn't easy, and a military doctor who brings in a trauma patient catches Cristina's eye.

There could be secrets, new relationships and some current relationship could be and will be tested! Ah gotta love it!

In other Elk related news, the Charity Ball is coming along nicely. I so wish I had more donations and items for the auction block but you know what I am thankful and grateful for what ever donations I do get. Thank you donors!

I am joining in a book-blogging group starting in November. It is hosted by Jamie and the blog is We will be reading Soul Coaching by Denise Linn. I'm very excited to join in on this.

"Soul Coaching is a 4-week program dedicated to an in-depth clearing and cleansing of the differents aspect of your life: mental, emotional, physical andspiritual. By following the practical, carefully crafted steps presented here, you'll find that you're able to uncover your authentic self. This book is for you if you want to know:

who you are
why you're here
what your mission is"

I have ordered my book and I cannot wait till it arrives so I can get into the first chapter.
Man can this blogging thing get any better? I don't know..

Stay tune....

Here is an interesting article on a spiritual orb that appeared for someone. All they did was ask it to appear for the camera and bingo there it is...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday the Aftermath

Jeffrey Ross (comedian) was kicked off the show last night as this week's first eliminated star. It is kind of sad because he was one that was hurt during practice. He suffered a scratched cornia and at the hospital he was advised not to dance but he did anyway. He did receive a low score (14) so I guess that kind of made it hard. His sarcastic-type humor may not had helped in getting viewer votes. His dancing partner Edyta Sliwiniska is a fabulous dancer. I will miss seeing her dance because she is really very good.

The remaining celebrities include chef Rocco DiSpirito; NFL star Warren Sapp; TV personalities Brooke Burke and Kim Kardashian; singers Lance Bass and Toni Braxton; athletes Misty May-Treanor and Maurice Greene; and actors Cloris Leachman, Cody Linley, Susan Lucci and Ted McGinley. Another star will be eliminated tonight.
Here are some highlights from the show:
They did a fun, high energy mambo in matching gold outfits. They worked a body wave into that number. Maurice even did the worm right out there on the floor and I remember thinking- Len's not going to like that. Bruno thought it was a lot of fun, Carrie Ann is tongue-tied, but she dug it. Sure enough, Len didn't approve of the worm, or "that Free Willie nonsense." Ah, Len. Ever the traditionalist. They scored 21 out of 30 not bad for a 2nd number.
Watch out celebrities because I think this is going to be the couple to beat. I have to predict they will make it to the finals. Brooke and Derek started it out in a grandiose way with a smooth quick step. Derek's in a white dinner jacket and Brooke's wearing a matching flowing dress. Len thinks it was the best dance yet again, Carrie Ann was blown away, and Bruno screams "SEN-SA-TION-ALLL!!!!" Carrie Ann gives a NINE, Len gives a high 8, and Bruno gives them a NINE. 26 out of 30, that's a fantastic score for the first week.
There is just something scary about seeing an 82 year old woman showing the girls for all the world to see, cursing like a sailor on leave, handing out $10 to each judge for their vote, and trying to raise her leg on the judges table as a sex appeal.
Carrie Ann liked the shimmying and gives Cloris points just for entertainment value, Len praised Corky's choreography, Bruno says he has never seen a mambo like Cloris and Corky's. Very diplomatic of him.
Carrie Ann gives them a 6, Len gives them a 5, and Bruno hands out a 5. Cloris is disappointed - she thinks the judges are being mean and not nice.
Susan was very nervous about her quick step. They started the dance side by side, and it seems like she was looking to Tony for cues. She then seem to find her confidence and was going at it full force. Their routine climaxes with a build up with a lot of footwork and a cute end on Tony's knee (AHHHHH).
Carrie Ann thought she did great and Susan's routine had grace and charisma. Len thought it was still a little too careful, but was a massive improvement. Bruno calls Susan "my fair lady" and says she's born to ballroom dance.
Len and Carrie Ann give them sevens, and Bruno proudly gives them an eight. Susan is giddy with excitement. Giddy, I say. Yes the Queen was giddy!!!! One would never see Erica Kane giddy but we see Susan Lucci go Susan! (Hey can you tell I like Susan?)
Ok those were some of the highlights too many stars remaining to go one by one. I think Brooke is the one that may take it all. A few contenders are coming up fast like Ted McGinley and Misty May-Treanor. I am not surprised on Misty come on she just got back from the Olympics as a champion volleyball player if she can't handle jumping then quit your day job. She cant obviously handle it very well. Watch out for Misty.
I have an Elks meeting tonight so I will not be able to watch who leaves but alas that is what TIVO is for. My prediction on who will leave. I think Cloris may leave. Just because she offered the judges $10 but not the voting viewers - Just kidding!
Stay tune!
Thought for the day
The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Tuesday Baby

Ok it's the Tuesday after the premier of DWTS. The show was pretty hot! Long (2 hours) but what can expect when you have 13 couples dancing. We had moments of "OH no not another mishap!" You see every season someone gets hurts and something happens that questions whether they will dance. This has become the norm and things did not change this season. Here are some highlights:

ROCCO DISPIRITO & KARINA SMIRNOFF are one of these couples. Karina in her practice twisted her ankle and actually went to the hospital that day. Ever the professional she came and danced and she looked good. The judges did not give them high scores Carrie Ann gives them a 5, Len only forks over 4 measly points, and Bruno gives them a 5. 14 out of 30. Tom Bergeron (the host) takes note of the low scores: "I forgot we had a 4."

