Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh where to go and what to do - I know Coconut Grove!

The weekend is upon and some of us who work hard all week like to sit back on the weekends and just pretty do nothing. We like to think of places to go and people to see and of course this leads to the ever popular question where am I going this weekend? So in case you are asking yourself this same question may I lead you to the Grove. The Grove needs all the help we can give it, so here are some places you may want to consider.

Green Street Cafe This is a popular go and beseen or go to see type of place. Try their pancakes, scrambled eggs or bagels for a breakfast fix or go the lunch route with hearty salads, sandwiches and wraps. You can sit in one of the lovely tables outside or lounge in the sofa outside like the chic people do.

Lulu- Across the way, Lulu offers great brunch options too. Specials include huevos rancheros and eggs
benedict, but they also serve an array of omelets, salads, sandwiches and more. Try to snag a spot on one
of their comfy couches outdoors and you might stay all day long.

Jaguar Restaurant - Jaguar's unique philosophy incorporates menu items showcasing traditional tastes and textures throughout Latin America. Signature items feature traditional favorites with a contemporary flair from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. Jaguar’s menu offers a broad canvas of spices and ingredients with perfectly balanced presentation of each dish to showcase its individuality.

Gardener’s Market- Want to do some post-brunch grocery shopping? Then Gardner’s Market might be
your choice. They serve sweet pastries and omelets for breakfast, or opt for one of their freshly prepared
sandwiches that you can build yourself. The cozy cafe tables outside are a great spot to sit down and enjoy
your lazy weekend meal.

Now if the Grove is not where you feel like heading how about South Beach for some pizza? Here is my recommendation for Pizza on South Beach.

Pizza Fusionn - Located at the entrance of South Beach (1115 5th Street) this is one unique place. Do not feel guilty about having pizza my friends this is the place to go to eat and be guilt free. As the chef puts it "we create mini masterpieces of tasty goodness that are good for you too." Foods such as organic veggies, hormone-free meats and all natural cheeses. They cater to vegans, veg-heads, gluten-free peeps and even carnivores.

Where you pick enjoy the time and enjoy the moment!

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