Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bachelor has left the Building

Well the Bachelor finally left the building with no rose in hand. Yes I said finally, I am sorry but there is just something I did not like about him he had this ego and he hated to adjust and listen to anyone. The first 3 weeks he was having disagreements with his trainer because OMG she was telling him what to do?? What didn't someone tell her that HE is the Bachelor and HE makes the decisions? I guess when he saw that the public was voting he decided he needed to suck it up and play nice - too bad he can't dance. That's all I have to say on the subject - except I was right on picking who was leaving ----again.

On other news, work is work is work is work it is a wee bit busy but that is fine because it makes the days go by fast. Canada trip is fastily approaching and I am totally looking forward to it!

The weekend is almost here - well half way down to the home stretch and one thing is certain that it will be the quickest 2 days.

Have a great week and lets see what happens over the weekend..

Stay Tune

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DWTS my prediction

Sorry it has been a little since my last posting, there has been much to do and little time to do it -well sort of. Daddy dearest came to town last Thursday and I for one love when the old man comes to town mainly because he always comes bearing gifts for ME! Yeah this time it was a large bottle of ah hem Borolla? Ok I so do not drink red BUT he remembered that the last time I tried some this was the only one I was actually happy with. For some reason the family is insisting that I will turn to be a red drinker one day, so when found that Borolla was one I liked he was quoted as saying "Oh dear you are in trouble the bottle costs $80". So daddy dearest brought me a bottle! Yeah life is good.

Speaking of daddy dearest, we did the whole going around the city thing - even though he is not a tourist. We went to the Keys for lunch - ala Snappers. Then we went to Sushi Maki for dinner. Had a fun filled day at the track on Saturday. Oh yeah the ponies were good. Daddy dearest did really good he picked a couple of winners. Then we went to oh the ever so good restaurant Sage located in Historic Hollywood Florida. God it was soooo good! Word to the wise if you go to Sage for every 2 dozen oysters you purchase you get a free bottle of wine - we ended up with 2 free bottles and yes this was after purchasing 2 bottles ourselves. Lucky for us they allowed us to take the last unopened bottle home. So thank you Sage and we will be back oh yes we will.

Now on to the gossip. DWTS - oh boy I saw last nights show and I do believe the dancers are getting better, even the giggling blond Pam Anderson. So I am watching the show and he comes Jake the Bachelor out to dance. Ok now he is not one of my faves and I personally think he has an ego problem but really who doesn't in the entertainment industry? So I am watching him and they pan to the audience where his GF is sitting and honestly she did not have a happy look on her face, she had a pretty oh boy I am bored or mad look. I am like oh wow is there trouble in Paradise? Then I learn that word on the gossip street is that Pamela Anderson has been flirting with Jake, which makes Jake happy because she has been his childhood crush since Baywatch. No really Jake? And Pamela flirting? Is this possible? Ah yeah just ask Len and Bruno (the 2 gay judges) who fawn over her because she flirts with them too! So this is pretty good dirt. Is there anything to it? Nah I certainly doubt it, everyone knows Pamela flirts with anything that moves - heck I bet she looks in the mirror and flirts with herself. I'm just sayin..

So tonight is buh bye time and here is my prediction. I suspect one of these 3 will be in the bottom two: Jake, Chad, Pamela. One of them will be leaving and if I was to predict who is leaving well I am going to say I think Jake is gone. I find Pamela is a close 2nd to leaving too.

Who will win? Well at this point I seriously think its Nicole and Derek although from the beginning I have said the final two will be Nicole and Derek and Evan and his partner.

So will I be right?

Stay Tune

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DWTS update and stuff

Ok so last night's DWTS was "ok" because there was not a whole of Oh I so love you but real critiques, unless you are Derek and Diane then forget they might as well give them the trophy. But get this Pamela Anderson only had one of the gay men (Bruno) fawn over her. Yeah Len finally point out that well she sucked! Ok not sucked just was not the best but he had that little smile on his face for her and told her over all it was very well.

It is in my humble opinion that these judges do stuff like this in order to influence the votes. It appears this week they have taken their aim at getting rid of Kate Josselin and well I have to agree with them. Although, honestly she should of been gone week 2. Len said it best when he said she walks through the dance instead of dance. She seems to not even try it is like yeah ok whatever here I am. Then when that is pointed out all she has to say is "Well I had 8 little visitors this week." Yeah we know this is why you are on the show missy because you put those 8 little visitors on TV for the whole world to see.