Let's see how Toni Braxton and her partner Alex Mazo do. Alec was the Season One champion, so he has the skills...They look good together, don't they? She's a natural. Their choreography seems pretty ambitious. I think she could be more aggressive and tight, but she has fantastic poise and grace.Carrie Ann thought it looked like a Week Five dance, Len was pleased but thinks Toni should mind the knees, Bruno thought she was "slinky, sultry, sexy!" Carrie Ann gives them a 7, Len gives them a 7, and Bruno gives them an 8, an unusually high score for so early in the game. 22 out of 30 for Toni and Alec. It appears right now they may be the couple to beat.

They're doing a playful cha cha cha. Like a lot of the stars, Brooke seems a little tentative, but she's hitting all the beats and has great form and does lovely extensions. The choreography is pretty up-tempo and daring - they're really pulling it off.Carrie Ann thinks Brooke's body is "designed to dance." Bruno was impressed with Brooke's hip action, and Len apparently agreed. "best dance so far!" Len says. Carrie Ann gives them a 7, Len gives Brooke and Derek an 8 (which is high praise indeed for the first week) and Bruno gives them an 8. A 23 out of 30. Fantastic score.

Lacey Schwimmer, who is sort of a rock 'n roll ballroom dancer, hit the floor for an upbeat foxtrot set to the Rolling Stones. They're doing great, very Carrie Ann thought it was "hot hot hot!" Len is just being a fuddy duddy, he doesn't like all that newfangled stuff mixed in with his cha cha cha, but Bruno ROARED in approval! Carrie Ann gives them an 8, Bruno gives them an 8, but Len is only good for a 6. 22 out of 30 is a fine score.

Cloris is the oldest competitor ever to grace the boards on Dancing with the Stars, and she's teamed with veteran dancer Corky Ballas, who is dance ninja Mark Ballas' son. They're doing a nice swoopy graceful foxtrot, nothing too challenging. Bruno thought Cloris floated around like "Battleship Geriatrica." Len is trying to give some feedback to Ms Leachman, who kneels before the judges and distracts with her decolletage. "Mind the cleavage will you, I'm trying to give feedback here," Len says. I think she got a 5, a 6 and a 6. Cloris isn't happy with her scores and the censors are bleeping her salty language.

Susan Lucci, Queen of Daytime Drama and Tony Dovolani glide through a restrained but graceful cha cha cha. Susan seems a little nervous and hesitant. Bruno says the Susan looked like a gorgeous lady, "but the cha cha cha needs a slut." He said this. Carrie Ann wants Susan to put on some weight and get more physical. Len thought it seemed too cautious. 15 out of 30 for Susan and Tony. Nowhere to go but up. I think if Susan sticks around she'll improve, she just seemed a bit nervous. Ouch that hurt we MUST keep Susan in the running must vote now!

Ok those are some of the highlights of the show. Tonight one couple will be eliminated "Please God don't let it be Susan." and tomorrow another couple will go (Repeat first prayer).

The week is shaping up to be alright. The shows are starting to come back and now it is going to be the challenge of fitting them all in. Oh so many shows so little time. Here is some nice thoughts for the day and beyond:

True love is neither physical nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.

Stay tune..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall in Miami!

Welcome to the first day of Fall - in Miami Florida. To give you an idea how special it is in Miami on the first day of Fall here is the current temperature and forecast. I know you may think its only the first day it changes as the days go by well take a look at the picture above that shows how the week will look. Welcome to Fall-Miami Style.

The current temperature is 79 degrees and sunny.

Today: partly sunny. Slight chance of showers in the morning, then chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 80s. East winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent. Tonight: partly cloudy with slight chance of showers early in the evening, then partly cloudy with scattered showers in the late evening and overnight. Lows in the upper 70s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.

Well it is here! Tonight begins the show I have watched since the beginning! It is a 3 day event and by the end of the 3rd show 2 stars will be sent packing. The show begins at 8:00 PM tonight!
ABC has billed this week as National Stay At Home Week and you know what I agree with them. All the shows are coming back! Dancing with the Stars premiers tonight and is airing tomorrow and Wednesday. Then you have on Tuesday (if you care to watch this sort of thing) Opportunity Knocks some sort of game show. Thursday is a big night with Ugly Betty returning and Greys Anatomy! Then on Sunday we have not one show returning but 2 Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters!

Last night was the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards all stars came out dressed to the nine. All looked cute ok fine some looked better then others. Who am I to judge. In case you were interested in who won here is a partial list of winners:

  • Drama Series: "Mad Men," AMC.
    • Comedy Series: "30 Rock," NBC.
    • Actor, Drama Series: Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad," AMC.
    • Actress, Drama Series: Glenn Close, "Damages," FX.
    • Actor, Comedy Series: Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock," NBC.
    • Actress, Comedy Series: Tina Fey, "30 Rock," NBC.
    • Reality-Competition Program: "The Amazing Race."
  • Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program: Jeff Probst - "Survivor."
    • Supporting Actor, Drama Series: Zeljko Ivanek, "Damages," FX.
    • Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Dianne Wiest, "In Treatment," HBO.
    • Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Jeremy Piven, "Entourage," HBO.
    • Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Jean Smart, "Samantha Who?," ABC.
  • Guest Actor in a Comedy Series: Tim Conway, "30 Rock," NBC.
    Guest Actor in a Drama Series: Glynn Turman, "In Treatment," HBO.
    Guest Actress in a Comedy Series: Kathryn Joosten, "Desperate Housewives," ABC.
    Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Cynthia Nixon, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," NBC.
    Special Class, Not Exclusively Made-for-Television Variety, Music, Comedy Event Program: "Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival Chicago (Great Performances), PBS.

