Friday, October 21, 2011

The week is over!

So here we are at the end of another week and things are looking up. As we speak my sister in law is driving to the hospital to bring in another addition to the Bellver clan. Oh yes little Danny boy is scheduled to arrive today. I suppose this means I need to play 21 ooh lucky 21 Black Jack. Sounds good to me. He originally was to be brought in yesterday but the hospital called her and told they had no room in the inn yes that is right no beds. Ok how come that sounds like so wrong? You tell me if she went into labor they would be like hey can you hold that until tomorrow? But all is good with the world and Danny Jesus will be approaching some time today!

Quick round up on some shows:

DWTS - Carson is gone. While he may not had been the best I did not think he should leave. Nancy Grace now that one needs to leave. While I totally support Chaz's lifestyle and like him the guy cannot dance. But he did say hey if you keep me around I will make sure my mom comes to visit and well she did come to visit.

Revenge - God this show rocks! When last we left off Lydia was murdered by that dasterly guy the Graysons have working for them and what is even worse is that the murder was captured on tape! Meanwhile Emily/Amanda is now officially sleeping with Daniel who was caught off the 100 million dollar trust fund. What to do when your 100 million dollar fund is no longer available? Why get a job as a bartender at the local bar and grill of course.

Body of Proof - Not too shabby. Dead bodies, autopsy, murder, mayhem.

Desperate Housewives - once upon a time this show was one of my faves. Now its just stupid and ridiculous. I seriously do not understand the direction they have put some of these characters. I understand that this is the last year for the show and maybe the writers just do not care. Ok Gabby's rapist pedifile step father came after her he was about to rape her and Carlos hit him and he dropped dead. Ok one would say hey this is great you saved her but no the women walk in and see the dead body and of course what does one do? Why they hide the body until their house party is over and then put him in the trunk of the car and bury his body in the forest. So then why is Susan feeling so guilty?? She had nothing to do with the killing yeah she helped bury the body but come on she is like freaking out by hitting policemen on purpose so they can arrest her? It's like she wants to be punished. So either way this show is going to end this year and as of right now I am not going to miss it anymore.

The NCIS's and CSI's are going good that does not seem to change.

Ok lets make it a good day and let play 21 for Danny!

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DWTS and other shows

Another star bites the dust on DWTS. This time around it was Chynna Phillips. I am not so sure that she deserved to leave although I understand it because her performance was hurtful. She had forgotten the steps and it was clearly obvious that she was totally lost. I still feel bad I think dispite that set back she was pretty darn good. But alas they say it is all in the votes, at least that is what ABC tells us and we all know how truthful ABC is.

So I have watchd a few new shows and I thought ok let me give you a run down on if I like them or not and yes I will keep it short - sort of.

Pan Am - eh it's "ok" if it flew off into the sunset I will not miss it but I will still watch it while it is on.
Charlie's Angels - Typical no different then the original version with the exception that the Angels are a little more Kick A**.
Body of Proof - Really good, love it!
Revenge - Awesome!

Then of course there are the return favorites such as NCIS (both of them) and the CSI's which are a staple on the DVR.

Stay Tuned

Monday, October 10, 2011

Soaps and Advertising

Here is some happy sounding news regarding daytime soaps more specific towards my two babies who have been eliminated by murderer Brian Frons. We know that Prospect Park came in and saved the day by purchasing the licensing for the two shows All My Children and One Life to Live. They stated that it would be most likely internet based and at the time there was not an official home. Well according to press releases a new internet company has been formed titled ...wait for it... The Online Network. It is being put together and they have agreed to host the two shows. What is even better to hear is that they are trying methods that have proven successful on Prime Time and that is by having music and advertising on the show. The Online Network (TOLN) has partnered with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world's leading music company, to license music exclusively from UMG's record and publishing companies to new episodes of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, when both series launch online after their run on ABC ends. The licensing deal with UMG allows TOLN to provide compelling recorded music and songs, and artist cross-promotion and integration, to a powerful new audience. How brilliant bring in advertisers and let that pay for the show. Imagine the possibility! I am looking forward to it.

In other news I am going to give DWTS one more try since Cher is going to be sitting in the audience. Ok Chaz is not the greatest dancer, ok he kind of really sucks but for me its more about the judges being fair and providing constructive critism to all the dancers and not just the ones they liked. I believe Julienne Hough will also be performing tomorrow in a FootLoose dance routine. So that will be nice to see.

Stay Tuned

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another week no All My Children yes C/S

Well here we are another week of no All My Children and yes I guess I can cope without my soap and all I have to say is Brain Frons I hope you have nightmares and the runs for the next 41 years. Hey look I am into the spiritual awareness and not wishing harm and I do not wish him harm I just want him to have a 41 year run just like All My Children did is that really such a bad thing to wish for?

This week is the start of mayhem at work because it is Customer Service week. Now we have local co-workers who are just way too creative for their jobs and really get excited about creating stuff. This year the theme we were given is carnical/circus and well lets just say the department got turned into a huge Big Top with games, "rides", and shows. Its actually pretty fun to watch and do. However, each year I think about this and tell me if this makes sense. C/S week is suppose to be the bosses saying to us hey thanks for doing a great job in servicing our customers. But what happens is big boss gives the theme and worker bees go full steam ahead getting games and stuff etc...The worker bees put up the stuff the worker bees will bring it down. Meanwhile the bosses walk around smiling and saying oh how nice and oh yes they arrange for snacks to be brought up (yum chocolate) and one day during the week lunch in the cafeteria - Can it get any more exciting? Then once this whole thing is over a few short days later (Oct 17) is Boss's Day and here are the silly work bees going around decorating and collecting money for an expensive gift that chances are she will not like but appreciate. I know I sound like Negative Nancy and I will have to work that out. I think its because we were divided into "Teams" for the games and there is a certain person in my team I really wish she would not be there but she always is in it every year. I think I will take that opportunity to make her life miserable by being happy happy joy joy...Yeah that's the ticket...oh ticket..,prize.

Stay Tuned