I suspect and predict that Kate will be one of the bottom two and Niecy because they seemed to really pick on Niecy too.

So now that we are keeping U-Verse it was time to downgrade. I changed the viewing from HD to regular and got rid of the HBO and Cinemax. (Sorry desperate times call for desperate measures). What I am learning is that some of my recordings that I have pre-set are/were set to record on HD channels. Do you know what happens when a show tapes on an HD channel and you do not have HD turned on? Well you record 60 minutes of a black screen. I guess it could be worse - I could have no DVR OH shutter the thought!

I am about 5 weeks from my Spiritual Awakening trip to Canada! I am so excited I received the badge and credentials in the mail along with the schedule. I am going to be one busy chick according to that schedule - and I can't wait! More on that as we get closer..

Stay Tune

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's what we have for now

I may dislike them but right now I am stuck with them. I am afraid we were not able to do the switch. Once again, a promise was not met. Because Paul works full time from home it is vital that we have the fastest Internet speed, this means it must be wired ( I hope I am saying that right because I am so not techy), not wireless. We have learned that wired is quicker then wireless. Ok so currently we have two boxes and each box has a Internet hole ( I know that is not the technical name work with me here) and we are able to plug some cord into it and run that wire to the home office. This works so the new one must be able to do the same. So when the guy arrived Paul showed the guy what he wanted to do and the guy said the only way to do that is if the Internet is put only in that bedroom. This means that there would be no other Internet connection in the house, so while his home office would have Internet the rest of the house (me) would not. Ok that is just not right. So we thanked the guy for his time and he truly was a nice guy he was very helpful and tried to help us out but we had to send him away and stay with what we have. SO the search continues...

In other news the weekend was rather wet and dry. Friday we got together with one third of the usual suspects. We went to Cooper's Resto which was as always fabulous. Saturday - that evening was going to see the Elktones at Miami 948 Elks Lodge. Yeah that was nice too.

Sunday was the day of wet it rained and rained and rained. Typically, in Miami it rains for a little bit and then it just goes away and the sun comes out but Sunday was just one of these days that it did not stop for much. Which sucks because I really need to clear out my car trunk. Can you tell I always have such high important things on my list of stuff to do.

Last night was Desperate Housewives OMG did anyone see that? Ok I so love this show and I have watched it since it started but come on for the longest I have been waiting to see who the killer is and it's one of Porters friends? Hello I only saw this guy last night? Why couldn't they have incorporated him into previous shows where we got a chance to see him more. Although the person he killed last night was - eh who cares I did not care for her too much.

Tonight is DWTS oh lets see on a scale of 1-10 how much over the top with the two gay men drool over Pamela Anderson? How many times with Bruno say "SEXXXY"?

Stay Tune..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I really dislike AT&T

As I sit here thinking can this week go any more slow I am hit with an email from AT&T U-Verse and the bill my friends is disgustedly high. Let's just say it could be a car payment and in many cases higher then most electric bills. I totally flipped out! After I re-captured my breath I decided to view the details of the bill and oh boy those "special" folks at AT&T decided to lie - again! Yeah they had originally said oh no Mrs. Leach no installation fee for you because you are ordering all 3 services. So naturally when they could not deliver on the 3rd portion I still expected not to pay for the installation but guess what they changed their minds and charged me anyway! Oh yes those wonderful people decided to charge me that fee and having dealt with their excellent customer service in the past I know it will do any good.

Right now I am so ready to embrace Comcast I really am ready because I am just so done with these big time liars.

If I could bop them on the head oh heck yes I would. I would "sock it to them!"

Did anyone capture the finale of Ugly Betty? No I didn't either but I will. Tonight is Survivor but when they booted out Boston Rob I sort of lost interest.

In better news I know I said a while back I wanted to start writing a book and I got myself a notebook to make notes and have made notes now I am starting to think of characters and plots. How about a nice Cuban girl who came to this big new land with her family and the struggles of dealing with cultural differences? I'm just sayin..

Stay Tune

02 days to Comcast

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DWTS update

Well here is the day after DWTS and half of my prediction came true. I had the bottom two incorrect but I had the elimination correct. I am sorry to say Aiden is gone. Yes very sadden but (as much as I hate to admit it) he really wasn't good - but he certainly was better then hello Kate Gosselin!

The bottom 3 did include Kate and if you ask me she should of been gone but that is just my little humble opinion.