Thats just some of the winners for the more technical portions you can get a complete list at

Ok that raps up the week. How was my weekend? Not bad Friday night was a nice fun filled evening at the local Moose Lodge and watching one of my favorite bands

Saturday took a trip to Stuart Florida with some very nice friends to visit an Elks Lodge there. our State President is there and we wanted to surprise him. He was very pleasantly surprised. Sunday was the return home watching the Dolphins beat the living daylights of the Patriots and spending a quiet evening at home.

Stay tune to see how DWST starts!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh yeah finally Friday!

Did you ever have one of those days where all you want to do is lay in bed just because it feels good? Not because you don't feel good just because it feels good. Well this is one of those days for me however I go against what I want to do and go to work anyway. What a trooper I am. The good thing is today is Friday and there is no work tomorrow! Yee pee! There is a nice trip planned to Stuart Florida to the local Elks Lodge over there, but that is a small 2 hour drive with some very nice friends. We are doing an over night and returning Sunday so its not so long where anyone will really miss us. Elks Lodges as they are go are generally fun. Yes they are known for older people why not they need their club too, but you can meet a nice diverse group of people and now some younger folks are starting to discover the secret. There is magic and some are starting to see it which is always nice.

In after Big Brother news Dan the man was hit about his "women's"view. He now claims that oh no that is not his view he was playing the game even when he was being cast. He knew that would get himself noticed so oh no he does not really feel that way. AH yeah ok Dan. I believe that.

Now its getting closer folks DWTS is almost here! The Three-Night Premiere Event Begins Monday, September 22 Two Couples Will Be Eliminated During the First Week of Competition Jonas Brothers and Jesse McCartney Perform on Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, Wednesday, September 24. Just in case you need to know here are a list of stars dancing, note that on the first week 2 of them will be eliminated.


Which dancer will reign supreme? Stay tune

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I know Thursday can you believe it?

Yeah it's Thursday the work week is almost over and so is Big Brother. Well Dan the man has won the game. In a rather big way he got all 7 jury votes. Which is amazing. The man is good I have to hand it to him he played well and it is deserved. I hate his view on women it is narrow minded and old fashioned but he is a product of his environment and he will get beat up for it when he speaks to BB fans. That in itself should be fun to watch and read. It is interesting this lady (older) at the Moose Lodge said something to me about him. I tend to listen to my elders they have been around a lot longer then I have and I feel I can learn from them. Well she said he is the type that has a heighten personality. He likes to get reactions out of people. He will say something, whether true or false which works best for them, to get people to notice and react. When you add that to a television reality show then its heighten even more because now you have a bigger audience. Which makes sense because everytime you saw Dan he was always holding his head to the side (as in the picture) and doing model pose. The other House Guests would joke about it like he was always looking at the camera or the mirror and posing. So I guess it all goes in with what his trait is. Regardless the guy played very well so one must give credit where credit is due.

Ok so let me give you a recap on the car and life situation. I have always liked to live with the mindset that you have to keep a positive outlook on life otherwise you are screwed. When last we left off I have an outrageous tax bill due, a car that died due to the fact the transmission died and a new one is needed. So here is where I stand now. The house (keeping fingers crossed) someone made an offer and I sent this person an email response saying yes lets go for it. That was yesterday I have not heard back from this person so lets hope its not one of these other bogus people speaking out of both sides of their mouths. I hope its good and I will continue thinking that.

The car repair is just over $3,000, oh pick up your jaw the extended warranty company has authorized the repairs! Yes they sure did! All I have to do is pay for the deductible and an oil and filter change which the whole total should be around $150. The car rental is partly covered. My out of pocket expense on that will be $12 a day. Not bad for a brand new 2009 Chevy Cobalt. The car will hopefully be ready between Monday and Tuesday. I hope Monday because the rental is only good to cover 7 days. But hey it could be worse so I am looking at the bright side.

Now on to the latest community involvement for myself and that is

Last week at the community meeting the new volunteer board was put together and these are the officers: Carlos IglesiaLowell Kuvin, Esq.Tony ScornavaccaWilliam ---Will EdwardsMatt Heitzenroder was elected Vice-Chair of the Committee andMarie-Line Germain (pronounced “Marie-Lynn”) was elected Chair.

All members of Your Grove are an important part of our success in this incorporation endeavor; we value and need your ideas, experience and support. Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 18 at 6pm at Flavour’s. The Directors have been active putting together a Mission Statement and building the agenda. There are many important issues on the table. The most important part you can play right now is helping grow the supporters of this movement.

On to better happier news in 4 days and roughly 16 hours (Sept 22) DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) premiers! Yes the show that at one point had me tuning in to see if I could see a fake leg flying across the floor, the same show that made me look twice when a deaf woman participated and she was not bad at all. Oh yeah this show this year as a woman who has been married 10 times, starred down a Grizzly Bear and won, Broken an now ex-lover out of jail, and as she puts it never done anything like this. I am talking about Susan Lucci. FYI: Her character Erica Kane did all those things all Susan has done is sing on broadway, played in numerous TV Movies, put together the first and annual Weekend with the Stars at Disney World, won her first emmy after 19 years of being nominated and oh yes married to the same man since she began like in the way early 70's. She claims this show will be tougher. I can't wait to see her! Can you tell who my favorite is?

Sept 28 is the return of Desperate Housewives one must watch this to see how in the world they managed to pull it off. When last we left off they hinted the show was advancing 5 years into the future some of the characters looked mighty different. This is what they have to say right now Five years have passed since Katherine shot her ex-husband as Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gaby stood together in solidarity to protect her.

