Tuesday, October 2, 2012

666 Park Avenue or is it 999?

A new show started on ABC this week (Sunday) and I finally got the chance to watch it and I have to say it is a bit DARK! It has sort of the feel of a mini-horror series.

Henry Martin and his girlfriend Jane Van Veen are new to New York and initially are in the city for different individual jobs. Jane's job did not seem to pan out and Henry's job is well a work in progress one might say. So they see an ad in Craig's List for a Building Manager and they decide to check it out. The address of the building is 999 Park Avenue however in a certain evening light the number appears to be 666 Park Avenue - hum. No Henry and Jane did not notice this we the audience do. Well they meet with Gavin Doran who at first seems to have no interest in the couple but then something Jane saids well makes him take a second look. You see Gavin is all about helping to bring out the talent of people - oh but at what price. He tells the couple that they can keep their day jobs but this job comes with an apartment so after a few moments they are taken to their new luxury apartment. During this time they meet Gavin's adorable wife Olivia (Played by the seductress named Vanessa Williams). Olivia looks a bit devilish should we say and she too is pleased with Gavin's choice. Now here are some things that happened all in the first episode:

We learn that the Drake (666 Park Avenue) has 13 floors in total (Gavin and Olivia live in the penthouse on the 13th floor), 203 apartments and 388 residents that Gavin Doran picks himself.

Olivia invited Henry and Jane to the symphony and told them it was black tie, but that is ok because Olivia took Jane dress shopping and bought her a $4,000 red dress. Gavin took Henry to the golf course for a few rounds. We learn that since Gavin Doran is in legal dispute with the city and Henry is technically working for the Mayor that it may be not right for even the two of them to be talking. Gavin apologizes and Henry is left saying oh that is ok it is not like you knew about it - ah yeah Henry good luck with that.

When they move their stuff into the apartment, Jane gets spooked by a resident that has blood on his hands. John Barlow recently lost his wife and would do anything to get her back, including murder. Gavin makes it clear to John that he’s only renting this life. Mary is returned to John for the murder. However, she quickly begins to die again and John is told to kill again or lose Mary. Jon Barlow reneges on his deal and refuses to kill Daniel Stone ( a man who refuses to have business dealings with Gavin and publicly told off Gavin). Gavin tells him his contract is done since he failed to deliver on his end. Tortured souls come to claim John through the wall.

Jane meets Brian Leonard and later his wife Louise. Brian is a struggling Playwright and has just started writing his first play. His wife is a successful photographer and is about to shoot her first cover for Vogue. Brian has noticed a cute blonde across the street and she has noticed him in return. Brian comes face to face with her when his wife needs a new assistant and Alexis is recommended. Louise makes a joke about Brian being attracted to Alexis and the elevator decides to act up and almost kills Louise.

 Jane continues to meet new residents as she does the rounds and makes a list of required maintenance. Jane finds an old mosaic of a dragon on the floor and is intrigued. She decides to look into the history of 999 Park Avenue and finds an old picture of a fraternity called the Brotherhood of the Dragon, with a door behind them. However, in the basement the door has been sealed and hidden. Jane wonders why. While sleeping Jane wakes up because of some noise she heard (John Barlow being sucked into the wall) and she decides to take a walk around to see what is going on. She ends up on the roof and there she sees Mary! But wait Mary is dead? Mary turns around looks at Jane and tells her that she’ll never be able to escape from 999 Park Avenue before she dives off the building. Jane wakes and thinks it’s all a bad dream. However, her feet are filthy.  

Jane and Henry go meet Gavin to sign the employment contract. Gavin distracts Jane by asking for her help with the renovation plans and gets the happy couple to sign their contracts without reading them. Oh bad move guys!   There you have it all that in one episode, what will the 2nd episode bring? 

Stay Tune!

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