I really should stop watching this show since I tend to be really good at predicting who is leaving and who will win - here is the way I see it and it will be interesting to see how accurate I am (but I seem to recall last season I was pretty much on the mark).

Chad Ochocinco - he will most likely go far he is actually pretty good. Will he go to the finals? Maybe I can see a final 3 or 4.

Evan Lysacek sorry they slated this to be his competition this guy will go to the finals and he may win - unless a certain pussycat doll has something to say about it... speaking of pussycat doll..

Nicole Scherzinger - oh put money down on her this guy got like a 10 in her 3rd dance, never mind that she was/is a dancer (oh why let a little thing like that get in the way). If she does not make it to the finals it is because the forces of nature came by and her dancing professional Derek decided to sabotage her and I don't see Derek doing that.

Jake Pavelka - The Bachelor - Oh Please....This guy has such a huge ego and it showed the minute he came on the show. First of all he came on the show shortly after he picked the final one and the media was all over him. He was the spot light. For the past few months he was snapping his fingers and people were crawling to him. He said jump and they said "Yes master how high?" So now he walks into a dancing studio and HE has take directions and OMG they bump heads because he does not want to listen to her? WHAT I can hear it now "I am the Bachelor you listen to me." So his dancing was the not the greatest because he was too busy expecting the female girl to grovel at his feet - and she didn't. So now is when he seems to be coming back down to planet Earth. Will he get himself back in to dance till the end? Oh HECK NO.

Niecy Nash - nice girl, funny but sorry she isn't winning it.

Pamela Anderson - if the 2 gay men would stop drooling over her and judge her fairly then maybe she may make it but right now she does the obvious dumb sexy blonde thing and the gay men love it while the straight girl watches. Give me a break just based on that she may go further then she should at least the final 5.

Thats how I see it for those there. The others that are not listed is because well they have potential but I am uncertain. So how will they rate?

Stay Tune

03 Days till Comcast

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

04 days to Comcast!

Well my friends I had the unpleasure of watching DWTS, or as my husband likes to now call it Crapping With the Stars. I am so sorry but when I see gay men groveling over Pamela Anderson it is like seriously guys are we that stupid? And all she does is giggle put her finger by her face play with her hair and lay her head ever so slowly on her partners chest. Oh come on some one vote her off please. I seriously doubt that she is getting a lot of phone in votes since I suspect it mainly women who watch the show and would do that and I am sorry no self respecting woman would vote for her. (In my opinion of course)

Aiden Turner - oh Aiden I had high hopes for you and yes you have improved but the way I see it well the show plans on giving it to Derek and his partner unless the skater steps in the way. That seems to have been decided before the show even started. Don't get me started again on hiring stars who are dancers and professional skaters to a dancing competition.

In other wonderful news it is gloriously hot here in Miami. A few tiny sprinkles here and there but during the day there is the humidity we have all come to love. I suppose that season we had in the beginning of the year that last for like 3 months is over and summer is starting to creep in.

Now just to remind everyone tonight is DWTS and its the elimination show. So here is my prediction. Bottom two will be Kate Josselin and Aiden Turner and I suspect Aiden will be gone. How right am I?

Stay Tune

oh PS

04 days to Comcast

Monday, April 12, 2010

Will Comcast deliver?

Oh what a great start it is. Yes I am anxiously waiting for Saturday and my appt with Comcast. I have high hopes that this will be the start of a great relationship because if Saturday comes and Comcast does not show up well there will be no reschedule. If they come and I am not provided all 3 packages that they said I will tell that tech sorry we wasted your time was wasted but I am not going through this game again. But I am positive I am sure they will come through.

On another note. DWTS what kind of crap is going to happen tonight?

Stay Tune

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Saga Contnues

The story of my telephone/internet/tv services I feel will be a whole chapter in itself because the saga continues. To recap AT&T sold me this wonderful 3 package deal on the latest and greatest and I was hey lets do it. So I said YES ok give me all 3 items. Well we remember the installation appt nightmare and when the guy finally came he was only able to do 2 of the 3 and said hey just call to reschedule for the telephone. Ok fine sounds good he made a note in the system and I was ok fine I will do that. So time went by and I sort of got caught up in life until I received my regular AT&T phone bill and it was sky high! Mind you this is just the bill for the land line phone. So I called them up and said hey buddy lets set a time up for this new digital phone and the lady goes no sorry we cannot do that. Ah why? Oh because it's not available and then she added be glad because I am hearing many complaints about it, but it does become available it will cost you $149 to get it installed? I am like WHAT! Wait a minute first of all you sold me all 3 bundled package you never said hey only 2 are available and then this telephone installation I know will take 10-15 minutes max because that is what your trusty technician said - and for that you will charge $149? She said yes we have to charge that. Oh heck no. So I hung up and the man and I discussed this and yes Comcast was mentioned again as an option.