Stay tune..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its fun to be Me

Right now it's fun to be me....NOT. First we had the weekend ending with some sort of allergy reaction to I still have no idea what. Then we start the week off with last night in the middle of US1 in South Miami the car pretty much collapsed. Meaning the engine sounded like it was on but no gears so this meant that drive didn't work, reverse didn't work, I was pretty much dead on US1. Oh yeah and it was 9:00 PM when this happens. In Miami South Miami is booming at that time. Its party central even on a Monday night. The cars flying by did not care that I had my blinkers on. They honked and cursed anyway. SO I did what any good modern girl does I screamed and called Triple A on my cell phone. I get this oh so friendly lady who is so happy to tell me all the features my account has. I had to tell her I know I have cars speeding by me at 50+ miles per hour send someone fast. Oh yes we will it will take 45 minutes ----WHAT! Lady do you not hear what I am telling you and she goes oh they will take your situation into account by the way Mrs Leach do you think you will need a rental car because Hertz has a discount rate. ARRRGGGGGG. AH NO lady just send me the truck. The truck arrived in get this 20 minutes! The guy was very friendly and so nice and made sure to hook me up and out of the way very quick. He suggested we take the car home and not leave it sitting outside the dealership over night. So this morning I got up called Triple A who towed the car to the dealership and the representative at the dealership tells me well it looks like it could be the transmission. YIKES!

Ok with all this negative stuff around there is just no reason to be happy right? WRONG! I refuse to give in to negative energy. Here are the positives:
Yes the car may and most likely does have transmissions problems good news is I have extended warranty that covers that. I have verified that its still in effect and under the right mileage. SO I have a nice brand new 2009 Chevy Colbat as a rental that is covered. Oh did I mention new? Yeah brand new just arrived this morning.
Also the towing was covered under Triple A so no expense out of pocket so thats always nice to have.

Would I have wanted this to happen no of course not but it could be worse. I am blessed to have those little items. I have great friends too and fortunate to have their support. This weekend I am going to Stuart and I am going to look forward to getting away. If only for a day.

Ok back to fun Big Brother ends tonight...Stay tune to see who will win Memphis (I hope) or Dan.

Stay tune

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Monday

Ah the weekend is over! I almost want to say thank God. I went to the Marathon Elks for a visitation gathering they were doing and while sitting in the audience listening to speeches I start to get this funny tingling feeling on my lips and arms. Oh dear not again. I started getting this same feeling Friday Night and on and off Thursday. Its the sign of an allergy attack. Now as far as I know I am allergic to Strawberries and Bee Stings. Neither of which I have come in contact with. But I can tell this is coming. I suspected something like this may happen so I brought to Marathon the Benadryl only it was in the hotel room. Ok time to step back and not put anything into my system and will this thing out. Well I think it worked for a while because no one suspected. The sleep in the room was needless to say painful. Total itching and scratching and generally feeling pretty gross. Not much sleep. When morning came all I wanted to do was stay in bed sleeping, but alas it was time to drive home. Its only a 2 hour drive it should not be so bad right? Oh it felt like a 4 hour drive. Got home and slept which actually felt pretty darn nice. Last night the itching started again so I took another shot of Benadryl. I am going to have to break down and figure out who do I go see and have some sort of allergy test done I have got to figure out what else it could be. It appears heat driggers it but hello I live in Miami and todays weather is normal (90 degrees) so heat is a normal factor.

Ok on to brighter news. Soon the season for the news shows will begin. I am getting ready for Amazing Race. DWTS, Desperate Housewives and yes Brothers and Sisters. Oh how could I forget Heros is also finally coming back! Ah finally regular season TV is back,.

BTW Big Brother ends Tuesday so since the two left have been mentioned before there really is no news to report until the winner is named Tuesday night.

So stay tune..

Friday, September 12, 2008


OH boy it has been a long week. Big Brother is almost over well for the most part it is over until Tuesday when the last show airs. Jerrytol was kicked out last night as expected. Jerrytol knows how to highlight his "old age" voice to prey on sympothy. Give me a break I lived with a Cuban mother who perfected the art of sounding sick and old to get people to do stuff for her. As Shania would say "That don't impress me much."

So left is Dan and Memphis and its pretty much anybody's game. They are the 2 best players so bravo. CBS did have a poll who do you want to award $25,000 to meaning it would go to one of the jury members. I voted for Renny of course. I only voted liked 20 times for her. I love it when they say "text your vote to..." when you can go online to the website and do it for free.

And now onto the weekend...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Terrific Thursday

Ike has passed by us. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami said the storm has top sustained winds of about 100 mph and is on track to hit the Texas coast Saturday morning. Forecasters said the storm could be as strong Category 3 by then.
The storm is about 255 miles west of Key West, Fla., and is moving toward the northwest at about 13 mph.

The group who for now are named Your Grove at are holding their meeting tonight at 6:00 at Flavour in the Grove. Tonights meeting will consist of putting together a 5-7 Board Group who will be responsible for taking steps to make the Grove a legal entity. Grove residents should really plan on attending. I may go since I still have mom's house in the 33133 zip code and honestly I have always loved the Grove and wish for it to receive its fair share.

