Monday, October 8, 2012

666 Park Avenue Episode 2

Well this show just seems to continue to spark interest. Episode one (Pilot) opened up with us the audience wondering is he the devil or is he just a man of magical powers. This episode did not answer that question but left me wondering oh what secrets are laying within the Drake walls.

One thing is for sure the character Jane is a nosey little creature. I use to think that Lois Lane was nosey and of course she was a reporter it goes with the job, but Jane is, well, right now the resident manager. She tends to wake up in the middle of the night and have the urge to walk down to the basement of the building she lives in. Ok come on who does that? I love how she wakes up one time and goes to her boyfriend oh I just realized I left the laundry in the dryer and he goes get it in the morning. Yeah that would be my first response too but come on this is Jane the wanderer she gets up and she does start to pick up her laundry but then is drawn to a noise which of course leads to a door. Oh now what is the next step? Of course she opens the door and hears music playing and it appears to look like a nice apartment and yes Jane does a walk thru only to find a dead body! But wait the person does one of those oh let me open my eyes and jump at you and then next thing we know Jane wakes up in her bed and her laundry is next to her bed. We later learn that the man she saw in her "dream" was a resident that was found dead in the mid 50's.

We got to meet another resident Danielle Vincent who at first just seems to appear like a single girl just trying to find love in the big city. But, this is the Drake and nothing is what it appears to be. Poor Danielle just cannot seem to find good men. Gavin the ever "fixer" is more then happy to hook Danielle up with a business associate. We then later learned that this business associate did Gavin wrong and did he forget to tell Danielle that he was married? Poor Danielle did not take it very well that he was a married man as a matter of fact she was a "bloody mess" over it. Not to worry Gavin stepped in to help clean things up. But when Danielle sees herself in the mirror she sees herself as an older woman and memories come back to her one killing no two no three, four...or was there more? Oh dear a bloody mess we have on our hands. Not to worry Gavin will make all your memories and aging effects go away by the morning.

Then there is Brian, he is the writer who last week his wife appeared to get attacked by the elevator. He is also the writer who has a direct view of an apartment where a certain blonde is just well always almost naked and he just cannot help but stare. Of course he freaks more when the blonde ends up being his wife's new assistant. It scares him a tad bit more when the blonde likes that he stares at her and she starts coming on to him very strong. Oh we have not seen the last of these residents.

If you have not watched the show go watch and let me know what you think, until then..

Stay Tune..

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