So I compared packages made a phone call or two and email or two and Comcast came with a very attractive bundle package. All 3 items including my current hook on DVR and high speed internet for a price that well lets just say I am saving $50 a month! Ok now this sounds like a plan I can live with. So I made the appt. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this will be the one and only appt and I won't have one of these oh let me reschedule or worse not show up at all.

I am sure that if these companies talk to each other I must be on the list of "fickle" customers. But AT&T made me mad. They lied, broke promises and lets not get into the several appt made where they never bother to call and say sorry something came up and we just are not showing up. I now suspect I know why they never showed up. They knew that they could not do all 3 items and somewhere along the way they must of all went "ops" which explains why I would call and I would get someone to look my account up and then I would go on hold for a long time. They were like ah lets just schedule her and maybe she will forget we are suppose to come. Oh no she didn't forget she is hounding us ok lets just send someone there and then he can give the excuse oh just call to reschedule and we can hope she forgets. Yeah I think thats what happened. So if I cannot trust them then why give them any of my hard earned cash. Comcast you all better be good otherwise well I don't know but I don't want to know..

Ok am I rambling on? Well not rambling just venting. So do you think Comcast will disappoint me?

Stay Tune

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Happy Friday folks! It is Good Friday and whether you celebrate the religion or not Friday ( in my opinion) is always good. Tonight is time with the fam night.

Remember the story about AT&T a while back and how close I got to moving to Comcast? Well I still have Internet and U-Verse but I was on hold for the digital telephone service. They had told me to call back and reschedule. Well after receiving my regular phone bill and after the circulation came back I said ok time to call and schedule this digital U-Verse thing they wanted me to do. Well of course I call and they are so very happy to help me and then I am put on hold. Oh yeah I remember this and she comes back and tells me well no I am sorry we cannot help you because it is not available BUT when it is we will charge you $149 installation fee. WHAT! Wait a minute it will take maybe 15 minutes to install (that's what the technician had said) and you are going to charge me $149!! When Originally I was told nothing because I was buying the complete package??? Yes ma'am that is the charge. Well gee thanks but NO THANKS. So I basically stripped the phone of all it's thrills except for voice mail (and once I get an answering machine that will be gone too) and said dude you are so wrong so very wrong.

The other night we had such a beautiful full moon it was large and bright and just one of those for making wishes. I wish we had more of those. Yes I did make a wish and no I am not going to reveal what the wish was for. Silly people you are. ha ha ha

A few more days before the new episode of DWTS and I can't wait to see what stupid blond the current stupid blond (Pam Anderson) will play. Lets see she did Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe. Who else is left? Maybe she will go brunette and do Betty Boop. Oh no you don't thinks she would mess with the Boop do you? I want to see how long the 2 gay guys will continue drooling over her. Because I just have issues over gay men drooling over Dumb-Blonde-Boob-popping women. I am sorry but that is wrong and how much extra did the show pay you to do that? Seriously because she isn't that good at dancing! But one good piece of dirt I heard is that Pamela Anderson just cannot stand one of the other contestants - Kate Josselin. Yep she cannot stand the reality star with 8 children. And why not you may ask? Well because Kate is not in it for the right reasons? AH??? HUH?? WHAT??? It is a dancing show you are being PAID to compete and dance. No the money is not for charity unless you decide on your own to give it but otherwise you are being paid. So what's the right reason? Ok I am may not like Kate but to say she is not in it for the right reason? Give me a break...Now you see why I call her a dumb blonde.

In other celebrity news..

By Ryan Patterson
LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

“She’s seen lots of pictures of me at that time and she’s like, ‘Oh my God, Mom, you used to dress so cool!’” Madonna laughs and admits that 13-year-old daughter Lourdes is very opinionated when it comes to what her famous mom wears.

Used to dress cool? I still think Madonna has amazing taste (with the exception maybe of that Louis Vuitton outfit with the bunny ears), but Lourdes is on to something. Her mom’s unique style back in the day rocked… she was such the trendsetter.