On to things that make me go HA! Ok its Big Brother of course. When last we left off Dan won Part one of the 3 part HOH competition. Leaving Jerrytol and Memphis to play in part two, The results are in. Memphis has won Part 2! Thank God for favors if Jerrytol would of won I think I would of screamed in my morning tea. The plan between the two boys (Dan and Memphis) is that they plan on pretending they are mad at each other. Jerry thinks that Memphis is taking him to the final two so I guess the only way he can get out of it is to have Dan win Part 3. This way Dan can evicted Jerry as expected since Jerry cannot stand Dan. But word on the streets or in this case by text message is that Jerry knows he is gone. Which explains why he has been walking around like a zombie all dead like not saying much. Never mind that the house that once held 13 now has 3 and after tonight will only hold 2. Then the 2 will be released on Tuesday.

Time to reflect on the game and the final 3.

Jerrytol: The man is 75 if we didn't know this we do because he makes sure to mention it like ALL THE TIME. If he does not mention his age he mentions how he is a senior. Occassionally when talking with the others he will be sure to mention how much he has because he lives in a very well gated community. Also he mentions how if he won he is not going to keep the money he does not need the money he wants to give it to his grandkids. With all this the man has come a long way. He first won HOH the very first show but well that was given to him he want it because they all voted to give it to him. He won a couple more POV competitions nicely done and has he put it "Not bad for a 75 year old guy." But honestly he should of left a long time ago. He would of left a long time ago but there were bigger fish to fry so he was one of these that was under the "we can take care of him later" field. He outllast 11 other people so thats pretty cool...oh did I mention he is 75?

Memphis: Ah Memphis I remember seeing his pre-interview and he had that smirk on his face saying how he knew he was going to be liked. He said of course especially by women oh yeah I did not particularly care for him but I have honestly enjoyed watching him play the game. He has managed to do something none of the other have done and that is go to the end after winning a major prize. In the first night of the show Memphis won a brand new car. I think it was worth $50,000 can recall what kind of car. But usually that is the kiss of death. He managed to make hidden deals with different people and it worked out well for him. I hope he wins.

Dan: I could go on and on about Dan but why bother. Dan is a male chauvinist pig. Yes I said he is. In his pre-interview he was asked a question based on a response he made in his application. The question started with his comment that if Hillary Clinton became President of the US he would turn in his citizenship and move out of the country. Wow prety strong words so he was asked is it because she is a WOMAN and he started with "Well yeah..." Ok enough said Well yeah tells me everything he then threw in there how he knows women have rights and hates it being shoved down his throat. Thanks dude. I can't wait until he comes out and learns his own party picked a huh a WOMAN as Vice President running mate. His current job is a coach for a Catholic School football team. He really enjoys that and he looks like he is good because his whole play this game has been strategizing and reading other people's plays. It has worked very well for him. He made some risky moves bordering stupid but he is going to the final 2 and will win at least $50,000. I hope he does not win I don't think he will but its going to be a hard one to tell.
In recent activity (talk) Dan and Memphis were both bragging to each other how they are the only alliance to have made it to the end. I wish I could step in there and go no not really guys because the greatest alliance was a Father and Daughter who did make it to the final two. Oh but we just won't mention that part because after boys will be boys.
There you have it the final 3. Tonight Jerry will be tossed out on his 75 year old behind and on Tuesday one of those 2 guys will be $500,000 richer. Its been a great season. Gosh I have enjoyed watching them. Some moments have been better then others but in the end it has been pretty darn cool. Now we must prepare for the other shows.
Stay tune

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Ok first the weather. Ike is passing by us and we in the main land are fortunate that all we really have had to deal with are winds between 18-24 (depending where you are). The Florida Keys and Key West are dealing with lots of rain and wind and potential floods. Key West lost power but as of this morning a large portion had their power restored. It's important to note that during this time of year FPL workers are like God and residents pretty much are willing to offer their first born in exchange for electricity. Thankfully I did not have to make that deal since we did not lose power and that would leave me childless which means no more bargaining chip. Ike does look nasty or at least it is expected to get nasty and honestly I hope it does not.

Ok now on to Big Brother news. As expected Keesha was evicted. Since this is the last week they will be playing its down to the final 3. The way it works is who wins Head of Household decides who will be leaving the house and there is no Power of Veto since its only 3 players and you cannot remove yourself since there are no replacements left. So HOH is huge at this point you are guaranteed a spot in the final 2 and at least $50,000 (2nd place). Because this is such a huge position they play it out in 3 parts. Who ever wins the first part automatically advances to the 3rd part. Then the 2 remaining play in the 2nd part and that winner faces the 1st part winner in the 3rd part? Easy to understand? Lets just say Person A wins round 1 and goes to part 3 so he sits out on part 2. Person B and C fight it out and who ever wins goes against Person A. Ok so last night they had the first round. Usually as in the past this has been a long night of endurance because all the players want it so bad that they go on for hours and hours. Well not this year it barely made an hour and Dan won part one. Memphis and Jerrytol will be fighting in part 2 most likely some time today. Dan and Memphis are playing that they are mad at each other so Jerrytol can think he is safe and possibly throw the competition. Now is Jerrytol that stupid? I don't know he may be. Its going to get pretty sticky and weird in that house. Gotta stay tune.

Lodge meeting tonight. Oh its going to be fun at the Elks tonight...yeah right..

The quote of the moment is:

When love and hate are both absent, everything becomes clear and undisguised.
The Third Zen Patriarch

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday in the Tropics

5 a.m. Advisory: Hurricane Ike is a Category 1 storm with maximum sustained winds at 80 mph. Huricane force wind gusts have been reported in Havana, according to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center in Miami.
A Tropical Storm Warning stretches from Ocean Reef southward to the Dry Tortugas including Florida Bay. Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are also under a Tropical Storm Warning. Grand Cayman is under a Tropical Storm Watch.
Currently its hot and windy. Yes you read it right folks hot and windy. Imagine the wind blowing at 25-30 MPH and the wind is HOT. Yeah not cool especially after you spend 45 minutes doing your hair. There is a wind advisory in effect until 8:00 PM tonight. Which basically means if you have an SUV you really need to drive with caution because it can flip easily. Those winds are not fun.
Today: mostly cloudy. Windy. Numerous showers and scattered thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon. Gusty winds and heavy rainfall. Highs in the mid 80s. East winds 20 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent. Tonight: considerably cloudy with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. Windy. Lows in the lower 80s. Southeast winds 20 to 25 mph decreasing to 15 to 20 mph after midnight. Chance of rain 50 percent.
In other news. I need to refresh dates on Big Brother. This is not the last week the last day is Sept 16. However this is a big week for them. Tonight either Keesha or Jerrytol will be going to the jury house. And those bone heads seem to want to push Keesha out. They feel that they can win against Jerry at anything. Ok WHATEVER boneheads. At this rate Jerrytol will win.
In other upcoming news...Desperate Housewives is a few short weeks ahead and so is Dancing With The Stars. Plus lets not forget Grey's Anatomy. But wait there is more we have the Amazing Race and Survivor. Ok I may not get into Survivor as much but I will on the Amazing Race. I know I know and some how along the way I have Elk duties, Women of the Moose duties and maybe duties. Oh such a busy life we live. Better then being dead.
I'd like to quote from "Illusions" by Richard Bach.
"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of the same family grow up under one roof."
Stay tune as things develop.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Manic Monday? Nah!

Hey there look at that picture! Looks nice doesn't it? Especially since its not landing over here. Now my friends in the Keys will have a lot of nasty weather but if you know Keys residents like I know Keys residents they are tough, they know how to board up and they are savvy about when to move out. Its an ugly storm and we will also receive winds and rain and lets all hope there is no destruction to anyone. Here is what the weather people are saying as of 5AM this morning. Hurricane Ike entered Cuba and is now a Category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds at 105 mph and is moving west at 15 mph, according to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Tropical storm warning stretches from Ocean Reef southward to the Dry Tortugas including Florida Bay. A hurricane watch also remains in effect from Ocean Reef southward to the Dry Tortugas. In Key West, evacuation orders became mandatory Sunday for tourists, some 15,000 who fled, and the approximately 25,000 residents, most of whom stayed behind, at least for now.

Ok on to happier news, Big Brother. The show will end this week. I know you are all crying I feel your pain. How in the world did the summer just go so quickly? Tomorrow there will be a special live show and someone will be evicted. Now from what I am reading the plan is to evict Keesha! Ah HELLO! These people are stupid stupid stupid. They are going to keep Jerryattic or as Evel Dick likes to call him Jerrytol. I may like that one better. Memphis won PoV (The final PoV of the season! )Dan won a trip in a luxury competition and is taking Michelle with him. That is actually a smart move. Michelle is in the jury house she is one of the people who will be voting to who gets the $500,000 prize money. So if Dan can change vote or get her vote it will be huge. Being the sneak and clever player he is he told the HGs in the house that his trip was for either to take one player with him or go alone and he told them he was going alone. He said he picked going alone because he did not want to make any of the others feel bad so he rather go alone (how noble of him?) Of course we the audience know the truth. The boy is sneaky I have to hand it to him. Oh man but to get rid of Keesha? Jerrytol has proven he can win competitions and Keesha crumbles under pressure so what the heck is their problem? Just plain stupid I tell you. Stay tune as the develops...but the end is near.

In other local news there is a beautiful section within Miami called Coconut Grove. I have lived and played in the CG well for a very long time. Mom's house is still in the area and the day we sell it I think on some level will be sad. But this does not mean I will stop playing in the Grove. The residents there are super nice and people do like to be friendly to one another. No hidden agendas. There is a movement to make Coconut Grove a legal entity so residents can have a say in keeping the area unique and not allow government to waste their neighborhood. Here is the link to the movement Meetings are on Thursdays at 6:00 PM. Residents are encouraged to attend. This Thursdays meeting will be to discuss the final steps of forming a legal entity. This includes the VERY important steps of picking representative board members for Your Grove. I for one plan on attending this meeting. I would like to keep the Grove as it is.

Stay tune as things develop. Peace

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday is Today

Well here we are a beautiful summer Sunday and if you live in Miami one of the things you have to deal with are storms. Right now it is not storming as a matter of fact its bright and shinny and it should be 91 degrees for the 1:00 PM Dolphins Vs Jets football game GO DOLPHINS!

Here is the latest on Hurricane Ike: Officials in the Florida Keys started a phased evacuation for residents Sunday morning after telling visitors a day earlier to get out. Ike, a dangerous Category 4 storm with winds early Sunday of near 135 mph, was forecast to affect the Keys starting Monday night on a potential track for the central Gulf.

The center said a hurricane watch was issued at 11 a.m. for the Florida Keys from Ocean Reef, Fla. southward, including the Dry Tortugas.

"These storms have a mind of their own," Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said after a meeting Saturday with mayors and emergency officials. "There are no rules, so what we have to do is be prepared, be smart, vigilant and alert."

Florida Keys officials began resident evacuations on the low-lying chain of islands in phases, starting at the end in Key West by 8 a.m. and continuing throughout the day - at noon for the Middle Keys, and at 4 p.m. for the Upper Keys, including Key Largo. Visitors were told to leave Saturday.The hurricane center said Ike was generating large swells at sea that could generate life-threatening rip currents along portions of coast in the southeastern U.S.