Now, the style icon and her hip daughter are teaming up for a new junior clothing line appropriately called Material Girl.

“It’s got lots of different connotations. First of all, the word ‘material’ is fabric, so we’re talking clothes and Material Girl is a name that everyone associates with me and associates with that specific style I had at that time with my career.”

Material Girl, which will be sold exclusively at Macy’s, is very accessible and affordable with prices starting at $12 and topping out at just $40. Madonna says she and Lourdes, or Lola as she affectionately calls her daughter, are “extremely involved” in the creation of the line.
“The most fun is when Lola comes into the room and takes over and pulls out all of her favorite stuff and starts going through the racks and just takes over. I just sit on the conference table and watch and let her do the work, it’s nice, it’s refreshing.”

Described as a “fast-fashion junior collection,” of apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry, Madonna says she and Lourdes were definitely inspired by the early ‘80s for Material Girl.
“It’s weird because my closet doesn’t really have that much of that look, so she’s somehow figured out a way to do it on her own, thrift shops and taking bits and pieces from her favorite stores and stealing stuff from my closet and she creates this look that is her own, but also influenced by the early ‘80s and the way that I used to dress. So I think it’s in the DNA.”

Must be something with girls named Lola.... :-)

Have a great weekend...Will I make it in one piece?

Stay Tune

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A little rant

Good day Miami! It is in the 60's right now and a ton of fog all around. I have to admit I love seeing the fog on the lawn it just reminds me of clouds and makes me wish I could walk on the cloud. Yeah I know I am a little girl at heart. Had dinner with a friend from work last night one of those last minute things she asked I accepted and it was nice to exchange some idol gossip. So I started watching last night my regular daytime soaps and I was watching what is usually my favorite one (All My Children) and I found myself blue. That show was so hot and on fire a few short years ago, I mean there was Palmer, Adam and Stuart, Erica and well pick a man any man. Those were the times I loved attending Super Soap Weekend at Disney's MGM Studio. The show filmed in New York and every so often they would do an outside location shot which was cool because it was funny to see the fictional town of Pine Valley have a New York flair. Then occasionally one of the characters would take a shuttle to New York and you would see the usual NY places.

Well now we are in present day and Super Soap Weekend is no longer happening, at least not in Florida. James Mitchell who played Palmer recently passed away he was not seen much because of his ill health. The powers that be hired a head writer who just destroyed the core characters. We fans call him Pratt Falls because he just made everything fall down and die. The one up side the powers that be finally opened their eyes and listened to fans and he is no longer employed there but the damage he has done is done. One of the most beloved characters Stuart was killed - a casualty of Pratt Falls era. Stuart being killed left Adam helpless and alone because Stuart was the good brother who always saw the best in Adam and well Adam was not a very nice guy. David Canary plays/played the parts of Adam and Stuart. He is awesome because he and Stuart are twins and you could see a scene and go wait that is Adam pretending to be Stuart. Seriously he was that good.

Why am I going on about AMC? Well the show recently relocated to Los Angeles. Oh yeah from NY to LA? They claim it is to save money but the loss that is coming (in my opinion) is huge. David Canary does not like LA he likes NY he is a New Yorker so he decided not to renew his contract so as a result some time this month he will no longer be on the show. Yeah that's another core character leaving. Joe Martin who was with the show when it started 40 years ago was written off they moved his core veteran character to Florida. Great another core character gone. Susan Lucci who plays the memorable Erica Kane said she is a New Yorker and will always be a New Yorker so she does not want to work as many hours so she is doing (for now) 2 weeks of filming and off for 2 weeks. Yeah she can do that because the day they lose Erica Kane that is it buddy head for the hills and shut it down. So who is left? All the young characters. It is sad when you see shows no longer honor their vets and push them away and bring in the new young kids. Am I watching it? Well yeah because I just can't cope without my soap!

Ok that is my rant. Now for some idol celebrity gossip courtesy of Naugthy But Nice Rob Shuter

Sandra Bullock is going through torment dealing with the Jesse James cheating scandal. Heartbroken Sandra Feels Like She Failed. She is blaming herself saying things like maybe she should of not worked and stayed home to be a full time wife? (Seriously Sandra? Come on the dude cheated with a tattoo bimbo it is so not your fault!)

And now on to the weekend...oh what will it bring

Stay Tune