So stay tune all is well

Saturday, September 6, 2008


All is well in Miami, the sky is blue the sun is out and in the Big Brother household there has been a ton of stuff happening. When last we left of Dan won HOH and since then he has nominated his Best friend/alliance Memphis and Jerry. The goal is to kick out Jerry. The HGs have played the POV and Memphis won. Which is good because Memphis will take himself down from the chopping block leaving no choice but for Keesha to go up against Jerry. The plan still is to have Jerry go BUH BYE. However Jerry is not going down without a fight he has been trash talking Dan and Keesha big time to Memphis. If there is one thing one can for sure know about Jerry is that he will at any given time remind you that A) he is older then dirt B) that he is a Marine/Veteran C) that Dan is a Judas and a liar D) and that he has never lied in the game. Which is a lie in itself since he lied the very first week and he justified it by not wearing is Marine clothes so as to not disgrace the corp. But when Dan took his cross off that was a Judas. So needless to say I so hope Jerry goes bye bye on Tuesday. Now during the game they had a luxury competition and it appears Dan has won. We do not know for sure what the prize is. According to Dan its a trip to a private island. He could take someone with him or he could go alone and he decided to go alone. Has he left yet? I don't think so. At least not yet. I have to say things are some what a little interesting...However its sad that Renny is gone.

Stay tune..

Oh Yes Ike ....looks like he is going more south which is good for Miami. So far so good.

Friday, September 5, 2008

So many news so little time

Well the storm formerly known as RD#9 now referred to as Ike is looking to be one bad A. Its a nice calm day in Miami and I for one am so happy about that because nothing is more annoying then seeing people running around like chicken little screaming the sky is falling the sky is falling! When one lives in Miami you just hope it never comes and when it does (because it will that is reality) you prepare the best way you can. I for one still feel safe in our home and as long as we are all safe in there that is what is important. Ike is now a Category 3 hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 125 mph. The storm is moving toward the west at 15 mph.

So on to other stuff. Tonight is the return of Friday Night Dinners at my Lodge (South Miami Coral Gables Elks Lodge) and I for one am very happy. Our dinners well dinner which is one huge steak on the grill is done by volunteers and they needed the month of August off. Very well deserved. The way I see it anyone who complained then needed to step up and cook in their place and well no one volunteered to do that so there were no dinners for Friday Night. Which meant why go if the gang is not going to be there for dinner. SO tonight we not only have dinner but we get back to playing Wii Bowling! I am proud to say right now I am the champion oh yeah big time champ. I took down like melted butter our Exalted Ruler. I just so hate it when big boys brag about how good they are and then I enjoy the sweet smell of success watching them crumble to the ground. Tonight should be fun.

Now on to my summer subject Big Brother! On September 4, in a vote of 2-0 Renny was evicted from the Big Brother House. In the live HoH competition, Dan won and is the new HoH. No comment on who won. Although he has been doing "ok". Then what was even funnier is when the competition was over there was a sumo wrestler in the living room and he was "sitting" on something. If someone found it then they would all play for a luxury competition and the winner would get a trip outside of the house. Usually to some big event. Well Dan saw him sitting on something and managed to pull it out and when they looked inside they got this message Congratulations Houseguests. By managing to obtain this letter you have officially launched a very special luxury competition. The winner will be awarded an amazing trip out of the house, a trip that could impact the game.

HGs are suspecting they will be leaving for a quick trip to Japan. Gee I wonder why they would think that? Ok so what do I think the luxury competition is? Hum....ok according to WikiPedia Sumo means Sumo is a competitive contact sport where two wrestlers (rikishi) attempt to force one another out of a circular ring (dohyo) or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet. The sport originated in Japan, the only country where it is practiced professionally. The Japanese consider sumo a gendai budō (a modern Japanese martial art), though the sport has a history spanning many centuries.
The sumo tradition is very ancient, and even today the sport includes many ritual elements, such as the use of salt for purification, from the days sumo was used in the Shinto religion. Life as a rikishi is highly regimented, with rules laid down by the Sumo Association. Professional sumo wrestlers are required to live in communal "sumo training stables" known in Japanese as heya where all aspects of their daily lives—from meals to their manner of dress—are dictated by strict tradition.

So maybe just maybe the person who does this will wrestle or maybe the Luxury comp will put HG against HG in a wrestling comp?

Now I suspect Dan will put up Jerryattic and Keesha. And then pray Jerryattic does not win POV and takes himself off the block. If anyone of the other 3 get the POV they will keep nominations the same and Jerryattic will be going home on TUESDAY! Yes Tuesday! We are coming down to the finals and I am sadden to say next Thursday will be the finale. I know I cannot believe the summer has already gone by so fast. Once Jerryattic leaves honestly anyone of them could win and I won't mind. I only hope I have power on Tuesday and Thursday and do not miss any of the excitement. If not well I suppose that is what and full episodes are for.

Ok thats about it for now...Stay tune as things develop

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Greetings from the Sunshine State

Today's storm of choice is Ike. Yes remember Ike? I think he was TD#9 look at what the storm formerly known as TD#9 can turn into. Yeah one bad big daddy! I am still confident in the protection of our home we have great strong shutters. I also think Ike will turn and we will receive some ok lots of rain but in the end all will be fine. Of course try living in a community where Cubans freak out at the slightest sound louder then their own voices. I work with several people who tend to freak over a regular rain fall. Yeah its good to hang here these days.
Ike has strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 145 mph. The storm is moving west-northwest near 17 mph. The National Hurricane Center says it's too early to tell what land areas might eventually be affected.
Now on to fun stuff: Big Brother! Yeah tonight is Eviction night and my prediction is Renny is leaving. Pity. But that seems to be the way it is going to go. I hope that old fart Jerryattic is next.
Stay tune

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moments in Miami

Oh moments in Miami. Hanna is still planning on cruising the coast of Florida. The good news is we are on the west side of the storm which means we will still get rain but the brunt won't hit so much. Hanna has begun a slow drift to the north and is now off the northern coast of Haiti. Sustained winds are at near 60 mph. Some strengthening is expected. Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 230 miles.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist declared a state of emergency to prepare for Tropical Storm Hanna, even as two more storms, Ike and Josephine, were lining up behind it.
Crist made the emergency declaration as Hanna, now situated near the Bahamas, began to turn to the northwest. The National Hurricane Center predicts it most likely will come ashore as a hurricane between Friday and Saturday somewhere between the east coast of Florida and the North Carolina coast. Current forecasts show the storm making landfall near the Georgia-South Carolina border.

Then we have Ike. Tropical Storm Ike did not strengthened overnight, but it is still forecast to become a hurricane later today. Sustained winds are aat 65 mph.

Oh but wait there is more... Tropical Storm Josephine grew a bit stronger overnight and forecasters expect it to continue to strengthen during the next 24 hours. Winds have increased to near 60 mph.

Stay tune as things develop!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New week new Storm

New week new storm. Remember TD#9 well he has a name now his name is Ike. Ike looks like he could develop into something pretty yucky and will give us continued bad weather. Oh such the life we live in paradise. Want to come visit? Not convinced? Here is the detailed forecast:

Today: partly sunny. Breezy. Chance of showers. Highs in the lower 90s. Northeast winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts to around 30 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.

Tonight: partly cloudy. Chance of showers early in the evening, then slight chance of showers in the late evening and overnight. Breezy. Lows in the lower 80s. Northeast winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts to around 25 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.

But wait there is more its 81 degrees right now and I can see the sun! And I even saw a rainbow this morning!

Oh but wait do you think once Ike is gone we are done oh no not at all. Tropical Depression #10 Forms In The Atlantic. The tenth tropical depression of the season formed over the far eastern Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday morning. The depression is moving toward the west near 16 mph. A motion between west and west-northwest is expected for the next two days. Maximum sustained winds are near 35 mph with higher gusts. Some strengthening is forecast during the next 24 hours and the depression will likely become Tropical Storm Josephine later today, forecasters said.

Ok now back to the important news: Big Brother! As expected Memphis took Dan down and renny went up and is expected to be voted out. With Keesha and Renny up the boys like Keesha better so she will be staying and Renny is unfortunately going home. That Jerry he just ruins all our plans!

Stay tune for any further developments!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh pity

Oh Pity it's Labor Day and this means a couple things one I have to go back to work tomorrow, on the bright side its only for 4 days. Then this means the departure of Pops and Sarge. I am going to so miss Sarge and yes of course Pops too. The weather today has been pretty darn nice. Its been sunny and bright and the temperature has been well humid, hot and 88 degrees and acording to feels like 98. I know pretty yucky but you know what it could be worse so one needs to appreciate what they have. But it still sucks when its so hot. We had a really nice time. Last night we all went to Martys for drinks and snacks and then went to Bangkok Bangkok for dinner. Oh boy that was so good! I always love that place of course I always order the same meal (Earth Wind and Fire II). Yeah one day I will order something else just not sure when that one day will be. Today was a nice day. We woke up and eventually the 2 other boys called in to see what was going on and after discussion and a trip to a closed Sub Shop we ended up at the ever famous Arbetter. Now here is what you need to understand, when dad comes to town at some point in the trip we will all make it down to Arbetter to eat. And funny thing is we were talking about it last night how this would be the first trip they did not go. Well we can no longer say that because we all went and had our hot dogs and chili cheese fries. Arbetter is actually pretty good, its hot dogs and as hot dog places go its not so bad. Its locally owned and not a big chain where you will see hundreds of dogs there are about maybe 3 dog types and thats it. It's kept simple and their big push is that they will serve FREE baked beans when the Red Sox win the World Series. Note to audience yes they did this the last time they won a few very short years ago.

It appears we are going to get spared as far as Hanna goes. It seems to be crusing the coast of Florida and perhaps heading towards Georgia and South Carolina. Now we just need to keep an eye out for TD#9. Right now TD#9 is just something to watch because Gustav and Hanna are the main stars but they do expect it to maybe develop so once its starts to pick up I am sure we will hear more about it. If anything develops more I will let you all know.

Ok so you must be thinking a few paragraphs and what no Big Brother update? Have I forgotten. Oh no silly children I have not forgotten it is just there is nothing to report. Currently Keesha and Dan are on the chopping block but Memphis won the POV and yes he plans on using it to bring down Dan leaving Renny to go up in his place. The plan is to vote out Renny. Yes I am still sadden I would so rather it be that old fart Jerry but a little thing like being Head of Household is what is stopping that from happening. Oh well too bad so sad however I will hand it to him he has gone far and certainly under estimated by the players so more power to him. So with Renny leaving I am left wondering ok who do I want to win. Ok if it cannot be Renny then I say perhaps Memphis or Keesha. Yep one of them. No sorry Dan while I no longer totally hate you I still do not like your views towards women and I do not support it. I do appreciate his game play even though he acted like a traitor by risking his own alliance but in the end that worked out.
EDIT: This just in.....Dan was removed from the chopping block and replaced by Renny. On big surprise? no things going as plan...Bye Renny sorry to see you go.

So that is where we stand for now. Thanks all folks

Stay tune